I’m in the middle of a post, which is already far too much to ask of me on the Sunday of long weekend, so I’ll make this brief:

Per a tweet from the Jays, Steve Delabar has been placed on the 15-day DL with right shoulder inflamation.

Welp. Sometimes you eat the Delabar…

Barry Davis follows it up with this detail:

So… there’s that.

Phantom injury to clear a roster spot? I don’t tend to think that’s the case nearly as often as fans want to believe, but on the other hand, with the way the Jays’ bullpen has been worked this year, I’m sure that everybody’s barking pretty good, and most of them could find cause to be given some downtime, baby, to put it together.

So… yeah. I guess that’s it. Now feel free to go back to making insane comments about how awful this team is, how they need to trade Bautista or completely start over using the Rays model, or whatever completely not-constructive or realistic nonsense you feel you need to get off your chest.

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  1. If it were’nt for the insane comments,where would the fun be?

  2. The Jays have to follow the Phils model, spend and hope it works.

    • Lets use the Angels model as throwing money at free agents always works

    • The idea that the farm system is decimated is the funniest thing, to me. There is still a tonne of talent in the low minors, plus a couple really high picks coming in next year’s draft. Much of the talent from that pool is going to be ready to start joining the roster, or very, very close, by mid-2015, as the contracts on the current group start expiring.

      They are in so much better shape than people want to believe.

      • Since the AAA team is in Buffalo it’s probably more like a ton of talent…

      • Yeah they’re in great shape…to start a rebuild in 2015. What about now or next year? Seems kind of non-constructive (I call that lazy), realistic nonsense to me.
        If you get yours Stoets, why can’t I get mine?
        What’s the definition of insanity again? Something about same process…expectations of different something or other….

        • The difference would be that he knows what he’s talking about and you are a reactive idiot. The Jays have one reason and one reason only why they are not in the playoffs: injuries. Josh Johnson has played through knee tendonitis, a finger problem and a quad injury. Only one of those things put him on the DL. Dickey has been injured all year. Morrow, Santos, Happ, Drabek, Hutchison, Romero, etc etc etc etc. LIke, it blows my fucking mind when people are like “injuries are no excuse” and I guess they are technically right: they aren’t an excuse, they are the explicit reason. Oh and I forgot about how we played 3/4 of the season without Reyes, you know, one of the best players in the world.

          • So, why would next year be different? The guys you mentioned all have fairly consistent injury histories. Stoeten doesn’t ‘know’ shit. It’s an opinion, delivered in an entertaining style and it serves to entertain me, not illuminate or inform my mind. But then again, I take time to think for myself so as to not appear like a relative, malinformed imbecile.
            Ps. Your mother’s a whore

      • The Jays have a bottom 10 farm, they have one high end starter, one polished high minors starter, some depth and relievers, then some low minors high upside arms…but zero high upside, polished bats in the minors at all. I do believe that the Jays are set up better next year than they are this year as they will have some legit depth on the 40 man. However they still have holes to fill and will have to make some moves to fill them…then they still have to hope to have some starters recover and pitch to their talent. A lot still has to go right for this team.

        • Indeed. In addition to finding a starting 2b, a couple of good to very good starters and solid 4th outfielder; they need everyone who sucked this year to not suck next year and..stay healthy. This team is a disaster. Trade em all.

      • Agreed. Those two draft picks is what I’m excited about. It’s a deep, deep draft next year.

  3. I like phantom injuries, especially at this time of year, with the Jays out of it, Delabar maybe needing a little rest and Happ needing some action. It’s good for all parties involved.

  4. #blujays have a good team.. Yes they are playing like shit right now but maybe Johnson/Romero will have bounce back seasons next year and I never thought for a second Dickey would get anywhere close to 20 wins this season… Even though the jays suck right now, u gotta admit its fun watching this team trying to finally win #trades #freeagency unfortunately it hasn’t panned out yet but AA gave us a 3yr window and its only year 1…

    • Yea if this team stinks again next year, he will be fired? Maybe as a sarcificial lamb for In that scenario of three years of poor results

    • Totally.

      • @stoeten
        Is there a chance that he would be gone if the team performs poorly next year?

        • AA? Absolutely. And it would be warranted, wouldn’t it?

          Partly I think you’d have to consider how player development is going, and maybe I’m jumping the gun– let’s not forget how long it took Ricciardi to get shitcanned, and how much of that had to do with his ability to keep the bean counters happy– but I think all bets are off if next year doesn’t work. Especially with all kinds guys who would be heading into their walk years in 2015 (Buehrle, Bautista, Edwin, Morrow– though Jose and Edwin have options for 2016, too).

          Of course, there’s also the school of thought that, as long as Beeston’s here, Alex is probably pretty safe. The calls for his firing will gain in legitimacy if 2014 is a failure. Right now those calls are laughable, though.

    • Agreed, it is fun watching the team finally trying to win. The three year window I know people say because of JB and EE etc…but, this team wants to win every year and it might be a year or two for a transition after JB and EE go, but it wouldn’t be more than that and certainly not 20 years.

  5. @ShiDavidi: Lengthy chat with AA this morning. A few highlights: he expects payroll in 2014 to be able to accommodate current commitments and needs

  6. Do u think Gibby should be fired? Don’t get me wrong, I like Gibby but I think he’s the wrong guy for this team! just my opinion

    • This was AA’s hire, so I can’t see him bailing on his own hire after one season. It’s not as if you could point a finger at Gibby and say “Ah-ha! This thing you did – THAT was the problem!”
      It’s not Gibby’s fault that his starting pitchers collectively decided to shit the bed…or that 2/3′s of his infield was gone for half a year.
      Could Pete Walker’s job be in jeopardy, however?? Maybe.

    • Good offense, good bullpen. What else can a manager do exactly? Anyone suggesting anyone on this team be fired is ridiculous. Unless Gibbons slammed the door on Dickey finger, intentionally twisted Reyes ankle and threw dryer lint at Morrow, then he didn’t do anything to deserve to be fired.

  7. I think we should trade everybody for prospects, then sign a bunch of shitty free agents that are just shit or maybe call up a bunch of kids from A ball, then fire Gibbons and AA, then bring in Pat Gillick and Bobby Cox and pay them $10M a year each. This will solve all our problems.

  8. I for one would not at all be surprised if Gibby takes the axe as awfully as this season has gone.

    I don’t pretend to know enough about it to have any idea if it would be warranted.

  9. Assistants will go before Ginny. Walker especially.

  10. Probably explains his last start.
    Based on AA’s press conference looks like me might start seeing some other pitchers coming up from the minors.

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