It’s a big ol’ bowl of disappointment tonight, as two of the off-season’s supposed big winners square off in the opening of a completely meaningless early-August four-game series. Hey, but at least we get to see Mike Trout, right?

Oh, and maybe Josh Johnson won’t be completely terrible for once.

Or… I don’t know. Late night baseball’s pretty alright, at least.


Shi Davidi tweets that “Sergio Santos says he feels good and ready, happy with fastball command, wants more consistency in slider/change.”

Regarding Dustin McGowan, Davidi adds that John Gibbons said that it’s just a “brief shutdown period” that has landed him back on the DL with an oblique strain. The Jays, he says,  ”want to be careful with delicate area. No timeline yet.”

Richard Griffin notes that McGowan tweaked his lower right rib side on the second pitch he threw to Yoenis Cespedes on Monday, though he stayed in to pitch another inning after that.

Lastly, Gregor Chisholm passes along word of another Henry Blanco grand slam tonight. No, really.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Josh Johnson

Los Angeles California Angels Of Anahiem California

RF Kole Calhoun (R)
CF Mike Trout (R)
LF Josh Hamilton (L)
2B Howie Kendrick (R)
1B Mark Trumbo (R)
SS Erick Aybar (S)
3B Chris Nelson (R)
DH J.B. Shuck (L)
C Chris Ianetta (R)

RHP Garrett Richards

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  1. Oh no. Melky in left field again…

  2. I still don’t get why Gibbons bats the two lefties back-to-back.

  3. Morris called out The McGowan DL stint as a roster ploy.

    He also said that there was no pressure on Santos because ‘he’s getting paid’.

  4. At first glance I thought those helmets were hearts all around Trout.

    I’ve been listening to too much Fairservice

  5. Johnson is 0-4 with a 7.66 ERA in five road starts this season. Oh goody!

  6. Thus begins the march to another series win.

  7. Who’s that guy, you know, the one who’s always standing and walking?

  8. It is Melky everybody!!!

  9. Melky looks great out there.
    Speaking of great, Red sox down 7-1 in 9th have scored 5, trail7-6 with one out and 2 on.It’s their year no doubt

    • All you can do is shake your head

    • In fairness, the Mariners are terrible. I witnessed this in person so I have no doubt. Very nice, welcoming fans though + a lovely ballpark with crazy amounts of foods.

  10. This article sounds an awful lot like the anti-Jays: good defense empowering good pitching which carries mediocre hitting.

  11. “….square off in the opening of a completely meaningless early-August four-game series….”

    Fuck your attitude sucks, this season has done particularly nasty things to your spirit.

  12. Hitting the ball this often to left field is just cruel.

  13. Jesus. Stop hitting the ball at Melky. Can’t you see he’s hurting? The Angels are so mean…

  14. And, I’m back. Was my absence noted?

    I’ll admit, I didn’t follow the Blue Jays too strenuously while I was gone. But I’m all caught up now + ready for some DJF: After Dark.

    I feel god in this Game Threat tonight…

  15. Johnson’s looking pretty terrible again.

    Bautista with the air mail.

  16. Over/under on how long Johnson lasts – 3 2/3. Anyone want the over?

  17. There’s Tabler perving over other teams batters again

  18. Oh Mr Johnson….hang your head indeed

  19. And Josh Johnson is still a worthless piece of shit.

  20. The Jays are losing in the first in a Josh Johnson start? Colour me surprised.

  21. Now it’s 2 2/3

  22. Losing 7-2 bottom of 9 and Boston just tied it up….,.

    • Fenway Park can collapse with everyone inside.

      Ok that’s a bit harsh. I hope the Mariners and their fans get out first.

      • Mariners fans made me want to add a 5th team to my support roster. I educated them on the mysteries of Henry Blanco.

  23. Tabler is about 20% into one of his “he’s shhhtrong” rants about Trumbo when Trumbo hits an absolute bomb. Nice job, Johnson, you stiff.

  24. Hilarious. They should still qualify him, the sack of shit.

  25. red ux have tied it at 7. still only 1 out.
    JJ is pathethic although if JB’s throw had been in the park, that fucker was out at home

  26. Great work by Johnson to kill the rally and put himself back into a position for success by pitching from a full wind-up.

  27. Wow, game over in the 1st. I mean, it’s a Josh Johnson start so I guess it should have been expected but still. At this point they need to just put him on waivers, Rios him if anyone bites, if not outright him to the minors and leave him there.

  28. I wonder what Walker told him.
    “Hey Josh. You’re just a terrible piece of shit. I’m probably gonna get fired cuz of you. Thanks a lot, douchebag.”

  29. Oh fucking christ! JJ, really?

  30. they look like a good little league team at times-the jays I mean. Who is the idiot who thinks Melky can play LF?

