Safeco Field

It’s time again for the Blue Jays West Coast Home Games in Seattle, and you, East Coast friend, are missing out on the best place to enjoy a Jays game: Seattle, Washington, U-S-A! Compare this to your Rogers Centre experience:


Global warming has made retractable roofs a necessity; Seattle and Toronto get that. You know what else is a necessity? Grass. Real grass. And a full dirt infield. It looks better, it smells better and it plays better. Watch as Colby Rasmus dives for a ball and slides for a mile instead of landing with a thud. Hear Melky Cabrera’s meniscus cry for joy as he takes the field. Worry slightly less about Jose Reyes’ ankle!

All this and they have the guts to make their stadium look nothing like a toilet bowl. Bold.

Food and Drinks

You have over 50 beers to choose from when watching a ballgame at Safeco Field. Over 50. And the beer list changes with the seasons! More IPAs in the colder months, lighter beers in the warmer ones. I’m not confident Rogers knows there are more than 50 beers in this entire world.

The only thing more eclectic than their beer selection is their food menu. Along with ballpark classics you can dine on pulled pork nachos, chicken and waffle sandwiches, clam chowder (say it right), sushi, fried oysters, cheesesteaks, tacos and of course, everyone’s favourite, garlic fries. You don’t eat at Safeco because it’s your only option for 3 hours, you eat at Safeco because the food is delicious and the options are endless.


And here we have the best part of going to a Jays game in Seattle: the fans. 10,000+ Blue Jays fans take vacation time and road trip from all over B.C. Alberta and Saskatchewan for this series. Remember when you went on a Blue Jays centred road trip? How hyped you were for the game? Pre-gaming with the other random Jays fans you bumped into, starting chants with the 12 Jays fans in your section… Times that by ten thousand. Almost everyone in the park has been looking forward to these three games for months. People are excited and actually showing it. Last year I’m pretty sure I saw the extended Lawrie family giving out chest bumps and forearm bashes outside the main gate.

As I’m sure you can tell, the Mariners make the fan experience their number one priority to make sure you get your money’s worth. This includes opening the ballpark up two and half hours before the game so you can watch the BP show and yell for autographs to your heart’s content.


To my East Coast homies, here’s what I want you to take away from this: if you’re from the GTA and you take a vacation to go see the Jays play, it should be to Seattle. If you’re outside of Ontario (what up, Nova Scotia!) and you save your pennies to come to Toronto once a year to  watch a Jays game, save up a little more and come to Seattle. This is the mecca for hardcore Blue Jays fans. Avoid the frat boys who come to the games just to get drunk before they go out. Avoid the carpet. Avoid the Go Leafs Go chants. Come enjoy real grass, craft beer, delicious food and your fellow kindred spirits who use their hard-earned vacation time to go watch the Blue Jays.

To my West Coast homies, don’t let this season get you down. There’s still Jose Reyes to enjoy and there’s no way they can trade Travis Snider in the middle of a game again. Let’s have fun, let’s be loud and if anyone wants to start a “HALL-OF-FAME” chant for Jose Bautista, I’m in.

Go Jays. Long live Safeco.


Image via Penalty Box Photography/Flickr.

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  1. I did just that, vacation to Seattle. Stoked for the game, although in the initial plan, we were padding our 10 game ALE lead at this point.

    Go Jays. Go Reyes.

  2. I hope someone from Rogers reads this and considers pulling their head out of their ass.

    • Which part? Surely the removal of Windows Restaurant and the addition of a bronze statue outside of Ted should enhance the fan experience and atmosphere for another 5 years at least…right?

      As for Seattle, saw my first ball game there back in 1987, the Mariners against Oil Can Boyd and the Red Sox. The place had the atmosphere of a warehouse in today’s terms, but for an 11 year old, it was a pretty big deal. Only visiting the Big O had less feeling that a professional team actually played there, for me personally, but I can’t believe Skydome doesn’t give that vibe either (have never been there)…and the Kingdome experience was 26 years ago.

      Been to the football stadium next door, Seattle has that down, and its just a cool place to visit regardless.

