Well that’s… what it is.

Uh… the title of this post, I mean, which comes from here:

Could it be merely a little bit of posturing from the front office, given the game of chicken supposedly being played at the moment between buyers and sellers over the prices on the relief market? I wouldn’t count it out. But I wouldn’t count out it being genuine… which would seem pretty pointless.

The main bullpen pieces are under control for next year, and even Adam Lind and Emilio Bonifacio can be kept beyond this year, so I wouldn’t cry if the club simply didn’t see the value in moving any of those guys. But is there honestly any reason why Darren Oliver and Rajai Davis, both free agents to-be, should be on this team come tomorrow? At the very least? Like… I understand the idea of holding to your values and not just helping a contender for the sake of it and taking back shit for the sake of it. But on the other hand… come on!

In the end though, whatever, I guess. You think it’s going to stop me from posting the Game And Trade Deadline Live Blog Threat post that I’ve got going in another tab? Fat chance!

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  1. I’m not totally opposed to keeping Rajai if the team thinks they might be able to extend him. He’s a great 4th outfielder and a nice piece on the bench. If they expect him to be gone next year then they should trade him. Trading Oliver for anything makes sense.

    • “Great” and Raj Davis probably should be used like that in the same sentence.

      To me a “great” 4th outfielder does have the flight of the bumblebees on loop every time a ball is hit to CF. That’s right a great 4th outfielder can play all OF position at better than replacement value.

    • Fine he’s not a “great” 4th OF. But he is a “great” weapon on the basepaths as a late inning pinch runner (4th in MLB in SB in limited playing time), is very good against left handers and is adequate if he needs to fill in the outfield for short periods of time. In other words the kind of player that winning teams like to have on their bench.

      • Yeah I would have no problem if the Jays signed Rajai to a Maicer Izturis typed extension, or something along these lines.

        2-3 years in the 2.5-3.3 mil range per year.

        Maybe a team option on 3rd year.

        Or something.

        Everyone wins.

  2. Or maybe alex won’t trade vetruns you know because have to keep vetruns happy and all so that they’ll want to keep coming here right?

  3. This has to be one of the worst/most boring trade deadlines in recent history right? MLBTR hasn’t even updated in like 20 mins

    • Every trade deadline is overhyped and anti-climactic.

      Then you look back and realize there were like ten major deals.

  4. I agree. No good reason to keep Davis, Oliver or DeRosa around. We have immediate replacements for all of those guys.

  5. Typical Rogers joke here.

  6. At this point, I kind of want to see Davis traded just so we can see what that oven mitt looks like in another colour.

  7. God I hope they can pry Kendrick away from the halos !

    • Kendrick has a very high chance at being fools gold for the team paying for his decline. The Angels are completely right in their position to want to sell high on a middle infielder entering his 30s.

      If a team gets Kendrick they will have to trade some organizational value for him, pay him more than his entire prime and accept the fact that the returns on the investment are degrading.

      Kendrick is the type of thing that sounds like a good idea until it happens.

  8. Lol royals

  9. I heard Blair say they have an option on Davis next year, is this true?

  10. If they keep Davis, I hope they re-sign him. He’s a pretty solid 4th outfielder.

  11. Stupid move.

    The biogenesis suspensions created a huge sellers market as teams scramble to fill holes.

  12. Darren Oliver will clear Trade Waivers 2 days from now, and will be traded as soon as a playoff team loses a veteran RP to injury (or when the Jays are mathematically eliminated, if this happens before the SEP 1 Playoff Roster Deadline – which isn’t nearly as likely).

    The jays have historically put every member of the 40 Man roster on trade waivers as soon as the Non-Waiver Trade Deadline passes.

    Darren Oliver is an LHP that can’t get LHB out. Why would any playoff bound team have traded for this guy beyond giving up cash considerations or the worst of the worst PTBNL?

    Look at all the other LHP relievers traded before the non-waiver trade deadline yesterday: they can all get LHB out.

    There is almost no value to a playoff bound team in a 43/44 year old LHP reliever that serves as a RHB specialist, and is set to retire 3 months from now. These teams probably have 10-20 pitchers like this already, littered throughout the system.

    As per Rajai Davis, the Jays should be looking to extend him for 2-3 years @ 2.5-3M/yr with a team option or two. Keep this guy on the squad until his legs give out on him, or until he proves himself 100% incapable in the outfield.

    Davis’ speed and base-running ability doesn’t just find itself. Lots of people can run, many can run fast. Few can run fast and steal bases.

    If Tony Campana can be traded for two middling prospects last offseason, the Jays were right not to trade Davis unless we were getting a better return than that, or unless we are re-signing him (as we should).

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