  31. This is just brutal.

  32. This fucker might not get out of the first inning.

  33. well if anyone can blow a lead, it’s the Angels…

  34. I hate Boston and Josh Johnson equally

  35. I wonder how Johnson’s oblique is feeling.

  36. cunt red sox win 8-7. Seattle only got one fukin out in the 9th. Unreal

  37. Dare I say place Josh Johnson on waivers, hope he gets claimed and give his spot to the walk machine Ricky Romero.

    • Romero would be worse. Just bring up another retread tomato can like Germano. Or even Wang. Isn’t that why we signed all these guys?

      • Hey man, you could do a lot worse than Ricky Romero at this point. He had another decent night tonight. 6IP, 1R/ER on a HR. He gave up 4 other hits, all singles. Struck out 7. I’ll pretend he didn’t walk anyone. And I’ll pretend AAA is the same.

        Besides, could it get worse than this assclown spotting the other team 4 in the first again?

        This is the centerpiece of the Marlins trade? This is who AA really wanted to get? Thank god Buehrle and Reyes came along for the ride.

        Why wouldn’t Johnson take a $13+M qualifying offer to suck again next year?

        • And the start before that he went one inning and I think the opposition batted around. 4 runs and a whole bunch of baserunners. He’s mentally fucked — he might have one good start out of three, simply because things start off well and they never get to him so he stays confident, but as soon as he gives up a few hits or walks one, he goes right down the shitter. He’s done as a major leaguer, sad but true.

          No chance Johnson gets a QO at this point, even if he straightens up and has a few decent starts. Too much risk. If he keeps pitching like this he’ll be lucky to even get a major league deal. Maybe 1 year/$3 mil with an assload of incentives and a team option for a second year, but that’s about it.

          The best thing the Jays can do in a lost season is keep going with placeholders like Redmond vs. trying out these reclamation projects. It never works and it’s demoralizing for everyone. At least when you see it’s Redmond or Wang pitching you expect a blowout, and then you’re pleasantly surprised if the guy cobbles together a half-decent start (like the other night).

          • Someone said Ricky had the flu last time out. As I recall, looking at his last 10 is encouraging. He’s going into the 6th or 7th in every game and not giving up more than 2 or 3 runs.

            In Johnson’s last 10 starts he’s had 3 games where he’s given up 3 or less runs. Great, 30% of the time he’s reliable?

            I agree on lowering the bar. The players must be getting sick of this every time Johnson starts. As the season goes on I’d rather see Hutch or Drabek try to work off the rust than this garbage.

  38. The Blue Jays should have Hienz as their major sponsor. Since they’re a team that loves to play Ketchup!

  39. Of course, the only ball not laced in that inning (not including the last out by Iannetta) is one that falls in front of a hobbled LF who runs like Tin Man.

    • Hey, the tin man was much more limber than Melky has been. Give the piece of scrap metal some credit, would ya?

  40. Is there a maimum ERA that pitchers reach and then they can just be merceyed like in softball?

  41. They gotta DL JJ soon with a mystery injury. This is getting hilariously bad.

  42. To paraphrase Hunter S Thompson, I feel the same way about Josh Johnson as I do about herpes.

  43. Damn you JJ. We want Chilly Willy! We want Chilly Willy!

  44. We need to offer johnson the qualifying offer asap.

  45. The Jays have been getting below replacement level production out of LF, 2B & C combined.

    I’d suggest putting in the “strong” defensive players at those positions but Gose, Kawasaki and Jimenez are all in the minors.

  46. This was the Angels pre-game strategy meeting – “swing away, and aim for left field.”
    Nuff said.

  47. Nothing like a good 31-pitch first inning, think he’ll go the distance?

    • +1. Do you even waste the bullpen tonight? Let Johnson pitch 100 , then bring in the mop up crew.

      Pror to the season starting, the media reported AA waned Johnson & Bonifaco. Two busts.

      • Let’s put Bonifacio on the mound and see if he’s better. My guess is Johnson would be better them him at 2B.

  48. Just turned on the game, & the Jays are down 4-0 in the first inning. This is depressing.

    At this rate s Josh Johnson even worth a qualifying offer?

    The Angels arn’t a grae team this year so what’s the problem

  49. Josh Johnson hates winning.

    He makes 2012 Ricky look serviceable.

  50. The only thing worse than watching Johnson’s potential 4inning game, is watching Melky run like he’s in the Seniors Olympics.

  51. Fuck. Ricky got sent down for less.

  52. Well, he knew weeks ago he had no shot of a big contract. Is it possible he’s doing everything he can to not get a QO?

    Maybe that’s too tinfoil hatish, but I honestly feel that most big league pitchers would have a hard time pitching as bad as he has the last month even if they tried to. I’m dead serious.

