Last night, (or early this morning if you’re on the East Coast), Steve Delabar made some history, becoming the 48th pitcher in MLB history to pitch an “immaculate inning”. This feat is achieved when a pitcher strikes out three batters on nine consecutive pitches in a half-inning.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane of each pitch… just kidding, let’s just watch GIFs.

vs. Adam Rosales (four seam, four seam, slider):

vs. Coco Crisp (four seam, two seam, two seam):

vs. Chris Young (four seam, four seam, slider):

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  1. Please

  2. That’s awesome. So is Buehrle. Imagine if we got to see our bullpen closing out quality starts more than once a week!

  3. This is SO awesome.

  4. Wow, very impressive

  5. Super Kimbrel!

  6. Although a relatively minor deal compared to others he’s pulled off, Thames-for-Delabar may go down as AA’s best trade, simply because there’s no possible counterargument.

    I would be ecstatic if he dealt Delabar at peak value for a decent prospect who can contribute in the future. As good as he is, reliever performance fluctuates greatly from year to year, they’re fungible anyway, and the Jays have more than enough. To essentially trade Thames for what could eventually become a starter or useful bat would be even better than keeping Delabar.

  7. Its incredible how many swinging strikes he got on 7 fastballs.

  8. steve delagnar

    • i think this comment deserves a little extra attention.

      dela-gnar… thats next level… well done.

  9. The impressive thing is only two balls were hit (no sexual innuendo intended) and both were by the first batter. Incredible.

  10. A quick glance at the wiki pages and it looks like maybe only Delabar and Burnett have both thrown an immaculate inning and struck out 4 in an inning. Delabar, of course, is the only player to have k’d 4 in extras.

    Pretty cool slice of the record book he has there.

  11. saw this in the box score this morning and thought ‘wow’ – thanks for this!

  12. on another topic: PUIG: i’m calling it now…..he’s on the juice. the rage/intensity, the obvious body mass increase in such short a time, the running ability for such a huge guy. someone better test this guy ASAP

    • Gross. Please stop this. Let me guess, you think Trout and Harper are juicing too?

      • nope.

        its fine. i expect that there will be a lot of eye rolling. and its completely possible i’m wrong. but i am getting a very bad vibe off that guy and it just doesn’t look good to me.

        folks will try to tell me they go and watch the ’93 series and say they don’t see it in the phillies players? suuuuuuuure. its the same with this guy.

    • Please just go away with stupidity like this.

    • Sigh.

    • It’s cute how you think this kid hasn’t been peeing in a cup daily already.

      • that would help! can you point me int he direction of a source or something?

        • Yeah because you have a right to know about his urine, fuck off. Give the man some privacy and let medical professionals make sure he is following the rules.

          • (to clarify this comment is directed @tocher.maime)

          • you realize the question could as easily be answered as ‘this is the rules outlining how ALL players are tested, the frequency, etc’.

            • If Jose says he was tested 16 times in a year or whatever it was, then you know this guy has had at least half that. And keep in mind they are very aggressively going after the biogenesis guys AND have caught several guys on their own in the last 2 years. Baseball probably is stricter and more on the ball than any other major sport in North America.

              Plus you know… the whole innocent until proven guilty thing.

              You know there is such a thing as a “good baseball player” right?

              Please come back when you understand how the world works a little better.

        • What I meant is, it’s cute that you think you’re the only person to have this suspicion and that they haven’t been testing him (and other players) on the regular. Based on what Bautista went through, what we know about testing, the current prominence of the biogenesis nonsense, and common sense, I would bet Loria’s compromising photos of Selig that Puig has been—or is being—tested.

    • Yes, Puig, a 22 year old receiving physical training from a major professional sports team for the first time in his life incredibly put on some weight. Crazy.

      And he’s, overnight, become a star in one of NA’s largest markets? A jock with smoke blown up his ass acting intensly? Shock!

  13. Delabar: 5 swinging strikes on 9 pitches
    Buehrle: 2 swinging strikes on 93 pitches

    Both pitched exceptionally well last night, but did so in very, very different ways lol

  14. Cool that he joins Juan Perez as the other current Jay to have an Immaculate to his name.

    • Make it happen AA!

    • I would want this to happen. Figure it’d have to be 3-way deal though. Angels can’t be looking for bullpen and pieces at this point and that’s the Jays strength to deal from.

      • Ive said all along why not offer somebody like nolin as a centrepiece? The angels arent competing this year so why do they care if he is ready this year or not. Next year he should be ready. He is not a top of the rotation type of prospect but you arent getting that for kendrick who is a very nice player but a tier below cano/pedroia. My only conern is the salary issue and whether rogers would allow AA to add more without shedding some.

    • Howie’s got 2 years and $19MM left on his contract, Jays would have to be sending a contract the other way, and I can’t imagine the Halos want Buehrle’s contract, its not bad this year and next, but after that it’s going to be dead weight.

      • They could offer to eat some of buehrle’s contract. That might make it more palatable for the angels.

        • I really can’t figure out why everyone is so gung ho to get rid of buerhle, he’s probably been our best starter, definitely our most consistent… who do you think pitches all of these innings when he leaves?

