August 1 v Angels

Batter pLI WPA
Reyes – SS 0.40 -0.040
Cabrera – LF 0.40 -0.006
Davis – LF 0.25 -0.015
Bautista – RF 0.27 -0.034
Encarnacion – 1B 0.21 -0.011
Lind – DH 0.23 -0.012 Pitcher pLI WPA
Rasmus – CF 0.23 0.029 Johnson – SP 0.54 -0.383
Izturis – 2B 0.40 -0.030 Perez – RP 0.12 0.019
Arencibia – C 0.27 -0.020 Santos – RP 0.04 -0.001
Lawrie – 3B 0.19 0.004 Oliver – RP 0.01 0.000
Total 0.28 -0.135 Total 0.30 -0.365

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Colby Rasmus, 2.9%
Griffin: Josh Johnson, -38.3%
Impact At-Bat: Rasmus Double, Top 5, 2.9%
Impact Pitch: Mark Trumbo 2-Run Home Run, Bot 1, -15.9%
Highest Leverage AB: Jose Reyes Groundout, Top 1, 0.87
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Mike Trout Flyout, Bot 1, 1.46
Lineup Contribution: 13.5%
Pitching Contribution: 36.5%
Average Leverage Index: 0.29
Chart explanation

- Josh Johnson’s line: 2.1ip, 10h, 6er, 7r, 2bb, 1k, 1hr, 67 pitches, 4 swinging strikes, 10 game score, 10.33FIP.

- Garrett Richard’s line: 7.0ip, 4h, 2er, 4k, 2bb, 90 pitches, 8 swinging strikes, 63 game score, 2.76FIP.

- Josh Johnson is pitching really, really poorly right now. The man with a career 3.37ERA is currently sporting a 6.60 with a 1.68 WHIP. He’s taken the loss in 6 straight starts and failed to get out of the 3rd inning for the second time in three games. It was 7-0 by the time he left the game, where the bullpen picked things up by allowing 2 hits and 3 walks over the rest of the game.

- Sergio Santos pitched for the first time since April 13th, marking the first time he’d pitched in a month that wasn’t April since he signed the 3-year, $8.25M contract. He pitched two innings, working a perfect 6th inning before giving up a lead-off triple top open the 7th.

- Mark Trumbo scored on the error we saw giffed above, and it will probably be your last memory of Melky for a little bit.

- Colby Rasmus and Brett Lawrie both recorded a pair of hits, with Encarnacion and Lind adding the only two other Jays knocks.

- The highest leverage at-bats for both teams occurred in the 1st inning, so if you went to bed at 10:30 EST you saw all you need to know.

- What else is there to say really? Just another right cross launched into the stomach of the horse that has been laying still for weeks now.

- There’s even a picture of Jose Reyes not smiling out there. All hope is lost.

- The (50-58) Jays drop Game 1 of the series, and get their shot at Game 2 tonight at 10:05pm EST.

- The projected matchup is Todd Redmond (4.95FIP, 0.1fWAR) vs Tommy Hanson (4.60FIP, 0.4fWAR)

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  1. Barf…. That’s all I got to say about Johnson at this point. And putting Melky in left instead of DH was totally brain dead

  2. Johnson. The decision for next year is getting harder. With the way he’s been going, even a $10 mil with $20 mil option is looking like it would be a waste of $10 million. The Q.O. is looking totally out of the question.

    • I cant see a qc for Johnson. They’re happy as a pig in shit they didn’t negotiate , contract back in spring training as some people were suggesting to save a few bucks. They’ll end up saving millions that we need for starters, 2nd base, catcher this offseason.

    • I know Johnson has been terrible, but why not try to sign him? He clearly is having injury troubles or something, he has a career era under 4 which is really, really good and its not eh Al East or any crap like that (The dodgers are from the NL)

      But you do have to feel for the guy, its not like he pitched great, but the first batter of the game should have been out, but Melky can’t run. So instead of two out nobody on, its a shit show before he even does anything thats his fault.

  3. Well just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

  4. I know it’s not *my* money but for some reason it’s fucking insulting to me that we would consider making a QO to this guy.

    That being said if we don’t he will surely go to the Yankees and definitely be their ace because there is no god.

  5. So Marty York (who for context had “sources” saying Gibby was going to be canned every day from about April 20 to now) says AA will be gone at season’s end. Could the lack of activity at the deadline be a signal that Rogers wants a new GM to handle the tear-down and rebuild? I think they did the same with JPR during his last year.

    • I really hope you’re wrong on this.

      • Why do you hope he’s wrong? What’s he done other than gotten lucky on Edwin and Bautista? It’ll have been 4 years of the AA era this offseason and the Jays are arguably worse now than they were the year they fired JPR.