  53. I wonder if any other team will actually offer Johnson a decent contract this offseason? Some dopey GM who can’t land any of the real starting pitching and thinks JJ will return to his earlier form

  54. I hope JJ is the next one to go down with a fake injury when Happ needs to be back on the 25-man.

  55. Walker should’ve slapped that Gatorade cup out of Johnson’s hands; your night’s not done yet, boy, time to hydrate properly comes after at least a five innings start.

  56. rasmus got another lucky hit. he’s going to decline at any moment.

  57. JJ will never improve. his fastball is straight with no movement and he doesn’t hide the ball well so hitters can see what’s coming a mile away.

  58. Tabler advocating Rasmus stealing and basically trying not to say “don’t rely on JP on deck because he fucking sucks”.

  59. Santos better take it easy back there, might get injured walking around

  60. Gibbons has that “what the fuck do I do know” look on his face.

    • He looks like he rather have a root canal. He must be running out of answers for trying to explain to the media on how hard it is to win games with shitty starting pitching.

  61. This is about to get ugly….

  62. This right here is what I’ve been missing. A ballgame, a Game Threat, Tabby talking about how “physically gifted” certain players are…

    Really great…except for the losing part…

    • There’s something relaxing about being down by a zillion early, you don’t have to stress out over blowing the lead

    • Just add alcohol! It make the whole losing thing that much more bearable! Well, maybe not, but it does give you an excuse to drink…. more than usual.

      • I don’t drink.
        But tonight I’m getting into some cinnamon spice tea + fudge that I bought @ the Space Needle. I bought enough to get me through the rest of the season…

  63. Time to see if the Jays can get a group rate on a sharing for RR and JJ.

  64. Throw from my knees, he said.

    It’ll be more effective, he said.

  65. If JPA is starting catcher next year I give up on this team.

  66. Well, at the very least this was kinda how the Oakland series started, n we still won that.

  67. Arencibia is to catching as Josh Johnson is to pitching.

  68. I don’t think Arencibia gives a shit anymore. It’s like “hey i’ll just throw from me knees cause it looks koool”

  69. Dang JP, why you so bad?

  70. Don’t be critical of that JP throw – this game is not easy!!!!!

  71. Vipbox just mercifully cut out.

    Thank you Vipbox.

  72. that feeling when your vipbox freezes and you almost don’t search for a new stream.

    • that feeling when you try to get vipbox and you have to find all the malware it puts on your computer

  73. Guess AA didn’t get the memo that the juicing breaks your body down faster and makes you more prone to more injuries moving forward. Kinda think Melky’s legs fit the bill.

    What will happen to him in the offseason? This is not reparable. Unless he goes bionic.

    • I’d see if he’d be willing to take half next year’s money in a lump sum and then just retire, citing non-fixable injuries. He’s not getting another pro contract unless he goes to Japan or something. He might prefer retirement to running around on our concrete carpet for another year, which would probably put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

  74. About 7-8 years ago a friend tried to introduce me to the music of Jack Johnson. I should introduce him to the pitching of Josh Johnson.

  75. good cut by JP there. He doesn’t get cheated.

  76. Brett Lawrie’s bobble head really looks like he’s lying down and sucking a cock. What the fuck design is that!

  77. Even the hitters have given up this game. Such poor ABs.

  78. We need a new button on the buck board that plays

    “blue jays goes quietly”

  79. New coach for 2014 ………. Tony Rasmus!!!! – anyone else on board with that?

  80. Oh my indeed Buck.

  81. Jesus Christ


  82. hahahhahahahahaha

  83. Melky’s leg just fell off in left field!

  84. For god’s sake.
    Can we please pull an Old Yeller here and take Melky out to the back shed?

  85. Oh The Humanity!

  86. line drive….line drive……line drive…..line drive…..line drive…..

  87. We are the bad news fucking bears!!! Unreal!!

  88. this is just laughable JoJo Reyes is better than this dude.

  89. There we go…let’s gas the bullpen in the first game of the series.
    Thanks, JJ.
    JumpingJesus and Mary.

  90. Keystone fucking cops.

  91. Jesus. This crapbag has gotten 7 outs and like 5 of those have been lazers

  92. I think we should be making a qualifying offer to JJ. He could turn this around.

    • Yeah totally, this is only a speed bump. He’ll come around. If he could just pitch like he used to. In the past. Then he’ll be good.

  93. Why the fuck doesn’t Gibbons yank Johnson? i don’t get it.

  94. Its unbelievable how awful this guy is. Holy shit.

  95. Leave him out there Gibby / just let it bleed

  96. Yeah Tabby…

    That’s the Jays problem. No long man in the bullpen.

    Certainly not the 7 runs let in by the starter.

  97. Leave em in – save the pen, let JJ ride this one till his arm falls off

  98. put him out of his misery

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