Aug 7th v Mariner

Batter pLI WPA
Reyes – SS 1.04 -0.087
Bonifacio – LF 0.74 0.067
Bautista – RF 0.64 0.024
Encarnacion – DH 1.25 0.243
Lind – 1B 1.53 0.045 Pitcher pLI WPA
Rasmus – CF 2.26 -0.276 Happ – SP 0.89 -0.439
Lawrie – 3B 0.87 0.104 Loup – RP 2.09 -0.475
DeRosa – 2B 0.90 0.068 Lincoln – RP 0.36 -0.013
Thole – C 0.85 0.265 Oliver – RP 0.45 0.053
Total 1.16 0.375 Total 0.91 -0.875

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Edwin Encarnacion, 24.3%
Griffin: Aaron Loup, -47.5%
Impact At-Bat: Josh Thole 2-Run Double, Top 2, 22.4%
Impact Pitch: Humberto Quintero 2-Run Home Run, Bot 5, -30.6%
Highest Leverage AB: Colby Rasmus Groundout, Top 6, 4.65
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Michael Saunders RBI Fielders Choice, Bot 5, 3.85
Lineup Contribution: 37.5%
Pitching Contribution: -87.5% !!!!!
Average Leverage Index: 1.04
Chart explanation

- J.A. Happ’s line: 4ip, 7h, 6er, 3bb, 2k, 99 pitches, 9 swinging strikes, 21 game score, 4.29FIP.

- Aaron Harang’s line: 2.0ip, 5h, 7er, 3bb, 53 pitches, 2 swinging strikes, 15 game score, 20.54FIP.

- J.A. Happ was welcomed back into the rotation and proved that he was watching along to what the rest of the guys were doing for the last three months, putting the Jays in a 2-0 hole before recording an out. Shit didn’t really hit the fan until the 5th, when a hit from Kendrys Morales brought the M’s within 3 before Happ gave way in a bases loaded situation to Loup, who allowed all the inherited runners bestowed upon him and swiftly erased a 7-2 lead.

- Loup continued to struggle in the 5th, giving up a 2-run shot to Humberto Quintero that would prove to be the difference in the game. Brad Lincoln coughed up 3 walks without giving up runs, and Darren Oliver recorded the last 5 outs.

- The Jays rolled the bats out early with Brett Lawrie continuing a rampant series by driving in Encarnacion in the 2nd, followed by Josh ‘Free’ Thole driving in a pair with a ground rule double. Reyes and Bonifacio continued the feast with a run-scoring groundout and bunt single, putting the Jays up 5-2.

- In the 3rd Encarnacion (30), and Adam Lind (14) sent back-to-back shots into the seats to open up a seemingly insurmountable 7-2 lead.

- The Jays had plenty of opportunities to add to the lead and/or come back, putting runners in scoring position in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. You can’t really lay the blame on the bats in a 9-7 loss, but there were several opportunities to come back.

- The Mariners pitchers walked 9 Jays hitters and the Jays walked 6 M’s, which is a fancy way of saying this was an awful game if you’re a fan of good pitching.

- Each team tallied 11 hits each, with only Colby Rasmus failing to get on base for the Jays. Thole went 2-for-5 with 2 RBI and a run scored, in the wake of the news that JP Arencibia is awaiting MRI results on a sore knee. Be careful what you wish for and all that.

- Later in the evening Mark DeRosa was reportedly claimed on waivers by another team, but Kenny Ken Ken claims the Jays aren’t planning on letting his veteran presents land under the tree of another team.

- The (53-61) Jays drop Game 3 and fall one short of a sweep. After flying across the continent they return home to host the (64-49) Oakland Athletics on Friday at 7:07pm EST.

- The projected match-up is Esmil Rogers (4.23FIP, 0.7fWAR) vs Jarrod Parker (4.62FIP, 0.6fWAR).

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  1. Big of an ugly game all around. Bullpen that’s been so good all year finally showing some signs of cracking. Still, good series to come within 1 of the sweep. Hope the bats continue to swing against Oakland on Friday.

  2. Keeping derosa makes sense trade Oliver

  3. Like their site is king shit

    rant: In the DJF article, Stoeten refers to an Aug. 6 article in which he notes, with astonishment, that the Jays are among the worst in the league at 4 positions: 2B, C, LF, 3B. Gee, we have only been saying this for … oh, I dunno … all season! Talk about clueless.

    • Blue bird banter

    • It should be clarified that it was some fuckin idiot in the comment section,who made the statement.
      He missed Stoeten’s point completely.
      The commenter at BBB had a swing and a miss,went down on strikes.
      Sad really,he coulda learned something,if he took his head out of his ass.

