Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles

How many R.A. Dickey knuckleballs will the great Josh Reddick hammer towards King Street today? Seriously, this is your game threat.

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  1. i figure reddick hits 1 hr today, so he goes 3-2-1.

  2. The answer is: “All of them.”

  3. How many of RA’s homers this year have been off his fastball?

  4. Red dick see what I did there) is truly a free swinger. I think our Dick (ey) will handcuff him and SO him twice while making him go 0-4. I think Ra is finally rounding into more of what we hoped and we win this one 6-1. i even thinkJPA hits a homer today and I haven’t even started drinikin my merlot yet. Out here in the fields…..
    Foward, Soviet! YA Ya

  5. Sorry @Kylez, bobble heads were go e by noon. We got shutout and my son is pissed too.

  6. Call up mcguire to pitch instead of rogers…seriously, he can’t be any worse than him, can he? Plus, he meets zauns criteria of 400 innings in the minors or whatever retarded benchmark he’s set.

    • as shitballers go, Mcguire definitley qualifies. Might be nice to see the guy we spent 2m on pleading that he not go to school ala Tyler Beede and got results that Redmaon delivers for free

      • You’re right, he may be a shitballer but I think he could shit his way through 5 or 6 innings….ugh

  7. Dickey gonna walk.

  8. Dickey not getting the close calls early.

  9. God I miss Yunel.

  10. Reyes defense certainly leaves something to be desired…

  11. Way to go Clete.

  12. Rasmus was pretty much going for a leg sweep there. I fucking love it.

  13. Thole warming up!

  14. I think I figured out what’s wrong with Lind. It’s his walkup music. with britney spears? He thinks he’s a 12 year old girl.

  15. I’m glad that Maicer hits 2nd. Great baseball strategy.

  16. Damn it, Reyes. The guy is serving up more big juicy balls than Pride Week In San Francisco – and you hack away at the first pitch you see. Jesus.
    Thanks, Itzy….for another quality at-bat.

  17. My wish for this 2013 team has been reduced to hoping they can finish ahead of the yankees. Even that may be a bit of a leap, but it gives me a reason to continue to check the standings.

  18. Dickeys ERA towns the year?

    I’m gonna go with 3.92.

  19. This blog is so crass and disgusting at times, and yet, somehow I’m drawn to it everyday like a moth to the flame.

    Can’t get the Jays on tv or radio today, so I’m stuck surfing the Reds, Tribe and Cardinals games. The way we’ve played the AL West this year, I’m starting to wish we were in that division. I think we’re 15-7, but I’m not sure.

    • Hey now. I haven’t even been commenting pretty much all weekend. Although I suppose I keep my crass + disgusting thoughts mostly to myself.

      Speaking of crass + disgusting – I had a bit of a moment when I saw the hair on the A’s pitcher. Dear lord. I just got new hair clippers this weekend + I could really help him out.

  20. Good morning everyone. I hooked up with my ex last night hopefully the blue jays make better decisions than I did hahaha

    • Oh Kyle. Before any future decisions you need to consider – What Would Denver Do?

      As for my weekend I’ve been cutting hair, baking treats + feeling vaguely guilty about cheating on the Blue Jays.

  21. How many times do the bases need to be juiced before the Jays can knock some runs in?

  22. Shut the fuck up
    @SportsMel: A homer & a single for A-Rod already today. Dude juiced this morning.

  23. Twice now with bases loaded they’ve come away with zip??
    Oakland is going to make them pay…you know this, right?
    It’s inevitable.

  24. GSMC

    Get KyleZ a lunchbox to make amends.
    He still carries a torch for old what’s his name.

  25. I refer you all to my previous post.

  26. There’s the home version of Dickey we all know.

  27. Sweet 9 pound 8 ounce baby Jesus!

    • I recently heard an expression concerning wine:

      ‘It goes down like the Baby Jesus in velvet pants.’

  28. Boni does a lot of things fucking awful. But I LOVE how aggressively he runs the bases. Very exciting

  29. Also, went for a smoke. How the eff did thole get on base????

  30. I am watching my first game in a couple weeks. Same old jays. I mean that in the best possible way.

  31. Ouch

  32. No cigar.

  33. Sign Aj burnert

  34. Boner gonna bone.

    • Are you retarded? That was a very difficult play and he almost made the catch.

      • Yeah, he “almost” made it. “Almost” doing something is pretty much the equivalent of a World Series win to the Jays.

        • All you idiots act like baseball is easy. Boni was playing shallow and had to run back to the wall and try and make a leaping catch with very little time to do so. Fuck off.

  35. Not so magical.

  36. We need fucking Yunel back.

  37. And…..that’s a wrap. Thanks for coming.
    More butchery from the Jays.
    I think a competent LF catches that ball….and for some reason, Reyes can’t handle a pressure situation lately.

    • I’m thinking Rajai makes that catch

      And I’m getting a little pissed at Jose R for fucking up again…
      it’s not like he dosent have the ability.

  38. Fuck Boneface.
    Fuck Izzy.

    Hate those two so much.

  39. #tankforpicks

    Maybe one day this team can have some top prospects like Syndergaard and D’Arnaud. One can only dream.

  40. All you who love Gibby, gather round and defend his running out our worst hitter in the two spot time and time and time again.

    still waiting.

    tick tock

    tick tock

    tick tock.

    • Boni .217, JPA .209

      • yeah, you are right… that totally explains izturis batting second.
        my bad

        • Those are just the ones with over 250 ABs. Lawrie is only 1 tick better at .237 and he’s had 224: DeRosa’s had 148, BA .178 and Thole’s had 69 ABs with a BA of .139.
          I dont like Izturis. His defence is terrible, but he has a career .270 BA and I bet Gibbons put him in because he’s got decent numbers against Griffin.
          ps I’m not going to bother checking.

  41. There go the wheels.

  42. Bad hip= jesuscristo

  43. Such a tease. But good for the Red Bull Kid.

  44. JP is pinch hitting? dafuq

  45. Dem Asian girls… Yowza

  46. 10 walks and 3 runs. Ugh.

  47. Cars running says the Ump

  48. Jpa and rajai back2back walks eh


  49. Reyes gonna Robbie the fuck outta balfour here

  50. Get out of my ear!

  51. 11 walks?
    A dozen guys LOB?
    And they lose?
    Jesus wept.

  52. On the positive side, Buck + Tabby taught me something today. About mudding up baseballs. Anyway, this sounds like a pretty good gig. Sign me up. One of many baseball-related services I could provide.

  53. 11 walks and not one clutch hit , really. Then again, besides SP being a problem, we also know we really don’t hit all that much as we consistently have 3-4 guys hitting 190-220 in the lineup every day. Can’t afford that kind of shit next year. At most, you can carry 1 or 2 of these Rally killers, no more than that

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