Still weird.

At 3:35 PM ET, the Jays send R.A. Dickey to the hill in Oakland to take on Bartolo Colon and the A’s in a battle of 78 combined years of pitching guile. Also: hugs. Which I bring up, of course, because at 4:00 PM ET, while the Jays and A’s are on the field, the trade deadline will pass– and no matter what Shi Davidi says, I still believe there’s a chance we’re in for some dugout hugs. It’s all about posturing, right? Right??? Something’s totally going to happen, right? Right???

Keep refreshing for updates and/or the sound of crickets! After the jump!

4:55 PM: Final thought: like I was saying back at 4:06, I suspect that, much as the Jays have done with draft picks, their lack of activity is all about not setting a bad precedent in terms of how they valued the players being asked about– and they certainly weren’t alone in this. It may seem counterproductive now to be holding on to free-agents-to-be like Darren Oliver and Rajai Davis, but ditching them for nothing as salary relief is irrelevant because they’re already in the 2013 budget, and taking a total flyer on a sub-fringe prospect… I can understand why the club didn’t– why very few, if any, clubs did. You don’t want the reputation as a pushover who is going to be bullied into taking absolutely nothing after asking for the moon. But it’s not just the precedent stuff, it’s also because, as Anthopoulos says, the market was very soft for some guys, especially left-handed expiring contract relievers, and besides, they still could be made available in August.

Also, frankly, my understanding is that the guys in the clubhouse look at where the Rays and the Dodgers were a month ago, still believing they’re capable of doing something similarly miraculous. No, really! The Rays were a game over .500 on June 18th and now are twenty above, the Dodgers were 12 games below on June 21st, and 9.5 games behind in a division they now lead by 3.5. I’m not saying we should be looking at those as reasons why the Jays aren’t as fucked as we’ve been suggesting around here since they took a giant dump coming out of the All-Star break, it’s just… don’t tell that to the players. And while I don’t think it’s ought to be much of a consideration, I can understand Anthopoulos not wanting to give away for nothing these guys who’ll help keep the team in the race the players think they’re in, too.

There’s no reason for hand-wringing here, because there’s no reason to believe that the guys being offered to him for the expiring contract guys were total shit. Besides, if this is anything like last year, a lot of groundwork was laid for deals that will be made in the winter– and at least Anthopoulos admits he’s going to need them. And… I mean… they can’t work out any worse, right?

Hey, and maybe time to move the trade deadline back a little, eh?

4:30 PM: Aaaaaand Bautista airmails a throw to third after a single, Lawrie misses it, and backing up at third is, of course, no one. 1-0 Athletics.

4:29 PM: You didn’t really expect me to keep writing about the game, did you? Still at zeros. Brett Lawrie dropped a pop-up in foul territory, and now– presumably as to not incur the Wrath Of Zaun, a la Moises Sierra– has his sunglasses on. He didn’t before. Also there was some smallball bullshit that– shock– didn’t lead to any runs. Jose Reyes bunted for a hit like a boss, though. Currently one on, two out, bottom of the third.

4:25 PM: Brendan Kennedy has the explanation from Anthopoulos via Twitter:

4:14 PM:

4:11 PM: Joel Sherman tweets that the Jays attempted to deal Oliver and Bonifacio, but that they couldn’t find a match. Possible that those guys can get moved in August, I suppose.

4:09 PM: Buuuuut it looks like whatever deal happened didn’t involve the Jays. Gregor Chisholm tweets that the club has stood pat, and that Alex Anthopoulos will hold a conference call shortly. I used to get the emails to join those, now that I think of it. Might have been handy.

4:07 PM: Hello! Jayson Stark tweets that at least one deal went down before the deadline. Didn’t see movement from the Jays, so I doubt it’s them, but it’s at least a reason to not quite put an end to this thing just yet…

4:06 PM: The Rasmus double is stranded, and… yeah… nothing going on. I’m sure there will be hand-wringing about Anthopoulos not being able to move at least Davis and Oliver, but like I said… at some point today, it’s not like teams should be expected to just hand contenders key pieces for nothing. Not a precedent they want to set. And it’s not just the Jays, either– though we know from their record signing draft picks that they don’t cave shit like that.

