J.A. Happ returns to the hill today in a getaway day affair in Seattle, pitching for the Jays for the first time since he took a Desmond Jennings liner off the head three months ago, which– silly us!– seemed like it might have been the season’s low point– a genuinely scary situation that required immediate medical attention for Happ.

Of course, his knee kept him off the mound for longer than his head injury did, thankfully, and after a less-than-entirely-impressive three-start stint in Triple-A (6.75 ERA, 5.00 FIP), he’s back! Which is totally great to see. And… hey, Seattle looks nice, huh?



Late scratch! J.P. Arencibia has been removed from the Jays lineup at the last second, with a sore knee according to a tweet from Mike Wilner. Dun dun dunnnnn!!!! (Or… it’s probably just a knee thing. Or perchaps, as @James_In_TO suggests, Maybe John Gibbons got wind of Thole’s career 7-for-11 against Harang.)

The Jays tweet that they have a very special, limited edition OVO Fest-logo’d cap on sale coming up on Thursday. On the side of a normal Jays cap is an OVO Fest logo– an owl with the city’s skyline in the background, with the following words emblazoned around it. “October’s Very Own 2013.” Here, look:


Is that some kind of a sick joke? I mean, I guess that’s what the OVO in Drake’s OVO Fest stands for, but… seriously Jays?

Someone tweets at me that the hats were sold at OVO Fest for $75 bucks a pop. Holy balls!

Rosie DiManno did heroin three times.

For your between inning listening pleasure, please enjoy today’s Getting Blanked Podcast.


TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
C Josh Thole (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Seattle Mariners

SS Brad Miller (L)
2B Nick Franklin (S)
3B Kyle Seager (L)
DH Kendrys Morales (S)
RF Mike Morse (R)
CF Michael Saunders (L)
1B Justin Smoak (S)
LF Dustin Ackley (L)
C Humberto Quintero (R)

RHP Aaron Harang

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  1. Haha, I saw that DiManno thing earlier today. The whole article was painful to read (as usual) and just awful in general (as usual).

    But that heroine part was pure black tar gold.

    • What’s so awful about it? Trudeau does seem like a buffoon and that’s pretty much what the article is about. The pot stuff, meh, hard to argue objectively on an issue like that anyway. Most of those who use it wouldn’t mind it being legalized most of those who don’t use it wouldn’t mind things staying as is.

      • There are a million places on the web to discuss politics. I generally find that baseball sites work better when they’re not one of them.

        • “Let us realise that in fact, sport is cultural. It does not exist in a bubble outside society or politics. The idea that sport and politics don’t connect is worse than disingenuous, worse than stupid. It is wickedly, wilfully wrong. Everyone knows politics interconnects with everything for “politics” is simply the Greek for “to do with the people”. – Stephen Fry

      • What is awful is that it is entirely her opinion and has not one referenced fact (or any fact checking of her statements). It is her stream of consciousness driveling, based entirely on her opinions (substantiated by the fact that she has experimented with drugs), masquerading as journalism.

      • I am not disagreeing on the Trudeau thing though.

  2. Remind me again why I used to think Happ was a good pitcher?

  3. Cut Happ a little slack in his first inning back after a skull fracture.

  4. I lol’d at HARANGUTAN!

  5. That parrott on the side of that October hat is the worst looking parrott I’ve ever seen.

  6. I wish I had more confidence in Thole right now.

  7. I’d take a JPA strikeout in this situation over a Thole GIDP

  8. Thole owns the HARANGATANG!

  9. What’s the deal with JP?

    Not that I’m complaining, but is did they finally realize he’s shit?

  10. fair bunt?!?

    • Bonfiacio is actually good, he just didn’t want to show it until after the trade deadline to maximize playing time with his Dominican buds. Expecting a strong last 1/3 of the season from him.

  11. Who’s injured?

    • the lament of the game day watcher

      • It’s funny because I am actually injured.

        • Hope you feel better. What injury?

          • The very first thing I did in Seattle after checking into my hotel was eat pavement on their famed sloped streets. Busted up my good knee + sprained my ankle. Then walked around on it for long days for the next week + a half. It’s been two weeks today + the ankle is still swollen + painful. The knee took days to stop bleeding – it’s all scabbed + bruised now.

            I’m officially listed as day-to-day + am seeing my doctor later today.

            • Yikes! Still not thinking of taking a break from your policy of not drinking? good pain killer

              • I’ve actually broken this ankle a number of times. So I’m used to the pain. Crutches + casts are for the weak. Also, I have prescription drugs. However in Seattle I could only wear my fanciest shoes as the others wouldn’t fit to due swelling. Sassy.

