Apologies for the commenters who I’m about to kinda call out for their geniune curiosity about shit, but holy fuck, the season has gone badly, but let’s maybe not lose the damn plot too hopelessly here, eh?

Below is a tweet from Marty York. That’s all you need to know to understand that it’s bullshit, but let’s proceed anyway…

York has pretend credibility, because like the broken clock he is, one time in 2008 said that John Gibbons would be fired and replaced by Cito Gaston, and lo and behold, a month later it actually happened.

But he also had John Gibbons being fired in April of this year, and a whole lot of other bogus scoops that I can’t be bothered to wade through the sewage that is his Twitter feed to dig up. It must be noted that commenter “CG” notes that, while still making the mistake of not calling this absolute rubbish:

So Marty York (who for context had “sources” saying Gibby was going to be canned every day from about April 20 to now) says AA will be gone at season’s end. Could the lack of activity at the deadline be a signal that Rogers wants a new GM to handle the tear-down and rebuild? I think they did the same with JPR during his last year.

Commenter “Famous Amazing Guy” continues the mistake, by actually taking the suggestion seriously– while also, to his credit, noting that it’s reading too much into it:

FamousAmazingGuy says:

08.02.13 @ 11:30 AM EDT 

They did do the same thing with JPR.I would say that too much is being read into that, but they also did not sign the 1st round pick, just like the the last time around.

It’s roll over of the pick and the money saved that has me concerned that there is some truth to this.

People, caveats or no, um… holy fuck.

Rogers and Paul Beeston have way too much invested in Anthopoulos to write him off as a failure now, after one bad season [Note to clowns trying to point to the record of previous versions of the Jays: pretty sure that ownership understands the club wasn't in win-mode in those seasons, even if you don't].

You honestly think they’re going to send the horrible message that things are completely broken and need to be started again, rather than the far, far more sensible and realistic one, that despite a season gone horribly awry, a very strong core of players is in place and not nearly as many holes exist as the results have made it seem?

You really think that the Jays’ lack of trade deadline activity– which mirrors the lack of deadline activity around the league– is any kind of signal?

You honestly believe that the fact that the club didn’t sign their first-rounder– which they also failed to do two years ago with Beede (which they have a perfectly cromulent explanation for), and which they did do in Ricciardi’s last year (Chad Jenkins signed, supplemental round pick James Paxton didn’t)– means anything???

Don’t let Marty York’s nonsense disrupt your connection to reality, please and thanks. I mean… holy fuck.

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  1. I trust Marty York and his ability to get the big scoop!
    Now excuse me while I catch up on last night’s Sportsline with Mark Hebscher and Jim Tatti that I recorded on my VHS.

  2. No way Alex gets the boot now.

    In two years maybe if results are not better

  3. Ohh Marty. lol if there’s one person I enjoy Stoeten ripping on, it’s this douche

  4. AA will be back, not sure about Gibby. Not because I think Gibby sucked, but more so because coaches get the blame when players underperform (Dickey and Johnson I am specifically looking at you two and maybe Morrow not being an injured pos this year too). I really think if I was to cut any of the coaches though I would go Pete Walker, because seriously the SP has been god awful. This is not me saying coaches are that important, but the lack of ability to at least mention some type of solution for Johnson and Dickey makes me think Walker should not have been the pitching coach. Last year Rickey shit the bed, but we could argue this year Johnson’s fall from the heavens is worse (more years of ace pitching) and Dickey’s lack of consistent pitching (one day he is lights out the next 2 he is terrible) have been part of the problem. Injuries to players like Happ and Morrow will happen, but when you do not have any SP besides Buerhle pitching what you expected from them it explains the season.

    • What would AA do if the Mariners called with an offer of Taijuan Walker, James Paxton, Brad Miller and Michael Saunders?
      They were rumored to have offered something similar for Justin Upton in the off season.
      Upton is younger but Bautista’s contract is very team friendly.
      Its not Jurickson Profar; its not Nick Franklin.
      But AA has to at least think about it does he not?

      • Saunders is Canadian.

        But no, I don’t see Seattle pursuing this. And Saunders is from Victoria, which is way closer to Seattle than it is to Toronto.

  5. People come into my work all the time telling me that aa and gibby should he fired right away

    I proceed to ignore the next 20 minutes they try to force on me because they’re obviously fucking idiots.

