Toronto Blue Jays v Atlanta Braves

Hey! Baseball’s still going! Also… uh…


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The Jays and the A’s. That sounds, uh… really.. uh… hey!

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
LF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Oakland A’s

CF Coco Crisp (S)
2B Eric Sogard (L)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
LF Yoenis Cespedes (R)
1B Brandon Moss (L)
3B Josh Donaldson (R)
RF Josh Reddick (L)
DH Seth Smith (L)
C Stephen Vogt (L)

RHP Jarrod Parker

Comments (128)

  1. Isn’t it about time the 5/6/7 spots went Rasmus/Lawrie/Lind?

  2. Thole gets the start…. Let’s see if he can start the long march back to Mendoza.

    Big game, Jays 11 A’s 3

  3. The Jays and the A’zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. My prediction: Esmil Rogers, 6.1, 5 K’s, 2 ER, 3 BB.

    Jays win: 4-3

  5. Why is Lind DH and EE 1B?

  6. Not looking good

  7. Yeesh

  8. Esmil I think has been found out.

  9. The Ishmeal Rogers Starter experiment is over.

  10. So who takes Rogers’ spot in the rotation next time around?

  11. It’s a fine line between staff ace and non-tender candidate for Mr Rogers.

  12. The question is did he just hit a wall, pitching so many more innings then last year and he may be viable next year, or has he been found out and league adjusted?

  13. Might become ugly

  14. He’s been found out. The Oakland hitters have no respect for his breaking stuff, which means they just can ignore it and hack away happily at his fastball. Major league hitters like to hit fastballs. They don’t even care all that much how hard you throw it, so long as the pitcher doesn’t throw anything else that they have to worry about.

    • Did you see any of those pitches for HRs? ALL of them were straight down main street. The guy cant get his sinker down. Last year he pitched 53 innings, the year before 25. He’s outta gas.

  15. Woah. Just joining now. Pleased to see I only missed 1.5 innings…but wee-ow. That escalated quickly.

    Comeback time?

  16. Bullpen time?

  17. There just isn’t a delicate way to put this bean.
    Please give yourself a rub.

  18. Considering the number of just god awful starts the rotation has put together it really is impressive the Jays have 53 wins.

  19. I think it’s safe to say AA lost another trade.

    • You’re jumping the gun Gord.

      He may have hit the wall this year, but even if that isn’t so and he’s been exposed, there’s no reason to think he couldn’t still perform well in the bullpen.
      (Aviles and Gomes would look good on the Jays, I will admit.)

      Time will tell.

  20. Time to DL Rogers with right arm shittiness.

    • Are Drabek and Hutchinson close?

      • Apparently Hutch is close. I cant believe he’s finishing up his rehab after less than a year since his operation.

      • Hutch is in B-Lo, but gave up six runs on six hits in 3.2 IP tonight. Getting better but not ready.

      • Does TJS solve right-arm shittiness as well because Drabek had a serious case of that as well.

        • Yeah actually.. he’s much better. Doing alright in AA so far.

          • I was joking about a week ago that Drabeks surgeon sew his ligament back together in a way that he could throw strikes…Now I’m starting to wonder.

            So far between Dun and NH he’s gone 28 IPs with an ERA of 2.83 a BAA of .176 and
            a BB total of 4 .

  21. Rogers had a good stretch but I think he’s probably like a Charlie V( poor man’s CV?), just nothing more than 7 to 12 game spot starter. And that’s not to discredit CV either, as he’s a much better pitcher over his career than Rogers but he has never broken past the 15 games started barrier (he could this year though)

    Looking back at CV’s stats even, you can see right around the 7-10 game mark in 2011 and 2012 he really came undone. ERA of 4.5/WHIP of 1.5 and up.

    • C’mon DB Rogers longest year ever consisted of 83 Innings pitched and that was 2 years ago. Last year he pitched 53 and the year before 25.
      If they want to make a starter out of him, they have to build him up and not hope he can pitch like a starter right off the hop.

  22. Oakland is just hitting everything.

  23. I liked him in Fight Club.

    • Oxygen gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, you’re taking giant panicked breaths. Suddenly you become euphoric, docile. You accept your fate. It’s all right here. Emergency water landing – 600 miles an hour. Blank faces, calm as Hindu cows.

