So much for the silence, as Ken Rosenthal tweets that a source tells him that… well… you read the headline. And you’re about to read the tweet:

Rosenthal adds:

I’d think that would be a whole lot easier part of the sell than the fact that he, y’know, kinda sucks. Right?

That could go for Bonifacio, too, though he’s still got value from his speed and versatility, whereas Melky and his giant bag of regression at the plate and inability to use his legs in the outfield are kinda prohibitive– even if you believe, as the Jays say they do (and as logic probably dictates, at this point), that he’s not going to be subject to an additional suspension due to his role in the Biogenesis scandal.

So… I don’t know what this means. Probably nothing, frankly, because I just don’t see what the market for Melky and the $8-million he’s owed next year could possibly be. Shop him all you want, though, Alex. I guess. Free up some cash, at the very least, because as much as I was a big believer that he could rebound and be at least something like the guy we saw in Kansas City two years ago, his legs pretty clearly just don’t seem capable of making him that player again– let alone the San Francisco Giant we once dreamed on. Perhaps especially not on the shitty Rogers Centre felt.

Bonifacio obviously won’t have much value either– though he probably has a little more than those who saw his first 90 plate appearances and decided to completely write him off. Don’t get me wrong, though, he’s been terrible, and the hope that his injury-riddled 2012 was the anomaly and a strong 2011 the true Bonifacio emerging– or even just the .345 on-base of his previous three seasons in Florida– was, like so many of this year’s hopes, evidently a little too fucking much to ask for.

What team could possibly be looking to add either of these guys? I have no idea. Maybe as part of some package with the Rajai Davis’s and Darren Olivers of the world, where the Jays eat money and Alex turns a some crumbs and a few pieces of lint into a capable up-the-middle, under-control youngster. But let’s be real. We’re probably looking at shit for shat.


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  1. #PayrollParamaters

  2. I can’t imagine a team trading for Cabrera right now. Having a very bad year, seemingly not healthy, and a suspension possibility?

    Then again, with Melky, they can probably wait until August, after the Biogenesis suspensions have come out. If he’s cleared, he should still be able to get through waivers, I would think

  3. Makes sense – if anyone would take Melky we could just re-sign Rajai and save 4-5M. No real loss in production.

  4. Melky’s hitting .270′s I think but his legs are shot. Did anyone see him try to run down Cespedes’ ‘triple’? Boni is terrible but can steal bases off the bench so he might have some value…

  5. Does AA really think he can trade Melky? Good Lord

    • While I can’t see anyone trading for Melky, lets remember he did trade Vernon.

      • Well not only that but the guy can get you a hit off the bench if you’re a NL team and DH for an AL team. Prob is, with no power his value is diminished. I see some value as a throw in in a larger trade: same with Boni.
        If he stays and isnt suspended, AA is going to have to look into how to use him. For example, as 4th fielder/DH at home and fielder on the road if he heals up over the winter that is.

        • fuckin guy can get hits from the bench??? we better keep that mother fucker!! he can steal bases from the shitter too from what i hear!

      • As shitty as he was, at least Vernon didn’t need a damn wheelchair to play the outfield.

  6. Well, those Rangers fans have been deadset on acquiring a Jays outfielder…

  7. Honestly, if he can’t trade Melky, AA should try to convince Melky to go back on the DL and get Pillar up here, just so he has some idea of what he has in Pillar going into the off season.

    • I dont know that he even has to convince him. Couldn’t he just tell him to see the team doctor and get the doc to advise rest? Simple thing after that to place him on the DL.

    • Couple months of Pillar won’t necessarily provide a good forecast for AA to go on. See: Brett Lawrie, 2011.

  8. trading Boni is a must his caught steals this year is terrible when you factor in to account his limited stolen bases.

    • It’d be nice to get SOMETHING for him but he’s a FA after this season. So now’s the time.

  9. If you trade Melky, Emilio and some parts of the bullpen you may actually get a decent haul from a playoff team. Yes Melky is shitty but as a pinch hitter he may have value. Boni is more than capable outfielder and pinchrunner, and the bullpen pieces the Jays have could fit into any bullpen. I’m not saying they get anything GREAT but they could land something with value.

    • The problem with this idea is that Melky and Boni don’t make the minimum. Paying Melky’s salary next year is a negative to his trade value. It’s very very hard to trade 5 nickels for a quarter (although I guess that’s basically what happened with Rasmus).

  10. Wonder if a Melky trade would work out much like the Crain trade; no one goes back to the Jays until the end of the season, and the level of return is based on the number of games Melky plays.

  11. Boni to a NL team as fourth OF makes sense for. A C+ prospect

  12. Boni to an NL team

  13. Melky is only 28 years old… he needs to get out of Toronto the surface is clearly killing his knees… having said that he’s probably going to be suspended in the next couple weeks … so i can’t see that deal happening… Bonifacio? Not sure who would take him either… he’s I guess a bench player / pinch runner for when rosters get expanded.. but still what contender can you think of that would really waste a space on him?

