Somebody’s going home with 51 wins tonight. Whatever the opposite of immaculate is, let’s go with defective, that’s what Steve Delabar turned in last night in the Jays’ collapse versus these southern California shitbags. There’s no point in dumping on the ‘Bar, though. The Blue Jays as a team have given notice to Toronto’s Raptors and Maple Leafs… ‘nobody loses hard than us’.

Here’s to Esmil Rogers bouncing back from his 10-hit, 8-earned run stinker versus the Athletics, and to Maicer Izturis in the two-hole.


Gregor Chisholm, among others, gives us an update on Josh Johnson in a series of tweets. He’s dealing with some knee issues, but remains on track to start Tuesday.

Brad Lincoln is back, and he’ll make a start next week.

J.A. Happ is getting closer to returning to the Blue Jays.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Los Angeles California Angels Of Anahiem California

RF Kole Calhoun (R)
CF Mike Trout (R)
LF Josh Hamilton (L)
2B Howie Kendrick (R)
1B Mark Trumbo (R)
SS Erick Aybar (S)
3B Chris Nelson (R)
DH J.B. Shuck (L)
C Hank Conger (S)

RHP Jered Weaver

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  1. PLAYOFFS!!!!!

  2. What’s gonna happen to Melky???

  3. When I think about how shitty and bad luck filled this season has been for the Jays or when I think about the above capacity size boner I had going into the season just to have it fizzled out like someone showing me the lemonparty picture (if you dont know what that is, dont google it),,, all I have to do is think about Angels fans and the Angels having the same record as the Jays this season…

    A line up featuring names like Trout, Bourjos, Trumbo, Hamilton, Pujols, Aybar, Kendrick, Iannetta, Wilson, Hanson, Weaver etc etc etc falling flat on their faces just like the Jays only with less man games lost to injury and with some absolutely mammoth bad contracts to handcuff them going forward.

    Yup, that makes me feel better on the inside.


  4. What is it with the Blue Jays and players named Josh redefining suckage? Johnson, Thole, Towers… Any others? Bueller? Bueller?

    • If were talking Josh’s that suck, how about Hamilton heh… getting paid a billion gaggillion dollars a year to hit just above .220, that redefines suckage.

      • Not to mention Josh Hamilton swiping the Head + Shoulders adverts from Mauer. I’ll be forever pissed about that.

  5. wtf…a game threat on a holiday Saturday. Thanks Lewis.

  6. I know we have squat in the minors, but isn’t it about time to bring up what we have for a look-see?

    • The Jays have more than squat in the minors. Major league ready wise maybe a little more than squat but the Farm system didnt begin and end with Travis “DL’Arnaud”.

      Me I am kind of stoked to see what Stroman can do and the upside to Kevin Pillar makes me think that they wont necessarily have to go out and grab an upgrade in LF next season. Stroman is having a redonkulous year and should challenge for a rotation spot next season, Pillar, while having a bummer of a last 10 games is still a pretty toolsie player. Lots of pop, great defense, speed on the bases etc.

  7. You know it’s a bad season when getting Lincoln and Happ back is exciting heh. I mean dont get me wrong, Im glad Happ is back to form after getting Clement’d a ways back but well theyre fringe guys not game changers. Here’s hoping for the best the rest of the way!

  8. Woohoo! Game Threat on a Saturday night – late-ish night. Nothing quite like a late dinner + some baseball.

    Let’s go Ishmael Rogers!

  9. Not again :(

  10. Okay, so the bloom is wearing off the rose of our Rogers/Redmond experiences

  11. I don’t have any alcohol here. Gotta watch this sober.

    • That’s what I do. And I don’t recommend it.

    • Experiment with the contents of the medicine cabinet. Something should help blur the reality

      • Do what I do, after watching a real jays game I go to the PS3 and play the show 13 where my jays team is about to make the playoffs and surpass 100 wins. That makes it a little better.

      • Yeah, without my prescription drugs I couldn’t be where I am today. Watching the Blue Jays.