4:00 PM: According to Barry Davis’s clock the deadline has passed and the Jays have done nothing. Hard to say for certain, though, as it’s probably a really tiny clock. HEYO!

3:59 PM: At least the Jays aren’t alone in this. Absolutely nothing going on anywhere, from what the Twitter tells me. Odd.

3:58 PM: Not seeing movement in the dugout for the Jays. Looks like nothing is genuinely happening. Maybe Oliver gets through waivers and can be dealt in August. Maybe Davis, too. Hard to see why a contending club wouldn’t put in a claim though. Hmm…

3:56 PM: Clock is ticking and nobody seems to be doing anything here. Collusion, I say!

3:55 PM: Trolololopagewhore just wants to remind you that Giancarlo Stanton exists and isn’t being traded. Thanks, big guy. Also: Rasmus double, because that man wants to get paid.

3:54 PM: Trolololosi says the Rangers are still quite active, and they could be a fit for… I dunno… Rajai Davis? Adam Lind? Darren Oliver? Oliver certainly would be alright with that. But, of course, hilariously, like thirty seconds later Tim Brown of Yahoo! tweets that the Rangers think they’re done. Also of note: the Rays’ Matt Moore to the DL with elbow soreness, an score or baserunners as yet with Colon working in the second in Oakland. No #Hugs either.

3:49 PM: Dickey allows a single and nothing more. No late changes to the lineup and no sign of a #HugAlert from the field in Oakland. Eleven-ish minutes to go. Riveting stuff, ain’t it?

3:47 PM: The Knobler says it’s a draft pick (novel fucking idea letting teams trade those, MLB) and a PTBNL for Norris, in addition to Hoes. As if you seriously care. Also apparently the Red Sox are done– or at least saying they are. The Tigers, Jim Bowden tweets, are not getting Javier Lopez from the Giants, so maybe there’s still something to be had with the Jays for their bullpen? Is this really what we’re anticipating? Fuck me. Also: Dickey’s Dickeying– in the good way, so far. Still no score at

3:43 PM: Edwin belts one, but it’s Oakland, so there’s plenty of room in centre. End of the first. Lots of talk about Hoes on the Twitter, which… take a guess if lazy sportswriters can help themselves from making a joke or three thousand. Apparently there’s haggling over Hoes, which… yeah. That’ll happen. (Note: like I’m fucking not a lazy sportswriter who can’t help himself with those jokes, too).

3:40 PM: Looks like a nice day in northern California– shocker there– and the Jays have a runner on second with two outs after the maligned Maicer Izturis singled to right and then was fielder’s choice’d to second by Jose Bautista. Maicer really has been pretty good for the last six weeks or so, and I don’t hate him hitting second as much as I should.

3:36 PM: Oh, and apparently the Orioles have landed the highly coveted Bud Norris from Houston. L.J. Hoes winds up in a different area code, and according to a Kenny Ken Ken tweet, there’s another piece going, too.

3:35 PM: Apparently it’s minor league pitcher Kyle Smith going to Houston for Justin Maxwell, which… I completely don’t care either, but I can only write “crickets” so many times, and I think I’m going to need to save some bullets here, as we head into NHL territory, as far as boring trade deadlines go. Prove me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong.

3:30 PM: I’m sure someone’s going to turn one of the office TVs to Sportsnet any second now, right? Also: apparently the Orioles are making progress on getting Bud Norris, so… that’s kinda hilarious.

3:22 PM: Holy fuck, let me assure you, this post is as boring for me right now as it is for you. At least the game is about 15 minutes away, but until then… cripes. Let’s hope something heats up– not just for the sake of it, of course, but… uh… kinda for the sake of it.

3:15 PM: Crickets.

3:10 PM: Jon Heyman says that the Pirates tried to get Mark Trumbo from the Angels. Hey, at least somebody’s trying something here.

3:00 PM: Do you smell that? I smell crickets. Er… well, unless, for some reason, you count the Royals getting Justin Maxwell from the Astros as anything.

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  1. Would Oliver lose much value in trading him in Aug as opposed to trading him today?

    • Might not get through waivers.

      • If someone claims him you just trade him to that team for nothing. It’s mostly salary relief we’d be getting, nobody’s trading a real prospect for him.

