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In the transcript of the Alex Anthopoulos conference call after Wednesday’s quiet trade deadline, which Gregor Chisholm has helpfully provided over at North Of The Border, there is something that I found rather conspicuous by its absence.

Asked about his areas of focus as the deadline approached, here’s what Anthopoulos had to say:

“We’re always in the market to add a starter especially with the way the rotation has been for us so we definitely explored some things there and we’re still looking to acquire some middle infield help, that’s definitely something we’ve taken a look at as well. Those were probably the two areas we were most active in overall and then there were some other ideas thrown at us that were larger concepts but just didn’t seem like things we needed to rush to do now.”

Now, here’s where I’d normally say that maybe the GM didn’t bring up the club’s gaping hole behind the plate because he didn’t want to throw the incumbent under the bus, but… uh… he certainly doesn’t seem terribly bothered by the notion of doing that to his de facto second baseman, so… what the hell?

I’m certainly not going to suggest that the obvious inability to deal the incumbent should have had anything to do with the inability to find a replacement, but I will grant that the mid-season market for catchers is probably quite soft. Still, though, if you’re the GM of the Toronto Blue Jays and you’re going to admit to the weaknesses on your big league roster, uh… catcher? No? Maybe?

Seriously. I mean, do I really need to go over the gory details again at this point?

Among catchers deemed good enough to give enough at-bats to to qualify for the batting title, he ranks last by wOBA, last by wRC+, last by OBP by a solid 33 points, and tied for last by fWAR. Move the threshold back to include all 29 catchers and he’s in the group of three catchers with 0.1 WAR who are barely ahead of the last place Alex Avila (0.0 WAR); by weighted on-base and weighted runs-created plus he’s 26th; by FanGraphs’ defensive coefficient he’s tied for fourth-last; and even by a stat representative of his supposed bread and butter, slugging percentage, he’s only 14th. And by the Baseball Reference version of WAR, among catchers who’ve played at least 65 games this year, he’s 20th.

Like, very obviously, he’s a fringy big league starting catcher by even the most generous of measures. The team, unless for some inexplicable reason they are absolutely stuck, need to be looking to improve at the position. And while I don’t know if it would be quite as easy as we maybe want to believe, given that it’s not like there are umpteen guys available and in Triple-A who could come in as an upgrade (Henry Blanco, Josh Thole and Jeff Mathis all still have jobs, for fuck sakes), it really shouldn’t be that difficult, either. And while it’s not on the same level of concern as the starting pitching (and, no, I don’t think it’s fair in the slightest to blame Arencibia for how the pitchers have performed), it has to be some kind of priority to… y’know… get this guy the fuck out of here because he’s terrible.

Y’know, to be frank.

And sure, I would understand it if maybe they think that the fragile little snowflake might not respond well to a public calling out from the General Manager– can’t imagine why I might think that, can you?– but who honestly gives a fuck at this point? He’s over 1200 plate appearances into his big league career, sporting a career .268 on-base that even a Bonds-like final two months probably wouldn’t save from its third straight season of decline, and a slugging percentage, wOBA and wRC+ that have declined in each of his three full seasons in the Majors as well.

What the fuck are they possibly waiting for? And I don’t just mean what the fuck are they possibly waiting for from this player who quite clearly shouldn’t have nearly as secure a job as he appears to. I mean… what the fuck are they waiting for when it comes to acknowledging this painfully obvious fact to the fans? I mean, if you can be open about the likes Dickey and Johnson and Iztuis being disappointing, how in the world does Arencibia not belong in precisely the same sentence?

It would kinda be nice. Reassuring, at the very least. Because… I mean… he’s got to be looking for an upgrade, right? Right???

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  1. Yep, and the fact that gibbons continues to play him everyday is even more puzzling. Not that thole is that great either, but he deserves a shot. Anyways, jays need to look into acquiring someone like ellis from the dodgers. Or someone that can start and put up similiar production at the very least. You cant have huge black holes in the lineup like jpa, boni etc. and expect to compete in the AL East.

    • Thole gets 2 starts every week. That’s not bad.