    But honestly, there’s a lot of em out here, I can’t imagine what its like in the centre of the universe.

  6. This is far more entertaining than fabricated trade rumours.

  7. Marty York tweeted that the sky is falling…

    Watch the fuck out!

  8. Marty should stick to making Peppermint Patties. What a DICK!

  9. My opinion is just that, my opinion.

    But re-read the following and while adding the notions mentioned in this post, and it ain’t crazy talk.

    • Jesus Famous.
      It’s about content.You’re missing the point.

      • Jesus RADAR.
        It’s about money. You’re missing the point.

        • Fucking fuck fuck.
          Of course it’s about the money.But you want to concentrate on TV ratings.
          It’s not the only source of revenue for Rogers.
          NEW sources of revenue include but not limited to.
          SN magazine.
          Content -Jays pregame- Jays Zone.
          Broadcast of Bisons games.
          Rogers any place TV ( that you need to sub to SN1)
          Fuck I’m not going to list it all, google it yourself.

          As recent as 2009, not all Jays games were broadcast on TV, that only started in 2010.
          J Campbell was the lone PBP guy on TV.

          Rogers is trying to build something similiar to the YES and NESN networks.
          Beeston knows where the money is. He’s seen the numbers when he worked for MLB.

          • Due to the poor performance of the team every single media arm you mentioned is performing below it projected capacity.

            It was clear that they penciled in revenues to spill over to all these entities so that the media division as a whole would increase revenue.


            That is why I think, albeit the wrong baseball move, that AA and maybe the Beest may be gone.

            • With all that invested in all those branches, you think they give up on AA and this tineup after one year for a rebuild? I don’t think a daytrading though process is they way they are going, if anything all these investments means they are in for a longer term look.

          • Wait, so you’re saying that viewership (which drives ad revs, subscriptions, sub licensing) is NOT the primary driver of value here? What are you basing this on? YES is a private company…guessing you don’t have a look into their financials.

            • In 2010,the Jays announced that previous unbroadcast games would be broadcast on a new network SN1.
              After a free preview period, SN1 would be made available through subscription and separate from the other SN networks.
              Bell even delayed putting SN1 on their slate of channels.
              Estimated revenue JUST from subscription fees was over 15 to 20 million.
              Cheap content from the Jays to fill airtime followed.
              This is one example, I’m not gonna fill up the blog providing others.
              Get your head out of your ass.

              • @ RADAR

                That was the old plan, when they were spending less. Look at the year on that post you linked.

                The new strategy was to spend more, but make more. They spent it, but didn’t make it back close to what they were hoping.

                This is a corporation, Babip and peripherals don’t mean a thing to shareholders when they invested that much, and were certain of a return.

                Who pays for a failed project? Management teams.

              • @Radar


                Jays have many source of revenues

            • I’m saying that the levels viewership, readership, listenership, etc are much below what was projected by Rogers Media internally.

              They are 9% below last year in viewership, but they may have even reasonably penciled in viewership to be as much as 50% above last year if this team was doing even sort of well. So that 9% loss in terms of projection is now closer to a 60% loss.

              It was the rising tide of revenue amongst all the Rogers media properties that was the selling point to acquire an influx of cash this winter. It did not work out, but Rogers is still on the hook for the investment.

              I don’t know the pretend to know the numbers, but they admitted that the payoff was in the increased viewership to Sportsnet in a post last week, it is not a stretch to believe that they thought all the other properties would do better as well.

              Remember, the Jays are part of the Media division as a whole.

              As for as building a Toronto type YES network, yes that was the plan several years back, that was the old plan, job done.

              However, the plan as the past few years was to make it extremely profitable, which is not going according to plan, job not done.

              Therefore, it is not unreasonable, considering the investment in the media division as a whole , that Rogers would seek other management to achieve this goal.

              Ex. Stadium Love song and all video cuts, that cost at least 1 million to make, that doesn’t get made unless they think they can make it back plus profit. We would have had green screen Spring Training shots instead with a some stock hip hop song playing underneath.

              Think about it….. THEY EVEN PUT MIKE WILNER ON THAT STAGE!!!

              • Sorry Famous.
                You can’t see the forest because of the trees.
                Different times are driven by different mandates.
                Look at the big picture not just the pieces.

                • RADAR, I feel like telling you the exact same thing. I think that you are missing the forest for the trees, because to me, the forest is money in this case.

