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I… I can’t even. (Related: I think I might have ruined the season, guys. My bad.)

Time is of the essence as the trade deadline draws nearer, but Texas GM Jon Daniels evidently doesn’t value his a whole hell of a lot right now. Danny Knobler of CBS Sports pointlessly points out that the Rangers are pointlessly interested in Jose Bautista and/or Edwin Encarnacion, who the Jays have too much invested in– emotionally, psychically and through the marketing department, I mean– to contemplate moving.

To wit:

Joel Sherman, whose Jays source tells him things are quiet right now– as many teams are, which he doesn’t believe to be posturing– also believes that the Jays aren’t moving their crucial middle-of-the-order bats.

There has been a lot of convenient talk in the media– especially in the wake Bautista’s most recent verbal jousting with umpires– about fanciful possibilities of what either of the two sluggers might bring back in a trade, and how it might spectacularly somehow not just create one hole in a pointless attempt to fill another, lesser hole.

I mean, seriously, the Jays can get by just without a second base upgrade– and those pipe dreaming on Jurickson Profar, as I’ve seen many suggest, need to realize he’d be wasting a bunch of value by not playing at short (and that the Jays likely wouldn’t ask Jose Reyes to switch positions for the youngster)– and aren’t so desperate for pitching, unless it’s an absolute stud, the likes of which no contending team will be willing to provide.

Which isn’t to pooh-pooh the insane dream of something like Profar and Derek Holland because I don’t think those guys don’t have a shit-tonne more value than Bautista, it’s just that part of it is because of their low cost and the long term of that value– and also, let’s be fucking serious here, please. They’re surely being offered much less than that. In other words, not exactly the kinds of assets a GM who’s tied meaningful September baseball in 2014 around his own neck like a fucking anchor is going to be rushing to get.

It’s just… it’s not happening. Stop asking.

Oh, unless you ask Jon Morosi, who somewhat slimily leaves the possibility open when relaying the Knobler’s report:

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  1. Personally, I don’t even know why the Rangers are bothering with Edwin and Jose. If I’m the Rangers’ GM, and I want a bat, how can I look farther than last year’s National League Batting Champion!

  2. Totally agree. The Rangers aren’t looking to unload critical pieces and AA’s job would be over if he didn’t get a king’s ransom for Bautista. IF a deal for Bautista or EE was to happen at all, it will be at a time of strength for the Jays – like the offseason when they can get a bidding war going.

    Not to say that will happen – because AA has signed them both at a very reasonable price. Also if you trade one of these guys you just need to go out and trade for a middle order bat to replace them. Not smart.

  3. that Trollosi gif is fucking gold, every time

  4. News, I’m interested in a $500k raise.

    I don’t know that AA trades either of those guys, even if it’s a ‘win’ baseball trade. I think the offer would have to be so overwhelming that the other team would never make it. (i.e., Trout or Harper). They’re too important to the vision of what this team is.

    Now, Lind on the other hand, as a new DH in Texas…

  5. darvish would have to be the first piece back for either of them and rangers won’t do that so why even bother!

  6. Perhaps the Rangers believe if they ask enough times, we’ll get so aggravated we’ll cave and just give it to them already so they can just shut up.

    Works with 8-year olds.

  7. Deadline rumours are weird. The desperate need to know information that is ipso facto unknowable before the act of it being announced just hours or minutes before any such announcement will undoubtedly be announced.

    Some joke about the un-credible in full pursuit of the unspeakable seems appropriate: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=2281329

  8. Not that it would ever happen.. But hypothetically speaking, if the jays entertain the rangers interest in Bautista or EE.. Who would possibly be the players coming back to Toronto?

  9. The only way I trade either is to get back equal MLB quality talent, and that’s not happening at the deadline. If someone offered a Carter/Alomar/Fernandez/McGriff type deal in the summer, I think they would certainly consider it.

  10. I wouldn’t trade either..

    but I also wouldn’t trade for kendrick or any other offensive pieces. The offense is fine, sure we have holes at 2B/C/LF but offensively the team still performs near the top of almost all offensive categories.

    If you are going to shed any parts this year, it should be for starting pitching only. And while the idea of moving Buerhle to the Angels and removing the contract is appealing, as a team focused on winning next year, it may be a step back .

    i would personally sell high on Rasmus if someone was willing to give up something decent for him.

    • Terrible.

      If you can improve the team you do it. Pitching is obviously need #1 but you don’t pass on opportunities to improve the offense just because it’s already OK.

      Also we have no replacement for Rasmus so trading him makes no sense. I’d be looking to extend him this summer and probably Lawrie too.

      • In a world where you have an endless supply of assets then you are right. unfortunately we do not, and there for you have to be selective in where you use your assets to improve your team.

        if we add Kendrick and go in to next season with morrow, dickey, johnson, happ and rogers what exactly do you predict is going to happen?

        Kendrick single handedly brings this offense to a game average of 9.5 runs and we win the division?

        you fix your biggest holes first, and move forward from there. until the rotation is fixed, you shouldn’t deplete assets on anything else.

    • Yeah its totally selling high when a 26 year old outfielder with plus plus power starts to find an offensive groove. There are not literally hundreds of examples of it being sustainable and we should totally get anything we can get while we still can!