    In my mind if the jays are going to start moving people around it’s likely got to be Lind (sell while value is high), Bautista (because of his decent contract) or a middle reliever, possibly Oliver…

    • maybe we can teach Xander to play 2B and make a deal that sends Burhele or Johnson to Boston haha

    • He’s “probably going to be suspended”? Based on???

      • well i’m just basing that on his ties to the same clinic as A-Rod and Braun as reported by the CBC … i realize he was suspended last year, but if there is new evidence that is not associated with the previous suspension, or there is evidence that he continued to use despite the first suspension then i would assume that he would be suspended again.

        • So now you’re saying “if there is new evidence,” but before it was he’s “probably going to get suspended.” Why would you assume there’s new evidence? I’m not saying he definitely won’t be, but it’s still way up in the air whether he could be suspended, and given that they gave Braun 65, and Melky’s looking at 100 (if they suspend him based on the drug testing policy), I’d tend to believe he won’t be, but we obviously don’t know. Saying he probably will is a giant leap.

          • Aaaaaand there’s also this from Jon Heyman today:

            MLB is working with all the affected players and appears likely to suspend or have an agreement to suspend the other Biogenesis-linked players who have never previously been suspended for 50 games, though it’s remotely possible one or two others could get more than 50. Word is, though, that three players on the Biogenesis dockets — Athletics pitcher Bartolo Colon, Blue Jays outfielder Melky Cabrera and Padres catcher Yasmani Grandal — aren’t expected to be punished further as they are apparently considered to have done their time with suspensions served for failed tests in 2012.

            • That’s good news.
              Almost like AA had advice on the matter before he signed Melky.
              Maybe Beeston made a few phone calls before the risk was taken?
              Yes,I’m spitballin’ and speculating.

              • Wasn’t there someone at MLB that told AA not to worry, that Melky wouldn’t be suspended again?

            • way to shut his ranting pie hole there Stoeten!!

    • Maybe this issue was pre-existing. Wondering if the PEDs were making his injury less apparent.

      Interesting article on Bluebird Banter discussing differences between Melky this and last year.

  14. I can see someone biting on Melky and putting him as the DH for a playoff run.

    Boni though, yeesh, how do you convince a team to take him on? He’s having a terrible year even as a basestealer (his one calling card).

    • Boni has way more value.

      • An nl team would love him

      • Not much value. How much could you realistically get for boni? Cash? Like seriously. Melky you might be able to get a C level prospect if you can find a taker.

        • Melky is owed $8-million next year, has no position, and has hit for shit. Bonifacio has hit for more shit, but has a lot more use to a team otherwise, and doesn’t make as much.

          • I don’t know that I agree. Melky has a little bit more of a track record of having some success than Bonifacio does (2-3 years v. 1 year – yes, I know, PED-stained, but still). I suppose I do think that Melky has more to offer than Bonifacio does. A contact hitter who should be able to field “alright” as long as he plays in grass/could easily DH for a team which needs a bat desperately vs. a no-bat, no-field, no-steal utility man. $8 million is a lot but I don’t think that it would dramatically alter that cost-benefit equation.

  15. I know it’s not a video game trade on the show,
    but I feel like the rangers are going to need a left handed bat, and an outfielder, if they can’t get them both in a package, and a base stealing threat….. i’m sure you could get something for davis/boni, lind, oliver

  16. What about buying low on a guy like ricky weeks? He has been shit this year and not so great last year but he likely wouldnt cost that much. Send boni, a reliever, and a low level pitching prospect. Boni is way more useful to nl teams for pinch running and positional versatility.

  17. Oliver is a must trade at this point. Realistically the jays are out of the playoff race and black magic is most likely going to retire after this year. Theres always teams who need a good lefty out of the pen and the jays are in good shape in that regard. I could see lind getting moved as well since he’s having a good year and has a good contract. Trade high. It would be a tough sell to more for melky and boni since they have struggled. I can’t see AA getting the value he would want. That being said you never know with AA

  18. Boni is still pretty tradeable. He’s been shit this year (and not a good solid eating my fiber type shit, but an “I drank too much cheap draft beer and had suicide wings last night” type shit). But he has value as a bench player in the NL. Cheap(ish), speed, versatility.

    Melky? Maybe you trade him for someone elses overpaid problem and hope the change does both players some good. His PR stink makes him even less desirable than other empty .270 hitting players without a position.

    • Contrary to what is being written here Melky is hitting .281/ .322/ .363/ .684
      as of last night’s game.

    • i find hes more of a Christmas hot dog type of shit! or if mammory corrects me..a valentines day bag of dill pickle chipses kinda shit

  19. They need to DL Melky an let him rehab his injury properly. Has he looked fit at all since his first stint?

    I’m not convinced he’s the shitbag many think he is.

    • I’m actually not either, actually. Actually.

      • Thankyou to both of you! If the guy can fix the knees /hammies , whatever the problem is, he can hopefully bat for some power with a stronger base for his swing. My understanding is that hammies take a while to heal.