  12. Well, I put in my 2 innings, now it’s time to watch the conjuring and eat thai food. Fuck this shit.

  13. Sure enough, show up a half hour after start time and the Jays are down by multiple runs. When they fire Pete Walker I hope it’s mid game in September, so he is unprepared for it in the same manner he doesn’t have his starters prepared at the beginning of games.

  14. I’ve got two tix to tomorrow that I can’t use. Anyone at the game right now that wants them? Email me at gmail.

    • I should add I’m giving them away, though I’d happily accept a longboard for them! Reply here or email my name at gmail

  15. Looking at Jered Weaver’s stats over the past three seasons, fucking amazing. ERAs of 2.41, 2.81 and 2.84.

  16. How come our tall drink of water can’t pitch like this?
    How come our tall drink of water can’t pitch?

  17. We ran into fans in Oakland from all over the place.

  18. That was fuckin funny.

  19. DFA JP.

  20. Does any other team do this kind of stuff?

    It feels like little league, and it’s been like this all year.

    • Well apparently the Angels also do this kind of stuff because they also suck

      • And yet, the Angels are kicking some Blue Jay butt. And Seattle sucks too, but it’s likely they will also have a bit of a go @ the Blue Jays.

        It’s funny that Buck is on about this being a tough grind this part of the schedule is…when in reality the only difficult thing is staying awake/alert/alive watching these games.

  21. Jesus fuck! Strike3bia fedex’d that ball

  22. Holy fucking Bad News Jays…

  23. Trout was killing himself laughing in the dugout. Don’t blame him one bit.

    • Except it’s a rookie thing: Kind of like pitchers fist pumping after a K.

      But shit, JPA is SO damn bad how can you not laugh??

  24. Fuck this game. Why did I even bother turning it on?

  25. I enjoy comedy, so I enjoy this game.

  26. I gotta admit that was pretty hilarious to watch, kind of ridiculous that Rasmus throws the ball that far up the third base line every time.. You’d think he could make an adjustment, ah fuck it..

  27. That was amazing.

    The Jays defense up the middle is fucking horrendous even with Rasmus covering a good bit of ground in CF. Reyes, Izturis, JP… holy fuck JP, what the fucking fuck.

  28. JPA is 27 and will turn 28 in a few months, there’s no longer any upside to him, and what he is now blows

  29. Arencibia the worst.

  30. Snuffy’s return to the sea wasn’t as bad as this.

  31. Malaise forever.

  32. I just saw a clip of the Angels announcers calling that play.

    “Thank you very much JP Arencibia!”

    “I mean Arencibia had no business whatsoever throwing that ball to second base.”

    What is AA thinking when he sees that?

  33. Someone let me in on what just happened? lol sounds awesome.

    • Trout on second, Hamilton on first.
      Kendrick hits a single to center.
      Trout trying to score.
      Colby throws home, it’s late and on the third base side. Hamilton to third.
      JPA catches Colby’s throw and sees Kendrick going to second (where he was going to be safe by a mile).
      JP air mails the throw so far over the defender’s head it sails into center and Colby has to run it down.
      Hamilton and Kendrick score.
      Angels dugout laughs at JPA’s incompetence.
      It was bad.

  34. Colby can hit a six-run home run

  35. Runners on 1st and 2nd. Kendrick singles to CF. Rasmus decides to throw home, and airmails it 20 feet up to the third base line. Arencibia lunges for the ball, catches it, and immediately whirls and throws to 2b to try and get Kendrick. And he throws it right back to Rasmus in CF, allowing the other runner and Kendrick to score.

  36. Well, at least our offseason needs are clear: starting pitching, a catcher and a second baseman

  37. Nice DP!

    • Two things that I am thinking about this game:

      Why is Izturis, the team’s worst 2nd half hitter with an OPS of .403, hitting 2nd in the line up?

      Why are the throws from CF and LF so piss-poor? I can understand Boni with a rare appearance in LF, but Colby is never accurate. This is something that should and can be perfected through practice.

      Another shitty performance by a pretty shitty team.