                  That said, let’s agree to disagree. I as I mentioned once or twice today I hope I’m wrong, but only time will tell.

                  • I’m not even reading your nonsense, FYI. There’s no point.

                  • I don’t think you’re wrong I don’t think that he’ll (Anthopolous) be replaced this year, but I do think that there has to be some meaningful late season baseball played next year (with accompanying significant boost in revenue) or Anthopolous could very well could be out.

                    Seriously, Anthopolous isn’t irreplacable. He eventually has to deliver or his bosses rightly should look for someone else who can.

                  • So what’s forest, and what’s trees again? I can’t follow this anymore. Bet you Rogers is making plenty of money right now and everything stays status quo for a few more years yet.

                    • Granted he’s traded away a lot of them in an attempt to contend sooner, but the prospects AA has acquired either by draft or by trade are only now coming into
                      the bigs. This was the plan: to build a strong minor league base with the draft.
                      And part B of it was to contend for years. Rogers was in it from the start and
                      were aware of the cost. They’re not dummies. I think they appreciate the long term value of what AA is trying to do.

  10. Is that a real account? How do we know it’s not a 13 year old girl, or EZChoice that made an account on behalf of Marty York?

  11. After hearing Paul Beeston speak this past spring at a luncheon about how thoroughly impressed he is with almost every aspect of Anthopoulos, this is total bull-roar.

    Unless Beeston is on his way out (which he isn’t), there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that AA is getting the ax.

    • … If he wasn’t impressed would you expect him to say so at a fan lunch? I wouldn’t… I’d express confidence in the guy at the helm right up until the minute that he gets his walking papers. Not the sort of thing discussed anywhere but behind closed doors.

      That’s not to say that he doesn’t have full confidence in him, but it is to say that no one should put much stock in whats said at events such as those.

  12. He has no job York?

  13. Just read Marty’s tweets over the last month. Wow – why so bitter? I’m old enough to remember him as a passable journo back in the 80s for the Globe…

  14. Ya, no way are either AA or Gibby going anywhere. AA is Beeston’s prodigal Son, and Gibby is AA’s chosen man. But there will surely be some turn over in the coaching staff – there almost always is, especially after a dreadful season. My guess is Walker is the easiest sacrificial lamb to offer and appease the masses.

    • Pitching coach is likely to go, too bad, Pete Walker is a good guy. I don’t know how good a coach he is but the pitchers that failed the most were of the veteran variety…their preparations and other details should be old hat… can’t blame Pete for that really but someone will most likely.

  15. I’ve often found that any “journalist” cunt who uses exclamation marks to add emphasis to his point isn’t worth the time people put into tearing down his work!

    Fuck a peppermint patty.

  16. Re: “People, caveats or no, um… holy fuck”

    Posted by Andrew Stoeten under Rogers Communications on Jul 24, 2013

    “Seeing these numbers, then, one has to wonder if maybe the front office is in more trouble than some of us thought. Still not enough trouble to not get the chance to try again next year, but beyond that they’re hardly bulletproof.”

  17. Gibby gets probably half of next year atleast to show this year was a fluke. I could see AA getting a chance to rebuild this franchise yet again.

  18. most of the people that you talk to that want him fired couldn’t name five players on the team, and they dont want watch the games. It’s a knee jerk hockey thing where obviously if you dont do as good as advertised you have to fire the coach because firing the whole team isn’t an option. Accepting the fact that sometimes good teams don’t play well is a tough concept.

    • Re – “Accepting the fact that sometimes good teams don’t play well is a tough concept”

      Especially for CEO’s who are given a mandate to make a profit for shareholders.

      • CEOs also don’t tend to make knee jerk reactions based on very small amounts of data.

      • The Blue Jays are a comically minor portion of the Rogers empire. Rogers shareholders have much bigger fish to fry than the Jays or Rogers Sportsnet for that matter. If AA gets punted it will be because Beeston gives him the boot, not because the Rogers Board of Directors is pounding their fists on the boardroom table at the next big meeting.

    • Good teams that don’t play well over 162 games are bad teams.

      • Gord Ash – so you wouldn’t want the nationals roster?
        or the reds roster from two years ago?
        or that garbage tampa roster tha tmissed the playoffs last year?
        look what the red sox are doing this year with an incredibly similar perhaps less talented roster than they had last year.

