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It’s a big ol’ bowl of disappointment tonight, as two of the off-season’s supposed big winners square off in the opening of a completely meaningless early-August four-game series. Hey, but at least we get to see Mike Trout, right?

Oh, and maybe Josh Johnson won’t be completely terrible for once.

Or… I don’t know. Late night baseball’s pretty alright, at least.


Shi Davidi tweets that “Sergio Santos says he feels good and ready, happy with fastball command, wants more consistency in slider/change.”

Regarding Dustin McGowan, Davidi adds that John Gibbons said that it’s just a “brief shutdown period” that has landed him back on the DL with an oblique strain. The Jays, he says,  ”want to be careful with delicate area. No timeline yet.”

Richard Griffin notes that McGowan tweaked his lower right rib side on the second pitch he threw to Yoenis Cespedes on Monday, though he stayed in to pitch another inning after that.

Lastly, Gregor Chisholm passes along word of another Henry Blanco grand slam tonight. No, really.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)

RHP Josh Johnson

Los Angeles California Angels Of Anahiem California

RF Kole Calhoun (R)
CF Mike Trout (R)
LF Josh Hamilton (L)
2B Howie Kendrick (R)
1B Mark Trumbo (R)
SS Erick Aybar (S)
3B Chris Nelson (R)
DH J.B. Shuck (L)
C Chris Ianetta (R)

RHP Garrett Richards

Comments (280)

  1. Can any of the Jays position players pitch? would be a good night for it.

  2. Fucking Tabby….call it like it is. A disaster, and Johnson is steering the Titanic.
    Good thing Morris or Zaun isn’t calling this game.

  3. I wish Gibby would make Johnson stay out there all night – he really does deserve to just get taken to the woodshed for 9 (uh, actually 8 is more like it) innings…the only thing that brings me any pleasure from watching this shitbag try to pitch is reminding myself that he has cost himself about $100 million with this embarrassing display…fuck you Josh Johnson

    • wow, pretty dickish comment. You don’t the guy is suffering already? Look at his body language. He almost in tears. Imagine being really good at something and then all of a sudden becoming terrible at it. You try everything you can, you work really hard, but no matter what you do you can’t produce results. You don’t think you’d feel terrible?

      The guy is only human.

  4. Most disappointing player this season.

  5. Why is gibbons wearing a raincoat?

  6. Gibby has given up

  7. So while bored I looked up Johnson on Wikipedia, I never knew he was a duel citizen. Go figure.

  8. maybe we can hope for a rain out. It rains a lot in southern california doesn’t it?

  9. this is what plays in my head when JJ pitches


  10. torn right now…Johnson deserves to get charged with those 3 runs on base, but that would mean more masturbation material for Drew over at Getting Trouted…maybe get Trout out and let the next guy put those 3 runs on Johnson’s record?

  11. Angels announcer: “Not even [JJ's] shortest outing of the season, by the way.”


  12. Wow Josh Johnson is as terrible as any pitcher I’ve ever seen. I almost can’t imagining justifying offering him a QO. Even when he’s pitching well the balls are hard hit. And, fyi, he’s not pitching well.

    Is there some kind of curse we can ascribe to the Jays? Because what happened to Rickey Ro and JJ makes no sense to me. I mean, admittedly JJ went from the NL to the AL (sorry Stoeten, I forgot that NL pitchers are NEVER EVER EVER worse when they go to the AL), but this is just fucked.

    • I think you missed Stoeten’s point. It is not that some players don’t do worse when they transition. It is just that they don’t do worse because of the transition.

      • No, I got his point. I just disagree. There are obviously some pitchers who do just as well when they move to the AL from the NL, but there is a huge library of good AL pitchers who become great in the NL and great NL pitchers who collapse in the AL.

        It’s the same kind of argument that leads to the belief, prominent among MLB bloggers, that steroids Never Helped Anyone Ever (TM). There is lots of evidence that indicates that steroids makes athletes more effective. No, that doesn’t mean that we can claim that player X’s performance improvement was due entirely to steroids. Of the same token, moving from the NL to the AL doesn’t account for Player Y’s entire decrease in performance. But claiming that there is no evidence that NL pitchers fare worse in the AL (and vice versa), as Stoeten literally did, is the exact same fallacy.

  13. 7-0 with the bases loaded in the 3rd. Wow.

  14. This is JJ’s last game as a Jay

  15. It would have been better to have the Rocket out there tonight.

    ANd I don’t mean Roger Clemons, I mean Chet Steadman.


  17. #gibbythebest

    as much as everyone around here is getting fed up with Johnson, gibbons must feel like giving him a good shake. instead he has a little talk.

  18. Classy that JJ got up to acknowledge Perez

  19. whoever said that Lawrie bobble head was hilarious wasn’t kidding…bahaha

  20. Almost had a good SWING N ER DRYVE

  21. Melky sliding to break up the double play a good 10 feet short of the bag is strangely hilarious.

  22. Fuck, put Melky on the DL for a month. In fact, give him the rest of the year off, he’s a liablility out there in the shape he’s in.

    Bring up Pillar and let’s see what the kid has to offer.

    • Gose is sucking the big kolbasa in the minors?

      • Put it this way: Hopefully he’s been saving his money from his call ups this year and last.

        At this point, he’s not even good enough for AAA.

        .629 OPS.

  23. Hey fucking armchair gm’s fuck off please

  24. At this point, I’m putting Melky on the DL or making him the DH. If JJ can’t be DFAd, then put Melky on the DL and bring up Jenkins for long relief role.

  25. Nothing lucky about that. He smoked that pitch.

  26. feels like this game has been going on forever and it’s just at the mid-way point

  27. Buck just said Cletus is on fire. Wasn’t that the name of that YouTube video about Colby? Maybe Buck was the mastermind of that. Food for thought.