  12. Eddie action.

  13. Wing Ding Dong

  14. A little more parrot walking – love it, love it.

    We should refuse to leave this stadium. Fans love it, great food, grass – semi quality play.


  15. Back to back? Sure, why not!

  16. He gone.

  17. There’s nobody out in the third inning and we’ve already had a catching change, an umpiring change and a pitching change.

  18. BONG!

  19. Wheres JP? Ive been at my cottage with no electricity over the past week. Is he injured or something?

  20. Beaver Shot

  21. If the Jays can score six more runs they can have a better run differential than the Yankees.

    • And if the Jays could beat the Yankees, they could have a better record than the Yankees.

      • a nice attainable goal for the team could be finishing ahead of the yankees. would also be interesting if all 5 al east teams finish above .500

  22. Has anyone received their Encarnacion’s Parrot shirts?

  23. Man, with all those home runs in the middle of the order, you’d think Caawl-by might get in on the action. I’m predicting something here, this inning.
    I mean, fuck, he’s gotta hold Bob Bannerman down for a few G’s, right! Fuckin’ dingers for dough….

    “Hey, maybe I should go for a wank?!”

  24. This new and improved Lawrie is so freaking heartening

  25. Seriously?? I come home from work..it’s 7-2. I go out to mow the lawn…and now it’s 7-7, and probably more?

    • I’m sure it’s Happenstance, but please don’t cut the hedge or weed.

      • I’m not sure, based on runs/minute, I think he should go back to yard cutting. They scored 5 runs in the 30 or 45 minutes he was out cutting the yard (if not longer). They scored a quick 2 on a home-run in the 2 minutes after he got back in.

        • Ok..I talked to the neighbour for a minute as well. He’s BBQ’ing something that smells divine out there…but wasn’t inclined to throw a spare steak over the fence.
          I popped open a Steam Whistle and turned the game back on….and WTF?
          PS..Lind is fucking useless against LHP.

  26. a furbush jersey would be a nice present for the girlfriend

  27. I went away and came back. sweet mother of god!

  28. Cletus is due.

  29. Lind might as well just take every pitch against a lefty. Who knows, he might even luck his way into a walk or HBP.

  30. Linds at bat was complete horseshit

  31. Gibby fucked that up big time. Rajai Davis on the bench and you allow Lind to face a lefty?

    No excuse. I said that at the time, as well, not in retrospect. Lind has become Lind again.

    Lind has a fucking .561 OPS vs. LHP. And he’s the DH so it’s not like Davis couldn’t PH for him. Davis has a fucking .906 OPS.

    .561 OPS vs. .906 OPS with the bases loaded. Not to mention Rajais wheels. You’re not going to double him up.

    Idiotic managing ther.

  32. Funky cold Medina.

    That Medina’s a monster y’all..

  33. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect David Eckstein, but you only have to sprint 4 times a day, with a decent break inbetween.

  34. I don’t buy that Lincoln will ever be more then a mop up guy.

  35. This game might be the least getaway getaway game of all time.

  36. Bail us out Olly

  37. Magic!

  38. Not bad for an old guy.

  39. BLACK MAGIC!!!

  40. He’s gotta pitch another year.

    That must have been so much fun.

  41. “It’ll be the #2 hitter, Bonifacio…”

    I want to punch something every time I hear that.

  42. @Kylez: I’m at this Sunday’s game. You want a bobble head?

  43. Gibbons couldn’t coach a pee wee team much less an AL East team.

    Loup lets the bases clear, goes ball 3 on almost every single at bat and almost gives up a dinger. But hey, gibbons isnt falling for that shit. leaves him in to blow the game 2 batters later. unbelievable.

  44. Well, another game with shittacular starting pitching. I’ll give happ a break though since its his first start back after a long layoff. But seriously gibby. Why the fuck didnt you pinch hit davis for lind vs the lefty with the bases loaded? That was a huge managerial mistake. Lind hasnt hit lefties at all other than a short spurt earlier this season. Im not a davis fan really but the guy crushes lefties. If he messes up, at least gibby gave his team the best chance to win the game.

