kendrick’s San Diego reporter Corey Brock [note: tough gig] tweets that the Diamondbacks and Padres have consummated a deal that will send starter Ian Kennedy, who was coveted by the Angels, to San Diego in exchange for setup man Joe Thatcher, minor league reliever Matt Stites, and a draft pick [note: !?!!?] in compensation round B (i.e. the kind of draft picks that can be traded).

He really made this whole thing, which I rushed to crank out when the trade’s details were still emerging, pretty fucking useless, eh?

I still think Kendrick is a good idea, though. (Also: fuck it, here’s my spitballin’ anyway.)

. . .

Howie Kendrick of the Angels, we can all agree, would be a big upgrade on the detritus that has manned second base for the Jays for most of this year (with apologies to Maicer Izturis, who has had a pretty good last six weeks at the plate).

He’s also available, under contract for two years after this, and the Jays, according to Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet, the Jays are interested.

They may be missing an opportunity for one way to land him, though, as the Angels are reportedly interested in the Diamondbacks’ Ian Kennedy, who– rumour has it– is close to being scooped up by the Padres… for mostly relievers!

Scott Miller of CBS Sports says that Padres reliever Joe Thatcher would be in the deal, as well as two minor leaguers. Jim Bowden tweets that the second is Double-A reliever Matt Stites.

Can the Jays not seriously match a package like that– say… Brett Cecil and John Stilson, or… y’know… likely guys slightly better than that? Then, with a player in hand that the Angels covet, wouldn’t that make it easier to flip him for Kendrick?

I’m not saying that Kennedy alone would be enough to land a second baseman who has been worth over eleven wins since the start of the the 2011 season and currently has a wOBA of .340, but add in a controllable bullpen piece? Or how about Sean Nolin, or– dare I say it– Marcus Stroman? Or maybe a bullpen piece and one of those two.

Could you hack it? Giving up, say… Cecil, Stilson, Wagner and Stroman and a mid-level prospect or two of some nature for Kendrick? Pretty sure I could. The Angels, I’m not sure about, but if they liked Kennedy and were getting some other decent pieces back?

I dunno. It’s been a boring deadline so far. What say you?

[Note: Don't bother saying anything, as Kennedy's already a Padre. See above. Kendrick, though...].

Update: Jim Bowden says the Jays are still talking Kendrick, as are the Royals and Dodgers. Is my suggestion anywhere close to what the market for him might look like? How the fuck should I know! I could see Scioscia falling in love with Emilio Bonifacio, if that changes anything.


Update the second: Kenny Ken Ken says hold your horses:

So… there’s that. Off-season works, too. And shit, the Jays might have surplus arms, depending on how their rotation problems shake out. Hey… I bet I can think of a certain Buffalo Bison in need of a change of scenery who might look good over there…

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  1. You shouldv’e kept quiet. Padre management probably reads this blog and stole your idea.

    • I would have been good with it.

      And if you can’t make the flip for Kendrick having Kennedy on the roster isn’t so bad either. he could definitely turn it around.

      Maybe AA is shell shocked after all the great trades he made last season have bombed so spectacularly.

  2. Missed chance by AA here. I really wonder if rogers is being very strict about not adding more payroll or if AA doesnt want to ask due to the shitacular/disappointing season.

  3. Rosenthal:

    “Sources: #Angels likely to keep Kendrick. Can’t find the right match for a starting pitcher. Could revisit in off-season.”


    • That is a classic bit fed to the media in hopes of driving up the price going towards the deadline.

      Not saying this happens, just if I was a GM looking to sell a player who has generated interest – I would leak to Ken Rosenthal that i wasn’t loving the offers every time so that I could make sure the best offer comes in from each of the teams. Especially when the deadline is tonight.

  4. At this point, I wouldn’t move any more prospects for veterans. I’d be ditching veterans (relievers) for prospects. I’d try to upgrade 2014 roster in the off season.

  5. Although if there’s no return worth taking (as in guys they think can eventually be quality big leaguers), there’s no point in moving anybody. Probably won’t do anything, I fear.

  6. Wait until November

  7. Missed opportunity for sure but my guess is these talks accelerated to late in the deadline for AA to make a deal, possibly due to ownership wanting time to think it over

    Pads got a nice deal to get a potential 2-3 WAR pitcher but I agree that it would have been a no brainer to in turn flip Kennedy then to the Angels for an easy 2-3 WAR 2b-man not making too much money and under contract in the “window”

    I would take the risk of Kennedy returning to form to get probably a top 5-10 2bman in Kendrick. Not like we don’t several pitchers capable of putting up 2-3 WAR anyway, just waiting to return to form, while the 2b market is really really sparse

  8. Even if a deal was out there, do you think Anthoplous had the OK to add another 10M dollar player in the middle of this disaster? 3 months from now when he can sit down and say the plan is this, this and this going forward then it’s absolutely a possibility, but right now I wouldn’t give him that cash if I’m Rogers.

  9. So with Bautista and EE…. and even with a bunch of the rest of the team, let’s keep in mind that plenty of players continue to play great well into their 30′s. I mean the constant complaint about the Yankees is that they are so old and they trot out such old deadwood but somehow stay winning.

    Even I feel sometimes like we have to hurry because JB and EE will wither away at any moment. But there is no reason they won’t perform at an elite level for 4 or 5 more years.

    • I think there’s reason to believe Bautista won’t. Dude’s getting old.

      • David Ortiz had a .794 OPS in the season following the same surgery Bautista had last year. Since then? .962. I don’t get why everyone ignores that.

        • Maybe Ortiz being a left-handed bat playing half his games at Fenway could play into that number, I have no idea, just throwing darts out there

    • Don’t worry about the window.

      I think the payroll is here to stay. Maybe it won’t go higher, but with the elimination of revenue sharing, Jays best business move is to atleast try to stay competitive.

      And let’s face it, spending is what really creates the window. Not the contract status of your stars.

  10. hmm.. That certain buffalo bison sure did pitch well in California. probably would again..

  11. If this window passes and AA hasn’t dealt/resigned Oliver/Davis or some of our other valuable relief pitchers I think it’ll be a failure. There really is nothing to be gained by watching Oliver/Davis run down their contracts with us.

    Unless they’re going to be re-signed of course (which is only a realistic possibility for Davis).

  12. Who is said Bison?

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