July 31st v Athletics

Batter pLI WPA
Reyes – SS 2.02 0.211
Izturis – 2B 1.70 -0.142
Bautista – RF 1.85 0.191
Encarnacion – DH 1.53 -0.207
Lind – 1B 0.95 -0.014
DeRosa – PH / 1B 1.17 0.035 Pitcher pLI WPA
Rasmus – CF 1.70 0.254 Dickey – SP 1.57 0.022
Thole – C 1.99 -0.137 Loup – RP 1.47 0.014
Cabrera – PH 1.64 -0.039 Delabar – RP 3.58 0.163
Arencibia – C 0.21 -0.006 Janssen – RP 1.68 0.121
Lawrie – 3B 1.42 0.129 Cecil – RP 0.43 0.032
Total 1.60 0.129 Total 1.58 0.351

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Colby Rasmus, 25.4%
Griffin: Edwin Encarnacion, -20.7%
Impact At-Bat: Jose Bautista RBI Double, Top 10, 30.9%
Impact Pitch: Maicer Izturis Error, Bot 5, -17.8%
Highest Leverage AB: Colby Rasmus Scores On Passed Ball, Top 4, 3.70
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Coco Crisp Flyout, Bot 4, 4.22
Lineup Contribution: 12.9%
Pitching Contribution: 35.1%
Average Leverage Index: 1.59
Chart explanation

- R.A. Dickey’s line: 6.0ip, 6h, 0er, 2r, 1bb, 3k, 95 pitches, 6 swinging strikes, 58 game score, 2.54FIP.

- Bartolo Colon’s line: 6.2ip, 7h, 1er, 1k, 3bb, 97 pitches, 1 swinging strikes, 50 game score, 4.21FIP.

- The Dickster allowed at least one baserunner in his each of his 6 innings of work, falling on especially hard luck when the pair of gifs you see at the top of this posts occurred to surrender one of the most unearned runs possible. He only gave up one extra base hit and he kept the ball in the ballpark for the first time since June 26th.

- Aaron Loup breezed through the 7th before giving up a pair of one out singles in the 8th. Steve Delabar came on to strike out Chris Young and Stephen Vogt in two of the highest leverage at bats of the game.

- Casey Janssen pitched an uneventful 9th inning, sending the game to extras where Brett Cecil shut the door after a Jays rally.

- The Jays offense was showing signs of spark but never quite catching fire all game long, putting runners in scoring position in the first three innings before breaking through in the 4th on a Brett Lawrie RBI single. The Jays took advantage of some shaky battery work two batters later when a passed ball by Stephen Vogt with the bases loaded allowed Rasmus to scamper home.

- The Jays started to sputter after chasing Colon through six, but in the 10th a Reyes leadoff single lead to Bautista’s go ahead double and Rasmus sealing the deal with a 2-run single.

- Rasmus went 3-for-5 with 2 RBI, his 24th double and 55th runs driven in, raising his season slash to .277/.340/.490 with 100 hits and 42 extra-base hits. He’s tied for 2nd among AL OF in fWAR with Jacoby Ellsbury and trailing only Mike Trout.

- Jose Reyes went 2-for-4 with a walk. Every Jay starter got on base except Josh Thole.

- July slashes: Encarnacion .305/.420/.610 6HR 17BB. Rasmus .371/.413/.588 3 HR 12 2B. Reyes .312/.375/.477 34H, 6SB. Bautista .242/.339/.485 6HR 15BB. Lawrie .212/.300/.432 3HR (15 games), Izturis .286/.371/.312. Lind .195/.263/.356 25K. JPA .232/.285/.333.

- During July the Jays hit .264/.340/.431 and were outscored by 20 runs and went 10-16.

- On the bright side the Jays have won 5-of-7 since the depressing Dodgers series ended.

- The (50-57) Jays take 2-of-3 from Oakland and now move on to face the (48-58) Angels, who are having an equally awful and disappointing season in a different time zone. The series opener is at 10:05pm EST.

- The projected matchup is Josh Johnson (4.60FIP, 0.6fWAR) vs Garrett Richards (3.59FIP, 0.6fWAR)

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  1. Let’s have an August to remember.

  2. #freeThole
    Back to Buffalo.

    I’m just kidding. I know there is no one to bring up. Unless we can talk Pillar into catching. Or…didn’t people want Negrych up? Next catcher? Maybe? Lol

  3. “During July the Jays hit .264/.340/.431 and were outscored by 20 runs and went 10-16.”

    Please recite whenever anybody blames the failures of the team on anything other than starting pitching.

    • This times 100.

      • Being outscored by 20 runs can definitely be pinned on the starting pitching. We lost games where we scored 8 runs. A team .340 on-base doesn’t sound that horrible when you figure it’s mostly due to a couple guys being absolute garbage.

    • Pointing at a straw man for the most part. Starting has been the biggest problem, but there have been major problems with the offense too.

      • As whole? In what way?

        The Jays have the 4th highest slugging % in baseball. They have the 7th highest wOBA. 10th wRC+. They have the 8th lowest strikeout rate in baseball. They have the 8th highest walk rate.

        Their starting pitchers have the 2nd highest ERA in baseball. They have the 3rd worst HR/FB. They’re bottom third of the league in K/9. They give up the 7th most walks per 9 innings. They have the 2nd worst FIP in baseball. They have the 5th worst xFIP. They have the 3rd worst WHIP. The 5th worst SIERA. In almost every category you can name the Jays starters are close to the worst in all of baseball.