    • Holy shit, do I really need to put “obviously” in all-caps and increase the font size tenfold in order for whoever that BBB reader is to have caught it? I called the stuff obvious twice in yesterday’s article, and In the August 6th article I noted the awfulness at certain positions, and then literally wrote, “not that anybody needs to be told that.”

      That commenter is an utter fucking moron.

      • Take it easy.

        • Comments there say that djf is just and one opinion place

        • Why should I take it easy? Some idiot attempted to call me out while being hilariously wrong. I feel I should take a moment to bask in his dumbfuckery.

          • A few reasons:
            1. Why not
            2. No need to argue with a commenter on another site. Argue with him there, or argue with people here. Why have proxy arguments?
            3. Other commenters on BBB could be trusted to respond to the original comment.

            • 1) I explained that. You don’t like it, door’s on the left.
              2) Actually I attempted that. Check my Twitter arguing with BBB about their horseshit registration process.
              3) So what? It was about me, I think I have a reason to respond.

              • You get worked up too easily.

                I love the stuff on your blog, but you need to stop taking things so personally.

              • You guys have a very easy commenting process, which I appreciate as an occasional commenter. But then again it opens it up to many more idiot commenters than are on Bluebird Banter. All SB Nation is asking is that you register for an account, and confirm your email. That gets you an account that allows you to join any of the 300+ blogs. Then our blog asks you to wait 24-hours before approvals. That gets rid of a lot of hot heads and spammers, making our lives easier.

                You are more than welcome to join and respond to any comments about you, of course. And we were even prepared to waive the 24-hour wait time for you because we know you. Visitors and commenters on our blog appreciate the level of discourse in the comments sections compared to other places online. It is unfortunate that you decided to cancel your application, but we are going to keep our current practices and policies.

              • You’re right. Take it easy or take offense. I’m sorry and I’m sorry for even getting involved.

  4. Shoulda pulled Loup earlier. Shoulda pinch hit Davis for Lind.

    Shoulda coulda woulda been a win.

    • rarely do i get upset when i lose money on sports anymore but man, i wanted to shove gibbons down a flight of stairs yesterday. managerial incompetence at its finest. the jays are never going to win with this guy. hopefully they figure that out sooner rather than later.

      • What did he do wrong?

        • he didn’t pitch well enough I guess….

        • why did he let loup blow the game considering how bad he was pitching? he had 4 other relievers left to finish the game with not counting anyone who pitched the day before. 4 runs cross the plate and yet he left him in to let the next guy reach and then give up the 2 run shot. considering loup went ball 3 to almost every guy and then had to start throwing heaters down the middle, did nobody stop to think that maybe the team with the 3rd most dingers in the majors would eventually slug one out of the park? having lind and rasmus back to back in the lineup is super risky. knowing how bad lind hits against lefties(.227) and being in a bases loaded situation why not let davis(.354) pinch hit? I realize how good Lind was doing on the day but thats wishful thinking at best. he struck out on what? 4 pitches? big surprise. those were both gamechanging situations.

          • Lind and Rasmus I can entirely agree with you, though I don’t think that necessarily lost the game. The pitching stuff I think is just always so much based on hindsight that I can’t bother with it. Always going to be debatable points when a game goes like that, but I have a hard time killing the guy.

        • April 16 – Tie game in the 7th, Davis comes in to pinch hit for Rasmus in a high leverage situation against a lefty. It backfires, Davis strikes out and a late inning mistake in center field leads to a loss. Everyone ignores the fact that Rasmus had been terrible against lefties and that the move gave them the best chance to break the tie. Gibbons is the worst, fire him!

          August 7 – Jays trail by two in the 6th, Lind stays in to bat in a high leverage situation against a lefty. It backfires, Lind strikes out. Everyone ignores the fact that Lind was guaranteed at least one more plate appearance in the game, which he used to draw a walk in the eighth inning. Gibbons is the worst, fire him!

        • How come DeRosa got the start and not Izturis or Bonifacio? Does Harang have reverse splits or is it based on DeRosa’s track record facing Harang in the NL?

          From time to time, such as sitting Kawasaki against RHP after Reyes was back, Gibbons’s starting line up decisions have made me scratch my head.

          • Also Arencibia over Thole against RHP, though I’m not sure how much of that has been mandated to Gibbons.

  5. Yankees lose as well (twice blowing leads with one out to go) so the turtle race for 4th place is still on.

  6. our starting pitching is total shit this year…

  7. as has been our defense. total joke.

  8. 13 K’s for Nolin yesterday.

    On the other hand, Sanchez left his game early . . . injury related

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