Well here’s something that might– but might not– keep on turning its way into becoming a regular feature, but that I’ll make to look like one anyway in order to keep from having it seem too terribly out of place: a collection of random thoughts ostensibly on this weekend’s baseballing, but which doesn’t actually touch on the games at all.


Last night on Twitter I extended a hearty “fuck you” to Sportsnet, who inex-fucking-plicably cut away from the Jays game last night in order to show each of A-Rod’s at-bats.* This morning I’ll double down on that, because now it means I’ve got to write about fucking A-Rod, and… ugh, who cares?

Maybe I’m a little too deep into the Inside Baseball bubble here, but the explosion of this as a major international story over these last two days seems pretty odd, considering it has played out pretty much exactly like anyone following BioGenesis would have expected, I think. A-Rod is doing the A-Rod-iest of things (non-centaur division), and while the handing down of the suspension coincided with his return to health, which is a bit odd, uh… what’s new here exactly?

Bud Selig’s overreach and gift-giving to the Yankees is the bigger story, if you ask me, and all that seems reasonably likely to be undone by an arbitrator, so… why the fuck am I watching A-Rod at-bats when so little has changed as to how we view him?

If this story hadn’t been public for months, or if he hadn’t previously been exposed as having juiced during baseball’s pre-testing era, maybe I’d give a shit. But it has, and he was, so… so what? A-Rod is douche, film at 11? I don’t get it. And I certainly don’t get interrupting a game for Jays fans to shove this business-as-usual horseshit down our throats as though we’re supposed to marvel at it, or expect him to cartoonishly emerge from the dugout like a wrestling villain in the throes of a cocaine rush, antagonizing the crowd with a over-sized prop syringe. Though… that, actually, would be pretty awesome.


* Technically they went to a picture-in-picture setup, do you could see both, while hearing commentary from Chicago.

Position Players

I’ve been pretty emphatic all year that you only need to look in one place to identify the problems that have sunk the 2013 Blue Jays– the starting rotation– and I really do stand by that, but… uh… holy shit there have been some fucking black holes on this roster this year. Not that anybody needs to be old that, of course, but… holy shit!

By FanGraphs WAR, both the Jays catchers, as a group, and their second basemen have both been the worst in all of baseball. Worst. In. All. Of. Baseball.

Their production from third base ranks 27th in the big leagues, and in left field they rank 25th.

Obviously there are some contributing factors– Brett Lawrie’s injuries, Melky Cabrera ailing legs, catchers who can’t hit their way out of a paper bag– that mitigate somewhat just how horrific those number look. But… uh… not really, actually. Holy shit!

Two of those positions probably fix themselves, at least. Or… one for sure does, especially given the strides Brett Lawrie seems to have taken at the plate since changing to a more upright, quieter stance following the All-Star break. I want to believe Melky can be in that same category, too– the Royals were playing him in centre in the season before last, and, as @Minor_Leaguer pointed out somewhat astonishingly on Twitter yesterday, he’s only a year older than J.P. Arencibia– but even the most ardent of his supporters, right now, has to be pretty skeptical. Shouldn’t be tough to replace his defence, at least.

Roberto Osuna

Shitty news finally, officially, emerged on one of the Jays’ top prospects over the weekend, as we learned that Roberto Osuna had Tommy John surgery performed last week. There had been rumblings about it for a while– and even a somewhat cryptic “see you next year” tweet from Osuna that hinted at it back on July 23rd– but now we know for sure. It’s a bummer, but it’s also not like the 18-year-old (he won’t turn 19 until February) was going to ride in like a white knight to save the Jays’ rotation anytime soon. And it’s not like Tommy John is as career-threatening a process as it once was. It does set him back a year, though, and the procedure probably could have been done a bit earlier in the season, as well, as he and the club took the Drew Hutchison route, attempting to rest and rehabilitate the injury first. With Osuna’s reported polish on he mound, the year off may not hurt him as much as it would a more raw thrower, so maybe that’s a silver lining here, but obviously it isn’t good news. At least it’ll give us reason to follow the 2014 Arizona Fall League a bit, eh?