      • even if its sustainable, you would still be getting value at the point of his current production, so your sarcasm doesn’t really make sense. It won’t get much better than this.

        Plus he is going to be due a pretty hefty contract soon, and I just don’t feel comfortable paying him 14 million a year.

  11. Rangers are desperate as fuck – pretty much tells you that Cruz is heavily considering an appeal which could equate to losing him for playoffs or part of next year and they would like a power bat in RF or 1b that’s not a FA this offseason (for Berkman and move Moreland to OF) to make up for that real possibility rather than a playoff rental

    • They want him to appeal – if he appeals he can continue to play in 2013 until it’s resolved. If he accepts his punishment without appealing then he will miss 2013 and enter 2014 having served his punishment and primed for a season’s paycheck through free agency.

  12. Hey, we could get Jason Fraser back!

  13. Honestly, as much as I want (and expect) those guys to stick around, I’d be curious what the hell the Rangers might be offering. Would you ever get more value than a desperate deadline buy from a contender about to lose its #5 hitter for the season?

  14. i agree with stoeten in that it simply isn’t going to happen… but I think you can make a reasonable case that bautista for profar (straight up) would be a good baseball trade … I mean, bautista is will be playing next season at age 33…

    the case, obviously, is that bautista has started the decline phase and profar makes a lot less money over the next few years.

    • really? if you were AA you would take an unproven rookie hitting Approx 245 1-1 for Bautista the marketing arm of the franchise. You’ve always wanted to know what employment insurance was all about, right?

  15. I would probably trade Bautista for a young ace Matt Latos type pitcher (when he was traded) and a legit prospect. It would hurt me very much, and I would cry for several days, but it makes sense.

    • the problem I have with that idea, is the pessimist in feels like pitching is such a volatile position that even the most reliable pitchers could lose ‘it’ at any moment.

      dickey was good for 3 years before we traded for him, and boom look now.

      You have to get as close to a for sure things as possible, I’d maybe only move him for Price but tampa would never do that.

  16. These reactions to even the very idea of a Bautista trade are knee-jerky, to put it very kindly. When you have a good to great player on a team friendly contract who was very recently a great to elite player, you should always entertain the idea of trading them. There are a very large number of players that would add more value to the Blue Jays franchise than Bautista will over the last few years of his contract availability as the rigors of playing baseball professionally catch up with his bat speed. And don’t tell me I’m devaluing him, people who claim that we need to stick it out with him because lots of people have his jersey or because he was part of ‘the plan’ are the ones being ignorant of value-based, objective analysis.

    • i think you’re missing the fact that a large portion of their profit comes from people who aren’t what you’d call a die hard baseball fan. I would wager attendance would take quit the drop if after a disappointing season you trade your franchise player for people no one has ever heard of.

  17. If the Jays want to compete in 14/15, it’s hard to imagine what they could get back for either of those two that would be worthwhile. Kind of fun to think about though.

  18. All because Cruz took PEDs lol

    I love how it’s being said that being a man and taking his punishment rather than dragging out appeals would be turning his back on the team. No… actually taking PEDs is turning his back on the team, taking the punishment like a man is what should be done.

    Bautitsta is going nowhere, neither is EE. But I heard a rumour today that suggested the Jays could put together a package to get trumbo and kendrick. THAT would be something I would be interested in because then the only hole is at catcher and that could easily be remedied with Ruiz or (pipe dream) McCann this off season.

    Another thing that jays fans need to get a handle on is the fact that next season they will in fact be in need of pitching. Sorry but Morrow is done as a starter or at least he will be after he spends most of next season on the DL like he has this season and time before it. He would be better off in the pen with McGowan because I truthfully dont believe the Jays can properly plan a rotation with Morrow’s name in it. That didnt work out last year or this year so conditioning him for relief work is the best bet if the Jays wanna get any use out of him. It’s just like McGowan, I would LOVE,,, no, not love but fucking love for a healthy and durable Dustin McGowan’s name to appear in the starting rotation but it’s just not in the cards anymore and I said the same thing about him a few years ago that I am saying now about Morrow and look where we are.

    Going back to Bautista, I really feel that a lot of Jays fans need to spend some time researching prospects before they throw names around. Between here and MLBTR I have heard some serious bullshit being tossed around. People seem to still believe Gose has value and could be used as a center piece in a big deal, no, sorry, not anymore folks. Same goes for Jays fans pumping Profar’s tires for no reason and so on.

  19. agreed buck on Bats and EE…and your dead right on Morrow…it’s time he moves to the pen…the rumor, I think AA eluded to that bigger trade offer in his comments today..it might have been what he was referring to, it would make sense….AA is playing this right in my opinion, see what you got this season and fix it in the offseason…also, I heard a rumor that Rogers will up the payroll a bit IF AA needs it, so there’s obviously a lot of talk about this year in AA’s office and in the Boardroom too, in reality, lots of changes, new guys and it just didn’t gel…it’s clear that starters, a 2nd baseman, a LF and a catcher needs to be secured before the Jays take flight in ’14. If that’s done, and the injury bug stays away, this team could be scary good.

  20. Sure. Give us Darvish, Garza, and Kinsler, and maybe we’ll give you both. Or one of those two pitchers, and Kinsler, and we let you pick which one you want. Short of that, go fuck yourself.

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