    • I thought the free thole movement had died.. Who knew…

    • AA isa fucking beancounter,not a baseball man, that is fucking obvious! He fucked himself into a corner when he dealt TDA to the mets, now he is stuck with this useless sack of shit whose only baseball related skills are stricking out and not throwing runners out. AA is a bigger fucking clown than JPA is because he commited to him and cant turn back now or he will lose face! fuckin clam shitter AA, gooseberry ass blober!! fuckin perogy dick!!

      • You talking about that same Travis d’Arnaud who got injured and has only played in 20 (minor league) games this season, and still hasn’t made his major league debut?

  2. What’s on the trade market nothing.
    Wait until free agency

  3. Assuming they can’t add a good FA due to $$ restraints, whats the best option going forward at the C position? Is there anyone in the minors that can be brought up and split the starts with Thole (who I assumes stays to catch the knuckle)? And how do they get rid of JPA, trade? Who wants him?

    • they can non tender him or trade him for some of AA’s favourite souvlaki. Or demote him to backup. Id prefer to keep thole in that role though.

    • Other than McCann, I don’t think there’s a single FA catcher out there that would command anything more than a 1-year deal for much more than Arencibia’s 2014 arbitration number, if that at all. With some luck, a Gregg Zaun-type career backup late bloomer can be had on the cheap.

  4. Yeah, maybe AA just was doing Beeston a solid my not mentioning JPA. You know, to prevent JPA running and tattling to Beeston.

  5. In some circles (see: his own brain) his ‘potential’ will forever be defined by his first game in the show.

  6. The trade deadline was the time to do it….. get a new catcher, then he has time to get to know the pitchers prior to spring training… We could have had them all in sync for next year…

    • Yeah, but If the timing’s right, then you have to choose a catcher and then his team has to not ask for 5 top ten prospects.

  7. Stoeten, if you haven’t yet, Griffin’s latest mailbag is worth a gander. After you answer it yourself of course…

  8. Good point and article Stoeten. I hear Gibby and AA mentioning the SP and 2B deficiencies all the time. But they’ve always acted as if catcher was completely settled. Which is strange.

  9. Welp
    @JimBowdenESPNxm: Alex Anthopoulos #BlueJays GM told us today that Melky Cabrera has a meniscus tear in his left knee…hamstring/knee injuries all year XM 89

  10. You’re probably right about why he didn’t mention catching. JPA’s ego appears to be constructed from papier mache.

  11. Should of kept Yan Gomes.

  12. It’s kinda tough during the deadline when 50% of teams need their catchers to continue to compete. The position is scarce enough as it is.

    It’s not like JPA could do much worse and lower his value, who knows, he could get hot and peak some other teams interest.

    The off season just makes more sense.

  13. Because this head office believes in the same numbers that JPA do. They don’t look at wRC, wOBA …they look at HR’s and RBI’s. I will guarantee you that they are comfortable with JPA moving forward…and if they aren’t I just don’t trust them to look for the right value moving forward

  14. Stoeten, what are your thought’s on A.J Jiminez’s progression?

  15. At least JPA is above replacement level; suggests catchers drop off pretty quickly.

    But yeah, we need to improve that position.

  16. There are very few truly excellent catchers out there and even they aren’t worth long-term investment given the wear and tear they take and that they often don’t stick at the position. A better plan is to ditch JP and just pick up any one of the several veterans usually available on one-year contracts for minimal money. Like Rod Barajas used to be, or Jose Molina now. They’ll provide better defense than JP and probably about equal offense, won’t cost much and won’t require giving up assets.

    So my guess is that AA isn’t talking about this much because he doesn’t think it’s going to be a particularly difficult issue to solve.

  17. Given that his average is so terrible, slugging percentage might not be the best indicator of power. His ISO (.187) ranks 4th for catchers. Of course, that save him from being awful (all the stats you listed), but it’s something.

  18. Considering the likely youth entering the rotation would a year of Jose Molina be a decent plan B if no splash could be made?

    • Nope he would still be around if he wanted him

    • I think we ought to pay big for Jose Molina if we can get him.

      I just don’t think the Rays are dumb enough to give up the best defensive catcher in baseball. I’m quite certain the Rays value Molina more than we do, given that the Rays are the Rays, and judging by the amount of playing time they give him despite his batting numbers.

  19. @alexfan590: On PTS, AA says it wouldn’t surprise him if Melky has a torn meniscus but nothing is confirmed. Cabrera is going for an MRI. #Bluejays
    Pillar/Gose time

  20. I think we should just move him to first like people were suggesting when TDA was in the picture. There…problem solved at C.