Heard A Rumour…

This one is so not-terribly-relevant that I’m not going to worry too much about cryptically explaining the channels through which I heard it in order to legitimize the info here. Basically, someone told me that he’d spoken to someone who overheard someone who’d know suggesting that Brandon Morrow isn’t with the club less because he’s injured and more because there’s no sense in bringing him back, creating a roster crunch, and running the risk of further injury to a guy who is going to be so key in 2014. I suspect that if one wanted they could pretty easily debunk that one– Shi Davidi’s having spoken to a source that revealed his “entrapped radial nerve” diagnosis would seem to be a good place to start– but… that’s what I was told and am now completely irresponsibly suggesting could actually maybe be a thing, based on nothing but hearsay of the most completely unreliable nature. Journalism-ish!

Lastly, A Tweet… From Me, Presented Without Comment (And One More Late Addition)

Comments (91)

  1. Sportsnet’s picture in picture of A-Roid’s at bats made me sick. I changed the channel every time it happened. Rogers should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Boo sprotsnet

  3. One clip of A-rod getting booed, fine… but no need to keep going back to the well and interrupting the Jays game!

  4. They also had the cut-ins during the tennis match.

    It’s one of the more tone-deaf decisions Rogers SN has made.

  5. Sign Nelson Cruz?

  6. Re: Heard A Rumour…

    If true, Morrow will be two years removed from only pitching 180 innings once in his career.

    I understand protecting his arm for when it matters most, but if the guy is going to be so important in 2014 doesn’t he need to pitch?

    Could it be reasonably expected for him to complete 2014 and hopefully playoffs with such little arm endurance built up?

    All this at the expense of a roster spot? I know that they are tight these days, but really?

    • Yes, it would be reasonable.

      • Don’t rosters expand on Sept 1 anyways, negating the whole “roster crunch” concern? They wouldn’t have to drop someone from their roster to accommodate him, so that part of the rumour doesn’t seem to make sense.

        It’s not like late-September baseball will be especially meaningful for the Jays this year anyways, so they could always do something like go to a 6-man rotation for the last two weeks if they were really motivated to see how healthy he is.

        • Not sure, but could be a 40-man thing. They might have to remove someone from the 40-man to activate Morrow, which could be a problem.

      • Do the weighted balls thing with Morrow, I am sure he will throw 100 after that.

  7. On the second base front… AA mentioned over the weekend that one of the reasons Lawrie is back at 3B is because it seems like it will be easier to find 2B in trade or free agency for next year. I did some digging and found that made a lot of sense, and actually found 10 possibilities I could see that would all be pretty real upgrades at 2B (compared to the crap we’ve seen this year.) Some are much more realistic possibilities than others, but I still thought they were all somewhat possible:

    1) Howie Kendrick, who was, and is expected to be, available in trade for young pitching.

    2) Alexander Guerrero, whose fate should be decided soon. He’s a Cuban SS most see winding up at 2B. I know little about him, but reports are he has a chance to hit pretty well.

    3) Jhonny Peralta: would the Jays try their luck with another Melky Cabrera? Peralta’s played SS for years, but his defense would likely look better at 2B, and there actually doesn’t figure to be many shortstop jobs available for him this offseason.

    4) Omar Infante will be another Tigers free agent. He’s pretty good.

    5) Kelly Johnson would be funny to see back in a Jays uniform, but, he reportedly liked his time here and the Jays long-coveted him before they got a hold of him for a year.

    6) Gordon Beckham has been long-rumored to be an AA-target. He was injured much of the year, but has had some BABIP-related decent numbers since returning.

    7/8) Aaron Hill and Martin Prado. The D’Backs have a bit of a surplus. 3B prospect Matt Davidson looks ready for the big leagues, and SS Chris Owings does as well, even if he has to move to 2B because of Didi Gregorius’ presence. Prado hasn’t had a great year, and hasn’t played much 2B in a few years, but he does have experience there from Atlanta. Presumably, one of Prado or Hill could be moved this offseason.

    9) Rickie Weeks isn’t so great anymore and is owed a good chunk of change, but supposedly the Brewers would love to get his contract off their books.

    10) Rafael Furcal will be a free agent, and while he’s no sure bet, perhaps you try him at 2B and see if he can hit a bit? May not be the best fit for turf, though.

    (Sidenote, if you haven’t checked out AA on Primetime Sports from Friday or Gregor’s write-up of his media scrum, there’s a handful of somewhat interesting run-on sentences to be found.)

    • So Kelly Johnson then, eh? Sure, why not?