  28. Is it too much to ask that Angels suffer another meltdown? Too much?

  29. Being serious these people who go back in hindsight think they are the fucking answer to everything

    • fuck man…deal with it. Haters gonna hate. Pour another and chill like a pirate.

      But if your really a sadist head on over the comment section at the sun or tsn and let the hemorrhaging begin.

      2014!!!! yay

  30. Buck just said that Seattle was “not easy”. Has he seen Seattle play? They’re not good. Talk about lowered expectations for next week. Wee-ow.

  31. Ricky was sent down for less than what JJ has done in the last … what … 10? games.
    Why keep JJ up when Ricky was toasted for less?
    Maybe JJ could use a bit of time in Buffalo to sort things out.
    Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the guy.
    But get him off the team. He loses games.

    • really? I hope your just saying this outloud to see how it sounds. Ricky did less, what fucking season were you watching? Ricky was allowed to suck the hind teet for 2/3irds of last season.

      And this is assuming that your tongue in cheek with sending JJ down…like he is going to clear waivers right???

  32. That is, he’s lost almost every game he started..

  33. Perez has thrown 57 pitches… Won’t be seeing him for a while…

  34. I know it’s wishful thinking but how sweet would it be if Melky got a 50 gamer tomorrow.

  35. Stoeten, where are you when we need you?
    What the f*ck is happening with this team?
    They could sweep the Angels easily.

  36. Roster moves soon?

  37. JOJO vs JJ

    JOJO gave up 66 ER in 110 IP before released

    JJ 56 ER in 76 IP

    • JJ stats are depressing,,,

    • what was JoJo’s upside?
      what compensation would they get if he became a FA?

      • huh? like a bag of balls?!?!

      • JoJo Reyes threw 110 innings for the blue jays? now that’s depressing…

      • I think JoJo was a good prospect wasn’t he? Why else would he have kept getting jobs when hadn’t won in over a calendar year (I know wins are shit stat, but when its been that long that still says a lot….)

      • @ Braino

        Jo Jo was a lefty who threw 95.
        It’s equal to having a righty who throws 100.
        He was worth trying out as a reclamation project.
        Too bad that 95 MPH fastball was as flat as a pancake.

        • That’s the thing, they were trying to to flip him into something useful (trade, or 5th man), he wasn’t going to bring them a draft pick.

          Not that JJ definitely will, his situation keeps getting murkier.

          I was posing those questions to furball so they could think about context instead of just flashing stats.

  38. Here we go. Santos coming in. Let’s all enjoy the one inning he pitches before he’s DL’d again and out till next June with ‘shoulder tightness’

  39. Alex has done more damage in 1 year than I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • If (mostly) the same players rebound next year, did AA still do “more damage in 1 year than you have ever seen in my life”… Or was it just a really bad year?

      • players don’t magically go from horrendous to good in 1 year for no reason. That’s the wilner dumb luck argument which he uses for 7 years. “next year I’ll be right”

        what’s newton’s law? an object in motion tends to stay in motion and a piece of shit tends to stay a piece of shit.

    • You’ve led a placid and flacid life, hairball.

  40. His arm didn’t fall off!!

  41. Fuck off jpa you useless cunt.

  42. So I pretty much 4 counted 4 players in the lineup today that should absolutely NOT be in the lineup everyday or on this team next season if were competing. JPA, iz, melky, lind. I just think those players make way too many outs along with shitbags like boni. Granted, lind’s overall #s are good but i just dont trust him. Hes been awful the last 6 weeks or so. In the AL East you need grinders. Players that are going to put up good ABs and not be out in 3 or 4 pitches. I read somewhere that the jays see the fewest pitches per plate appearance in the AL. Thats just unacceptable for a team that wants to win in the AL East. AA has a lot of work to do this offseason in addition to starting pitching.

    • alex is the bernie madoff of baseball. like asking the toronto police to investigate their own shootings.

      • just curious where you two post the 2-3 days a week when the Jay’s win? Ok, maybe 3 is a stretch but serious? And don’t give me no shit about NOT being a troll afdg, granted you are a dedicated troll but still a troll at heart.

        Where you see wtf these players are doing on the team, I see, “can’t wait to see how AA gets out of this mess of a season”.

        • Not true. I posted after they won yesterday and mentioned how they could make september more interesting with a strong august. Im not a troll. I do post shit that some may disagree with but thats fine. I dont care. Not everyone has the same opinion. I just see a lot of fucking flaws on this team that good teams dont have. Particularly the best team in the AL East this season (red sux). Clearly, the jays record speaks for itself. Am I right? If they were good, then im a fucking troll.

      • Hey furball, fuck off with your dumb shit

        • While he is a douche, he is just frustrated,,, really though, arent we all? This wasnt just another season where the Jays trotted out an average line up and got a .500 result like so many times in the past how many years. This is a sub .500 season that involved a line up that was put together to pump us up. Everyone is frustrated…

  43. Poor fucking Josh Johnson. I really feel bad for the guy, so bad in fact. Dude has spent a lot of time hurt in his career but now he is actually healthy and he is pissing away a contract year like he’s pissing in the bush free as a bird after 12 beers. At this point with the free agent starter market looking to have some solid names on it, Johnson is going to be lucky to get himself a minor league deal with an invite to camp. Yet his agent seems to think he will still get a fat contract. Fat chance sir,,, with his injury history and his absolute trainwreck of a season, he has no one’s attention. The only upside to this would be the Jays being able to make him a very low qualifying offer and possibly having him dust off and re-establish his value next season.

  44. I’m calling it! Rasmus hits a seven run home run.

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