    • He’s made of glass

    • JPA won’t be any better at throwing from his knees at first base.

    • Arencibia is a poor, but understandable batter at catcher, because catchers are traditionally the worst batter on any given team.

      Arencibia would be an absolute disaster at first base, because the offensive standard at first is significantly higher. Note that we haven’t seen a notable “defensive specialist” first baseman since Doug Mientkiewicz, and Mientkiewicz was significantly better at hitting than Arencibia.

      Hell, Johnny Mac has a better lifetime OBP than Arencibia. Just no on moving Arencibia to 1st.

  21. The deal AA makes is usually the one he wasn’t talking about. I’m confident JPA will be gone by Spring training.

  22. They’re waiting for AJ Jimenez, 2015.

  23. But what about JPA’s clubhouse intangibles?

  24. Can’t expect AA to be forthright about the team’s needs.
    He’ll say what he needs to say to fill a 15 second sound bite and nothing more.

    We all know that there are needs at SP, 2B, C, LF and perhaps DH.
    AA knows that too.

    What options are out there and how many he is able to address
    will keep us in conversation from November to March.

  25. I wonder if AA doesn’t talk about catcher simply because it’s the sorest point for him. He can look anyone in the eye and insist he doesn’t regret trading for Dickey and Johnson, knowing what he knew then. But leaving JPA as the only franchise catcher was an enormous gamble, not just in hindsight; we knew it at the time.

    All by way of saying, I don’t know if his reticence to talk about it implies that he doesn’t see the problem.

  26. I’ve been saying this all along, I hope if there is on significant signing, it’s Brian McCann. I can live with JP as the back up, and I’m sure AA can manuvre some trades to fill the glaring holes in the rotation and at second base. I don’t know how his shoulder has healed or whether he would be interested in coming north of the border, but I hope AA at least explores the idea.

    • do you really think Rogers is going to let AA spend another fucking dime after the payroll he added with shit results, i fucking doiubt it

      • With improved ratings and better attendance, if they do let him sign anyone, it would probably be restricted to one key piece and maybe a utility player, minor signing. I don’t think they want to spend the money they did, just to slide back to attendance and ratings that they had before. They understand in order to continue to grow this fan base, they need to continue to invest into the team. Will we see a raise in payroll like this past off season… No. But I don’t think the vault is slammed shut either.

  27. An all-star at every position, and a chicken in every pot, amirite?

    Look, no one is arguing JPA is anything but at best a (very) average catcher in a position where high value is hard to find. The Jays can do just fine with him as the everyday catcher hitting 8th moving forward IF(!!) the pit of despair otherwise known as the starting rotation improves, and much easier holes to fill at 2B and LF are addressed. This team has managed to rank 7th (as of today) in runs scored, for chrissakes. Hitting isn’t the problem.

    But let’s shit all over JPA and never you mind that the Blue Jays won championships with Pat fucking Borders playing every day.

    You want to know why this season has been such a shitshow? Starting pitching. Period. Specifically Dickey, Johnson (barf), and Morrow (not his faulthe’s hurt, but he’s missed). Can we all stop ripping a guy hitting in the bottom third of the order? /end rant

    • Catchers aren’t just # 8 or 9 batters, they also play the hardest and most important defensive position. One of the best ways this team could improve is dumping JPA.

      • also getting a new catcher (one with more experience and defensive ability) could only help the starting pitching. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our starting pitching has sucked for most of JPA’s tenure with the team. I’m not suggesting that he’s the biggest problem, but from everything I read and observe he doesn’t help the pitching staff much.

        • The starting pitching has been the #1 #2 #3 #infinity reasons for this team’s woes. Blaming any of it on the catcher doesn’t make any logical sense to me. If there are any metrics at all out there that suggests a catcher makes a pitcher better, I’d love to see them.

          • My point is that JPA sucks at pretty much every single thing he does (minus hitting the occasional dinger) and that it makes perfect sense to get rid of the guy in order to turn this team around. Just because he isn’t the biggest problem doesn’t mean he isn’t a big problem.

          • Steve-O …. I hear you man. And, I agree with your reasoning.

          • ….is that you JPA?