      • I’ve got a stomachful of Xanax. I took what was left of a bottle. It might have been too much.

        • Considering how the game’s going, a bottle full of Xanax and 100 deep breaths of pure oxygen can only be complemented by a dozen beers and some whisky.

          • It was 4-0 before I popped the cork out of the bottle.
            It’s a naive domestic burgundy without any breeding, but I think you’d be amused by it’s presumption.

  24. As per mlbtraderumors

    Another former Jay prospect may make his MLB debut soon. Ugh.

    • I’d be shocked if he isn’t immediately better than JPA. He probably would’ve been last year. I guess that’s not saying much anymore though.

      • In the past 3 years he’s been out with a bulging dics, a PCL for almost all of last season and a broken foot this april. The guy seems to have problems staying healthy.

  25. Josh Riddick….are you kidding me?!?

  26. Thank god you can only lose one game a night. I do wish there was a mercy rule.

  27. Wow! up to 12! This sucks bag, even our bullpen is crapping out

  28. I’m a little scared to even check the score.

    The Rangers game is going well. When Kinsler scored one of his fellow Rangers ruffled his hair + I totally died inside. I don’t ask for much.

  29. Bring back riccardi

    • Yes, a minor league infielder with a career BA under the Mendoza Line.
      In 1981.
      Just what the doctor ordered.

  30. Well my first night with MLBtv isn’t going well, I think I’ll ask for a refund.

    • Wait. You have and you spent the night watching the Jays game? You know you have the option to watch an actual good team play, right.

      Oh wait, I guess you did get to see Oakland play

  31. Jesus….Oakland went from “a team that’s really struggled” (according to Buck and Tabby’s pregame Jays’ fluffer routine) to a team that’s hammering the crap out of the home team.

    I can’t believe our starting pitching has gone south to the extent it has. And frankly, the hitting seems to be sucking the big balboni as well..

    • It’s probably a little draining to be down by 4 before you even get to bat.. I don’t know, like 60% of time? That’s probably a little high, but I can’t be far off

      • I know it’s all about player “respect” these days…but I would be uttering a very loud and audible “Oh, fer fuck’s sake” after the umpteenth walk and home run.

        • Same. I’m sure there has been a moment or two in the “players only” meetings where Edwin or Jose may have used the term “shitbags” when discussing the starters… because what a group of shit bags. Doesn’t help Rogers has turned back into a pumpkin

  32. Anyone think Lind will finish w/ one of the worst averages on the team? Minimum of 81 games played.

    JP and Boni will be worse, for sure, but still a chance guys like Lawrie, Izturis, and Bautista finish with averages in the .260-270 range, while Lind has plummeted hard and fast. The bottom could also fall out on guys like Rajai and Rasmus and there’s a slim chance that DeRosa plays 81 games this year, that Kawa is called up in September when rosters expand and plays 11 more games, but it’s pretty crazy that I’d be willing to bet Lind finishes with the 3rd worst average on the team (min. 81 games played) – that or really fucking hate the guy . . .

    • It obviously depends on whether he’s utilized correctly or not.
      He is beyond bad against reasonable lefties on up, but we have known this for ages.
      Stop blaming him for what is common knowledge.
      I think you really hate the guy, Dildo.

      • Good point – if Gibbons platoons him like he should then his avg. should hover around .270-ish

        I hadn’t thought of that because at this point they are just playing out the string on the season.

        Rest/DL’ing is another option

        It’s not that I completely hate him – I do, but there was some statistical thought that went into this before I posted so it didnt sound completely nuts . . . he is a career .267 hitter so it wouldn’t be unprecedented

    • Are we really worrying about batting average when the guy is taking more walks than ever this year? The more disconcerting thing is his power being whittled down to a toothpick. Just as there was no way a .395+ BABIP was sustainable for May/ June, he is terrifically unlucky over the past month or so. These things even out by nature. If you want to argue that there needs to be a better bat at DH who can hit lefties more consistently, sure. But don’t seem to be arguing that.

      Worry about the guy who can’t even get ON BASE 25% of the time right now. Hint, he sucks and “plays” catcher.