  19. The Nationals were expected to be even better than the Jays this year and have also been a huge disappointment.

    You know how they responded to this when it comes to their GM?

    “The Nationals announced that Mike Rizzo has signed a new long-term contract with the team and has been promoted to the position of President of Baseball Operations. The exact length of the deal is not yet known for Rizzo, who will still keep the mantle of General Manager.”

    So maybe, just maybe teams don’t give a shit about overreacting fans and base their decisions on a whole lot more than a couple of months of sub par baseball…

    • I hope AA gets the same respect.

    • The Nationals are owned by Ted Lerner, a real estate developer. As a member of the Forbes 400 list and with patients being a principal of the real estate biz, I understand his move.

      The difference in Toronto is that every 3 months shareholders get a quarterly report.

      • Fucking stop, man. Do you seriously not remember how long Ricciardi lingered for?

        • The difference then was that they we not bleeding money. Considering what they invested this team, and their other properties, it is intellectually dishonest to assume otherwise.

          During JPR’s days they were breaking even, or maybe losing a few million, but they were receiving revenue sharing while the were building up all the media properties. They were building the media empire so treading water was ok.

          They could afford to let JPR linger then. This is an entirely different circumstance.

          As for stopping my rant, I appreciate you giving a post to discuss this matter. I’ll keep it in here in this post, after that I’ll drop it.

          • no it’s intellectually dishonest to think they’re bleeding money over everything the blue jays touch within Rogers. The content they provide across 6 national channels, online, mobile, print, etc.. is what ties everything together, so while they may not be as successful as hoped this year, they are definitely ok

          • Are they really bleeding money, though?

            Isn’t every MLB team getting an additional 25M to spend starting next year?

  20. I agree completely with Stoeten. It’s not happening. The rumors I have heard is that AA may get a bit more of a payroll increase, if he needs it, as he goes about fixing the holes in the roster this season. Attendance is really good, they’re making money and they want to try and fix it, which from AA’s comments the other day, they have potential trades that would address their needs but the offseason is the time to do it. Marty is full of shit on this one me thinks.

  21. On July 29th Marty York predicted that the Red Sox would not be back in first place this year.

    Whatever, seems a deeply unhappy gentleman.

    Talking of the Red Sox, aren’t they basically the same team as was a complete car crash last year? Funny how the same players can play very differently in different seasons.

  22. Who the fuck is Marty York?

  23. I don’t see how we can give an offer to JJ at this point. He is horrible this year….

    • Just watching the replay of last night’s game in which JJ was pretty bad.

      However, in the first, a left fielder with legs probably catches Calhoun’s ball.

      Later on, Bautista had a great shot to nail Calhon at the plate,
      but air mailed the ball over everything.

      The defense had two chances to end the inning.
      They did neither.
      Trumbo goes yard and the rout is on.

      The pitching has been bad but horrendous defense has made it seem
      far worse than it has been.

  24. Viewership and attendance has gone up every year since AA became the GM. This year viewership may be down a bit, but I’m sure the Rogers corporation knows you don’t make major changes to compensate for a one-year blip. It will take a trend for AA and/or Beeston to be replaced.

  25. Cromulent!

  26. As I said to stoeten a few blogs ago, alex is going to have to come up with some pretty damn good excuses in that board meeting. execs don’t like to hear excuses. No way alex gets more money. Since alex created this clusterfuck I’d love to hear his answer on how he fixes it.

    • I’m sure Stoeten took your comment under advice and is considering the gravity of wiseness that you have displayed.

      Naw, you’re out of your fucking mind.
      This isn’t a bunch of clowns sitting around a kitchen table in the lunchroom.
      They’ve considered all of the angles, bad and good.
      If anything is true,it’s that Rogers ain’t stupid.
      They know how to make money.
      Team payroll is petty cash to Rogers.
      They won’t throw it away but they aren’t worried about a few bumps along the way.

      • 110 mil is not petty cash to rogers. They are tightwads and expect results. If not they would have thrown money at the jays years ago.

        • it’s a company that has around 13 billion in revenue, and if they completely tore it down they could best get payroll down to around 60? So we’re talking about 50 million dollars, maybe

    • Given your spelling and punctuation, I doubt you’ve ever been in a boardroom, so I don’t think I value your analysis of boardroom politics that much.

