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We’re less than a day away from the trade deadline, which means that there’s a serious #HugWatch on for tonight’s games, as players may find themselves pulled from games as their clubs finalize deals involving them over the course of the evening. There’s also a whole lot of posturing going on, as negotiations are heading down to the wire. And while not a whole lot of it involves the Jays, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth having a look at what’s going on out there. So– much as we did back during the Winter Meetings, and as I’ll probably do again tomorrow– here’s the latest from the astonishingly fantastic and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors, with some added Jays-related context, just so I don’t feel too much like we’re just ripping them off…

The Angels are still today listening on infielders, and of particular note to us is Howie Kendrick, especially since they are said to be looking for quality starting pitching in return. I’ll say it again: Mark Buehrle and a little salary relief? Yeah, I do it.

The Royals were sniffing around Kendrick– or Aybar– as well, plus middle infielders Gordon Beckham and Rickie Weeks, all of whom might be reasonable targets for the Jays. But with what? Oh, and Kendrick can block trades to 12 clubs, which… the Jays are almost always on those lists, aren’t they? Damn.

As has been the case all over the place– like the Mets reportedly looking to get back a “Wheeler-type” for Bobby Parnell– the price on quality relievers is very high. Or, at least, that’s the word being used in reference to the asks for the Rockies’ Josh Outman, and the Giants’ Javier Lopez. It’s also the reason the Jays would be silly not to get involved in moving some bullpen pieces– and if they really do need to watch their payroll, the $4-million owed to Casey Janssen next year might make sense to say goodbye to.

Our old friend Marc Rzepczynski was dealt to Cleveland from the Cardinals today. One tweet I saw suggested that he was going to be a non-tender candidate, and he certainly came cheaper than a lot of options on the relief market, so good for both sides, I guess? Hey and maybe now the Cardinals would be interested in a package involving a reliever or three? And a spare outfielder? Or utility man? Or pitbull-loving son of Missouri? Hmmm?

Ruben Amaro said on the MLB Network that there’s “very little chance” his club parts with Cliff Lee, which… posturing! At least, that’s what I’d figure, at this point. Either way, though. I mean… do you worry about the Red Sox with a few years of Cliff Lee or six of Bogaerts or Bradley, or whoever they’d be parting with to get him? Neither is really palatable, but with the Jays having just a couple years left with this current core, I’m probably not going to be rooting for the Sox to get, y’know, the best pitcher.

Another sad maple trombone today, as a look at the market for Justin Morneau finds a scout calling him “a shell of his former self,” and noting that his glove work has gone south this year, as well. Too bad. Still might get dealt, though– that’s just how desperate teams are at this time of year, folks!

Lots of stuff about Jake Peavy, which… I don’t know. Sounds like the White Sox might actually move him, and might come down a bit on the asking price. Not a whole lot Jays-related here, unless you think they might make a surprise move for the guy they targeted as Plan-A last off-season. “The price for Peavy remains a top 50 prospect in a three or four-player package, hears Joel Sherman of the New York Post,” we’re told. So… yeah… nothing to see here.

Bud Norris of the Astros looks like he’ll be moving too, so… I don’t know. Lots of interest from contenders, yet a guy who could help the Jays next year, if… y’know… anyone thought he was any more reliable than anything else they might have. He’s been scratched from his start tonight, for whatever that’s worth.

Michael Young might end up with the Yankees or the Red Sox, so… that’s kind of hilarious.

Alex Rios might end up on a contender, too. So… there’s that.

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  1. Any news on Oliver & Lind?

    Lind’s back issues make it tough to play him as a full season DH, even though he improved this year

  2. As much as it may be nice to move Johnson or Buehrle, that then means the Jays need to find some cannon fodder to fill there spots in the rotation for the rest of the season, or until someone returns (unless you expect to get a major league ready starter in return). With Rogers looking like his arm is tired, how much of a mess can the team/fans accept.

  3. I’d like to have Norris.

    I know he’s not a super stud pitcher, but controllable for 2 more years and probably wont cost top tier prospects. You could lump him in with Dickey, Buehrle, Johnson, Morrow, Drabek, Hutch, Romero, Happ et al. Hopefully some of these guys stay healthy, step up and piece together a decent rotation.

    The more options the better after the way these last couple years have worked out.

    • Also rumored on MLBTR that Ian Kennedy is being shopped.

      This sounds like AAs kind of target but unfortunately we don’t have much they need. I doubt they would simply flip him for bullpen help.

      • He’s an interesting target. Seems like one of those guys that those saber n3rd would have a hard time pegging as he’s a bit of an unconventional pitcher throwing so softly and whatnot.

  4. I’d say the most likely way for the Blue Jays to improve their pitching staff next year is internally.

    Even if Buehrle and Dickey are merely midrotation starters, at least they appear to be durable.

    The upside in Morrow, Hutchison & Drabek is still there. Just because it hasn’t been fulfilled yet and can’t be counted on doesn’t mean one or two can’t take a big step forward next year.

    When the Jays “missed” on Ted Lilly and Gil Meche, it opened up rotation spot for Marcum & McGowan to emerge.

    Perhaps the same thing can happen next year.

    • I have faith in Hutchison. He looked quite good at times last year and him hitting low corners with his fastball was fun to watch. No hope in Drabek though unless he is a completely different pitcher.

      • Hutch is a good pitcher. AA knows that in time, barring another injury, Hutch can be counted on as one of his five starters maxing out at 3 or 4 but I don’t pay much attention to rank 1-5 on a staff unless you are talking about Verlander or Lee types on your staff.

      • Drabek’s performance in Dunedin is at least mildly encouraging in that he’s limiting the free passes.

        Though the last thing to come back from TJ surgery is command.

        So perhaps the new found control is not of his own volition.

        • Have there been any reports of his command? Is he actually throwing strikes with his fastball and curveball or is it just young and stupid hitters chasing stuff?

  5. Some teams may be asking a lot for relief pitching, but the price that relievers – see Scott Downs and Jesse Crain – are actually going for seems to be somewhat less.

  6. I think we should trade Lind and Oliver for Buehrle’s wife and pit bulls.

  7. Marc Rzepczynski sent to the Indians for a, e, i, o, u. Seriously, I wish him luck. He is a good guy.

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