      • My first games were also at Kingdome in 1987 watching the Jays. Steve Balboni hit a jack in the 10th over Barfield’s head to cap my first ever game, but it was an amazing experience. (The late) John Certutti tossed me a ball the next night, and I held onto it during the full drive back home to the Okanagan the next day.

        Haven’t been to Safeco yet, but one day when I’m back in BC and have the time, it is top of my to-do list.

      • What about Rogers building a new stadium, like a real baseball stadium?

        • Agreed, I have only seen Jays games in shitty stadia (plural, right?)… the mistake by the lake and the Rog Mahall

      • Removing Windows restaurant does make it a better experience in my mind. I like the view from centre field.

        Baby steps…

  3. Safeco is pretty cool without a jays game. Recommend the Silver Cloud hotel across the street. Sat in the hot tub (on the top floor) and listened to the sounds of a night game. Next day went to a game. Treated our kids like royalty, tried different beers and of course….garlic fries :-) and kids got to run the bases after the game.
    Bucket list is a Jays game there.

  4. Not only all of that! but you’re guaranteed to see the Jays play a shitty opponent where they actually stand a chance at winning!!!!!

  5. “And there’s no way they can trade Travis Snider in the middle of a game again.”

    God dammit. You can actually pinpoint the second when my heart ripped in half last year.

    • Your heart should heal quickly if you look at Lunchbox’s line this year. It’s not pretty. :(

    • Holy crap get over it man. Snider is a bust. He’s, as they say around these parts, hot garbage. Maybe even cold garbage. No love lost whatsoever.

  6. It’s more like “go Canucks go” chants.

  7. Now if they could actually play the series on a weekend for the first time in 5 years, it might be 20,000 instead of 10,000

  8. Fuck, I’m moving to the west coast ….

  9. As a Victoria resident, I concur 100% with this post. Get in early (like 5 pm) for happy hour $5 beer. We stayed at Best Western Pioneer Square, about a 10 minute walk to the diamond and about 10 mins to the market downtown.

  10. I’ve been to games in both Toronto and Seattle (I’m from Edmonton). Last year the Jays fans were definitely louder than the Mariner fans at safeco. At the start of the game they announced “and now your Seattle Mariners!” and the home team entered the field to a chorus of boos.

  11. You can also buy tickets for $12 and just walk to the porch and get a 100 level experience with a short walk to a nice beer.

    It’s also Canada night on Tuesday where I get my yearly Moosehead Beer

  12. this guy gets it. My first time in a few years not going down. Reeaaallly missing it

  13. It’s my birthday today but the motherfucking ferry was sold out. This better not be one those 15-inning thrillers or something.

  14. I prefer Detroit. The ambience is better with the pink street lights and the flying lead

  15. I also like going to Detroit games, I went this year on the 8 run come from behind win and it was awesome. Half the tigers fans left because of the rain and all the Jays fans were going nuts, and hey while your down there might as well grab some cheap liquor n’ tobacco.

  16. See King Felix pitch for >20$ , worth it

    • WTF/ Verlander is better anyway plus you get to see Detroit’s finest at work rounding up the various riff raff. Plus in Detroit you can buy a house for 500$ while tou’re there. Course the light s and hydrants don’t work in those areas buy hey Wtf??

      • Verlander is great to, Comerica isn’t as nice a park as Safeco though. But Comerica is closer to where I live so i go there more often and for postseason.

      • I saw a house for sale in Detroit for $39….

    • King Felix is awesome.

  17. 50 craft beers at a ballpark!? Heaven! I hear Camden Yards also has good beer selection.

    • they have good beer selection, but be warned, not all of the beers are good quality. I had some delicious ones and some pretty terrible ones that appeared to be quality “craft beer” but were actually watery messes with an attractive name and label

  18. I’m living in Vancouver and was pissed this wasn’t a day game. Would have loved to go, but have to work tomorrow morning, so I couldn’t stay over night. Honestly, though, I agree with this post 100 percent. Rogers Centre is a terrible venue, full of douchebags. I’m from London, Ontario and the most fun I’ve had a Jays game was in Detroit. You’re better off just to plan a trip to see the Jays play on the road, basically anywhere.

