Alright! It’s time for our daily trip around baseball to talk about the interesting topics (TM), with a little Jaysturbation (or not), cooking tips, heresy, trains (?), car noises, and even more depressing realizations about just how ridiculously out-of-whack MLB’s alignment is thrown in for good measure (or not): it’s a brand new episode of the Getting Blanked Podcast!

Which… it’s been a while, huh? I don’t regularly post new episodes of the podcast, because you can simply head on over to Getting Blanked (as you should), and find them there.

Today, though, uh… Friday lunch has taken some wind out of my sails (read: put some wind into my sails!), and so I’m just going to do a podcast post here.

Y’know, for that reason, and also maybe the fact that there’s dick all to talk about regarding the Jays, unless you really want to hear about a glowing BP report on Clinton Hollon, or AA saying Kevin Pillar is ready for the Majors, or Alex Rios getting dealt (who gives a fuck?), or Bisons fans’ tales of getting kicked out for chanting “no means no” at Josh Lueke, or @JaredMacdonald hearing from a just fine Aaron Sanchez, or our friend Clint (aka @StivBators) relaying comments from John Gibbons on Melky (hopefully back by September– and didn’t have his knee scoped, though they thought about it), Arencibia (not being DL’d but not starting tonight), and DeRosa (who he says deserves credit for Lawrie’s turnaround, which is nonsense that nobody with a brain should take at face value), or more of my pissing and moaning about the frustrating comment system at a smaller, similarly-themed site (Step one: hit reply. Step two: signup/login to their parent network. Step three: hit reply. Step four: go find the activation email you’ve been sent. Step five: hit reply again. Step six: “Join” the blog you want to comment on. Step seven: hit reply again. Step eight: be told you need to wait 24 hours. Step nine: complain on Twitter to the parent network you assumed implemented the procedure about this madness. Step ten: deal for an hour or two with people getting their back up defending this ridiculous process.)

And let’s be serious, nobody needs any of that. So just listen to a damn podcast, OK?

This week’s topic: Your MLB dream job, Prop Hate, fast food/chemical goo.

If you prefer to have a listen later, you can download the podcast by right-clicking right here.

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Comments (11)

  1. Checked the pillar link to the sun article, they confused gose for pillar in the pic and fucked up pillar’s stats. Terrible journalism, was gonna comment until I had to deal with the bullshit comment stuff (login through twitter, yada yada yada) mentioned in this post.


    • They didn’t confuse the pic, as it stands right now, though. Read it all the way through.

  2. To be fair I wasn’t kicked out by the Bisons. Only warned that it was supposed to be a family atmosphere and if I didnt keep it civil I would be kicked out. Lueke’s fucked up delivery also caused me to yell out “I did not consent to that balk” a couple of times.

  3. Not as many of em around but Mary Brown’s gives Popeyes a run for their money. That waffle chicken is some next level stuff though.

  4. Thole came up to Bubble Butt by Major Lazer a few weeks back. Would that make the music czar’s cut?

  5. Would have to agree with this latest article at the star:

    “The former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz once said, “I have seen teams short on talent win famous victories simply because they were better prepared, more focused than their opposition.”

    This summer, Toronto has seen a team long on talent lose for want of the same virtues.

    “Fundamentals,” said Holtz. “Ignore them at your peril.”

    Too often, the Jays appeared to put more energy into celebratory dance routines than mastering the fundamentals of hitting a cut-off.”

  6. Was not expecting the romantic twist at the end

    I had no idea how much stoeten loves popeyes

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