          • Buehrle is not a bad pitcher by any means. Its just that he is about to be vastly overpaid while in a declining phase so thats kind of a problem and if you can reallocate that $ to somewhere else like 2b? Why not? Also, add in the fact that he struggles vs AL East teams quite a bit and that contract becomes even less appealing.

    • 3 way trade similar to the Rasmus trade is needed. But it’s getting late. Contending team must be shopping for relievers and have a SP to give up. I don’t think the Jays are willing to give up a SP at this time given the shortage right now, especially an innings eater like Buerhle.

      • yea I think AA might have to wait til the winter to make that trade, but if it happens might have to be a 3 way

      • Can we please all stop pining for another 3 way deal a la the Rasmus swap?

        I mean it was a fantastic deal…. But I really don’t think we fully understand how great and rare it truly was.

        Seriously. Have you ever before seen a young controllable player at a premium position like Rasmus get traded in a 3 way deal for the fuckin bag of scrubs the Jays gave up. Ever?

        I would love to see it happen but the stars would really have to align and I don’t think we can count on that again.

        To everyone who thinks AA should be fired, this deal and the Wells deal alone are enough to wash away any other sins since AAs been in town.

    • He should have turned and took a deep bow towards the crowd after. That would have made it awesome.

  15. Berkman could retire this afternoon. Cruz will be suspended. Texas is running out of time to add a piece.

    This has already been bantered about but Lind and Oliver to Texas makes too much sense, just dont know what the Jays could get back from them to make it worth their while.

    • Anything?

      Oliver is gone anyway and Linds options are looking iffyer by the day.

      Plus the Rangers have a 19 year old 2b in A ball named Roughned Odor. If he and Rowdy Tellez don’t make a hell of a combination on the right side I don’t know who would.

  16. Has to be an improvement over JPA, doesnt it?

    costs nothing….

    • .314 career obp

    • if he can catch a knuckler, an improvement over Thole, but Shoppach’s power days are behind him and he’s not exceptionally better than JP defensively, so probably not worth a pick up

      • Shoppach was the guy DFA’d so the M’s could pick up Henry Blanco.


        • But the Mariners also DFAd Casper Wells to give Jason Bay a spot on their roster….

          And then subsequently DFAd Jason Bay.


  17. The Angels just called and offered me Howie Kendrick for Stroman and Nolan. What do I do?

  18. So apparently the Rangers are talking to the jays like a 6 year old.

    Rangers: “C’monnnnnnn”

    Jays: “No”

    Rangers: “It’s nooooot fairrrrrrrrr”

    Jays: “No”

    Rangers: “But YOU haaaaave two sluggers and I want oneeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    Jays: “No”

    Rangers: “I HATE YOU”

    Jays: “Go to your room”

  19. lol wtf are the Rangers doing – offering to trade Garza now as per Rosenthal . . .

    half their team caught in biogenesis or something?

  20. Per MLBTR D’Backs may move Ian Kennedy to firm up the back end of their bullpen.

    Holy fuck AA. Get on that.

    • And trade him to laa for Kendrick
      Ala Rasmus trade?

      • No, trade Janssen for Kennedy, and in a separate deal, trade Buehrle + (hopefully minimal) cash to LAA for Kendrick.

        You replace the starter you lost with someone who’s probably better going forward and makes a hell of a lot less. Then you deal from strength and effectively trade a bullpen guy for the 2B you need. It’s brilliant.

    • Kennedy pitched like shit when he was with the Yankees then turned into a very solid pitching in the NL. Thats my only reservation with him. But then again he was barely a starter while w/ NY too, so that could be a factor.

      Nevertheless, Kennedy is at an all time low buy, he’s under contract in the “window” and not makign too much money either. He’s a decent pitcher to add to starting rotation that could use all the help it could get.

      I’m sure AA is phoning Towers with some ideas.

    • Padres are worming their way in. Package centered around Gregerson to Dbacks for Kennedy could happen

  21. Are the post on this blog for real or do you guys just make them up?

  22. Knobler adding to Rosenthal’s curious tweet about Rangers willing to trade Garza: says the Rangers have been calling AA several times about Bautista and EE.

    • Makes no sense to trade Bautista and/or EE for Garza, even as part of (presumably) much larger package. If you trade either of them you’re tearing it down and rebuilding, so you’re wasting Garza’s value, even if you extend him.

      If they’re going to do a Bautista or EE deal it better be for a boatload of prospects or very young, controllable players. And it better be as part of a rebuild effort in which lots of other old/crap guys get shipped out too. If AA is still delusional enough to believe this team can contend in the next 2 years (it can’t) he’s better off holding on to both — he won’t get enough value back to make up for what we lose in the short term.


    tigers inquiring about some bullpen arms

    • It’s about fucking time.

      Seriously. This was one of the most obvious trade pairings in the league. Great team with shit bullpen and a team they is out of it with one of the leagues top pens.

      Surprised we haven’t seem rumors about this for the past month.

  24. The slider to Rosales was a hanger.

  25. [...] a neat little historical bit, although and largely meaningless, but it’s pretty cool to see all the pitches together in GIF form. I mean…there’s only nine of [...]

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