            • Yeah Steve o and big ken are clearly JPA. Only an idiot would say he is ‘at best an average C’. He’s fucking horrible.

        • Well…Buehrle seems to pitch pretty good with him in recent starts. And he’s known to put complete faith in catcher’s calling of the game.

    • Average? This guy couldn’t start on any other AL East team

  28. There’s also the public relations issue that needs to be looked at. There’s a lot of people (especially female fans) that love this guy, regardless of his abilities. Now I don’t know if that factors in with AA being quiet about the guy, but there was a little backlash when Zaun and Hayhurst called him, out causing precious to get all bent out of shape.

    None of these things should factor into trying to improve the position, but sometimes big corporations do strange things because of perception rather than reality.

  29. Hey Stoet

    Consider the following:
    Player A: k% – 29, BB% – 8, LD% – 23, GB% – 31, FB% – 46, IFFB% – 12, BABIP – .370
    Player B: k% – 29, BB% – 4, LD% – 22, GB% – 35, FB% – 43, IFFB% – 13, BABIP – .260

    player A is being talked about as a great asset we should lock up to a multi year multi million extension and player B as possibly the weakest link on the team
    obviously player A is better -
    1. better defense – though data for his career suggests hes slightly above avg. with this being his 1st positive value since his rookie season, Player B ranks slightly below Avg defense 2. Better baserunning 3. better BB% though for their careers A is just 3% higher

    the main difference between A and B is………… luck a difference of .110 !!! points of BABIP
    for batted ball profiles that should result in basically the same BABIP

    the difference between one of the top assets and worst assets should not be slightly better defense, better baserunning, and a better but not much better BB%

    yes were talking about colby and jp of which one has been really lucky and one really unlucky

    • BABIP should be considered with Colby, but nice job cherry picking stats that support your case.

      • What cherry picking? I state clearly that colby is better I was just trying to point out that jp has been very unlucky this year based on his batted ball profile and to put it in perspective I compared it to colby

        • you do realize that babip tends to be consistent for pitchers but varies for hitters, right? colby was also being talked about as a dfa candidate before he turned it on this year. so…. jpa still kinda sucks. and while it may not ‘be fair’ to shit on jpa for the terrible pitching because no stats can back it up, enough former pitchers give credit to their catchers that its also fair to suggest jpa isn’t blameless. the question isn’t whether he is, but how much he is responsible. may be a negligible amount, may be a lot.

    • Can you add line drive % to that list?

    • Player A: O-swing% – 29.3, Z-Contact% – 85, leadership% – trucks
      Player B: O-Swing% – 38.7, Z-Contact% – 79.6, leadership% – all of it

      • And yet that still doesn’t explain 110 points of BABIP yet it does explain the difference in BB% which has already been pointed out

        • I think once the PA’s hit 1250 with a .261 BABIP you stop calling it unlucky and start to think that maybe that’s the hitter he is. Considering he’s had 10 infield hits this year you could actually argue that he’s been a little lucky with that aspect of things.

  30. I know there’s something wrong when I find myself daydreaming about John Buck and Jeff Mathis. But it’s pretty much gotten to that point.

    Anyone have a list of free agent catchers after this season?

    I also wonder if JPA has ever had the full confidence of the majority of the starters he’s worked with since becoming the full-time backstop? I don’t know enough about how those relationships work to know if that could ever be a contributor to a pitcher’s struggles.

    Can McCoy catch?

  31. Melky placed on revocable waiver?

    • sure, but no team will claim him for fear the jays will “Rios” him and say take the cunt. So.. he passes waivers..Big Fuck-now what?
      Still can’t trade his ass or do anything with him. We’re fukin stuck with the cunt til spring. End of fukin story. time to see what pillar can do in left .
      Fuk it’s possible this winter , we get rid of both Colby and Melky so we better see what we got

    • Everybody placed on revocable waiver. Every year. Always. Every time. Always.

    • now that he’s on the DL he can’t be placed on waivers.

  32. For AA in an interview, if the topic doesn’t come up (being overshadowed by SP, defense, etc) then why bring up issues at C? He has enough damaged goods he’d like to move already. Why highlight the flaws in another area which is getting a bit less press these days? Of course, other GMs know JPAs issues, but why rub their noses in it?