      • Not worrying or arguing . . . more like a fun little stat to follow through the end of this lost season, much in the same way it is fun to follow stuff like will Davis get to 61 HRs (I didnt think he will), would Machado break the doubles record, etc.

        Funny you should mention JP since the other question I initially was gonna propose was would JPA finish the season with an OBP lower than any other “qualifying” (once again, 81 games) Blue Jays player batting average. This would have been based on the assumption that JPA will go on some sort of DL stint so his current .247 OBP could be virtually unscathed. This also means Boni has to get his avg up to .247 and DeRosa/Kawa can’t play significantly more games.

  33. Well, at least Josh Tole can draw walks. Is this a fucked up stat line or what: .118/ .231/ .147
    Slugging pct particularly impressive

    • Thole is underrated possibly.. ya his stat line is shit now but he doesn’t strike out every at bat and can take a walk. His previous numbers are decent except when he got set back a bit from the concussion.

      I think it possible the the difference between Thole and D’Arnaud isn’t as big as many may think.

    • Every time he swings I anticipate a soft grounder to 2nd.

    • Yikes. Thole’s SLG wouldn’t even be a very decent ISO number.

      • Thole is awful. I can count on one hand the number of times Thole has actually hit a ball hard. I couldn’t care less if he can walk if he never, ever gets a hit. I’ll honestly take JPA, thank you.

        • Problem is, JPA never ever gets a hit, but when he does, he hits dingers.

          I’m not sure it’s any improvement. The object is to not get out. You’d love to have a guy who does more, but faced with the prospect of a guy who has OBP’d around .350 before in his career, and hit for some decent average, vs. a guy whose OBP has NEVER eclipsed .282?

          I’ll grant that wOBA likes Arencibia more, and OPS+ puts them about even.

          The fact is that this situation is fuckin’ dismal, and Thole might be a marginal improvement in D and in the not getting out department, especially in the not striking out dept.

  34. Finally someone says “Fuck You!”

  35. “Bama Bomb”

  36. The Jays sure are making it difficult to plan on buying tickets for next year, so should be some interesting winter moves coming. In the spring it’ll be an interesting battle to see who stays in the show and which pitchers form the chorus line. Going out for a drink now, the game is pure eau de crap

  37. Tank Nation as long as we see continued improvement from Lawrie. This team won’t be right until the starting pitching improves, and most likely the adjustments that will be made (on a roster basis and for individual pitchers) are best made in the offseason.

    I wonder if Hutchison and Drabek go the AFL this year… Sure would be nice if one of them turned into a viable 4-5 option next year.

  38. Jays make supposed good moves

  39. I never got this lefty-righty philosophy of hitting. If Boni is hitting barely over .150 from the right side…why even turn him around to hit righty? I’m not sure what his numbers are from the left side when facing lefties…but holy hannah, he looks awful from the right side.

    OK..ninth inning. What, around 6 to tie and seven to win! No worries. Any pitchers with cockeyed hats coming up?

    • For guys like Boni, switch-hitting falls under the same rationale (or lack thereof) as the whole “he-plays-five-positions” thing. To smart people, it shouldn’t matter how many positions he theoretically can play since he plays them all terribly. I mean, any of these guys could theoretically “play” 2B, even JPA, or Dickey. They’d probably play it about as well as Boni. But they don’t because they feel (wrongly in JPA’s case) they are valuable enough at their primary position.

      But a dumbass, who doesn’t look at splits or understand defensive metrics, will look at Boni and think he’s “versatile” because he switch hits and plays multiple positions. And there are enough dumbasses out there that guys like him keep finding jobs.

  40. To my point about improving the rotation for next year…

    Potential Free Agent Starting Pitchers from Cot’s – 2014 options are asterisked.

