Following their most recent frustrating waste of time (entertaining game though!) the Jays have announced some changes to the makeup of their starting rotation.

Josh Johnson– according to Mike Wilner on the radio–was “tight” in the forearm following his last start and is going to get a little bit of extra rest, having his start pushed back two days to Wednesday. “We don’t think it’s a big deal,” says John Gibbons in his post-game media conference.

J.A. Happ will pitch tomorrow, which after Thursday’s off-day puts him on regular rest. Gibby also said something about his grandfather passing away, the implication being that this gives him the chance to make his start and leave the team to attend the memorial service.

Esmil Rogers, meanwhile, is headed back to the bullpen, as the bloom is long off his rose, after seeing his ERA improve from 3.12 following his June 29th start– his fifth of the year– to 5.12 following Friday’s seven run disasterpiece. Taking his place in the rotation will be Todd Redmond, who returns from Buffalo having put up 31 strikeouts and only 8 walks in 24.2 innings over five starts (4.38 ERA, though) since unceremoniously being optioned down by the Jays [Update: Hmmm... no, that's not right. Damn it, those are his numbers with the Jays. I just looked at his last split on BR's page for him and lazily threw it in here, assuming that's what he'd done since he went down. Obviously not right-- and actually, by the looks of it, he hasn't pitched since the demotion. Which also seems kinda odd].

So… yeah. Sounds about right, unless you were¬†really pining for the club to bring up Sean Nolin or Marcus Stroman. But I’m sure that’s not going to be terribly far off anyway, at this point. 2013, you guys!

Mark Buehrle, for the record, will go on Thursday. And there’s no word on the reciprocal move for Redmond’s recall, but it’ll either be Mickey Storey getting sent down from the bullpen, or J.A. Happ being placed on the bereavement list.

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  1. Doesnt matter. At this point its shuffling deck chairs on a sinking titanic.

    • Fuck off.

      • Hah chill man. If you like explain how this shuffle matters to the 2013 blue jays please do.

        • People still enjoy watching and reading about Blue Jays baseball regardless of whether they are going to make the playoffs. That’s why it matters.

        • I’d like to see how the Johnson saga plays out. Does he get a QO or will he be non tendered?
          I’m interested in Rogers because I think he’s just out of energy at 93+ IPs
          and because of that cant throw his sinker properly.
          I want to see if Happ can get better.

          Anyone can see 2013 is done as far as the hays are concerned. Cynical weasels make cheap jokes at their expense.

          • Why would they give the fucker a qualifying offer? He is obviously going to accept it at this point and now you are praying you get even half the dollar value worth in performance which is not a give. you are better off pocketing the 14 million and spending it on two useful real life major league players who dont suck like our catcher, 2b man, and LFers.

            if he showed anything I might agree, but he has sucked so bad for so long that he’s either lost it or he’s hurt..either way Im not even thinking about offerring him…and he absolutely has no choice but to accept.

            • Dont know exactly when, but a camera shot at one game in the last 2-3 weeks showed Johnson with a weighted ball in his hand. His last start was decent. If he could have an ok finish to the season I’d say the Jays extend him. I agree at this point a QO is out of the question.

            • Sucked so bad for so long?

              Like last year? When he put up a 3.53ERA and 1.15 WHIP after the all star break?

              All the peripheral stats are good for JJ. Figure out how to be effective from the stretch, get a little luck with his BABIP and he can be a 3 – 4 WAR pitcher like he was only one year ago.

              Seriously people. GMs don’t give up on quality players with strong track records half as quickly as fans do. Barring a torn UCL Johnson is getting a qualifying offer. There is too much potential in his arm.

              If he doesn’t get a QO it’s got to be an order from on high to stay within the payroll parameters….. Which would be very very dissapointing.

            • They have to give JJ a QO and hope for the best. That’s way better potential bang for the buck than any free agent pitcher this offseason. You absolutely cannot lose an asset like this for nothing. It’s just money.

          • J.A. Happ has been around long enough for everyone to know one thing about him. He will always struggle to pitch 5 innings before hitting the 100 pitch mark. JJ has way better track record, and has been the absolute polar opposite of what his career numbers have been. I would rather give JJ the QO than to bump Happ up one spot in the rotation. Their are a lot of quality arms in the system, where there may be 10 pitchers fighting for 5 spots come spring. I’m sure there will be personnel movement in the off season, but with a weak F.A. crop, I don’t see any knights in shining armour coming to save the Jays. Mark, Dickey, Morrow, Happ, JJ, RR, Hutch, Drabek, Stromen, Nolin, Rogers, Redmond and what ever else surprises AA pulls out of his hat should be able to create enough internal competition and formidable back up options. Wouldn’t surprise me if they had much better results with the same core of pitching than we have this year.

            If you think I’m right out of it, look at the Red Sox starting pitching last year to this year. Good pitchers don’t stay down for long, and hope that JJ makes us forget all about 2013.