  33. Brian McCann better be our catcher next year! And I hope trades JPA to the last place Astros where he belongs ! Dude makes me wanna puke

  34. Well, Gibbons really, really likes Arencibia. This we know. And why not, he’s a better catcher than Gibbons ever was.

    And I have to think Anthopoulos likes him, too.

    Me, I’ll say he seems to have worked out how to catche Buehrle – which ain’t all that easy. Buehrle doesn’t call his own game – he’s a get the sign and throw the ball guy. Whatever the catcher puts down, that’s what he’s throwing. And Arencibia has gotten the hang of how to do that with him.

    I can’t say much else about him that his fans would enjoy, without getting money or something equally tempting.

  35. Maybe I’m being dense but couldn’t down the middle mean catcher too?

    • Referring to up the middle includes catcher and centre field, but catcher isn’t a middle infield position, it’s part of the battery.

  36. Yes! He’s terrible and it hurts to watch him take at-bats for us (the home runs are nice, but y’know…).

  37. I’d guess that AA chose not to single JPA out but has sent emails/faxes/texts/voice mails/and smoke signals to every other GM inquiring about their catching depth.

    Why whisper “yer dead” right in the cows ear before you slaughter it? Just cruel.

    As for the calling out of the second basemen, he can get away with it because it’s really not pointing the finger at anyone in particular. From my recollection we have had all these guys at the keystone:


    • Damn you beat me to it by seconds :)

      • Haha, I’m glad I refreshed because I was about to as well. And the middle infield comment could also be a vague reference to Reyes’ injury. If he had a legit starting second baseman than Izzy becomes a good utility player and could have spelled Reyes and Lawrie when they were injured.
        I totally think it’s some kind of situation where he doesn’t want to call out an individual.

  38. I feel like everyone’s missing the point. AA simply doesn’t want to call out an individual player. Notice he mentioned starting pitching (well we’ve had what 12 shitty guys there) and up the middle, even though we all know what that means, it does technically include SS. Saying you need a starting catcher would be calling out 1 guy alone and that’s a no no.

  39. KC have a star in Salvador Perez, I’d like to see someone give George Kottaras a full time shot. Why not us? We suck this year anyway. You could probably get him straight up for JPA, though you’d probably have to give less then that.

    KC probably won’t want to tinker this year because they are on fire. Maybe in the winter.

    Kottaras triple slash in the minors: .273/.370/.450

    He hasn’t had a lot of success in the bigs but he’s only had 279 games.
    Had a decent year in 2011, .252/.311/.459 with the Brewers.

    To me he’s got as many question marks as anyone else on the FA list someone posted above, but uhhh, he’s ummm, Canadian.

    I’ll hide now.

    • Another thing on Kottaras, he’s been stuck behind an allstar everywhere he has played.
      Boston had Varitek/Salty
      Milwaukee – Lucroy
      KC – Sally Perez

      I guess you can’t blame the teams for not playing him.
      If nothing else he’s had some great mentors.

  40. How bad does that Dickey trade look now?

    1. TDA is gone
    2. Syndergaard is gone
    3. John Buck is gone
    4. Josh Thole is here and likely will be until the knuckleball philosopher is gone


  41. Stoeten, I think you answered your own question. The delicate little snowflake would freak the fuck out.

  42. Get this fucking trash off the team.

    I legit hate fuckface Arencibia & his whiny, petulant idiocy. What an unbelievable, fucking embarrassment this guy is. Everytime he opens his mouth it’s the dumbest shit you’ve ever heard.

  43. Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Melky Cabrera has been placed on revocable waivers, according to The Boston Globe. (according to the Globe & Mail)

  44. And in his first full year as the full time catcher we have what – the worst group of starters in the AL East?
    Anyone wonder how much insight this boy wonder has bought to guys pitching in the AL for the first time?

  45. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Game Threat?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  46. AA will pass everyone through waivers. That’s his style because he likes to have all available trade options as possible.

  47. Where the fuck is the game threat?

  48. One does not simply go from a bobble head day into oblivion.

    That bobblehead guarantees JP three more years of full time innings.

    • Puke

    • Escobar had a bobble-head last year and look what happened to him after the season was over.

      A giveaway for fans doesn’t guarantee security. And after all this bad PR that JPA has done with Zaun and Hayhurst I wouldn’t be surprised if he got shipped out as well.