  19. The best place to watch the Jays: The mythical place where they win.. or in 92/93 re-runs.

  20. Imagine…Camden yards in downtown it Rogers and they will come…have the outside of the ball park experience like in Boston but make it a district…and they will come….or put up a statue of Ted Rogers either or and they will come…funny as a crunchy I have to cling to stoetan until I fall off…and listen to him berate anyone who expresses frustration now and early in the season…interesting baseball mind..until someone disagrees with home..ugg life of a crunchy

    • WTF are you talking about! What kind of a moron would complain about the way the jays were playing early on…who knew…and with the win streak…sdont tell me that hope did not course through your veins….course since the guys like you have been kinda right all along…there’s that..but don’t be a fucking asshole crunchy!

  21. Chowdah, right?

  22. I saw the Jays and Mariners at the Kingdome years ago – the Kingdome actually made the SkyDome seem like an upgrade. I recall bantering with Fergie (how ’bout them Blue Jays”) Oliver from the first row, and it seemed like he was miles away…would love to go back, Seattle was a great city to visit.

  23. Sign Cruz aa

  24. The worst part about seeing the 2013 Jays at Safeco is that you have to watch the 2013 Jays play the game of baseball.

  25. I actually met Lawrie’s family, they were sitting behind home plate (it was a couple of younger guys, cant remember the relation except that it was close), I never knew they opened the stadium early for Jays games, that is just awesome, we had gone 3 years in a row (traded it in this year for Cape Breton, this year)…It really is a great time, my wife who “likes” the jays always has a great time as well…

  26. Most heartily concur with all positive assessment of Seattle. Saw the Twins/Mariners last weekend there. Sooooo much food! They gave me a full extra slice of pizza because just one slice “looked too small”. Guarantee that wouldn’t happen @ SkyDome. Cheaper, too. And the atmosphere is awesome. Loved every minute of a 13 inning game, even as it got progressively [+ surprisingly] cold.

    But part of me wants Seattle to remain a little secret. Obviously it’s a big city + people are well-aware of it…but in Toronto I only know one other person who has been to Seattle. I kinda dig on that. Going to Seattle was a lifelong dream! I want it all for the Weasel.

    • I never realized what I was missing having only seen games at the dome until I went to Cincy last year. My god, it’s much more enjoyable to watch a game there than TO.

      • I’ve actually been to a game in Cincinnati – but it was @ the old stadium. I didn’t have a great time.

        I go to a lot of games @ SkyDome, but I might change that next year. I just don’t enjoy it. Even for the cheap price.

      • I’ve been fortunate enough to go to 10 ballparks over the past several years. In order (best to worst) of overall quality of park/game experience/atmosphere:

        - Pittsburgh PNC Park
        - Detroit Comerica Park
        - SF AT&T Park (this year)
        - Milwaukee Miller Park
        - Cleveland Jacobs Field
        - Wrigley Field
        - Old Yankee Stadium
        - Cincinnati Great American Ball Park (worst of the ‘new’ parks that I have been to…just nothing much distinctive to it, imho…they goofed in not opening up right field more to the river, a la AT&T and PNC parks)
        - SkyDome (pre-2013 reno’s)
        - Oakland “” Coliseum

  27. Dickey is gonna mop the floor with these guys.

    Huve stadiums suit him. Rogers Centre doesnt.

  28. Why show these Rodriguez at-bats? Who cares?

  29. They should let us watch the yankees lose 7-0 more often

    • I am already watching both games. Weird that they broke in to show A-Rod. Have some pride or something, Sportsnet.

  30. Hooy fuck Rasmus, could you spend a little more time on your post catch routine? Its not quite complex enough.

    Maybe its just me, but with the disaster this season is, I find it really annoyi g when these guys have these complex celebration routines and shit.

    Having fun is for winners lol

  31. A-rod is pure class

  32. Sportsnet probably shouldn’t use their pitchfx thing in Safeco

  33. What is it with those two?

  34. Bah, they’re laughing at that admittedly funny play. They should be angry and reminding each other they’re in last place, grobble grobble!