      • Clete isn’t accurate, but he is consistent.
        6-8 feet up the 3rd base line.
        I’d like to think that this is more correctable than being totally wild, but wtf do I know.

        • He should aim for the 1st base dugout.

          • …or the mascot.

            • By this point in the season Butterfield would have fixed that. He was probably the worst loss of this year.

              And the absolute worst part about that is, there’s no one to replace him. In hindsight, he should’ve been promoted to manager. Now he’s in Boston making Ferrell look good.

  38. Fucking Lind. The sound of air seeping out of a balloon

    • Sorry.
      My bad.
      I got tired pumping The Man from Muncie’s tires.

      • It was a nice run he had

        • Long may he run.
          I don’t think he’s done.

          • He’s a living breathing example of the constant adjustment concept. Pitchers find that he ‘s laying off high fastballs and throw him soft stuff down and away,etc etc etc.

            Earlier he was saying that his success was in trying to figure out what they were doing to get him out. Now he knows- at least he SHOULD know- and he still can’t fix it.

    • I still think his back gave out and that’s why he’s fallen back to Earth. I think we were seeing the real Adam for awhile this season. Must have stopped going to yoga.

  39. Honestly not surprised at the shititude of Lind and JPA. These guys have been given so much rope and continue to piss on the hands that feed them. I mean, fucking EE was DFA’d and after crawling back from that embarrassment he goes on to become one of the best sluggers in the game.

    I supposed Lind was humbled momentarily in the minors but he’s just going back to the same old lump of shit.

    JPA has yet to be served a hard slice of humble pie. Too bad Jiminez is probably not a September call up possibility.

    • Don’t forget Bautista being crap for years and bouncing around the mlb

    • No, but Carlos Ruiz and Brian McCann are going to be free agents at year end and Rogers seems to be willing to give AA some more money. That would be a whole humble pie in JPA’s face.

      I am tired of this fucking idiot. He cant play defense, he can only hit a dead center mistake fastball, he’s a dick, he has no idea how to call a game and therefor the starters dont respect him or his decisions etc.

      McCann and Ruiz have caught many talented pitchers, they can both play defense, they can both hit and they can both win. That’s it. Spend the fucking money on a real catcher.

      • I should note that i have no doubt that JPA possesses the skill set and athletic ability to be a legit star in this league but with absolutely no fear of his job or career being in jeopardy in the slightest and no one in the system knocking at the door, he wont change.

        • I don’t know why you would have no doubt of that. I have no doubt that JPA has the hair to be a marketable star in MLB. His actual baseball talent level is an entirely different story.

          • He’s got the hair to be the next star of a Head + Shoulder’s advert. And therefore incur more of my wrath.

            • But he would be doing his part to rid the world of embarrassing, unsightly dandruff!

              Obviously he’s got the athletic ability to do the job but I think (and we’ll never know the real truth) the Jays pitchers think like the rest of the world: He’s an idiot.

              Anyone remember a few seasons ago when Overbay was having a rough time and the whole world was on his case? The rest of the team got together and put on “Overbay” shirts…THAT will never happen with JPA.

  40. Marty York is an asshat

  41. He should aim for the angels dugout .. Then it will go dead center to home

  42. This is not true . As bad as he plays , his ability may be ten percent above what he is doing now

  43. Question: Was tonight’s game the worst loss of the season?

    • Dodgers game up by 5

    • Depends if you mean in the moment or hindsight. Hindsight, worst loss of the season was when RAD got lit up by the Sox back in April. I was at that game, and at the time I thought “uh-oh” but in hindsight that was the beginning of the end for the team.

      In the moment, the worst loss to me was May 4; we lost 8-1 to the Mariners, Dickey shat the bed AGAIN and I realized two things. That RAD was just going to make excuses for how goddamned terrible he is for the entire season, and that things might be fucked in Jaysville. It reminded me of the 2012 series in August in Seattle where we got swept and I gave up on the season. It was just depressing to give up so early in 2013.

  44. Thanks for the replies. I was also at the 13-0 shit kicking at the hands of the BoSox. Not the greatest game to bring your girlfriend to her first MLB game!

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