    • I too lack the MLB knowledge to translate what it meant by ‘trade deadline” it never really seems like a deadline.

    • As stated, Oliver probably gets claimed by at least one team and it limits your potential buyers to that one time. Buehrle is the one I could see going in an August deal.

  2. Pretty dissapointing IMO if the Jays don’t move any bullpen arms. That’s my analysis

  3. Maxwell trade kinda interesting. Havent really paid attention to what Royals have been doing of late, but interesting they get a super sub like him.

  4. Does anybody have any news about micheal young?

  5. Or maybe alex has been told not to do any more of his genius trades until we find a new gm.

  6. How would one write the sound a cricket or group of crickets (an “orchestra” apparently) without just writing “crickets”? I am not complaining. I just want to know.

  7. Teams that have agreements will HOLD OFF on announcing a deal until right after the deadline so no reaction time for rivals.

  8. Jays are discussing some of their players with GMs from rival teams.

    No deals are imminent but possible something could get done today.

  9. I wouldn’t worry too much about AA standing pat here. He does not seem like the type of guy to let good trade opportunities pass him by.

  10. Source says Jays have seriously discussed Bautista and EE with the Rangers.

  11. Sounds like Orioles are going to get Bud Norris.

  12. Rany Jazayerli is a tremendous twitter follow. You think following the Jays is exasperating? Try writing for the Royals.

    It’s Hilarious

  13. Just watched the Morosi gif again so this trade deadline is pretty great.

    Man if that guy is on blood pressure medication I bet it’s bisoproLOL!

  14. I just realized that Yan Gomes is putting together a nice year in Cleveland.

    • Dont look at what Syndergaard and Marisnick are doing in the minors

      • I knew about them. But thought the Farrell and Gomes move for Rogers worked out for us. Would be nice to have Gomes behind the plate for us. But its probably just do to sample size. Gomes while here never looked like he would amount to anything more than what JP is doing this year and be a decent backup.

        • I think it was Aviles and Gomes for Rogers. Agree about Gomes though. I was surprised when checking his fangraphs page as well.

          A few home grown success stories (NOT bullpen arms) would be nice sometime.

    • When we had Yan we were lousy with catchers. How times have changed – and fast!

      • Yan was more than just a catcher, he played 1st, 3rd and left field as well.

        He also hosted a popular cooking show.

  15. Orioles getting stronger…although they gave up Hoes.

  16. Holy crap, Thole is catching. JPA IS BEING TRADED!!!!!

  17. Bud for Hoes – sounds like a regular day in the life of an aspiring pimp

  18. Barnaby Jones!

  19. Any word on Kendrick?

  20. So equivalent packages for Ian Kennedy and Bud Norris today:

    Solid reliever (Cecil), 2 prospects in the 8 to 12 range (Stilson and Nessy), non prospect outside of the top 20 and the equivalent of two 2nd round picks. (Brentz and Tellez signed this year were both 2nd round values)

  21. josh thole’s character on gameday looks much more intimidating than actual josh thole

  22. Come on last minute announcements.

  23. Oliver or bust

  24. Buck and Tabby agree that they don’t expect anything to happen for the Jays at the deadline.

    Bold call 5 minutes after the deadline passes.

  25. Dickey needs to quit throwing all these extra pitches. 2 batters in a row he has 1-2 and gets to a full count.

    • the real question is, is Dickey trying to throw knuckly strikes and just doesn’t have the velocity he had last year which is resulting in him have less control?

      that would also explain why he is mixing in his gascan fastball more often

  26. Did anyone else notice, that with this tear that cletus has been on, he is now leading the team in WAR by half a win, according to baseball reference.

  27. I’m glad the Jays are keeping all these guys for the playoff run this year.

  28. Eyeblack over glasses. Good call

  29. Is it the worst thing if Oliver’s claimed in August and the Jays just let him go? Obviously not ideal, but if the team that claims him wont’ give you anything, just let him go so that you can get Santos (or Wagner, or Carreno, or Lincoln) back in the bigs? Hell, put him on waviers at 12:01 tonight, maybe he’s gone by the time Santos is due back on the weekend.

