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It’s pretty much entirely unfair to put Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo’s name up there next to “insanity” in the title of this post, as though he wrote his latest column half-addled on crazy sauce listening to nothing more than the voices in his head. Because that, I think, is only true for two of the three Jays-related items he lays on us.


In the Updates On Nine section of the column he writes: “The Twins believe they had enough interest in Morneau that if he continues to hit well and shows power, he could be moved to a contender in a waiver deal. Exactly who would claim him first remains to be seen. The Blue Jays might step in for a claim.”

The Blue Jays? Might claim? Justin Morneau?

The Blue Jays? Who are going nowhere? Might claim Justin Morneau?

Justin Morneau? Who is in the last year of his contract? Who is owed like $4.5-million for the rest of the year?

Whose .319 wOBA and 101 wRC+ numbers are below those put up by Mark DeRosa? (Though, in fairness, DeRosa has been shielded from right-handers quite a bit).

Justin Morneau?

How is this possibly considered anything even vaguely resembling a thing?



“In asking general managers which former GM they miss the most,” Cafardo writes, “J.P. Ricciardi got the most responses, and many believe Ricciardi will be a head man again, whether it’s taking over for Sandy Alderson when he wants to step down with the Mets, or with another team.”

I mean, if that’s what they said, that’s what they said. And, frankly, I believe it. Ricciardi was a whole lot better at his job than a lot of people around here wanted to believe– even if it clearly became untenable to continue employing him by the end (or… y’know… a year before the end, though the club ball-lessly gave him another year while they shuffled some deck chairs).

Actually, I wonder if people have softened on ol’ P.R. Ricciardi given how hopelessly negative they’ve become about a guy they thought was a genius four months ago?


3. Elsewhere back in the Updates On Nine section, Cafardo talked Melky:

“Cabrera was put on trade waivers on Friday, and the Jays would like to see what kind of haul he could bring. While Cabrera is named in the Biogenesis scandal, he, like Colon, has served his 50-game suspension and doesn’t appear to be in further jeopardy. Cabrera, a good defensive outfielder with an excellent arm, has been meek at the plate, hitting .279 with three homers and 30 RBIs with a .682 OPS a season after testing positive. Cabrera has a year left on his deal.”

Actually, Alex Anthopoulos was on the Fan 590 on Friday (audio here– more on the full interview later [read: most likely Tuesday]) and he said that no, Melky wasn’t put on trade waivers, as he’s unable to be placed on them due to the fact that he’s on the DL and– HOLYFUCKINGHANGONASECOND “good defensive outfielder”??!?!!?!?


4. Lastly, Apropos of nothing, Cafardo writes: “Blue Jays CEO Paul Beeston’s son David is special counsel to the Red Sox and Fenway Sports Management.”


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  1. It’s best to just ignore Nick Cafardo.

  2. Cafardo is just one guy in a long list of guys that invent shit and write it like they have a source. I would say like 3% of what he writes should be taken seriously but that’s usually only shit that is already blatantly obvious. Yet MLBTR keeps trotting Cafardo and scores of other moron’s delusions out there like it’s serious news. That site, while entertaining is 95% full of shit. Tim Dierkes is a smart guy but is also full of shit.

    The Melky shit was fabricated and a whole bunch of jays fans jumped all over the thread on MLBTR when it was said he was on waivers. What was dumb about it is that he went on waivers hours earlier and the post in question was only a few posts away from MLBTR explaining waiver trades in great detail. I thought that was funny, way to be on the ball over there.

    Morneau isnt coming to Toronto this year. Even if they waivered him, took near nothing for him and also paid his salary, I think I would rather see the spot go to Jimenez or Gomez from Buffalo to see if maybe one of those AAA bashers had some ability to smash the ball at the big league level then if so, maybe next year they have an effective DH? Worth a look? no?

  3. JP wasn’t that bad, just the insane free agent contracts sunk him

  4. The Melky being a good defensive outfielder bit caught me instantly.

    • That’s his reputation, though.

      The Royals played him in centre for 144 games in 2011. Part of the jump in his WAR in SF was due to the metrics liking him a lot better when the Giants moved him to left.

      Jays fans have only ever seen him (when they were paying attention, ie. he was in our uniform) with his legs pretty completely fucked. I think people are much more down on him than they should be– though, if I was Anthopoulos and somebody wanted to give me something for him that was more in line with his reputation than his 2013, I’d be real tempted to deal him. Obviously.

      • I said this earlier and I know people tend to dismiss these observations, but I suspect that a lot of Melky and Bonifacio’s struggles are due to the fact that they are visibly out of shape.

        • The reason those things get dismissed is because it’s a bit rich to think we can say for sure from watching on TV or at a distance at the ballpark, or from comparing pictures, that a guy is actually out of shape. We can’t.