      Also, thanks for the heads up on the AA stuff. Was going to include a roundup of all that in this post, actually, but I think it should be on its own and intend to get to it later in the day.

    • While we’re making 2B lists, let’s add Cano.

    • All true. Which is why I made this point way back when the experiment started…only to be chastised by Stoeten, who now agrees. It should also have been apparent to the Jays. Which means one of two things have to be true:

      a) AA had a deal in the works for a 3B that is now off the table (I wonder who?).
      b) The Jays front office is so bad they don’t monitor what free agents will be available at season’s end for positions of need.

      Obviously, ‘b’ cannot possibly be true. So then, who was this third baseman that the Jays were close to acquiring that was good enough to warrant potentially throwing games away in what’s supposed to be a contending season by experimenting with Lawrie at 3B?

      I think AA should have to answer some tough questions about that, because if it’s anyone marginal at all that speaks volumes about what he thought of his own team’s chances and Lawrie’s long term viability offensively at 3B.

      • Sincere question – you don’t think it was at all true that it was Gibbons’s idea and he just liked the idea of Reyes and Lawrie up the middle for years to come?

        • No, I don’t.

          I don’t think any front office worth its weight would move one of the best defensive third baseman in the game off of his position, mid-season, back to a position they had converted him from, because a new manager thought it would be great in the future.

  8. I’m tired of all the day rueing we are associated with.

  9. The ARod thing is a media circle jerk. They are their own audience. I can’t imagine anyone else caring or finding it interesting. At all.

  10. https://twitter.com/LilyMorrow21/status/360839558897737728

    This tweet from Morrow’s wife the day after the entrapped radial nerve was made public sounds more like someone who just got bad news about a serious injury from a doctor than someone who was told to stay home to be at full strength for a big season in 2014… but who the fuck knows. Speculation!

  11. The rest of the season has absolutely no meaning to it, so why the fuck is Reyes playing with an injury when we could be tanking with out him for 2 protected picks????

    • I don’t agree with the tanking comment, but I’m 100% on board with the Reyes remark.

      I think we badly mishandled Melky, and if something happens to Reyes while he’s playing on a not-quite-100% ankle… well… fuck.

  12. Bring back Aaron Hill!

  13. For me, the A-Rod thing was great…as I was watching the game on MLB TV, and they mercifully didn’t show the at bats.

    As well as that, it was a few minutes of silent respite from having to hear Buck and Tabler speak…

    (I know I should have been taking advantage of the option to listen to Jerry, but…alas…)

    Regardless, I just want to watch baseball…not watch Entertainment Tonight concurrently…

  14. Is Nelson Cruz a realistic lf option for 2014?

  15. In regard to A-Roid, fuck him in his stupid ass… EVERYONE has wasted too much time talking about him recently. Let’s just let him fuck off and be done with it.

    For position players on the Jays, if Rogers’ kids are willing to spend more as they said, then this off season would be the time to do it. Get rid of JPA, get in a bidding war for Brian McCann to drive the price up while instead signing Ruiz. He plays a solid two way game and knows how to command a pitching staff. For 2B that is as easy as trading for Darwin Barney, I would be more than willing to accept a light hitting guy if the defense has huge upside. If not him, how about Omar Infante? Reliable two way guy, shouldnt be too too pricey. For an upgrade in LF, why not open that wallet and get a guy like Hunter Pence or Corey Hart? I would pee in my pants to see Pence as a Jay, he plays the game the right way, hard all the time. Spend some money and put the right players in place. Adding Ruiz, Barney and Pence/Hart/Morse would be solid.

    As for Morrow, sorry folks, I dont care how unpopular the opinion is but he needs to be put in the bullpen. The Jays will never be able to plan a proper rotation around him especially with him spending more and more time on the DL every season. You have McGowan as proof that sometimes guys just can hack the rigors of starting anymore. Id personally rather see him pitching big heat reliably out of the pen than sitting on the DL after another 10 start season. The rotation next season will have dickey, buerhle, Hutch, maybe Stroman unless they opt to give his AAA year instead and likely Johnson again because he will likely accept pretty well any qualifying offer they give him. That leaves one spot. Why not throw some money at Nolasco, Arroyo or maybe Gavin Floyd (trusting that he would come back 100%?)

