Hell of a neck, bro.

Brett Lawrie is back home-ish, and it appears like he can hit again, and that’s extra terrific, not just because of the great Jays fans who’ve made the trip down the coast to annoy the piss out of the Mariners fans getting to see him, because that means I can write a sentence in this Game Threat that doesn’t mention Josh Johnson and the possibility that he might, once again, be terrible. Almost.

Fingers crossed! Hey, and Josh Thole getting the start!

Henry Blanco!


Late night baseball!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (R)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Josh Johnson

Seattle Mariners

SS Brad Miller (L)
2B Nick Franklin (S)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
LF Raul Ibanez (L)
RF Mike Morse (R)
1B Justin Smoak (S)
CF Michael Saunders (L)
C Henry Blanco (R)

RHP Felix Hernandez

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  1. Blanco vs. Thole

    Battle of the Backups

  2. bring back the Brazilllllllian

  3. Oh Josh Johnson circa 2010,, please make an appearance tonight. Weve sat through the new you’s shitballing all season after being stoked that you were even coming Toronto. Could you somehow reach into the future and slap the future you in the face?

    Thanks Bro

  4. #dimed for life, y’all.

  5. Blanco’s going to give us the shiv

  6. Why are they batting Lawrie so far back in the order? He has been batting pretty well lately and the team isn’t making the playoffs so they might as well give him a shot in the 2-hole over Izturis.

  7. Ugh. Romero through 3 easy then 7 runs in the 4th.

    • Why is anyone still paying attention to him? He sucks, he will continue to suck, that’s it. :S

  8. Maybe we should get the knuckleballer Boston started tonite-1ip, 1Wp, 1Hit, 4 passed balls by LAvernay and yanked after 1 with Boston losing 3-0. Too funny.
    Ahh, back to our comedy hour with JJ pitching. I’m just hoping he can somehow keep us in the game for 5 innings

  9. OMG Jose! Great start!!

  10. love that man

  11. If I remember correctly jays are the only team Felix has am era over 4 against in his career.

    Fun useless stat of the day

  12. why the fuck would he be bunting?

  13. With 1 run scored the Blue Jays should be able to win this game. King Felix gets crap run support, it seems.

    To celebrate I’m putting my “King of Perfection” bottomless soda cup into play.

  14. Buck and pat having a wheeze off


  15. Gah, how great a start with this had been if Maicer didn’t get thrown out.

  16. of a* would this**

    Fuck, I’m drunk.

  17. Macier is the slowest middle infielder ever

  18. I don’t wanna say i’m holding my breath for JJ but i hope it’s a quick inning

  19. Anyone else finding that the feed has seemingly disappeared from Rogers on demand?

    • I missed the first two batters of the Jays half, because vipbox was playing a WNBA game.

      First time in my life I’ve seen the WNBA televised. I thought that was a myth.

  20. So if JJ does well tonight, can we say “fuck sample size and logic” and just blame JP for all his problems?

  21. Here we go again.

  22. Think Johnson kept the ball from that inning? 0 ER in the 1st is a pretty big deal

  23. The 2nd inning’s the big one.

  24. dat rasmus slide

  25. Joey Glove.

  26. Does anyone think Buck’s laugh is a bit on the wheezy side?

  27. Strong hands… big wrists….

    oh god how he manipulates the…….. baaaaaseeballll

  28. JJ is like a roaring lion out there tonight. He’s pitching to earn his BJ jersey. He might blow it, but can’t you see? He wants to to stay.

  29. How come they aren’t cutting to any Arod at bats? I really want to know how he’s doing.

  30. Nice inning.

    • Definitely a promising start by JJ. But the batters need to score a few more runs.

  31. Unlucky

  32. The Man from Muncie’s inner core didn’t allow him to dodge that stinger.

  33. Lucky!

  34. Would be a nice time for Thole’s bi-weekly hit here…

  35. Rasmus is such an underrated baserunner. I’m sure it was on the shortstops mind that he slid hard into him last time.

    • Agreed. He doesn’t get much credit because he doesn’t steal bags but he’s great on base.