  45. De Rosa claimed off of waivers.

    • Blue jays have until tomorrow to work out a trade, let him go or pull him back. What do people want to see happen?
      Im thinking you wouldnt get much in return, however there isn’t much point in letting him go unless he wants to play for a contender. He’s only making a quarter mill for the remainer of the year. Lets trade him for Gomes please lol

      • There was once a time where all this would happen, the team would pull the player back off waivers and no fan would know anything had happened. I doubt he goes anywhere and imagine the only reason he would be traded is to go to a team in contention as a goodwill offering from the Jays front office.
        I also don’t think any team in contention is gung ho to pick up a Derosa. Meaning I doubt anything happens.

      • Doubt he gets anything back in return. He’s only making 250 G or something so he’d be a bargain pickup potentially to whichever team wants him. AA could try to attach other players to DeRosa and make a multi-player trade like that Red Sox-Dodgers one. That’s the only way I see AA giving up DeRosa. But I am sure we would have heard about others being claimed then if that were the case

        • A versatile veteran with a .362 wOBA against lefties and a $750k option for next year has to have some kind of value to a contending team, even if it’s for some kind of nothing prospect. And really, would the Jays be much worse off with Kawasaki or Pillar (who’s been destroying lefties at both AA and AAA this year) taking that roster spot? I don’t think it would make much, if any, difference, so if they can get something (anything) then why the hell not?

    • Probably by the Barves

  46. Good character guy that loves the game. Voted one of the top teammates in the league I thought in some Twib informal poll on TV earlier this year I think. Could’ve been the booze though.

    Yeah I realize there are a few guys kicking around the league like that but to see how he seems to get along with guys like Lawrie, Kawasaki and the pitchers, among others, and seems to bring guys out of their shell is probably something this team needs more of next year, not less, from a bench player. The whole reason he was brought in by AA. A bench player that is a decent producer all things considered, and utility position player to boot.
    Of course, you get any sort of decent return from a team wanting that personality and player on the bench for the post season, do it quicker then a JPA strikeout and bring him back to the Jays next year.

  47. Guys like DeRosa are more valuable then a WAR equation can quantify.
    He is a character guy, and if you have seen any of his interviews, is funny as fuck.
    GM’s prize him for being the type of guy that can bring a room together, provide some tutelage and take on some of the leadership role.

    He has also provided a useful bat off the bench.
    None of the first few lines can be equated sabermetricly speaking but sabermetrics are flawed. Like badly.

    Here are 2 third basemen going into the allstar break (I borrowed this from SI):

    Player A 93 games .365 avg. .458 OBP .674 Slugging 30 Homeruns
    Player B 96 games .310 avg. .337 OBP .470 Slugging 7 Homeruns.

    Player A had 5.5 WAR
    Player B had 5.0 WAR

    Player A Cabrera
    Player B Machado

    I don’t need to be a Mensa member to realize I want player A over player B but the Saber guys will tell you it’s close. I’ve seen Macahdo play D, he’s extraordinary at it but he is no where good enough that I would believe his D makes up for the difference on offense.

    Same goes for the Trout – Cabrera argument from last year.
    I’d love to have Trout but he was not more valuable then Cabrera last year.

    This was a long winded way of saying that DeRosa has value. More then geeks can tabulate with a calculator. I hope they don’t let him go, and if they trade him I hope they get some value.

    I’ve played competitively, represented my province in the Canada Games, and as much as guys who haven’t played will say that these “intangibles” aren’t real, I say they are. I can’t prove it to you, or to guys like Stoeten (who demand empirical proof) but to me it’s like asking you to prove to me that it’s impossible to breathe in space. (I know you can’t) But there is no way that you can show me, it’s just one of those naturally accepted facts.

    There’s a reason that GMs/players/owners continue to value these types of players, there’s a reason that Gm’s continue to claim these types of players, and there’s a reason that they keep paying for these guys. They believe that chemistry is indeed “a thing”. They’ve been around the game, they’ve played the game, they’ve seen it with their own eyes.

    • Been sayin it for years Smasher.It’s the reason I started commenting,after lurking for a year, on this board.It’s why people accused me of being too old to understand the logic behind the “new fangled sabermetrics”.The fantasy baseball leagues produce “experts” in analysis and when they’re wrong,it’s “small sample sizes” or “outliers” or something else.The truth is we all use the stats as a starting point. After that the fun begins,cause the stats don’t always tell the true story.
      Sabermetricians should try to understand what Bill James was trying to do when he started,they’d enjoy the game better.