    • I don’t know about Morrow being a full-timer out of the pen. I’d said try him out on the weighted balls and use him as a swing man/middle reliever, and he would probably end up being our hardest throwing RHP out of the pen followed up by McGowan, and Delabar

  16. I look forward to an arbitrator sticking it up the collective ass of Bud Selig and the Yankees and hopefully cutting A-Rod’s suspension in half at least. As much as I don’t like him, I hate the Yankees infinitely more, and hate that they’re claiming moral high ground when they really just want out from under a bad contract.

  17. Buck: Agree on Morrow. Bullpen is his home and he could be dominant there. People will believe he’s more valuable as a starter, like all pitchers and that’s true minus the reality and significant history he never will handle a starter’s workload. The starting staff next year might surprise fans. I don’t think Johnson will be back on any type of deal. I hate to say it, he’s a nice guy and has a respectable pedigree but he’s a mess right now. You cannot have Morrow, Johnson and RR on the same staff with a three or four year window to win a WS. Five healthy Happs would be far better. They would lack the upside to match up against another team’s ace but will give you 6+ innings most nights and therefore a chance to win. I like Hutch and I would like to see what Stroman can do too.

    • AA will offer him a qualifying offer, it’s kind of a no brainer to at least offer it. I believe with the motivation of re-establishing value and the offseason to get his head in the right space, he could come back in surprise us. Romero will be nowhere near the Jays rotation next year or any other year, he’s done and barring some sort of miraculous turn around in spring training he will spend another year in Buffalo next season. Morrow will hit the pen.

      Free agent

      I believe that is what we will see on paper going into 2014. If Johnson falters in spring training or otherwise during the season I expect the Jays to have him on a short leash and DFA him near immediately which is why I believe theyll sign a free agent and have stroman waiting in AAA to pounce on whatever open spot comes up. But that’s just me.

      • Why would you make a $13 million qualifying offer to someone you’d be prepared to waive by July?

        Either they have to sign him for less, small enough money that they can waive him and have someone pick up the contract, or they have to let him walk. If they offer him $13 mil, they’re not waiving him early next season.

        • True I guess. That money would be better spent on someone else.

          • Or you could sign him for small enough money that you wouldn’t mind paying him to play in Buffalo but big enough that he wouldn’t get claimed on the way down. Maybe something like $7 mil (with more generous club options and perhaps with a Lind-sized buy out). With the options and with his potential, maybe you’d be ok paying him $7 mil to start for the Bisons to see if you’d want to pick up the option and have him back in Toronto in 2015. This is under a scenario where he is awful again next year.

      • When is Sanchez getting here? Get him up and see what he can do.

      • bm hair swoosh, congrats on being the biggest idiot here.

        • LOL really? you arent here very often are you? I am the biggest idiot on here because I dont have a perfect handle on the ins and outs of qualifying offers? hilarious. But none the less, thank you very much for that prestigious title.

      • Buck: The problem is Johnson will accept that QO and I cannot see AA giving him 14 million to do what he’s done this year. As for RR, yes, he looks done to me. but some fans think he’s coming back like Halliday did a decade or more ago. Hey, he might, just like Johnson might but the point is AA cannot count on them for next year. The 14 million can be spent in other areas. AA will go the trade route this winter.

        • Halladay didnt spend near as much dismal time in the minors. Romero was awful last year, awful in spring training and even in AAA hasnt shown anything but crap. He’s done or at least in serious need of a change of scenery.

      • I would bet my house that is not the rotation we will see heading into 2014

        • I would bet you it was my opinion and not fact. What I would like to see is the following

          Nolasco / Lincecum / E. Santana / Floyd etc
          Redmond if he continues to pitch well, if not then either another FA or someone internal

          For me, there is absolutely NO WAY the jays can ignore the wealth of talent on this years free agent market. It would be bad business to do so. Im not suggesting giving Garza the billion dollars he will command but going after one of the other top 5 slots would be a good idea and then if Redmond or someone else internally doesnt stand out then perhaps someone past the 10 slot like Arroyo perhaps since the Reds wont be extending him.

  18. There as been alot of prospect guys talking about Jays regretting Dickey trade lately. This seems to be based on 2 things. 1) Dickey being completely unable to pitch at the shitdome without giving up 3 homers a game. 2) The praise being heaped on Syndergaard.
    It’s the second that is surprising since it seems that these guys have abandoned the notion that young double A starters are fairly unpredictable. Just looking at BA’s 2012 top 50 prospects, half of the pitchers above A ball on the list are now seen as back end guys, relievers or have health problems. Guys like Bauer, Banuelos, Peacock, Pomeranz,M.Montgomery, Hultzen,Vizcaino were all thought of like Syndergaard and now have serious questions about their future impact potential. While the trade may end up bad, can we just slow the roll until the kid can at least creep like Quintana.