  35. Lawrie and Dickey laughing and hugging is what this season should have been all along

  36. Watching the game online while the old lady’s watching the Bachelorette. Holy sweet fuck what an insufferable show. Not sure if I’d rather watch three hours of that shit or a 13-0 Red Sox win over the Jays.

  37. The cutting to A-rod’s at bats is so fucking pathetic.

  38. is humberto quintero an irl midget or is something wrong with my tv

  39. Why do they put Kittenface at first? I feel much better with EE there.

  40. One of the best games I have ever seen was in Safeco; Saturday afternoon game, Boston & Seattle, Pedro’s starting for Boston & I’m lucky enough to get seats about 18 rows up & a little to the right of home plate. I remember the radar gun hitting 96, 97 in the later innings & also remember wondering how the hell do right hand batters hang in there!!

  41. Note this carefully:


    You west colonial douchebags should be thanking us for letting you adopt our team. This is the home of Jilly’s and Babe Ruth’s first HR brah!

  42. Drat. Hittibuttered.

  43. A cheer-off between Blue Jays + Mariners fans? Truly, there can be no winners there.

  44. So Lind is sort of a piece of shit again. The #’s keep slowly going back down to 2011-2012 levels.

    • Yep. The starting pitching is disgusting but so many hitters on this team just arent that good. As usual, a good pitcher is having his way with them.

      • Reyes, Encarnacion, Bautista and Lawrie should be a pretty good foundation, if healthy. Only Eddie has stayed fairly healthy.

        They do need a 2B, they could use an OF (maybe Pillar or one of these other cats), and Jesus if there is bank for McCann, I wish they would outbid the Yanks for him. I know he’s going to decline but it’s not like DH is any great shakes, either.

        Mike Morse might have been a nice DH pickup this past year. There are usually guys floating around who can’t do much but hit… it would behoove us to acquire one.

  45. So are we still pretending Dickey’s biggest problem isnt the dome?

    • Better question is: is there any way for him to adjust to this problem? Or are we fucked?

      • Would closing the dome help at all?

        • I don’t think closing it would move back the fences.

          • I really go back and think now that pitching in Citi Field before the fences were moved in was really a boon for Dickey. Which sucks.

            Teams he could be traded to and dominate:
            San Diego
            maybe Seattle
            TB – he seems to kill it down there…


            Hopefully he can figure out a way to rebound and reinvent himself again to play to the concrete monstrosity.

          • …Has Rogers ever given thought to raising the fence (i.e. put top of fence at the same height as the first outfield level)?

  46. I have been to one of these series, my first summer here on Vancouver Island in 2009. I took the the Victoria Clipper over as a foot passenger and was able to walk to my hotel and then Safeco early and enjoy the festivities. Was in as the gates opened, those full 2.5 hours early and loved watching Doc as he wound up his Jays career. What a fucking great place to watch a Jays game for all the reasons you mentioned above.

    And the M’s fans make it fun too, having full on battles in their house, while outnumbering them in sections is awesome. Soooo much fun.

    Even the Jays must love it there, as Marcum, Scott Richmond, Jeremy Accardo and Jamie Campbell were out at one of the bars postgame.

    And Pike Place market is fucking great. Can’t go wrong with a trip to Seattle, great fucking city.

  47. I saw the Jays in Seattle on August 12, 2003. Awesome venue to watch the Jays. Frank Catalanotto had a lead off home run and that’s all they got off Freddy Garcia. Roy Halladay was the complete game 3-1 loser. Rode on the elevator with a very nice John Cerutti, a bit over a year later he died much too young at 44 years old.

  48. Drivin’ trucks.

  49. Helping out these guys with lots of first pitch contact.

    It may be the strategy that they have planned to take in this game but it’s not working so far.

    • Its been a problem all year long.

      • I feel like it’s been a problem FOREVER. I can only offer anecdotal evidence, but it feels like first pitch swinging is just always the Blue Jays MO. Their signature.