      On the other hand, if I was on the Rogers board, I would be asking – is this franchise manifestly healthier in terms of engaged fanbase, viewership, attendance, merchandise, demographic support, geographic support, etc, than it was under the previous president and GM? The answer would be ‘by a million lightyears’. No GM has an endless supply of rope, naturally, but AA is not near the end of his yet.

      Moreover, you misunderstand the hierarchy within the organisation. Firing AA will be Beeston’s responsibility. Beeston loves AA, and Beeston is going nowhere for the reasons listed above – dramatically turning around the health of the franchise. Beeston will fire AA when his own job is under threat, just as AA will fire Gibbons when he starts feeling the heat. If you want to know when AA is in danger, check on the manager.

      • The franchise isn’t healthier because of alex. It’s better simply because of the increase in payroll. If payroll was still at 80 mil then you’d have a dead fanbase. To give alex credit for that is just stiupid.

  27. JPR did start the tear down though – he is the one who traded Scott Rolen at the trade deadline and waived Alex Rios away in August, just before AA took over as GM for the 2010 season.

  28. if they wanted him out, they would have fired him before the deadline….

  29. Steve Philips hit the nail on the head on this.

    “There is no disputing that the results for the Jays have been well below what was expected. But when you look at the areas Gibbons can most impact his team (offense and bullpen) he has gotten results. In the areas that boil down to pure execution (starting pitching and defense) the team has struggled.

    The fact is that the Jays don’t have a managerial problem; they have a roster problem. “

    • But I wouldn’t say that assembling this roster was incorrect, if it was they would’nt have been most people’s pick to win the division, and the american league in alot of cases. It’s more bad luck that every nearly every player, especially the starting rotation, decided to have a far below average year for themsleves. With the exception of Rasmus, Lind and the bullpen for, there was no one that that exceded expectations, the whole team was either expected performance, or in alot of cases, far below expected performance.

      • Yeah, I read that article too and thought finally TSN has brought in someone who gets it. ‘Cause the commenters on are the worst.. However…I feel this is just sadly shift more of the focus to AA, which is unfair as the above poster mentioned.

        In fact, looking through AA’s trade record, I see only one noticeable loss – the Hill/MacDonald for KJ trade…and at the time, it made complete sense.

        • Not necessarily shifting the blame on AA. The hitters have panned out, as did bullpen. However everyone thought Dickey with regression with still be a #1/2 pitcher and that JJ would atleast be a strong # 2. The thing is their will be hits and misses. The only other miss I will say on AA would be Maicer. Melky looked decent to start the season but his legs just have made him crap.

          If I was armchairing GM I would sell Melky for anything and try to trade/ sign a defensive 2b. They could hit worse than Russ Adams for all I care, but we need strong defense at second. Dickey I think has been battling injuries, while JJ I would say dump his ass, and as said earlier I wish we had flipped him for someone # 3 pitching capability. Buerhle while expensive has been exactly what we thought a left handed inning eater who out preforms his peripherals, and floats around high 3 to mid 4 era range.

        • Umm, Napoli for Francisco should be in there too

          • I would agree that has been AA worst trade so far. I didn’t like the Aviles/Gomes for Rogers deal either, but if Rogers ends up being even a 5th starter i guess that’s a win, but having the Aviles option at 2nd would’ve been nice, as well as Gomes behind the plate.

            • Not sure I agree on the Napoli one. Napoli had one solid year after the trade. This year in 365 at bats Rasmus and Arencibia in 364 have struck out a 119 and 108 times. Napoli this year in 366 appearances 140! his bb is 43 to Rasmus 32. Napoli average last year was /227 with a .343 obp and this year .257 and .341. Rasmus is .279 and . 342 this year and has hit 17 hr to his 14. While Rasmus plays a premier position while Napoli has played 1b all year. Thus the one year was a miss on that trade but in the long term he had it right to get rid of Napoli. Once you include his Hip issue…..

          • I suppose. But Wells for Francisco/Rivera is still a win in my books. No matter how shitty those two guys were.

          • +1.

            Jays needed Napoli that year with a rookie JPA.

  30. I wish everyone (especially the idiots on Sportsnet that know shit about baseball) would fuck off about i) trading Bautista, ii) AA, iii) Gibby.

  31. For those who don’t like history….

    when JPR increased payroll in 2006-08 attendance was 2.3 mil

    It’s been well below that every year under alex.