        • The record does not indicate the quality of the team, I’m afraid. It’s a hard concept to wrap your mind around sometimes, but it’s true. The Jays are in much better shape for the next two years (and with the low minors talent they have, the years beyond as well) than they were at any point in the Ricciardi era. Yes, this season has been awful.

          • Authentically, can you please describe how they are in better position? Without hypotheticals like “they can use this money to sign Cano” or some crap like that, which I don’t expect from you anyway (hypotheticals or delusion). Is it based on the returning Tommy John crew? Belief in the continued development and personal growth of guys like Rasmus and Lawrie and Gose? Belief in AA?

          • Here’s a whopper, OTHER teams have talent in the low minors too. I don’t see how the Jays talent is better than other teams.

            • And low minors is antitheses to what I’m asking. In the next two seasons, what is there to be optimistic about?

              I’m sure you’re saving it for your postseason review of what went wrong, but there just needs to be a vision and pardon my shortsightedness but besides still having Edwin and Reyes (when healthy) on the payroll what is there, as is, making me want to go to the Dome next season?

              • If you guys would rather respond to what you want to read instead of what I actually wrote, I don’t need to bother with this.

                • You wrote that the Jays are better off right now for the next two years than at any point in the JPR era.

                  I’d easily argue that people were far more optimistic after the 2006 season than they would be right now.

                  • People’s optimism has nothing to do with anything. We’re talking about reality here, and most fans very obviously aren’t interested in that right now.

                    • Kudos to you Stoeten, for showing incredible restraint lately and for your decorum.

                    • A fuckin men buddy. The Jays are borderline awesome. Lawrie? Hes fucking 21 and already a gold glover. He will be an awesome hitter, mark my words. People are just very stupid. IF you arent optimistic about this team, I don’t think you know what youre talking about.

              • You’re kidding right?
                Do you need the sarcasm font?
                Do you remember that the Jays had 4 players in the AS game?And if Reyes was healthy maybe a fifth.
                Do you maybe think that AA is done and he won’t make improvements?

        • There’s nothing wrong with a core of Bautista, Encarnacion, Rasmus, Reyes and Lawrie moving forward, in fact it’s better than what most teams. Melky could also still have a bound back year next year and if Lind is even an average player then that’s still something.

          Pitching wise there’s still Dickey, Beurhle, Happ, Hutchinson, Drabek, Stroman and Morrow if he ever stays healthy all lying around, plus if Johnson’s gone then AA can use that money on another pitcher or 2nd baseman.

          Point is, some people are acting like the Jays only have 2 good players and that the rest of the team is complete garbage and needs a 100% overhaul when that isn’t the case.

    • Link?

    • They did do the same thing with JPR.

      I would say that too much is being read into that, but they also did not sign the 1st round pick, just like the the last time around.

      It’s roll over of the pick and the money saved that has me concerned that there is some truth to this.

    • Ain’t gonna happen as long as Beeston’s in charge.


      • To be accurate, I did say that he’s been wrong on everything Jays-related (other than the fact that they suck) so far this year.

      • The lack of activity at the deadline aaaand the the deferral of the 1st pick (that’s 3 mil and an opportunity for the potential new guy)

        Marty York aside, is this not the same strategy the Beest used when flipping management last time?

        Before you respond, remember that Beeston is an employee (although a fancy one), who reports to a boss too.

        • Stop.

        • For fuck’s sakes Famous.
          Like Stoeten says please stop.
          Beeston’s not Godfrey.
          He don’t need the job and knows more about the inner workings of baseball than most.
          Aside from what he’s done with the Jays before, he was the President and COO of MLB.
          Not an average employee.

          • Beeston isn’t an average employee. About that you are 100% correct.

            But AA? Not sure i’d even characterize him as high as “average”.

            • At the end of the day, these guys are entrusted with millions of dollars, with the mission of either making millions, or in this case, sending over millions to Sportsnet.

              They failed at this (see Stoeten’s post on TV ratings). Their budget was increase by what?, 80% and did not get close to the return that was projected..

              As much as we look up to AA and the Beest so far as their titles, they work for share holders. They are a management team that had a financial strategy for a media property, and it didn’t work out this year.

              From a baseball perspective AA should stay right where he is, and carry on, but i’m not talking baseball. This is about shareholders who just got some shit news who are screaming at the CEO. They don’t give a fuck about inside baseball.

              So, that with, the lack of movement and deferral of the pick which is what they did last time they adjusted the management team (remember corporations are not as create as you think), in my opinion makes this a valid subject.

              If the notion makes you sad, I get it, but get real.