    • Plus #3, d’Arnaud is currently healthy. The fact is we have to wait until Syndergaard has pitched a bit in the big leagues and d’Arnaud has stayed healthy for an extended period of time. So I think you’re right, it’s #1 that’s leading to the (premature) conclusion that the Jays will regret the deal for ever and ever.

  19. The most sickening thing is that the MLB is helping the Yankees to get salary relief. Wishful thinking, but it would be interesting to see what would happen if MLB required teams with players suspended for PED to pay the salary to a charity and have it still counted against the luxury threshold.

    • and Buck Showalter even telling the Yankees that they’ll sign his catcher…

    • G Man: The Yankees are laughing, all that spending flexibility will mean the rich get richer when some team loses a key piece to the Yankees. It is sickening and bad for baseball despite how much the Yankees draw on the road.

      • I don’t know about bad for baseball.

        I heard some people saying teams should have to pay some kind of a penalty and/or contracts should be voided. I think the best penalty would be something like what I proposed, something to force teams to try to prevent their players from using.

        What’s the point of all this? The risk of getting caught isn’t much of a disincentive for many young players, as what they’re after is to get set up for life with, initially at least, one contract. I think the current system does as much as can be done for young players/first time caught using.

        If a player like Braun or Rodriguez is caught once they’ve already signed the big contract, unless the contract is voided and they have to pay back what they’ve earned – both ridiculous propositions – theoretically they would have still accomplished the goal of being set for life. So what you have to do is disincent teams from giving those big contracts. My suggestion was to make them pay to keep the players off the field.

  20. That catching statistic is so fucking horrible.

    Especially at what could be considered the most integral defensive position in the game, not to mention being in control of the game in so many ways.

    McCann, please.

    • McCann is going to the Yankees or Phillies, there’s almost no chance around that in my opinion. Sure I would love it if the Jays played the bidding war game just to push the Yankees into what Im sure will be an outer space type contract. All the while focusing on signing Ruiz instead. Ruiz will be cheaper and his two way game plus his experience is perfect. He has commanded an absolutely impeccable pitching staff for years, his defense is good, his bat is good and he will be able to play the mentor role to whichever catching prospect in the system knocks on the door first. This to me is the guy they need. Sure he doesnt have McCann’s bat but with the Jays offense, he doesnt need McCann’s offensive numbers. But one thing theyll need to attract Ruiz is to sign one of the top notch free agent pitchers.

      • A bidding war with the 2 richest teams in baseball? That’s fucking pointless and if we’re the Yankees and you tried that, I’d drop out of the war and stick you with a contract that would hobble your team for half a decade.

  21. A lazy man question – does anyone know how the qualifying offer process works? Do you make the offer and then the player can shop around for a deal before deciding whether to accept or turn down? Or the player has to decide without having talked contract with anyone else?

    I’m assuming it’s the latter. So if a player turns down a Q.O, then any team that signs him, for whatever amount, has to forgo a pick (if unprotected)?

    Seems like kind of a crazy system!

  22. Did I ever tell about my auction league this year? The one where I drafted RA Dickey, CC Sabathia, Ian Kennedy, and Josh Johnson?

    No? Best keep it that way…

  23. I believe I’ll be told I’m crazy, but I wonder if the Angels would go for a deal where the Jays take Kendrick, send back Romero and pay a good chunk of his salary, and throw in another pitching prospect not named Nolin, Osuna, Stroman or Sanchez — that or a decent reliever.

    I could see a team believing Romero needs a change of scenery and that he would benefit from being closer to home.

  24. That means you’re paying a lot of money + prospects basically for Howie Kendrick, though, and they may as well sink it into the Cuban dude if they believe in him, or another FA without losing the arms.

    I could see eating a bunch of money on Romero and shipping him to someone who wants to take on the project, as part of an effort to net something back.

  25. [...] Bag; he also takes a look at some tidbits from Keith Law’s latest chat, and gives us some miscellaneous thoughts from the [...]

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