Ahh, I said to myself, why the hell not go with yet another Melky post, on this a strange day in which we actually are allowing ourselves, for lack of anything better going on, to believe that there’s a possibility someone would actually want to take him and his contract?

So… here we go, because the Jays’ lineup against the A’s has been posted and tweeted out by the media hordes (including @ShiDavidi, who provides the image above), and… no Cabrera.

Dun dun dunn…

Though, anybody who saw Melky attempt to play the Cespedes triple last night (or, y’know, any ball hit to left at any point this season) knows that there are very legitimate baseball reasons for him not to be out there, that have absolutely nothing to do with the trade stuff that has somewhat bizarrely come up today.

But shit, if you wanted to keep a team from having second thoughts about acquiring him, or wanted to keep him from making his damn legs any worse, or wanted to showcase some versatility in Bonifacio, or wanted to help Mark Buehrle have a nice last start before the deadline, sticking Melky on the bench and putting Bonifacio in left certainly isn’t the worst idea.

If I were a betting man, I’d guess it was the legs, though– and that by the time I get this post up we’re going to hear from one of the beat reporters in Oakland that the team says the reasoning is exactly that (though, what else are they going to say, really?).

There’s a lot of territory to cover out there, and Melky wasn’t doing his pitchers any favours last night. On the other hand, it’s not like that hasn’t been the case all year, so… who knows?



Gregor Chisholm has the “what else was he gonna say?” statement from ol’ Gibbers:

So… there’s that.

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  1. Bring me mah legs

  2. I ate a baby

  3. It is a bit odd theyre sitting him vs a righty but i guess they want to give him the day off. If hes not in the lineup tomorrow than that becomes very intriguing.

  4. bye bye baby elephant

  5. Wouldn’t Davis be a better choice for left field over Bonifacio any day of the week? The way Davis has played this year it may be alright if Cabrera goes somewhere. I’m not sure I hate the idea of Davis as an every day player anymore.

    • In spite of how Bonifacio has performed, a platoon probably fits the team best. Davis has shown that he can’t hit RHP well enough to play every day, so at least Bonifacio bats left against RHP and has similar speed. If this helps Davis continue to rake against LHP, then it’s worth the investment.

  6. There’s really no point having both Cabrera and Lind on the 2014 roster.

    Texas makes sense as a team that could have interest in Lind.

    He’s hit 327/361/718 for a 1.080 OPS in Texas for what it’s worth.

    Ship Lind & Oliver for prospects/cash and stick Melky at DH.

  7. Trade Melky if we can unload that contract and bring up Tony Gose!!

  8. Hutchinson promoted to AA. Which is weird. I thought the Jays didn’t believe in wasting time letting pitching prospects pitch past High-A ball?

  9. Fuck yo couch, what about my legs!

  10. this team has no direction anymore. what a mess. ill still watch tho lol

  11. I saw “Oliver” and “Perez” in the bullpen and it triggered a horrid thought.

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