  49. Todd Redmond = ace

  50. No threat?

    • Why would there be….SNW is still showing the thrilling stl/cin blowout and now no threat.

      Someone go yank on that beard over at that twitter thing…..I’m sure he is enjoying a cold shandy and whatever fancy patio bar is trending. Fucking Fancy Pants!!

  51. Redmond just threw one of his sneaky letter high meatballs to Trumbo and Trumbo couldnt get out on it, fouled it back, and had the most quizzical look on his face, like “how the fuck did I miss that” . . . gotta give Redmondo some credit on that

  52. The diamondbacks have a righty specialist on to face 4 LHBs in a row in the 9th. Two of them reached already. Blown save waiting to happen.

  53. I just, in desperation, went to the bluejaybanter gamethread and posted several comments. No one insulted, mocked or patronized me for not knowing some douchebag advanced stat. It was quite alienating

  54. I don’t really get the “delayed steal”?

    Why give them more time to throw you out?

    • Have you ever concentrated on something for 30 seconds, then let your guard down for a moment? How was your reaction time right after letting your guard down? That’s the delayed steal.

  55. I fucking hate that delayed steal. Fucking hate it even more because it’s Bonifacio doing it all the time

  56. Stopped at bluebird banter to read their game threat. They were talking about bringing up Gose and how he can’t get up fast enough. One intelligent young chap responds with, have you looked at his numbers with the bat? His regression is off the charts.
    I kid you not, this was someones response:

     Stranger things have happened. Not everybody tears it up at every level before MLB success.


  57. Fukin Boni. Remember when we were told he could steal 70bases? Must be when the other team has a left handed cathcer. His fukin success rate is less than 50% which is horrid-just staple his ass to the bag

    • * To the bench.

    • Where do u get less than 50% from?

      • the times he has been picked off also count as a caught stealing. Unless you can steal >75% successfully, stats show it as a huge negative, so he shouldn’t even bother

        • No.

          Bonifacio has never stolen more than 40, so if you believed he would steal 70, that’s your shit. His career success rate is still 78%, which while not awesome, points to a high probability of a net-positive base-stealing ability. Pickoffs do not count as caught stealing — there is the pickoff, the pickoff/caught stealing and the straight caught stealing, each of which differs slightly from the others.

          Finally, I don’t think Anaheim’s catcher magically figured out how to throw everyone out, nor do I think that every Jays baserunner magically forgot how to steal a base. It’s called having a good night.

  58. shitty call on Reyes, totally safe

    anybody see that call by Cunt-ry Joe earlier today where the guy was out by a country mile and he called him safe? just fucking terrible


  60. Watch out. Buck has put on his “critical broadcaster” hat. Insight ahead!

  61. That play was incredible, no doubt.

  62. How fun are short walls? Even at the expense of the Jays, that was good times.

  63. I’m getting this fucked up tonight.

  64. I would like to plug the holes of the pink hat crowd.

  65. Woah. I just learned something from Buck + Tabby. The on-deck guy has actual responsibilities. Who knew? Oh wait. Probably everyone except for me.

  66. Oh no! did not want to see that

  67. Redmond drinking Josh Johnson’s after 2 outs.

    Random thought…since ball players and teams are superstitious, why not convince Gibby to ditch the poncho/moomoo and display the jersey for a game or two…somewhat of an rally cap idea. In addition to the generous gut he’s trying to hide, does the poncho contain properties that allow the wads of Skoal that Gibby fire through to slide right off?

  68. you could grease a cookie sheet with Colbys mullet.
    Love it.

  69. JPA, “I like Trumbo’s approach that AB”

  70. Defense is not important!!

  71. Howie Kendrick could eat corn through a picket fence.
    Those are some big teeth.
    He must go through a lot of toothpaste.

  72. And Boni proves yet again what a useless POS he is. Kendrick is out by 15 feet with any kind of decent throw FFS. Christ the defence on this team is unwatchable at times. I actually long for Eric Fukin Thames for LF-how sad is that?

  73. Why the fuck can’t our outfield make a clean throw or hit a cut off man? Don’t we have Dwayne Murphy as a dedicated outfield defense coach?

