The Knobler again with his finger on the pulse, as he tweets the following about the Jays and the Tigers, which you totally already know if you’ve read the title of this post:

He notes that Tigers manager Jim Leyland helped get Brett Cecil onto the All-Star team (after which he’s been terrific, huh?), and Steve Delabar into the Final Vote, so maybe there’s some interest there that will provoke Jays fans into, once again, dreaming too high on the possible prospects coming back.

I mean… Nick Castallanos? For a reliever? Really? Even in a world where Zack Wheeler can be dealt for two months of Carlos Beltran, I just can’t accept that anyone believes this a realistic possibility.

You’d figure the idea is more like a lower level prospect for Darren Oliver, or some such thing. Of course, the Jays are in the drivers seat if the do choose to move some arms from their bullpen surplus– which, with a bunch of guys getting closer to health, you’d kind of think they’d be want to do, right?– and I wouldn’t think it’s just Detroit that’s been asking. And shit, if the Mets were saying they needed a Wheeler type in return for Bobby Parnell, fuck, I don’t even know anymore.

Of course that was just posturing– as is, perhaps, a lot of this “it’s so quiet” talk. At least, if you believe what Jim Bowden suggests might be going on:

The Jays will be on the field at 3:35 PM ET. Watch out for hugs as the deadline passes at four, is all I’m saying.

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  1. Hahaha, I forgot about that Photoshopped Oliver pic.


  2. Sergio Santos is due back on Saturday. Either trade a reliever or it’s back to an 8 man bullpen.

    • I’m ok with going back to an 8-man bullpen for the 2 appearances it will take until Santos blows out his arm again.

      • i’ve never gotten the point to making douche comments like this.

        do you think its a players fault when they need arm surgery? Do you think Santos isn’t working hard enough to be on this team?

        It’s funny fans route so hard for mcgowan who went through so much to make it back, but other players similarly going through tough stretches are mocked for no apparent reason.

        • I’ve never understood the point of self-righteous indignant comments like this.

          “Do you think its a players fault when they need arm surgery? Do you think Santos isn’t working hard enough to be on this team?”

          He never said nor implied either of those things. He just expressed pessimism about Santos’s health. A pessimism that is entirely supported by the fact that he’s barely seen the field since the Jays acquired him.

  3. Fuck the tigers. AA needs to deal some of that reliever surplus to the dbags for kennedy. Then flip him to the angels for kendrick ala rasmsus deal.

  4. Damn you Stoeten and your logical stance on trade proposals.

    I really want Castellanos.

    Not even for Delabar and Oliver?

    We’re basically handing the Tigers a World Series ring here.

  5. Wagner’s still in AAA, don’t forget. I’d be shocked if at least one of Oliver or Perez wasn’t shipped out for some spare change. What’ll be interesting is to see if someone ponies up for Cecil.

  6. #hugs

  7. I have one question, if we trade Delebar do we get to keep his weighted balls?

  8. Janssen, Oliver & Davis for Castellanos & Porcello

  9. No Melky in the lineup again

  10. Castellanos.is coming to Toronto…..when the Tigers visit next year or the year after.
    A more reasonable target may be Kendrick from LA.
    Angels need a closer.
    Would Janssen or Delebar plus Bonifacio be enough to get Kendrick?

    Bonifacio made $2.6m and is 3rd time arbitration this year (I think)
    Make him $3m
    Delebar is cheap, just under $500K this year.

    Angels could get them both for about $3.75
    and save over $5m in the process.
    Plus, they have a kid to take over at 2B.

    Could happen.

  11. Padres nab Kennedy, damn.

    Thatcher, AA prospect Stites and a comp pick

  12. Thatcher is pretty good, a great lefty, only making around 2 mil, arb eligible but under contract until 2015.

    Stites has some pretty beastly minor league #sss, but profiles as a reliever

    • Cecil, Stilson and Jake Brentz basically.

      Brentz was the second round talent the Jaya grabbed in round 11 this year.

      Do you do that for Kennedy? I think I do.

      • shit just beat me to it

        yea Stilson makes more sense than Carreno, had a tough time picking out a reliever prospect, but that lines up well

        I would probably make that trade. Kennedy could regress back in the AL, but odds are 5 years from now we won;t be missing Cecil or those other 2 while we could regret not picking up a potential 2-3 WAR pitcher for a song

        surprised Dbacks dealt in division but I guess they dont view Pads as future contenders

  13. Jays dont really have anyone that fits that profile. Oliver is stingy on lefties but Dbacks are paying twice as much for someone only around 2 months. Cecil might be the closest guy to Thatcher in terms of age, contractual similarity, etc. but I’m guessing that All Star berth upped his value a bit out of SDP’s range.

    Not sure who the Jays have in their system that profiles like Stites. Carreno? Stites is in the lower 20′s as a Pads prospect but his minor league #s are very nice.

    Comp pick is a toss up, only a B one.

    I’m wondering if AA made an offer. That’s not a bad package to give up for potential #3 on this Jays rotation, but I’m wondering if the whole NL vs AL stats thing scared off AA?

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