August 3rd v Angels

Batter pLI WPA
Reyes – SS 0.77 -0.042
Izturis – 2B 0.65 -0.038
Bautista – RF 0.64 -0.035
Encarnacion – DH 0.60 0.052
Lind – 1B 0.92 -0.099
Rasmus – CF 0.58 -0.004
Lawrie – 3B 0.76 0.031 Pitcher pLI WPA
Arencibia – C 0.72 -0.005 Rogers – SP 0.72 -0.314
Bonifacio – LF 0.87 -0.060 Lincoln – RP 0.07 0.012
Total 0.72 -0.199 Total 0.55 -0.301

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

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  1. I didn’t watch this game.

    Cool that Lawrie hit one out.

  2. Also that song with the looping gif is perfect…….. too perfect :’(

  3. Is there a chance jpa gets sent down or is he here because he is the best of a shitty catcher group?

  4. its 11:59 not fucking morming yet

  5. Gif and Music Video….. Slow Clap. Slow, infuriating and equally depressing clap.

  6. I wonder how much the absence of youth has affected this team. Lawrie being injured, even kawasaki lighting a flame, we see rookies and young players lift their entire teams.

    Then I just get depressed thinking about the Jays and how well their ex-prospects are doing.

    • Seriously? Of all the things this team needs, ‘youth’ isn’t anywhere on my fucking list.

      Organizationally, sure. It would be great to have more prospects in the system. But not on the major league roster.

    • I think you might just be thinking about the plot of Major League 2. Don’t know if it works that way in real life.

  7. I hate ARod, I just read that he’s dating Torrie Wilson. I’m taking her out of the SpankBank. Tears flowing.

    Thought you were btter than that Torrie….. sniff, sniff.

  8. That GIF needs Benny Hill music.

  9. Did Rasmus ever have a decent throw from CF or am I imagining it? He needs to hit the cutoff man.

    • You’re imagining it. He has a strong arm, but he consistently throws it 15 feet up the third baseline.

      Rasmus is one of the few bright spots on this team right now. But his throws have been really frustrating to watch.

      And the cutoff man for those throws would be at the mound. He’d be missing them too. An MLB player needs to be able to get the ball to home from shallow CF.

  10. For those people hoping that they tank (intentionally throw the rest of the season), dont worry: They dont have to.

  11. On a positive note, nice to see Lawrie finally quiet his lower half to a simple toe tap. New balanced stance should at least help reduce the number of hilarious falling over the plate swings on pitches to outer half. May also help him get ready sooner to pull a pitch once in a while.

    • Yeah I like it too. I also think he ‘s seeing the ball better because half of that frantic motion is gone. I don’t think Mottola’s going anywhere.

  12. Good god. I was at a pickup softball game last night and that shit would not have been acceptable. How’s Henry Blanco doing right now?

  13. “@ShiDavidi JPA on throwing E: “That’s an aggressive mistake, my thought process is try to get an out there, try to change that inning”

    That JP doesnt recognize that throw was a terrible, terrible mistake is exactly why hes so terrible at the plate. There appears to be zero recognition on his part that there are major problems with his game, so we shouldnt expect him to change outside of some sort of ‘found jesus’ moment.

    Im not a big beliver in catchers ERA, but id like to see what happens with Johnson with Thole behind the plate.

    • good god. so typical. How he can back up that play is beyond me…you can see the other guy rounding third before he even makes the throw. why the fuck would you make that throw?

      this guy has got to go. he’s a poision and a turd.

    • Well, he said he wanted to change the inning. He accomplished that.

  14. Strange how after EVERY GAME we have a discussion about Arenshitia’s latest retarded play. I have never wanted so badly for a player to get injured. Nothing serious, mind you, just a torn rotator or blown out knee. I don’t think that is too much to ask from the hardball deities, is it?

  15. On mAy 4th we were 11 games under 500. Rightly or wrongly I said like Ray did in an earlier post that they were done for 2013 and maybe they could play 500 ball for the year.. They have now barely played 500 since that date with their supposed talent!
    Unfortunately, like a broken down stock ( like RIM) they now appear posed to test that low and break it. With a looming 7 game homestand against Oakland and Boston upon their return from Seattle where we don’t do well historically they could bottom at around 14 games below 500. A bit of a rally toward the end of the year when some teams don’t give a shit ( including the Jays) and maybe they get back to 10 under for the year, or basically they play 500 from here to the end of the…71 wins for the year approx
    Last night was another example of a team that cannot execute plainand simple
    I’ve now come around to the idea that they will have to look at dealing Bautista, not dumping him, but trying to fill 2 holes somehow. I still cannot believe we weren’t able to sell high on some of our relievers like Cecil or Delabar. Very very frustarting to try to watch these guys and see baseball being played the way I see it with my 14 year old nephew at the park in house league….repeatedly!

    • should say ” may 4th 10 under 500″ , sorry

      • They dont have a lot of options going into next year. The worst part of this season is the starting pitching and they could ALL be back next year, including Johnson. They’ll never be able to get any value out of Lind now whereas a month and a half ago he was hitting .320.
        I’ve never been a proponent of trading JB, but it’s looking more an more like his trade could be their only way out of this.

  16. Placido Polanco is on revocable waivers. I’d take a flyer on him and see if he could be re-signed. Would definitely give them some insurance and a little more license to dump Maicer or Boni.

