Confirming our best hopes, Shi Davidi tweeted earlier this evening that the club’s top prospect, Aaron Sanchez, who abruptly left his Wednesday night start for the Dunedin Blue Jays, did so due to a problem with a blister he has been dealing with of late.

To wit:

So that’s a relief.

Especially since something worse wouldn’t have come as a terrible surprise in this year gone so completely sideways, not only just at the big league level, but in terms of prospects too– from Roberto Osuna needing Tommy John, to glowing reports for the departed Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud, to the big league debut of Jake Marisnick, and a somewhat injury-plagued year from Sanchez himself.

Sanchez is still held in high esteem, of course– Keith Law ranked him the eighteenth best prospect in the game at midseason, despite Sanchez having missed over a month from mid-May to mid-June– but it hasn’t necessarily been the best of seasons for the 20-year-old. It hasn’t been bad, mind you, and maybe only seems a little pedestrian in comparison to the New York hype machine (that’s right) pumping Syndergaard’s tires, but Sanchez still hasn’t quite taken the step forward in terms of command that everybody is waiting for, with a walk rate of over 11%, and has seen his K-rate dip slightly– though it’s still impressively above 20% and among the league leaders despite his being one if just four 20-year-olds to have pitched more than 50 innings in the Florida State League this year (Syndergaard having been one of the others, before he was moved up to Double-A by the Mets).

Of course, Sanchez has lots of time to get the command in order, is still a consensus top 50 prospect (at least by the midseason lists from Law, John Sickels, Jason Parks, Marc Hulet and Jim Callis, as I noted in a mid-June post), and I wouldn’t put too much stock in my old fashioned scouting [read: "scouting"] by stat line anyway, but… yeah. Now he’s dealing with a blister– as Law suggested in his most recent chat.

And, y’know, we’re back to wishcasting on prospects.

2013, you guys!


Image via MiLB Prospective.

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  1. In related news, Osuna has a pimple, Stroman has hangnails and Rowdy Tellez bought a new hat.

    • Not intended to be dickish, I understand that it’s a relief that it was a blister as opposed to arm troubles. The title made me giggle though.

  2. Didnt Al Leiter have the same problem?

    • Pickle Brine! Or he can just piss on his hands more, worked for Moises Alou!

      • I remember at the time that pickle brine was put forward as a remedy. I just had a look at BR. In his 1st 4 years he pitched only 15 innings for the Jays and in his last 3 years he went 108/111/193 IPs. Then he bolted. No wonder they booed him when he came back.

        • Yep, they kept him going for 7 years, he finally had a good year and immediately bolted for the big bucks. Just part of the business, but have never forgiven him for in his introductory press conference going on about how the organization that got almost nothing out of him for SIX YEARS and whose pitching coach SAVED HIS CAREER “Never Supported Him”. Ugh

  3. Sanchez’s season numbers have been marred pretty badly since coming back from his time off in June. The K/BB in particular.


    The second half of this year may just be a mulligan.

    And while that sucks, he’s still only 21, will probably start at AA next year and may very well be the best Blue Jays pitching prospect since either Dustin McGowan or Roy Halladay.

  4. Baseball America put out a “Best Tools” report for all minor league baseball levels and leagues on Tuesday. They rated Sanchez as best breaking ball.
    A few other Jays prospects sprinkled throughout, and a bunch of ex-jays.


  5. You know that the Jays are having a bad year, when a prospect pitcher only having a blister is one of the better, positive pieces of news for 2013.

  6. It’s late and I can’t sleep. And I just noticed the ‘archive’ button on the side of the this website. Took a stroll down some good ol game threats featuring the likes of Josh Fucking Towers, Roy Halladay, the O Dawg, and Donald Sutherland.

    And a tear rolled down my face.
    Go Jays,. Hump those A-holes tomorrow, and give us Drunk Jays Fans a worthy finish to a forgettable season.

    • …wait maybe not the O-Dawg….but you feel me anyways

      • aaaahahaha are you FUCKING kidding me….

        From Orlando Hudson’s wiki:

        “In 2005, Hudson was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks along with pitcher Miguel Batista for third baseman Troy Glaus and shortstop prospect Sergio Santos.”

        Was not aware we had the pre-converted Santos in our system prior to him becoming a pitcher…

        • It was definitely a storyline the media picked up on when the Jays traded for him. He was kind of the Jays big aquisition that summer, which is why you may have not been paying close attention. I’m sure you would have heard about it repeatedly during Blue Jays broadcasts if he was actually in the lineup the last two seasons.

          • They’re trying to do the same thing (exactly) with Justin Jackson, a SS now turned relief pitcher for the Lugnuts.

            • Justin Jackson actually moved up to Dunedin recently. He had a 2.25 ERA in 32 IP with Lansing. He has only had 7.2 IP in Dunedin though, so any numbers from there say nothing.

  7. B.A. also has a cool article about the amazing year of Kevin Pillar but it’s behind the paywall.

    He told his girlfriend in spring training that he’d marry her when he was called up by the Jays, only problem is he thought he’d be spending the entire year in Double A. Funny and a good read.

  8. Nothing to do with Sanchez, and a very tenuous link to baseball in general, but…

    Dan Shulman, everybody!


    Oh, how I miss those dulcet tones.

    • I’m guessing the Maccabiah Games rules are pretty strict when a 46 y/o centre is the best the Canadian team can do. But good for Dan for, uh, stepping up. He’s without a doubt among the best baseball broadcasters…including Vin Scully.

      • Well, it was for the Masters division team, not the general ‘active athlete’ division.

        • To pull the link back to baseball…Dan Shulman’s lack of a stat line (1 game played, no game time recorded) makes him the ‘Moonlight’ Graham of the Maccabiah Games.

  9. While a blister is good news in this instance considering the alternatives, recurring blisters can be a not-so-good problem, and is something that curveball pitchers deal with more often because of their grip on the breaking ball. Josh Beckett had 6 separate trips to the disabled list between 2002 and 2006 due to blisters on his middle finger, and a seventh due to a “skin emulsion” (whatever that is) on the same finger.

    What I’m tryng to say is, I hope this isn’t a chronic issue with Aaron.

  10. I like the prospect info updates, keep up the good work Stoeten.

  11. I’m surprised that JPA hasn’t developed a nasty blister from all that swingin’ and missin’.

  12. This guy must be pitching for the Jays next year if he is anything.

  13. I’m pretty sure he just needs to start pissing on his hands to prevent blisters. Vlad says it cures all skin conditions.

  14. I don’t understand how some of these guys don’t develop a callous.

    Give him a shovel in the off season and tell him to go dig in some hydro poles.

  15. Rios just traded to the Rangers for a PTBNL.

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