    This year will round out to 2.5 mil mostly due to all the hype

    Good luck achieving that next year with no moves.

    • Don’t know if you’re a troll or a complete fucking idiot.
      Learn some history before you startcommenting about it.

      Start with this.It will explain about those times.

    • Also – attendance in the Ricciardi/Godfrey era was latterly very heavily ‘wallpapered’. They judged it better to have people in the seats who paid nothing than to have empty seats. In other words – there was a lot of fakery in those numbers.

      The first thing Beeston did when he came in was end that practice – on the basis that if you give something away for free you devalue the product. Right now the numbers are much healthier (for a team that is tanking, as opposed to a team that contended much later in the year in at least one year) and subjectively, the place just seems fuller these days – with people who actually have to pay to get in.

      • +1.

        You have to look at ticket revenue not attendance. Remember 2$ tuesdays that led to drunk jays fans in the 500′s fighting each other.

  32. I do think Peter Walker’s job is in jeopardy at the end of the season. Unlikely he will be back as pitching coach after the clusterfuck of our starting rotation this year….

  33. Rogers thinks of the bottom line, not wins.
    AA is directly responsible for the increase in season ticket sales, attendance and tv ratings..
    I know the record doesn’t indicate it, AA has been a roaring success.
    He isn’t going anywhere.

  34. I think there’s about a 99.9999% chance that AA’s back next year, for the reasons articulated, but also, you only fire AA if you’re confident that you can get someone better. Firing him to make a point, and then putting someone worse than him in place, doesn’t help you.

    • Re: “Firing him to make a point, and then putting someone worse than him in place, doesn’t help you”

      I don’t think it’s the right move, but millions was spent, and millions was promised in return, the promise did not come true.

      When that much money is lost, people lose jobs in the corporate world.

      It’s not like to payroll was 70 million and he got the ok to get an expensive rental player and failed. Millions was spent on the team, and the other media outlets to accommodate the anticipated demand.

      • I think when you invest that much, you can’t sell at a low, and I doubt Rogers will.

        • Management is cheap to find considering what gains they can achieve.

          I don’t think that the sell low analogy fits in this circumstance.

          • I’m not saying it’s a sell low on AA, althought I guess you could look at it that way as well. I was saying this a sell low point on nearly this whole roster construction, and if they won’t want to sell low on nearly this whole roster untill they get a larger sample of what it can produce. And if you aren’t revamping the roster it makes no sense to get rid of the architect.

  35. Holy flying fuckballs it sure is sloppy on here today.

    This is what Twitter is doing to the world; any retard can declare anything and the masses erupt as if its anything but conjecture. In fact, thats too good a word: fucking ignorance. This guy has no inside track into anything. Hes just rolling out bullshit on his Twitter feed, in hopes the pigs come to the trough.

    Guess it worked.

  36. Buck was on the Fan about 30 minutes ago and had some interesting comments about JJ’s problems. One thing he suggested was to put a different catcher behind the plate for his starts. We’ll see if that ever comes to fruition

  37. Marty York still existing is still as surprising as it was 5 years ago when I asked the same question upon seeing him in The Metro.

  38. I think AAs only mistake thus far has been JPA. There was no correction made mid-season to remedy this problem, and there should have been. He has angered fans, teammates, fucking broadcasters, and played poorly in nearly every facet of his game. In addition to this, any value we may have been able to extract out of his barren husk, is being depreciated by the very public drama that is still continuing.

    • One thing I have considered is the pitching woes are in part due to JPA being a shitty catcher, but I’m hesitant to believe that due my/our emotional investment in hating JP for his sudden douchebaggery and inability to hit anything but HR’s

      But the fact that since he took over as a regular, the starting rotation’s ERA has gone up each year just makes you wonder about that. Definitely injury and underperformance are the bigger factors, but cant leave out JPA as a gamecaller as one possible problem as well

    • JPA will not be back next year. AA didn’t categorically state it but why would he at this point and time? He may personally like the guy but he needs a better catcher for the pitching staff and the off field stuff did JPA in. He embarrassed himself and the team and Paul especially dislikes that type of thing. TO’s targets will be McCann or Ruiz but there are others available via trade that are solid. If it’s FA for catchers that’s the plan this offseason, I think the better bet is Ruiz in TO next year. I believe McCann will go to the Yankees or a NL team in my opinion if he doesn’t sign back with Atlanta, especially if Bud allows the Yankees off the hook for the A-Rod contract in terms of salary counting against the luxury tax.