    • I agree GSMC.
      Unless I missed something,Melky was put on the DL for wonky hamstrings and quads.
      Those injuries don’t fully heal without extended time off.
      Perhaps a healthy Melky would perform much different as he did at the beginning of the year.
      He still has an eye, in regards to his hitting.

    • He’s clearly not right. He looked ok out there in April – so its not necessarily like this is who he is. The only reason to DL him is if the team thinks Pillar is ready for a look. Otherwise keep running him out there and let him heal in the offseason.

      The Jays probably have more insight into potential suspensions. Would a suspension apply to a player on the DL? Or would Melky have to come off the DL for the suspension to start? A suspension of Melky for the rest of the season would save the Jays some money and rest Melky at the same time.

      • See Stoeten’s comment above re: Heyman’s report.

        And I like Pillar and his story.
        I’m really pulling for him but he’s projected as a fourth outfielder.
        Leave him AAA until he’s absolutely ready and they can’t keep him down.
        He’s gonna need to rake when he gets to the Show just to keep playing time.

        • Frankly, I wouldn’t be too upset if the Jays didn’t do anything at the trade deadline. After the year they’ve had, they would be selling low.

  20. That Braves manager loves Boni from his time in Florida and apparently the Braves called about him prior to this season.

    • Bonifacio and Gose for Medlen? Ahh please don’t burst my bubble

    • Last season (in May I think) Boni had surgery on the tendons in his thumb. He reinjured it again in Aug. I wouldn’t be surprised if that injury is what has hurt his batting this year. It took Lyle Overbay forever to heal his wrist.

    • sounds like some queerin going on in the showers in Hotlanta!! better trade Boni for some soap on the rope

  21. Maybe the Jays are just hoping to trade Melky to the suspended list, since they wouldn’t have to pay his salary while he’s been suspended?

    Same reason the New York Yankees are secretly hoping ARod gets suspended for life?

  22. I think there might be a bigger market for some of our players once we see who’s getting suspended.

    A few playoff contenders might find themselves with significant holes and only one day before the trade deadline.

    • I think you’re on to something there…MLB’s had this Biogenisis evidence for a while now and are taking their sweet time suspending people. Contending teams will be upset if they cant fill holes created by suspensions after the deadline.

  23. Playoffs are a dead man walking, so agree with GSMC, can’t they just DL Melky and give him some real time to get his legs right. Dude is only 28. Looks like Vlad Guerrero out there. Unwatchable effort on Cespedes ‘triple.’

  24. Keep Melky and give him another chance next year after his legs are better (hopefully).

    • Even then the turf at Rogers stadium will cripple him in 5 games. They’ll have to come up with a better plan for him if he stays.

    • i remember i was pissed for most of the 70′s, but on the telervision there was a fuckin guy that they actually fuckin built like a fuckin robot!!! i cant remembers his name but it was something like the six pack man or six million pack man! that a lot of fuckin beer!!! for me, not you! maybe AA should check for re runs to get the doctors name

  25. if anyone would like to make themselves dumber, may i suggest going to:
    and read the comments! Holy shitsticks!

  26. I think Boni has more value than most Jays fans think.

    He was touted as the “hidden gem” in the trade this summer. Lots of versatility, tonnes of speed and I don’t think GMs around the league write a guy off after 200 ABs like our bitter fanbase does.

    In the NL he’s got a bit of value and a bunch of teams would love the flexibility and late game speed he brings.

    I bet they could net a C prospect for him. Save his salary next year and Kawasaki/Pillar are your guys in 2014.

    Also trade Oliver and Lind.

  27. Lets trade out artificial turf

  28. how is darren oliver not ‘the most likely to be traded’?

    • I wonder if he even wants to play for anyone else at this point? He’s months away from retirement, in a routine here…. obviously a chance at a championship would interest him though.

      • Well I guess he could not report and just go home, but just like last spring when AA reminded him that he would have to report in order to get his 3 mill, I bet he’ll go where they send him.

    • fuckin racist!

  29. Oliver and Boni need to be traded. Packaging them with Jannsen to an NL contender like the dodgers, braves or cardinals may be able to bring back a rasmus type return with a 3rd team.

  30. Melky needs to sit, rest and get healthy. Nobody can play hurt and he’s definitely been hurt for a while. He would be my DH next year. He don’t see him being suspended either, there’s no proof that is going to happen. He served his time.

  31. Maybe someone out there is going to turn Melky into a DH for a contending team that has a need. Not sure how often teams have a “need” for a DH. Melky’s defense is awful, but he hasn’t been that bad at the plate this year, Just bad when compared to pre-suspension Melky which I guess is kind of what he’s getting paid to be.

  32. Nawkturn: AA is exploring a trade involving Boni and Melky as per Rosenthal et al and like you suggest, with the latter, it’s probably in the AL as a DH. The risk is his legs heal during the offseason and he comes back as KC or San Fran Melky and you traded that type of player making 8 million in 2014…many people think Melky is done, I don’t know if that’s true…I think he needs a pat on the back more than a kick in the arse for playing hurt this year.

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