Batter pLI WPA
Reyes – SS 1.84 -0.177
Cabrera – LF 1.27 0.202
Bonifacio – PR / LF 2.28 0.172
Bautista – DH 1.56 -0.202
Lind – PH 2.54 -0.112
Encarnacion – 1B 2.12 0.111
Rasmus – CF 2.44 0.063
Izturis – 2B 1.35 0.001 Pitcher pLI WPA
Davis – RF 1.51 0.083 Redmond – SP 1.00 0.241
Thole – C 1.86 -0.156 Loup – RP 1.58 0.090
Arencibia – PH / C 2.37 -0.058 Delabar – RP 1.52 0.110
Lawrie – 3B 1.94 -0.010 Janssen – RP 1.85 0.143
Total 1.81 -0.084 Total 1.17 0.584

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Todd Redmond, 24.1%
Griffin: Jose Bautista, -20.2%
Impact At-Bat: Colby Rasmus Walk-Off RBI Single, Bot 9, 28.8%
Impact Pitch: Brett Wallace Solo HR, Top 4, -12.3%
Highest Leverage AB: Rasmus Bases Loaded Flyout, Bot 7, 4.58
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Chris Carter Strikeout Looking, Top 9, 2.35
Lineup Contribution: -8.4%
Pitching Contribution: 58.4%
Average Leverage Index: 1.75
Chart explanation

- Todd Redmond’s line: 6.0ip, 3h, 10k, 2bb, 1er, 102 pitches, 17 swinging strikes, 70 game score, 2.87FIP.

- Jarred Cosart’s line: 6.0ip, 4h, 1k, 5bb, 109 pitches, 2 swinging strikes, 56 game score, 5.21FIP.

- Esmil Rogers struck out a buttload of Clevelands in his 6 innings of work, only taking damage in the 2nd inning, where he did himself in with 2 walks to start the inning. He got a double play ball after allowing 2 hits in the 1st, and stranded runners in the 3rd and 5th to make for a completely acceptable 100 pitch start.

- Dustin McGowan worked a 10 pitch 7th inning, collecting a strikeout, walk, and double play ball. American League All Star Brett Cecil came on the work the 8th and gave up a lead-off single to Michael Bourn followed by a 2-out walk of Nick Swisher. Michael Brantley struck with a single up the middle to tie the game at 2.

- Casey Janssen came on in a save situation and struggled to get the third out. After a pair of groundouts Bourn got on base again followed by an Asdrubal Cabrera RBI single and Jason Kipnis walk. Disaster struck when Kawasaki’s throwing error allowed a run to score and the game-winning run to move into scoring position.

- American League All Star Candidate Steve Delabar was called on to get the last out and he threw one pitch to Brantley to achieve the game-ending flyout.

- The Blue Jays offense sputtered early again, as Masterson didn’t allow a hit until the 5th and didn’t get into any real trouble until the 7th. The Jays loaded the bases on a Lind double and pair of walks, loading the bases for Emilio Bonifacio. Dismissive wanks and snark abounded on twitter, but Boni managed to single to score a pair of runs thanks to some bobbly Drew Stubbs D.

- In the 9th, with the game tied at 2, the Jays once again loaded the bases thanks to a pair of walks and an Arencibia single, Munenori Kawasaki stepped to the plate and once again the Jays benefited from an unlikely hitter and some bobby Cleveland D. 3 runs scored on Kawasaki’s line drive single and the error by Bourn.

- Yes, you read all of that correctly. After a game and a half of offensive futility the Jays won this game with Emilio Bonifacio and Munenori Kawasaki delivering in big situations. All 5 runs were scored with 2 outs and driven in by hitters with SLG% under .310.

- The Jays managed 6 hits and drew 7 walks, with the Kawasaki and Bonifacio hits standing out in a game where the team went 2-for-8 with RISP.

- Colby Rasmus and Adam Lind chipped in the lone extra base hits, the 17th double of the season for both guys.

- 0-fer for Encarnacion, while Bautista, Izturis, and Thole all went hitless but managed to draw walks. Thole raised his OBP to .200.

- Munenori Kawasaki’s game-winning hit earned him another post-game interview. The phrase book did not make an appearance.

- The (44-46) Jays have their chance to take the series this afternoon at The Prog at 12:05pm EST. The Jays follow this series with a 3-game set in Baltimore to lead into the All-Star break.

- The projected series closing matchup is R.A. Dickey (4.89FIP, 0.7fWAR) vs Danny Salazar (N/A, -.-fWAR)

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  1. In case there was any question about why EE is hesitant to conduct interviews in English, Rosie DiManno basically openly mocking his English probably doesn’t help:

    • No kidding. That woman is the worst.

      • She must be under the illusion it’s a quaint turn-of-phrase by the “ignorant but friendly” Encarnacion. Does she do this with all the Latinos on the team?