  50. Dad lind

  51. Ah hell.

  52. Just what the doctor ordered.

  53. A raging maple boner does it his way.

  54. All the lawrie bashers have been absent lately which is cool because they’re all fucking idiots

  55. If this game goes into extras i’m gonna have to go for a run in my room rather than down by the beach so this better be worth it

  56. Damn, these western Canadian canucks aren’t fuckin around tonight

  57. That’ll teach that fucker.
    Veteran presents.

  58. Nice hit by a vetrun!

  59. Jays should hire this guy hire Wally to be Gibbys right hand man.

    Best speech ever…

  60. 29 rbi in 33 an for Derosa? Can’t be right.

    Also, wonder if Buck likes trips back to the place where his career effectively ended, quite spectacularly.

    • It’s right. He’s knocked in a buttload of runs and hasn’t hit for much average.

    • Folks have loved to shit on him but he’s provided exactly what you need from a bench guy.

    • +1.

      In April, I wanted the Jays to DFA Derosa because I thought the Jays needed a better bench, but he has done quite well this year.

      It’s probably AA’s best bench bat signing . It’s too bad we ha to use an 8 man bullpen so much this season, because I think a strong bench is an asset.

      The crowd is really hyper tonight.

      Just drove home from Montreal. Construction delays were crazy.

  61. A little looper…

  62. Solid solid game from RA. JJ tomorrow so…yeah.

  63. Good communication there for Derosa and Loup, actually quite impressive

  64. Certainly some boos in there for JPA when announced. 3 pitches, 3 strikes.

  65. This Lawrie defensive wizard looks like he can hit too.

  66. Somebody get Jose Reyes a hug STAT

  67. Reyes showing some emotion

  68. Amidst a visiting team fan induced wave, Reyes with some death stares to the 3b ump.

  69. I like Saunders, good ball payer. And he’s from your neck of the woods isn’t he Kyle/Spud?

  70. Good win! Really good to see lawrie start hitting the ball with authority. Gives me some hope for next season. And please, play him at 3b.

    • @afdg


      I agree that Lawrie should stay at 3B. He’s much better than anyone else we have.

      • I think for a while there management thought Lawrie wasnt really the power hitter they thought he was.

  71. Derosa & Janssen should each get a save!. What a finish to the game!. Jays win!

  72. G’night

  73. Third best game of the year by my count:

    1. RA GC SO in T-Bay;
    2. Buherle CG SO vs. Houston; and
    3. TONIGHT!!!



  74. Baseball America gave their all prospect team for the month of July. Stroman made it. Sick numbers, check out the K’s per 9 and his whip:

    RHP Marcus Stroman • Blue Jays
    Double-A New Hampshire (Eastern)

    The 2012 first-rounder led all full-season minor leaguers with 55 strikeouts in July, making expert use of a 92-95 mph fastball, a tight breaking ball and a sinking changeup. He would fulfill his pre-draft prophesy if he reaches the big leagues this summer, and that appears to be a distinct possibility.

    2 1 2.70 6 40 27 13 12 4 55 10 12.4 2.3 5.50 0.93

    • that looks jumbled, anyway his K’s per 9 is a Sid Finch-esque 12.4.
      His walks and hits per inning is a paltry 0.93.

  75. [...] Dave Burrows explains why Safeco Field is the best place for Blue Jays fans to take in a game, and after reading this piece I’m already excited about a trip to the west coast next season to take in a game at Safeco!B [...]

  76. I will defend the Dome on two small points. 1) without the Dome, Safeco doesn’t exist as the Dome was the pioneer in retractable roofing. 2) Safeco wouldn’t be nearly as nice (I definitely want to get there some day!!) if it had to be built for baseball AND football…a condition that the Dome was saddled with.

    The beer/food situation at the Dome is unforgiveable. The fact that people on this site were doing virtual backflips at the addition of SteamWhistle tells you how bad the beer sitaution is. As for garlic fries…has anyone had them at both Safeco AND San Fran? Gilroy, CA is apparently the garlic capital of the US and “Gilroy Garlic Fries” are sold at AT&T, complete with a 1/2 dozen breath mints! :) They were awesome! It would be cool to hear from anybody that has had a chance to compare them to Seattle’s version.

    • I went to both ballparks last year, they were literally the exact same thing at both fields. Both delicious!


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