  39. Marty York also had the Troy Glaus – Scott Rolen swap before anyone else.

    • Even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and then.

    • First off where are you pulling this out? also he said Glaus was a lock for a Gold Glove so….

      • I’m pulling this out of my fantastic memory.

        • he also tweeted this “gem” Marty York ‏@MartyYork 24 Jul

          #Jays made a stupid move signing Morrow to a lengthy contract when everyone else in MLB knew he is most injury-prone dude in the game$ #dumb

          well actually they signed a 2 year with 1 year option. So can someone explain to me how 2 years with a 1 million buy out is lengthy? Not to mention the most injury prone would be Dustin Mcgowan….

          • Thank heavens you’re around to call someone stupid for using the word lengthy to describe a period of two years.

            • in sports contract, a lengthy contract is not two years. Two years a minimum commitment. York comment at the time was not about $ figure but about contract length. If you think two years is not a short contract baseball commitment than you are a tool and if you look at my comments I did not use the words stupid but look at this gem…

              • It’s actually three years (12-14) plus an option. I still wouldn’t exactly call that a long-term deal, but you could certainly argue it was more lengthy than it needed to be given Morrow still had two arb years left. Going year to year might have been a better choice for a guy whose career up to that point had been plagued by both injury and inconsistency.

                As it turns out, it looks like Morrow will end up being on the DL for about 75% or more of the three years, so it certainly won’t end up being a risk that paid off for the Jays even if you could sort of see what AA was thinking at the time.

                • As soon as Morrow gets healthy next year and before he has yet another injury, AA will move fast and trade him to the Tigers for Prince and cash. And then I woke up.

  40. Fire Amex Anshopaorlous!

  41. I don’t understand how the starters’ failures can be blamed on JP when the relievers have been lights out. Don’t get me wrong, JP sucks and would be lucky to be starting for a team like Houston, let alone a supposed contender, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame him for Dickey, Buerhle, Johnson and Morrow shitting the bed.

    • Rants, there’s a lot of truth to what you say but overall, the Jays need a better defensive catcher, someone that really can work with a staff to bring the best out of them. JPA is not a good defensive catcher, although to be fair, he’s improved but we need an upgrade.

  42. AA made moves in the off season that do not work out this season. More roster changes will be needed this off-season. Look at Boston a yr ago. AA will be evaluated based on how he can alter this roster this up coming off season. Lets be honest, all the last off season moves are not without risks anyway. All the risks factor became reality during the season, AA should be allowed to change or fix this roster this off season.

    Having said that, if the Jays dont show any improvement next yr in the standing and even worse some of the Jays prospects they have traded away blossom into MLB stars, then AA’s leash will be real short then. I do not see AA getting canned this off season.

    Changes have to be made to this roster this off season. Blockbuster deals!

  43. Marty York is a fake journalist

  44. Must be a slow news day.

  45. I think it’s wise to just not acknowledge this blowhard even exists. I skimmed through some of his tweets, dude acts like AA pulled a Simon Cowell on his wife.

  46. The real wildcard in this situation is Nadir retiring. New CEOs tend to come in and stir shit up.

  47. Forget it, Jake. It’s Marty York.

    If he isn’t pulling it out of his ass, he’s copying and pasting somebody else’s stuff anyway.

  48. AA has two more seasons to turn it around but Rogers has to keep the wallet open so that AA doesnt have to deplete the farm system. Open that wallet, bring in McCann or Ruiz, a good free agent starter, a left fielder with two working knees and some other small pieces and then hope for the best next season.

  49. One fact remains everyone… Marty York is no more or less credible and believable than 70% or more of the people that get their stuff put on MLBTR. So many writers are completely full of shit.

  50. Let’s put it this way. We grabbed a bunch of players that were suppose to be great. But let’s go back and look at where the Marlins finished last year and ask ourselves should we expected anything more. Except for Reyes there all a bust. Are they better than what we had yes of course but that coupled with a shitty manger and I think we have it all figured out. There’s a reason why no one has touched Gibbons til the Jays brought him back. Brutal.

  51. Andrew Bolt may be very well informed on the scientific argumentsThere ya go wasn’t that hard after all. Then you went downhill as usual.

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