    • DiManno’s writing is absolutely brutal whether in the sports section or her opinion pieces. It’s not even the substance of what she is writing, albeit that’s usually brutal too, it’s her writing style. I wish she didn’t write about baseball. I now check the byline before reading to make sure I don’t waste my time.

    • So funny to hear that from a media that can’t even give the man enough respect to learn how to pronounce his name.

  2. Rogers? Cleveland? Posted from a previous article perhaps?

    “Esmil Rogers struck out a buttload of Clevelands in his 6 innings of work, only taking damage in the 2nd inning, where he did himself in with 2 walks to start the inning. He got a double play ball after allowing 2 hits in the 1st, and stranded runners in the 3rd and 5th to make for a completely acceptable 100 pitch start.”

  3. hahahaha….the Cut and Paste monster strikes again.

    • To whom are you referring?

      • Unless the Jays played a double header with Houston and Cleveland (and called up the Big Noodle for the Cleveland game) there was a cut and past issue with a previous game…made me chuckle…

  4. No, YOU’RE mailing in a Morning After post.

  5. It’s called The Morning After for a reason, you guys.

  6. Totally mailed in the game breakdown…

    BTW: Whatever happened to Colby’s wheels??? 0 stolen bases this year…

  7. So who do we consider the staff ace right now, is it Esmil Rogers or Todd Redmond?

  8. Further goes to show how shitty DJF has become.

  9. I thought maybe it was just a meta commentary about the Jays’ inability to gain any traction out of “statement” wins. But I’m guessing it’s probably just cut and paste

    • I also find it especially funny that one of the bullets says “yes, you read all of that correctly.” Unless you didn’t…

  10. Astros get the tigers #6 prospect for Veras.

    Wonder what AA could get for jansenn.

    • I think he was the number 4 not that it really makes a difference. Danry Vasquez is a really raw prospect but I like the return for the Astros.

      If things go right he could be a top 100 guy in a year or two and maybe in the majors in 4-5 years. Astros are building a system with quite a few bullets in the chamber.

      As for what Janssen would fetch that’s a tough question. With options like Veras there I have a hard time seeing a team part with a major league ready asset for him; it just doesn’t seem realistic. Especially now that you can’t hope for some craziness from an old owner looking to win before he dies.

  11. Of all the completely mailed in posts on DJF…this is definitely one of them.

    • They must think that they’re just one player away from a pennant.
      I had the sense from them that Bundy was untouchable.

  12. Funny I don’t mind Rosie, she certainly isn’t your typical politically correct Star reporter though.

    When I saw EE interviewed yesterday I thought the same thing, man his English isn’t very good ( although its a hell of a lot better than my Spanish). Visions of the old Saturday night baseball character Chico Esulera danced through my head I’m afraid to say.

  13. Oh Zubes! (Sarcastic head shake)

  14. Mailed in post…but at least in this alternate reality, we’re only two games below .500.

  15. Well,that certainly fucked with this old man’s head,first thing in the morning.
    Thought I was in the twilight zone,lookin around for the big bright light.
    Just kicked myself in the ass and it hurt,so I guess I’m still here.

  16. I cant believe no one has realized the screw up yet

  17. It’s not really funny though…

  18. Posted yesterday by FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE:

    Not taking credit. This is what he found. Just wanted to share here. Very funny.

    Go to picture #7. That Stoets?

  19. I tink der is a mistake

  20. You can contact the Toronto Star’s public editor here:

  21. Rosie DiManno is the worst. Period.

  22. @alexfan590: Could mean something, probably means nothing. #Bluejays reportedly scouted Cardinals RHP Carlos Martinez yesterday.

    • Comes from a Derrick Goold (Cardinals’ beat writer) report that a few teams were scouting him – including the Royals, Padres and Phillies.

      Of course, Martinez’ teammate in AAA is 2B Kolten Wong, who is kind of blocked in St. Louis.

      One important thing to realize about Carlos Martinez is that it’s very difficult to look him up on FanGraphs.

  23. Holy fuck. Comments on thestar website make we want to abort myself.

  24. I missed the game, but caught the walk off highlight.

    It was totally creepy because despite the Jays winning it was Alan Ashby with the call.

    There was disappointment in his voice, but the Jays won, yet it is a voice I associate with the Jays.

    Very weird.

  25. Tell me more about how Esmil Rogers pitched a great game against Cleveland

  26. Now playing on DJF: The Very Best of The Morning After with Archi Zuber

  27. when the fuck are they trading lind/oliver/jansen/delebar/cecil/davis

    • Need a trading partner.

      So far other teams have dealt their spare parts for less than what I presume the Jays are looking for.

      Wanting to trade from one end is not really enough to get the job done.

  28. how is this post still wrong……must be a joke…not getting it though

  29. Sooooo I’m thinking somebody might still not be 100% recovered from the weekend. How do you combine two posts from two difference series?

  30. Is this some kind of baseball version of the Philadelphia Experiment?
    Does this mean that nothing has happened since this game?
    Are we actually *GASP* still in it?

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