              If it’s because Marty York mentioned it, remember that even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and then.

            • @ DL

              Then your judgement of character is flawed.
              Again, IMHO, AA is executing Beeston’s plan.
              As long as Beeston’s there,AA will be there.
              No decision will be made on AA until after the 2014 or 2015 season.
              There’s a reason LaCava turned down the GM job to stay with the Jays as a AGM.

    • IF the team fires AA i will consider that the team is run by the douchiest of fans and I will probably just quit watching professional sports, which seems harder and harder to do every year, altogether.

      Whether is listening to fucking retards complain about Dion Phaneuf (the, at worst, tenth best defenseman in the entire league) or listening to the same assholes say to fire AA or Gibbons, its just really motherfucking frustrating,

      I mean, there have been like 5 articles this week lamenting how Gibbons is no Madden and how the Rays are so great at “situational hitting” and yet, the stats seem to suggest that offensively they’re basically the same team. The Jays also have the best bullpen in baseball, or one of them. So if they score and have a good bullpen, what else can Gibbons do? What else can Anthropolous do but field a team considered unanimously to be the best in baseball ?

      The obnoxious assholes who say things like “injuries are no excuse” need to immediately shut the fuck up. Injuries are not just an excuse, they are the exact reason this team has sucked.

      Jose Reyes, Johnson, Dickey, I could go on and on. If you fire AA you are just playing to below the lowest common denominator and you should just move the fucking team.

    • Marty York was an idiot 25 years ago. Are you saying his condition is unchanged?

  6. Another fine outing by Juan Perez.

    Just say’n.

  7. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw this “throw”, was that he is somehow sabotaging the game. I know that’s crazy, and not at all likely, but I couldn’t shake the 8 Men Out notion (although that team was actually amazing at baseball!).

    You know who makes throws like that? People horsing around trying to scare their friends by faking them out, thinking a ball is coming at them.
    One of the strangest things I’ve ever seen….2013 Blue Jays! Never a dull moment!

    • I thought that his mind just lapsed a bit on the throw because he was in a moment of such relief from being able to finally stop running after the ball, because obviously that’s quite painful for him right now.

    • Jeez DS.
      I’ve seen the same thing happen from time to time. I’ve seen pitchers do it.
      Really stretching the limits of common sense here.

  8. Just out of curiosity (and because it hurts to look), how many games are the Jays out of LAST place in the majors?

    And on a related note, are there any Harper/Strasbourg types up for draft next season?

  9. In any division, other than the one they’re in, they would be in third spot or pushing at third. Even with their pitching issues they have a lot of depth and strengths. That doesn’t make one feel any better about the year but gives hope for the future if the pitching woes are fixed.

    • Please STOP with the whole “it’s the division” argument. Baseball’s a tough sport. Each division has tough teams. People said the NL West sucked for the last decade, and yet the Giants have won 2/3 WS. Ditto for the Central, and the Cards have won twice since 06. You’re either a good ballclub or you aren’t.

      • The success of one team is in no way indicative of the quality of a five team division. People said the NL West sucked for the last decade because the NL West sucked for the last decade. A couple of good seasons (or good playoff runs) by one team doesn’t negate the shittiness of the other four.

      • it sucks to hear, but it is the division. At least until there is a balanced schedule. NL central is also a tough division this year, but the 3 good teams beat up on each other but also get to play the Cubs and Brewers 18x a year ….

        Not saying the Jays have played good ball this year, but they do have to play the Sox, Yanks, Rays and O’s 18 times a season, and play the dregs much less.

        The observation was more along the lines of the jays currently sit tied for 18th of 30 teams by win % and aren’t that far from average. Not exactly Houston.

      • Well, if the Jays got to play the Astros the same amount of times as Texas then they would certainly have a better record. Did you even think at all before you typed? Also, the WS argument is dumb because winning three nearly random series does not actually make you the best team in baseball and no one thinks the Giants are a juggernaut. Actually some people would tell you they are the worst team to ever win 2 championships in 3 years.

        • You know, playing the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays and Orioles so much isn’t much of an excuse for a shitty record. Pretty sure they all gotta play each other aswell.

    • Its not like the pitching is even that bad.

      If they came into next year with Dickey, Morrow, Happ, Drabek and someone knew, maybe even Johnson and whoever is left of “the Lansing three” there rotation still doesnt look that bad.

      ITs more bad luck than anything. Romero can come back, McGowen, who knows. This years team was more like Mr. Burns Softbal team than anything to base anything off of. Anomaly.

  10. This is shaping up to be a fun day. The sky is falling. It is the last day of the world.

  11. Wait, is Marty York still around??!

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