        How is it a straw man to argue that that has had the greatest impact on the season when in most offensive categories the team is among the best in the league?

      • That’s not really what straw man means.

        • I don’t think so anyway. What do I know? Still, there’s no doubt that having 5 healthy pitchers pitching well would have made up a lot for any of the so-called major problems with the offense.

          • He’s kinda right about the straw man argument.
            If “anybody blames the failures of the team on anything other than starting pitching”, showing that the offence had a better than average slash line for a month isn’t really the point. Show them the godawful pitching numbers.

    • I would add a caveat that some of the poor pitching has been exacerbated by deplorable defense. A few of those losses are probably wins if not for misplayed double plays, no Lawrie at 3b for the first 2 weeks of the month, etc.

      But offensively, should be no complaints about this team whatsoever.

  4. At least JP is consistently terrible. Shows character.

  5. I haven’t seen any games lately. Is Lawrie looking better at the plate?

    • Much, much better. He’s gotten out of the crouch he was doing at the plate and is a little calmer with his hands and it’s immediately paid off. Here’s hoping he keeps it up

  6. I would say yes. Actually, I would say JPA has looked better lately too.
    Here’s to a great August!

  7. And McGowan to the DL and Santos is back.

  8. September callups?

  9. Man, hard to believe there were zero decent offers for Black Magic? Janssen? Loup? Maybe the Jays didn’t want to come off as “sellers”?

    Wow Colby had a good month… I got to eat a little crow, I was never a fan of Rasmus, but now I am on the bandwagon.

    A nice little 10-3 run gets them back to .500, by mid-August, that would be…. decent.

    • The gazelle! I’ve always been a fan of the fielding, but it’s only recently that I am getting comfortable with him at the plate.

    • I also think he had a great month for quotes. My favorite was after the game where he slid hard into second:

      “I’m going up there ready to hit. If they hit me, that’s part of the game, too. Take it, put some ice on it, and go on about my business.”

      • My fav quote came from that walkup music vid from the other day:

        “makes me think of bein’ back home in the country. Spittin some tobacca”

  10. Damon Killian: OK Agnes. Who do you think is going to make the next kill? Bautista or Encarnacion?
    Agnes: Boy, that is a toughie. [thinks] Umm…I am going to go with…Garrett Richards. [Audience boos]
    Killian: Agnes, Garrett Richards is a Pitcher. You have to elect a Batter.
    Agnes: I can vote for anyone I want and I endorse…Garrett Richards. That boy is one mean motherfucker!
    Bettor: [at street bookie] Two hundred dollars for Richards!!!!

  11. What?

  12. @jaysonst
    Hearing that the #BlueJays made a late charge at trying to deal for Bud Norris before the deadline yesterday.

  13. #FreeThole. No really, anyone just take him, you can have him for free. He’ll be right beside the #FreeTrout, unfortunately not the baseball player but the excess from yesterday’s catch.

  14. Guys, we can still afford to lose 15 games. This isn’t over at all. I mean, sure, it feels like the Jays Lando Calrissian’d us this year, but the fucking Jedi aren’t dead, know what I mean?

  15. Its nice to see Colby hitting well. I thought it must have been a typo (OF instead of CF) when I read he was tied for second among AL OFs in WAR, but no, it is not.

  16. Actually, after last night he’s in second place all by himself.

  17. I really feel as though the Jays have been in the dumps this year — much like Han Solo, Luke, Leia, and the crew were in the dumps on that Star Destroyer — but I bet they re-emerge next year with a revamped attitude and perform much like a revamped millennium falcon.

    • I personally think that Chewbacca was the unifying force for the group – but Hollywood sorely under-utilized his character due to poor verbal skills. One day, fans will discover his true genius – and he will be credited for the genius that he was.

  18. 13 strikeouts for Stroman last night. My balls are kinda tingling to see how he can perform in the bigs. I mean, he profiles as a reliever but who the fuck knows, maybe baseball gods have something special in store for this mighty mouse?

    • I’m all for giving him a shot this year so they can have more data when deciding what to do with him long term next year.

  19. Cards have lost 7 straight. Surely the Jays can win 7 straight. Get back to .500, fuck up Farrell and co.!

  20. Any word when or if JA happ will be back? can’t believe that he was one of our best pitchers when he got hit.

    • I forgot about Happ:

      The 30-year-old began a rehab assignment on July 13 and the Blue Jays are expected to use the entire 30 days before he has to be removed from the disabled list.

      “Happ was just OK in his last [start] so I don’t know what his time frame is, but he’s not too far away, probably a couple of more starts,” Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. “One or two at the most I would think barring any setbacks.”

      Happ surrendered six runs on eight hits over 4 2/3 innings during his last outing for Triple-A Buffalo. He has allowed seven runs in two starts for the Bisons and previously made an appearance for Bluefield and Class-A Dunedin.

      Gibbons also said that he doesn’t expect either Drew Hutchison and Kyle Drabek to return before September. Both right-handers underwent Tommy John surgery last season and are currently pitching in the Minor Leagues.

  21. Nick A good portion of the attendance use the SF transit system to attend games weekly. That option is not available with the home games being practically in San Jose. SF should be dropped from their team name.

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