    • This is all a bunch of nonsense, you realize. Call people geeks all you want, if that’s what you think is going to win this argument, but Trout was very clearly, demonstrably more valuable than Cabrera last year, and Machado was real close at the All-Star break because defence matter and Cabrera can’t play it. Your naturally accepted facts, I’m sorry, are based on utter bullshit. Just because you believe hard enough, or you think GMs and players believe in it doesn’t make it true. Put the bible down and stop embarrassing yourself. Sabermetrics are not perfect, but they’re better than “I played in the Canada Games and believe me, I’ve seen ghosts.”

      • Says the guy that prays at the alter of the sabermetric Gods.
        Yeah the numbers tell the whole story.
        There are none so blind as those who don’t see.

        • Nobody saying that numbers tell the whole story. Yes, Sabermetrics are flawed in many ways. The fact that you want to paint people who look to them as unthinking and dogmatic, however, is hilarious. You talk about people who are blind? How about the one who hasn’t noticed how that has changed over the last decade. Playing the high horse card is your way to avoid dealing with the fact that you believe in ghosts, I get it, but you’re not fooling anybody.

          Hey, but go defend the guy who said Cabrera was better than Trout based on absolutely nothing but a theory about how Sabermetrics are wrong that he found up his own asshole.

          • Create your own narrative to fit what you think.The fact is that most sabermetricans try to laud the stats as the only logical way to evalate players and use those ideas to denegrate those with an opposing opinion.I appreciate the stats and use them as a starting point but then look deeper.
            This isn’t a fantasy baseball league but a real baseball league.
            Most don’t even consider the conditions where the stats were accumulated.
            Stats are a starting point not the only point.
            And without those ghosts you speak of, you’d have no Bautista or EE.
            Keep closing your eyes to everything baseball and keep on missing the whole picture.
            Live in your little isolated world of numbers.
            Your loss.

            • Stats ARE the only logical way to evaluate players, and people grasping at ghosts SHOULD be denegrated. You look deeper into unquantifiable nonsense, and pretending to be high and mighty with bullshit like “this isn’t a fantasy baseball league,” or pretending that I’m isolated in an “isolated world of numbers” is such a transparent defence mechanism. Just because I don’t tell you what you want to hear doesn’t mean I’m I have a narrow vision and have my eyes closed. Using stats is eye-opening, in fact, and the lip service you always give stats before you go back into pretending bullshit exists doesn’t mean that you have the foggiest idea how powerful they are. You clearly don’t– if you did, you wouldn’t continue to indulge in the ghost hunting– and that’s YOUR loss. Say all the words you want to make you feel good about your complete ignorance, to feel like you’re above the people you deem as blind for actively seeking knowledge out and ignoring your little fairy tales– again, it isn’t fooling anyone.

              I know you like to believe you know shit, but you don’t. Actually trying to comprehend the sabermetric side of the game would go a long way to helping you find your way out of your own asshole, because it’s precisely about challenging our assumptions with actual data– and sometimes they don’t line up, and it’s weird and tricky to wrap your head around. You, obviously, don’t want your assumptions challenged, though. Again, your loss.

              • I used to be just like you.
                When Bill James came out with his “radical” new stats.I bought in hook, line and sinker. He had figured out what everybody else missed.It was logical. It took the emotion out of evaluation and I was smug.I could figure out what the old fuckers never would. But even as James warned, at the time,be careful about taking the stats as an absolute predictor.
                Numbers can lie.
                James no longer works for the BoSox and Tango no longer works for the Jays.
                I realized the world beyond the numbers. The effectors, the conditions, the leagues, what the scouts are saying.And how it can create a different picture than the numbers alone.
                I used to be like you.
                Until I learned about things that I knew nothing about.Especially,from those who played at a high level.Those who had that experience. It opened my eyes.

                Do you realize that over a third of MLB players polled, have no idea what the WAR stat is or what it stands for?That the same poll, says that a majority of MLB players have no idea the value of their own WAR stat?
                It’s bantered around,by fans, as an excellent way to value and compare players.Yet the players themselves don’t care about it.
                Doesn’t that tell you something?
                Food for thought.

                I have to go. As usual we’ll have to agree to disagree.Not surprising, we’ve had the discussion before.
                Have a nice day.

  48. Although I think Drakes a absolute piece, i think that hat is pretty cool. And the $75 price tag doesn’t surprise me, those hip hop kids will spend any amount of money to wear the same hat the……ahem “rappers” are wearing. Last year one kid at my school bought a Ralph Lauren sweater he saw 2 chainz wearing, cost him $189.00 … doesn’t even have a job. Modern day hip hop is sure teaching my generation its values!!!

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