  30. We’re almost certainly going to get a Zaun rant in a few minutes about how these dang, immature kids with no service time are running amok by not wearing sunglasses, right?

  31. @Joelsherman1: #Bluejays tried to move Oliver and Bonifacio, but did nothing also

  32. I can’t imagine too many GMs were talking to AA and wanting to pony up much of anything for Oliver and Boni.

  33. I suppose when your pitching staff consists of 6 pitchers that may very well have negative trade value (Buehrle, Johnson, Dickey, Morrow, Romero & Happ) August waivers might be the best time to dump somebody.

    • I don’t Happ has negative value, but saying that about that list makes me more depressed.

      • I think he needs to show he is healthy/effective enough to pitch in the majors before having some value.

        That said, I don’t think any of those 6 guys are on albatross contracts.

        I could see a legitimate case for any of those 6 guys being claimed on August waivers if a GM is ballsy enough and/or some of the health/performance improves at just the right time.

  34. Yo, Ontario homies. I would legit buy the Lawrie bobblehead if you were to get one and mail it to me.

  35. Funny watching stoeten trying to get off the mound to field that bunt.

  36. @JonHeymanCBS: there was a 3-way trade that didnt quite make it at the end. so no more deals from what i hear. #3way

  37. Maybe we can still trade Delebar’s weighted balls for Big fat Colon’s Shark embryos?

  38. Wow what a last minute deal.

  39. Bud Selig needs to step in and make the Trade Deadline meaningful again. Maybe, which ever team makes the most deals gets the most favorable schedule made up for them the following year?

    • This is complete lunacy if you’re serious.

    • Whichever teams makes the most deals gets home field advantage for the world series..regardless of whether that team is in the world series or not. #thistimeitcounts

  40. Remember last year the biggest deal was the Red Sox dodgers salary waiver dumb in August right? Calm down

  41. balls.

  42. With abborted Lawrie move and AA saying something big fell through.. It had to be Headley right?

  43. I never understand when tv guys talk about how the 8th hiter in the lineup in the National league is weaker than the 8th hitter in the American league. What”s the logic there?

    • The logic is that that theoretical “worst” guy bats ninth in the AL. I have no idea whether this minuscule difference actually is empirical, though.

  44. Why the fuck would you throw that?

  45. bad throw by joey but where the fuck is dickey on that

  46. Bautista shouldn’t be throwing that ball. There is two outs. Let Dickey work to the next guy. Instead the runner scores from first on a cheapy blooper.

  47. Kelowna homies at the game wudddddup

  48. Wait, Bonifacio isn’t a free agent after the season?

    Wow…they have to non-tender him, right?

    • He could very well be kept while Davis leaves.

      Bonifacio is a useful bench piece just not a starter.

    • Meh, Could always let Rajai leave and use him as the fourth outfielder/pinch-runner. I think he’s better in the outfield anyways.

      Wish they’d moved Lind. I really hope it was for lack of interest and not an indication that they intend on picking up his options.

      • Yeah, that occurred to me, but $3M for .215/.254/.326? *shudder.*

      • ok, so why would we trade Lind? he is one of our better hitters this year and we wouldn’t get anything back in value. use your head.

        • Because the fact that he had good at bats for in sheltered usage two months out of this year doesn’t erase the disasterfuck of a hitter he’s been the rest of the time over the past three and a half years?

  49. Holy shit…Bartolo Colon 14-3 2.49 ERA? Are these fucking typos on Also, Adam Lind with an infield single???????

  50. AA giving his excuse conference call…

  51. Instead of calling Thole Thole can we call him the T-hole?

  52. And thats why davis shouldnt be in the lineup vs righties.

  53. With the value a retiring reliever on a non-contending team commands…I would have traded Oliver for a couple of Banh Mi Boys sandwiches at this point…and a large talentless player to protect said sandwiches from Bartolo.

  54. AA and Paul mentioned a couple of things last week but decided they want to see the team play out the season and judge what they got. Expect some of the holes to be filled in the offseason. Some of the deals were comprehensive enough to help now and later. My concern as boss is that we keep some continuity but I was assured things would be smaller in terms of changes but make a positive impact on our roster for 2014.