          I’ll say this, though: when I saw Bonifacio up close at Spring Training, he was a lot thicker than I expected to see. No idea if that was completely in line with what he looked like before– most of these guys are bigger brick shithouses than we realize– but it definitely stood out to me.

          • Or the Melky lockeroom photo

          • That’s kind of what I meant. I agree in principle that poor conditioning is a weak indicator for decreased performance. But Melky and Bonifacio were both noticeable doughy this year. And both had their games suffer via causes that could be explained by poor conditioning; Bonifacio is too slow to run the bases like before, and Melky sustained a non-acute joint injury which happens often among athletes who suddenly are carrying more weight than their frame is used to.

            They’re the least of our issues obviously, but I’d like to see them show up to spring training in shape next year. They should at least be keen to dismiss that as an explanation.

      • I have to admit, having torn both meniscui; it does slow you down and you definitely lose some power and stability. Maybe Melky’s a lot better than we’ve seen this year both in the field and the plate?

        • Melky is fat and it is laughable to watch him hobble around out there. I mean, I actually like the guy and I think it sucks for him that steroids are illegal, but it was a worthy try to see if he had anything left and bizarre that he wasn’t made the permanent dh sometime around April the fourth.

  5. @TSNScottyMac: Anthopulos: Josh Johnson is now “start to start.” #BlueJays #MLB

  6. Why shouldn’t Beeston jr. work for the Sox?

  7. Re: JJ

    If he were to get shuffled to the pen for the remainder of ’13, and the Jays let it be known that if he was back next year it would be as a pen arm, would that be enough for Johnson to turn down the QO?

    I couldn’t see it, and that may be seen as “poor ethics”, but just a thought.

  8. If this guy thinks Melky is good defensively, we must assume he has not seen him play this year.

  9. Yes, people have softened on Ricciardi just like the idiots who have softened on Escobar and wished he was here rather than Reyes because of this season.

    • I dunno. Eyeblack shitstorm notwithstanding, Yunel was a plenty fine baseball player when he was here. He was great in 2011 and only slightly subpar in 2012.

      • And Ricciardi in 2006 and 2008 put together teams that were better than anything AA has done.

        • JPR had Halladay for his entire 8 year tenure as GM.

          AA’s first job was extracting as much value as possible for Halladay and trying to build a rotation without a constant.

          While JPR certainly wasn’t horrible, what exactly did he do in 8 years that would lead you to believe he could build a decent rotation if he didn’t inherit Halladay?

          His drafts were garbage (though some of that was on Rogers). He handed out some insane free agent deals. He barely ever made a notable trade aside from flukes (Bautista & EE) where guys took completely unpredictable steps forward.

          He was an okay GM who constantly said dumb things. He might be better the second time around but his first tour of duty was entirely mediocre.

      • escobar is a sack of shit! thats why the braves were happy to dump him, just like the jays were happy to dump him! he starts off all happy as a clam with his new teams then the real escobar comes out eventualy and shows the world hes a fucking dickweed!

  10. Was in on the groundfloor of this Morneau nonsense on MLBTR. Something to the tune of “What would the Jays have to do with Morneau? Other than being Canadian, and the Jays playing their games in Canada, there is absolutely no match here, and anyone with half a brain can see that.”

    Comment was almost instantly deleted.

    • I said and experienced the same. There is something a little annoying about the comments management over there.

      • might have to do with the “suck it farrell” bombardment they got a while back. that was FUCKING AWESOME!!!

  11. 1. JM is not coming to TO.
    2. Problem with JPR was that he didn’t respect the job, the community and looked down his nose at our knowledge and the media’s knowledge of baseball. He negotiated in the media, was a media whore that way and made fun of opposition players in the media nonetheless. AA brings class to the position in my opinion.
    3. Melky is better than he has shown. He has a reasonable contract considering his potential when healthy and I think you keep him.
    4. Beeston is a BJ. He has a lot of pride in the city and team and Canada. So what about his son…non issue imho.

    • Was that the problem with Ricciardi, or was it what the media who didn’t like him wanted you to think the problem was?

      • “It’s not a lie if we know the truth.” is pretty condescending. I’m not positive, of course, but I dont expect to ever hear anything like that from AA.

      • No Stoeten although it’s good to look at things from all sides. The fact is Mr. Ricciardi was quite capable of being disrespectful as I mentioned to all of us without the help of the media. He did use the media to drive home his point though. If there was a witch hunt involving the media, Darnell points to one of the reasons why.

  12. Really no one took the bait, to say they wanted him to have a GM job so they could fleece him? Really? No one?

    I don’t know how to feel about that.

  13. There is also the problem of shit turf that can’t be helping Melky out there. I’d say that and conditioning are contributing factors.

  14. quite, for fucks sake

  15. suck it farrell you fuckin knob gobbling jizz dumpster!

  16. Melky has good fielding and speed stats in MLB 13 the show, maybe he draws his info from there.

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