  36. Not a good call to Thole’s strikeout, but Blanco framed it perfectly.

  37. Clutch hit. This game can be yours JJ!

  38. Holy fuck! Bonifellatio? Is that you?

  39. guys. he did it

    smile with me

  40. We need Reyes for a full season next year!

  41. Lawrie’s high-5′s look like they could break bones.

  42. Offer the mariners jpa, boni, and todd redmond for king felix. Just dare them to say no.

  43. And there’s the A-Rod update….

  44. I have only watched the Blue Jays for 37 years,always believed the catcher was really important in framing the pitch point. Not trying to be negative towards JPA, as I recall he has always been JJs catcher in games could be wrong, Big difference in framing the pitches tonight for Johnson by Thole and a major difference to results over the first 3 innings.

    • I’m not defending JPA, but I read an article on jaysjournal or something that he’s rated near the top at framing pitches. I can’t say it’s legit or not, but it surprised me. I think the pitch selection is JP’s problem.

  45. The Defense is helping the Starting pitcher….who would of thunk it?

  46. I’m actually surprised to see how many home runs the Mariners rank in the AL.

  47. I spent yesterday on the deck drinking beer, I think I burned my nipples.
    I’d rather have taken a punch in the face.

    • I naired my chest once and got that chemical burn on my nipples…..hurt like a bitch.

      • I shit you not, my buddy has always had a bad mono brow, his sister convinced him to Nair it.

        He left it on wayyyy too long and got a horrible chemical burn that turned into a giant scab for two weeks. Right between his eyes.

        It was great.

  48. Damn it Buck!!! You sounded so sure that Eddie hit it out of the park!

  49. CLETUS!!!!!!!!!

  50. Razzmatazz

  51. That’s just good base running. Right Buck? Tabby?

  52. Love Cletus that greasy bastard. He and Lawrie are looking great right meow.

  53. You could say this is the worst start of the year for felix

  54. Who’s this Felix kid? If he’s one of their prospects they should get him out of there and spare his confidence.

  55. Good to see the offense beating up a good pitcher

  56. This is a fun game to watch. Lawrie, Rasmus getting key hits. The King has lost his crown tonight.

  57. The million quick crowds cuts after every run is pretty annoying

    • meh….it’s pretty impressive on how loud the Jays fans are when the visitors are cashing in. But yeah, it’s a little much.

      • I just feel bad for the Mariners fans. Sure, I guess it’s their fault for not turning out to support the team. But still. There team is mostly terrible + they seem like nice people. It would be more fun to have Blue Jays fans gang up on a more deserving fanbase.

        • I feel the same way when i go watch the twins, usually lots of Jays fans, and Minnesotans are kindly bunch

    • They deserve some love, and hopefully help bring more next season.

    • I like seeing the support. I’m not a fan of the “Go Canada Go” chant though. Rather they just did “Go Jays GO”.

      I don’t think if it was Saunders and Lawrie versus the rest of the players we’d be doing very well.

      • “Go Canada Go” in this context makes just as much sense as the pointless “USA! USA! USA!” chants that spring up. But less hilarious.

      • I’m in agreement with you, but with the caveat that instead of trying to be dicks cheering for Canada against America, I think many are probably just trying to represent more than Toronto in their fandom.

        • Fair point.

        • True enough. I was happily surprised to find real life Blue Jays fans when I was in a westerly way. Gave me something to talk to them about + distract them from hating me.

  58. Lawrie is looking great. Seems like a different hitter.

  59. Again, if someone can pick me up one of those bobbleheads I’d happily pay you for it

  60. Come on JJ, the game is yours. Don’t give up a few runs now that you have a huge lead. Finish what you started.

  61. “look how beautiful all these C-cans are”

  62. Franklin looks like brought his big brother’s batting helmet to the major leagues.

  63. Is it JP’s fault yet? :P

  64. Don’t question Gibby BUck!

  65. I would say my use of my King Felix bottomless soda cup was an unmitigated success for the Blue Jays. I’ll indulge in superstition + use it again tomorrow afternoon. FOR THE SWEEP! Oh my. I’d better go rest up.

  66. Cletus!!!!

  67. Pretty nice, Clete.

  68. Rasmus would’ve had that

  69. Love me some Colby.

  70. As a pat on the back I’d like to congratulate myself for sticking with colby while the… human garbage… trashed on him earlier this year.

    • You can go on + call Cletus haters “fucking idiots” – mainly because I’m not one of them. And I’m one of the “human garbage”. I’ve always been keen on Colby.

    • I knew his contract was coming up so I just checked. He’s arbitration eligible this winter and can be a free agent after ’14 if we don’t extend him.