  55. great bit of hitting by Lawrie there. Just went with the pitch. he didn’t need to kill it. Oakland is a spot where if you can hit line drives you can be very successful with all the big holes out there.

  56. bad pitching by Colon that AB to Lawrie. goes down 3-0 then leaves 2 mistake fastballs at the belt. all 6 pitches were 2 seam FBs according to :)

  57. huge AB right here for Izzy. I really hate seeing him in the 2 hole. a really bad sign of how bad of shape we are in this year. isn’t he still a below-replacement level player this year?

  58. Ball hit off colon, got lodged in his belly button.

  59. Fucking fat ass colon. Blocks everything.

  60. I once saw colon on national geographic. He was grazing and the helicopter flew over him and shot him with a tranquilizer dart. He was later eaten by a pack of hyenas.

  61. What is it with managers hitting shitty infielders 2nd?

  62. wow the jays can’t trade anyone? fuck right off AA…

  63. ahh. the timely ridiculous infield error that we’ve come to love so much this season.

  64. fuck izzy come on

  65. WOW in 1 game I’ve heard the following

    “missed cutoff man”

    “somebody missed a sign”

    “bobbled the ball, all hands are safe”

    “sloppy defense”

    repeat every game

  66. and of course Izzy grounds out. he should not be a starting 2B on a contending team….he is a backup/util player. -1.4 WAR this year. holy shit that is incredibly putrid.

  67. and then Izzy f/us up with an error in the field. fuck is he ever horrible.

  68. If I were the Orioles, I would have traded Bros for Norris first.

  69. 2 infield flys in a row? that must be rare…

  70. wow, the great escape. bases loaded 0 out.

  71. Cool guy Dickey gets out of an inning where the trouble comes from 3 shitty ground balls.

    i like dat

    • in a park like this i have total confidence in and like to watch RA pitch; no panic and goes about business … instead of turf, move the seats back?

  72. Anyone have the split stats on home vs road starts for dickey?

  73. why is Izzy batting second instead of Rasmus and Lind? i’m sorry, but that is just bad managing…….

  74. who changed the channel?

  75. Rofl my feed just switched to college football…

    I’m giong to the beach

  76. lmfao @ the Astros.

    Erik Bedard is now the teams highest paid player this season. At $1.15 million.

  77. Hey, a 1-2-3 inning!

    Well, sort of.

  78. Hey Dickey, get the fuck out of the way.

  79. honestly what the fucking fuck people

  80. Thats our blue jays bumbling idiots

  81. Fucking dickey. Get out of the way and let redbull catch that.

  82. The defense is not so good!!

  83. Hahaha i cant belive were watching a big league team.

  84. What the fuck. Have they never played a day game before? How is the sun any brighter or higher than anywhere else in the world?

  85. let’s all take this time to thank baseball gods for the Dome

  86. Lol I love this team, and Izturis expression after he dropped it was great “who gives a fuck?”

  87. Izturis is a joke defensively. Bonifacio has actually managed to pass him defensively on the depth chart. If it weren’t for his hitting this fool would be stapled to the bench.

  88. Cletus is going to get paid!!

  89. Doot doot do dee doo doo doot doot doo doo!
    Doot doot do dee doo doo doot doot doo doo!

  90. 4 errors in 5 innings, not including Lawrie letting a sky high foul ball fall ten feet behind him while he ducked for cover.

    • The defence really needs to improve.

      Fortunatly, some of the black holes offensively are just as shitty at defense (LF, C, 2B).

      Aside from Melky’s salary, these positions shouldn’t be hard to upgrade.

  91. @SNBarryDavis: AA says while no deals were made today, he did have good dialogue that could lead to something in the off season. #bluejays

  92. Pay Rasmus AA

  93. Defensively, this is fucking embarrassing. Yikes that’s bad.

  94. Blue Jays now third worst in the American League in terms of errors.

  95. the Rasmus love boat is great

    knew he would come good, bought his jersey last season

  96. holy shit. 4 errors so far today. this is little league bullshit

  97. Dickey’s pitching a shutout, guys.

  98. Fock yeah…love these weird West Coast startup times. Off work, bar down the street to catch the rest before my apiarist meeting.

  99. Sound fundamental baseball today.

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