  74. Reyes!

  75. reyes is super. Turned on that fastball like it was on a Tee

  76. I think I know the answer but how the fuck is he only hitting .250?

  77. Cletus with an RBI…is that the Dukes of Hazzard theme song I hear playing in the background?

  78. Hello everyone! I just came over from TSN and thought I’d post on your site and give you my thoughts on this wonderful team! GO JAYS!

  79. My favorite player is bonifacio. He is really fast.

  80. ha ha buck called neil wagner, “walker” twice. Too much to drink I guess.

  81. Last Friday night the Twins won in the 13th inning [+ scored a total of 4 runs]. Tonight the Twins win again in the 13th inning [scoring a total of 4 runs]. I only mention this because I dig synchronicity.

    *ahem* How about them Blue Jays?

  82. They just won’t roll over and die.

  83. Friends, the Blue Jays aren’t very good

    • I feel like their role right now is just to go around + make other teams/players feel good about themselves.

      Haven’t had a hit in a while? Are you a pitcher who has pooped the bed on a consistent basis? Can’t throw out those attempting to steal? HAVE NO FEAR – THE BLUE JAYS ARE HERE!

      Self-esteem is important.

  84. ahhh shucks

  85. Lower the bar, Delabar. 3 runs against so far.

  86. This is the 3rd game in 4 days delabar has worked. Hes been good most of the year but thats definitely not ideal for a reliever.

  87. Tank time

  88. Always count on Tabby to be checking out the physiques of the players. Thanks for that insight. Valuable. Who needs descriptive video?

  89. gibbons is rolling a joint.

  90. He needs to reported for spam
    @MartyYork: #Jays really suck. Worse than the Jays’ expansion team in the 1970s. AA will b scapegoat after season, sources say. And they’re never wrong.

  91. bonficacio is like butter vs a hot knife

  92. This team is sooo unlucky!!

  93. JP Arenshitia is one of the worst players in the history of everything baseball. There are roughly 10 to the power of 5 players who could step in at a moment’s notice and be an improvement over this turdfuck.
    The fact that he is still even on the 40-man means either a) management gave up on this season long ago, or b) the front office is just as fucked up and dysfunctional as the clubhouse.

  94. I don’t usually harp on players’ conditioning, but Melky and Bonerface could have gained a lot from not being so fucking out of shape in my opinion. Obviously they’re not at risk for Type 2 or anything, but when you see them in photos and playing they have clearly spent the entire season soft and doughy.

    The result? Bonifacio can’t do the only thing he does well (run) to the tune of getting thrown out more often than ever before. And Melky has been a sack of shit WHICH DEFINITELY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH PEDS BECAUSE PEDS HAVE NEVER HELPED ANYONE BE BETTER AT ANYTHING EVER (stats baseball blog disclaimer). Plus, he got a non traumatic knee injury, which people carrying more weight than they usually do can cause.

  95. Hopefully the Bisons can stay in the wildcard hunt. At least that will be one minor success from AA this year since he really wanted that team to be good. I dont think they have made the playoffs for about 6 years or possibly more. AA seemed very adamant that they put a good product on the field for their first foray into Buffalo

  96. Another interesting thing to keep eyes on is Cuban shortstop Alexander Guerrero. Apparently an AL club has expressed interest in signing him and it would be intriguing to see if AA might look at him as a possible 2b option going down the road, considering the dearth of 2b-man coming up in FA.

    When AA was on the Fan he made it clear that payroll was not a big issue with the current club saying they made all those trades acknowledging they had guys who were coming up in arb and with option years. So if AA pulls off an August trade, sheds some payroll, I dont see why he couldnt add a guy like Guerrero.

    • last rumour was Dodgers signing him to 7 years, 32 million, so despite that being a rumour which has been proven to be false, if that’s the kind of money he could command, it be worth the risk – i’d see it probably more along the line of 5/25 or 4/20 probably – that’s a JJ declining QO or an Adam Lind declined option plus something else away from making him signable

      • If you think the Jays are making any “big” acquisitions in the next few years… you’re delusional. I would be surprised if JJ got a qualifying offer… not because of the way JJ is performing, but more because there is a question of whether or not that extra 14 million fits within their “payroll parameters.”

        Get used to seeing Gose hit below the Mendoza line without a speck of pop, because this team probably can’t afford Rasmus either.

  97. I’m sure I read somewhere that JPA is top 3 in the league in framing pitches either this year or last. I think it was on Fangraphs.

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