    Bronson Arroyo
    Scott Baker
    Erik Bedard
    Nick Blackburn *
    A.J. Burnett
    Chris Capuano *
    Chris Carpenter
    Bruce Chen
    Bartolo Colon
    Aaron Cook
    Jorge De La Rosa
    Scott Feldman
    Gavin Floyd
    Jeff Francis
    Armando Galarraga
    Jon Garland
    Matt Garza
    Roy Halladay *
    Jason Hammel
    Aaron Harang *
    Rich Harden
    Dan Haren
    Roberto Hernandez
    Tim Hudson
    Phil Hughes
    Ubaldo Jimenez *
    Josh Johnson
    Jeff Karstens
    Hiroki Kuroda
    John Lannan
    Jon Lester *
    Colby Lewis
    Ted Lilly
    Tim Lincecum
    Derek Lowe
    Paul Maholm
    Shaun Marcum
    Jason Marquis
    Daisuke Matsuzaka
    Brett Myers *
    Ricky Nolasco
    Mike Pelfrey
    Andy Pettitte
    Wandy Rodriguez *
    Jonathan Sanchez
    Ervin Santana
    Johan Santana *
    Joe Saunders *
    James Shields *
    Tim Stauffer
    Jason Vargas
    Ryan Vogelsong *
    Edinson Volquez
    Tsuyoshi Wada *
    Chien-Ming Wang
    Chris Young
    Barry Zito

    The names that pop out to me:
    - Jorge De La Rosa – not terrible numbers pitching in Coors Field. He has a team option for $11M. Maybe Rocks pick it up, I’d be interested in seeing what they want for him if so (should they want to save some money).
    - Big Carp
    - A.J. Burnett (could do worse!)
    - Scott Feldman
    - Josh Johnson (may as well go for the Q.O.)
    - Hiroki Kuroda (but basically not gonna happen)
    - Tim Lincecum (I’d give him a shot)
    - Ervin Santana (going to make way too much money after this season, last year was the time to sign him)

    • Add one FA starter plus hope for rebounds

      • That’s basically it. It will be sad if the FA is only Josh Johnson, but that is the state of things.

        If I had it to do over, I’d trade something better than a minor league reliever for Ervin Santana, let Dickey figure his shit out with the Mets, and hold on to Syndergaard, Buck, and D’Arnaud.

        I know that this was a win-now move and I actually see Dickey getting his act together and rebounding next season, but you could have had Santana performing at least as well as the Dickster, still a high ceiling pitching talent, a catcher that allows you to deal JPA (for whatever, who cares, maybe someone still would have seen value in him if he hadn’t proven yet again that he sucks), and d’Arnaud to lean on soon.

        As someone earlier pointed out, d’Arnaud at his worst couldn’t possibly be as bad as JPA is right now.

        In this alternate universe, they may still have even gotten Dickey as a free agent after the 2013 season.

        Sigh. I don’t blame AA for trying, but I do think that giving up both the strong pitching prospect and a top catching prospect was a mistake in retrospect.

        Hopefully Dickey makes these feels go away with a CY worthy 2014.

        • The other thing the Jays should be doing is looking at which young and decent pitchers get expensive after this season, and see if they can be targeted.

  41. Was at the game. What. A. Clusterfuck. Rogers gave them some good starts but its time to pull the cord on that one. I dont want to see him in the rotation next season. Also, lind is becoming my 3rd most hated postion player on the team after jpa and boni (list only includes 3 players). Hes not even hitting righties well over the past 6 weeks let alone lefties. Hes been bad enough over the last 3 years. I think they need to bring in a better dh/1b option in the winter. Add another item to AA’s long shopping list.

  42. Ish-schmell-ya-later

  43. I pose a question to all you AA sycophants today…

    How much better does this team look in 2013/2014 if AA just stood pat?

    This team as constructed is worse than the 2012 team. I didn’t realize that was possible.

  44. Pretty good read in The Star this morning on the Psychological side of the Blue Jays.

  45. Meh. Blown out last night, but today’s a new day. I predict a win.

  46. I luv this team-not!
    christ they better find a way to get better somehow- they stink. AA better get to work pronto. For starters, why the fuck do we still have that ol fucker Oliver? Put him out to pasture after all the ball rubbing to get him to come back.POS.
    Hate to be too negative, but my god I would love to be a starter for the Jays.Pitch 3 innings then get 5 days off-not bad, while the saps in the bullpen have to pitch almost every night. the Q is, can we compete if we get say 3 new starters as I am assuming Dickey and Buerhle will be back ( so spots 2 and 4 are taken care of ,sorta)

  47. Pinch runner up huge in the 7th last night… poor baseball etiquette?

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