    He’s definitively better at the plate against lefties than either of those two, and he does have veteran presents. Not a good defender, but let’s be honest. He’s still better than Boni has been this year. All Boni’s “positional flexibility” has bought the team is a body in the field and a shit-load of errors. He can play all those positions, but none of them well. I’d be more comfortable moving Lawrie or Izturis around the field in a critical situation.

    Other than the $, any reason not to claim the guy? It would also help if it fucks the Sox / Yanks, for entertainment value.

    • He’s terrible.

    • It’s revocable waivers because they’re testing the market:Just like AA will be doing apparently for the whole team. If the Jays bite, The Marlins will revoke the waivers and hopefully do a deal. But like everything else, it will cost.

      • Huh?

        He’s 37 and he’s put up Izturis-like number at the plate over each of the last two years, and he’s played only third base, where his defensive metrics have declined.

        Who is giving the Marlins anything for that? You don’t think they just let anyone who wants to play him take him?

        Better question: Why is he anywhere close to anyone’s radar who follows this team?

        • Terrible, and better than what we have are two different things.

          Career .311 / .353 / .443 against lefties in his career.

          349 / .370 / .419 against lefties this year.

          Fading power – Polanco’s certainly getting old – but looks to me like a guy who can be useful situationally. Can you say that of Bonifacio, at all? Be honest. Age and one tantalizing season is all he’s got in his favor. And Polanco has had positive value at 2B in the past. As a 3B – right, he is useless.

          I guess I’m saying that if the Marlins are throwing him away, put in a claim and at least block him from the teams that could use him. If they’ll part with him for nothing, bringing him in allows you to perhaps get more value from someone dumb enough to believe that Bonifacio is just having (another) off-year. If it’s a C prospect that the Marlins want — why not is a better question?

          It’s a way to get creative and maybe try out another vet who can be useful situationally in 2014. He gets a chance to see if it’s a place he would like to be, the team gets a chance to see what he has in the tank. “He’s terrible” isn’t really a fair answer to the proposal. “He’s less valuable than what you’d give up,” or “the tryout thing is BS” could be fair answers.

  17. After the game weaver called lawrie a mistake hitter. Which is fine but then it got me thinking who on this team isnt a mistake hitter? I mean, these guys can be pitched to. Good pitchers usally eat them up because they they are way too aggressive and dont work counts. That to me is a fundamental problem with the lineup that has to be addresed for next season. They cant win the AL east when team like bos and even tampa have way better ABs. Also, the starting pitching is disgusting. I was never a beleiver in esmil rogers resurgence but now we have another guy that needs to be replaced.

    • Also jpa and boni are fucking turds. Nothing new there though

    • That’s an interesting point about the amount of mistake hitters.
      And listening to Jerry and Jack last night, they are of the opinion that shitty defence cost Rogers 6 runs scored.They’re earned on the score sheet but should have pinned on Izturis and JPA.

    • Every hitter is, to a degree, a mistake hitter. The difference between and good hitter and an elite one is how often they capitalize on the mistakes.

      • Yes and No. Good hitters crush mistakes more. This is true. To me though mistake hitters means two things:
        1) They are agressive hitters
        2) If you make the pitches you want, you will get them out.

        I think these are universally accepted components of mistake hitters. However, not every hitter in mlb should be considered a “mistake hitter”. Some take what the pitcher gives them and still get hits (i.e taking a pitch the other way) Take hitters like pedroia, cano, longoria. Ive seen them hit incredibly good pitches. I dont see that nearly enough on the jays. Just way too much free swinging. And that even includes players like reyes, jbats, and ee sometimes.

    • So much fail.

  18. How fuckin’ bad has this season been??? FUCK!

    April is a long ways off….

  19. With bonehead plays like that, is it really so reaching to expect JPA should be benched for the rest of the road trip? Thole isn’t so much worse than JP and he could use some regular playing time.

    • Which is more frustrating: his boneheaded play or his refusal to take any responsibility for his dumber than dumb mistakes?
      (And I was one who thought he might improve this year. Yeah, so much for that.)

      • I generally say it’s his refusal to own his mistakes.

        When Colby wasn’t hitting well, he didn’t make excuses and generally owned the problem. He quietly did what he could to fix them. And now, apart from not throwing accurately, he’s pretty damn good.

      • The team’s refusal to stop running him out there?

  20. After watching the Miami Marlins the last 2 days, I’m convinced this club needs to tear it all down and start all over again. I’d do a total house cleaning. There isn’t one player I wouldn’t trade if I thought I could improve the club going forward. No big contracts, just aggressive scouting and total commitment to youth. This is how the Rays do business and it is the model the Jays should use. When this season ends, the Rays will probably have to deal David Price, but you know what? They’ll still contend next year,with the players they have and the boatload of prospects they keep getting back. I appreciate AA’s effort to put a winner on the field, but this is a poor mix. I can’t pin this clubs failures on any one player, there’s enough blame to go around. There’s nothing I can post that you haven’t thought, heard or read before. The sooner upper level management accepts the fact this club as it is situated does not work, the better. AA neds to re-evaluate his baseball smarts. His track record need improving.

  21. Looking at the Colby throw, it seems that the throw did not go wayward, it actually looks (based on his body positioning) that he actually was trying to throw the ball to Rogers who was backing up JPA. Cletus had a brain fart in deciding to throw to home, 3rd, or 2nd, and ended up throwing to none of the above.

    JPA should be benched for the season except for (maybe) Mark Buerhle starts. What a shitnado of catching buffoonery.

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