      He’s making 4.68 million. What’s it going to take for us to lock him up? Or do you think AA just let’s arbitration take care of it on a 1 year deal? I think that would be a mistake.

      • The sooner the better.
        Clete likes being one of boys, likes Toronto.
        He’s gonna average 11-12 per.
        He deserves it.

          • As long as Rogers is in a throwing $$ around mood, I’d definitely lock up Cletus.
            Even when he’s not hitting he can play plus defence and produce .240.
            Now, the trick will be to get Gose hitting for some kind of backup or trade piece.
            I dont think Melky will be back after next year.

  71. Blue Jays look good at Safeco. I don’t mean that they are playing well, I mean that stadium, fans and Jays look as if Safeco should be home. Skydome or Rogers… is a dump

    • I have tickets for more games @ the SkyDome this season + after going to Safeco I just don’t want to go anymore. It broke me.

  72. Hahaha! Wtf?!

  73. Ibanez is severely drunk.

  74. Ibanez is channelling his inner Melky.

  75. Cmon Kitten Face. Pile it on.

  76. Ibanez clearly took lessons from Carly Rae Jepsen on how to hit the cutoff man.

  77. Funny, a Mariners fan just tweeted:

    Maybe #Mariners can get a hit & some runs if the opponent were 2 B kind & put a little-leaguer on the mound. A 6+ ERA ain’t getting it done.

    • The “Good Josh” entered the game last night with a 6.60 ERA and left with a 6.20 ERA. 5 IPs and no runs: good for a win and who knows, maybe a QO if he keeps it up.

  78. Seems to me that Thole calls more of the pitches in the game on his own compared to jp. Maybe its perfect timing for when the broadcast pans over JP vs Thole, but every time i see jp on camera behind the plate hes looking into the dugout for signs. Thole rarely if ever has during this start.

    Maybe i am just trying to dig for another reason to hate jp…. #freethole

  79. I just want to grab perezs little beard

  80. So why do we have our worst hitter batting second? For all the good things about Gibbons, why he bats that fucking turd second is a mystery wrapped in a conundrum and glazed with shart.

  81. Feels like Ibanez has been around forever

  82. Santos looks filthy out there.

  83. Santos looks good?

  84. I wonder if JPA is asking Happ for hitting advice.

  85. Here’s hoping Santos becomes the new ‘Sandman.’

  86. G game

  87. Sounds like Santos looked pretty good, which is promising. I couldn’t watch, but nobody on the radio mentioned anything wrong or bad. Was his fastball velocity where it ought to be (or at least close)?

  88. tough luck for King Felix but he didn’t have a good game..bounced a lot of his change up/curveballs tonight..the fastball wasn’t sharp either..Jays was fortunate to face a subpar King Felix..i remember Buck and Pat was saying something about King Felix wasn’t sharp either when he shut out the jays last time..i actually want to see the dominant Felix Hernandez against us..Will he throw a perfect game?

  89. Solid game.
    #Love this stadium.

  90. Observation: Thole looks like a pitcher hitting at the plate. I have no idea how he was even relatively good at AAA

    • #FreeNegrych

    • One thing is for sure, he doesn’t look like Zack Greinke at the plate. Interesting stat, Greinke has provided a 1.3 WAR as pitcher so far this year, as a batter 1.1 WAR

      • Meaning that the difference between the jays and the postseason is running greinke out in left field all season.

    • This is only the second time this season Thole caught JJ.

      The other game was in June versus Texas and he also went 5 innings. Gave up 3ER and struck out 4 in that one.

      I think this proves without question Thole catching JJ will keep you in the game. While JP catching JJ gets you down by 4 or 5 early and ends up taxing the bullpen. Direct correlation right?

      Also, if there was decent production out of the hitters around him (like last night), could you live with watching Thole at the plate 3-4 times a game?

  91. Where’s the gb podcast?

  92. Chances of the Jays catching the Yankees in the next two months to avoid a last-place finish? Better than 50-50?

    • I was just thinking/hoping that same question.

      I’d say it’s doable and would take a little bit of the sting out of the disappointment of the season.

      Finishing ahead of the Yankees always makes you feel better.

    • We’re 4.5 back right now. Yankees look like corpses (in fact I can’t believe we’re actually behind them)

      Definitely doable.

  93. ZUBES

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