      • You really think that comment was incorrect.

        Shit is dismal.

        Haven’t been this disenchanted with the Jays in many years, and I’ve been a fervent fan since 1990.

        • Was directed at Stoeten’s “fuck off”

          • It’s incorrect to suggest that it doesn’t matter because of poor results. Your disenchantment aside, some people still like to read about what is happening.

        • …try being a fan since 1977, actually I think that season was better than 2013. At least back then, we didn’t expect them to win. It was just exciting having big league baseball in town.

        • Obviously the fuck off wasn’t because I disagreed about it being dismal, it was for the shit attitude and the laughable posturing like this fucking seer GETS that it’s dismal as if it isn’t obvious, and the notion that the club is trying to hide that fact through window dressing in the rotation.

      • Angry fat man. Be afraid everyone.

      • He’s right though.

      • Class

    • Alway a ray of sunshine, afdg.

  2. Meh
    Until stroman nolin are up then it matters

  3. A+ for original thought

  4. I watched Rogers pitch a lot last year with Cleveland and i liked him. It’s obvious he’s better suited for the bullpen, but he gave the Jays some good starts when things were in disarray. I can’t dog the trade the Blue Jays made with Cleveland because, to tell the truth, as well as Gomes and Aviles have played, the Indians could use Rogers this year. The Tribes record is very deceptive. Take away their 11-2 record against the White Sox and they are a .500 team. In fact, their combined record of 7-29 against the Yankees, Tigers, Rays and Red Sox shows how good they really aren’t. This is what I hate about baseball’s divisional setup. A team like Cleveland gets to feast on the Twins and White Sox for 38 games every year. The Blue Jays do not get so lucky. There are no prolonged breaks on the Blue Jays schedule. This year has been hard to take, but hopefully with a core of Reyes, EE, Joey and Rasmus, the club has or can develope a better plan going forward. There’s still lots to play for, most notably, a chance to ruin the Red Sox season.

    • One problem with your logic. Taking away their 11-2 record vs the sox makes no more sense than taking away their shitty record over a 13 game stretch vs the other teams you mentioned. This line of thinking is very Wilneresque

    • I hate the division excuse. You know what, if the division is so damn tough then make your team good enough to compete in which the jays havent done in 20 years. If you fill your roster with mediocre starters, sub. 300 obp players, and players who just suck, you will have problems competing in this division.

      • To add to that, the jays seem to be the only team in the division incapable of building a playoff baseball team. The fans deserve better. Just venting.

    • +1.

      Jays could be spoilers in september just like the orioles did to the red sox a few years ago.

  5. Trade 4 braun

  6. Off-topic, but… Brett Lawrie has put up a .300/.370/.550 line with more walks and fewer strikeouts since the all-star break. It’s almost enough to start believing he can still become a star.

    • Hope

      • Cant believe how different his stance is now. He’s open, his hands are quiet, and he’s upright. Really impressed with how he was able to change that much mid season and actually have immediate success.

        • Fire Chad Mottola!

        • I have the same sentiment, but I am not sure we should be surprised. He seems like a player that is capable of making adjustments, he just needs to be guided as to what adjustments he should be making.

          It makes me think back to when he was still in the minors. AA told him he needed to cut back on strike outs and take more walks. It seemed like his walk rate jumped overnight.

    • DeRosa’s influence on Lawrie…Jim in Ohio…really liked you post

  7. SO…. has anybody bought an OUYA?

    2013 EVERYBODY!

  8. Redmond somehow pitched all right enough to earn another shot, but methinks Thad Weber might get another call in September.

  9. The following players have completely killed any amount of trade value they had this year:

    HR.A. Dickey
    Josh Johnson
    Emilio Bonifacio
    Melky (not that he really had any coming into the season, but he hasn’t really done anything to increase his value)
    Brandon Morrow
    Ricky Romero
    Anthony Gose
    Sugary Santos (cause we’re not allowed to call him surgery)

    I mean, sure he could trade Dickey, Johnson, Boni – but he wont get back nearly what he gave up to acquire them. So what exactly is AA going to do via the trade market to make this team better? Trading Bautista, Encarnacion, Rasmus, Reyes, Lawrie…. only makes this team worse. Mark Buehrle’s contract will always be the thing that makes him harder to trade. And plus, we need him for our bare bones rotation next year.

    Is he planning on trading away even more of our already depleted farm system? Or does he think Kawasaki’s clubhouse charisma will net him an all star 2B and decent catcher. We could trade away our great bullpen, but then we would have a shitbag bullpen next year.

    About the only thing decent he could trade away is Gibbons – but then we’d need another manager….

    • @Turk.

      If we assume AA gets more payroll flexibility , & can increase payroll to 140 million, perhaps he will be able to gt a decent 2B & Catcher & 1 more starter.

    • @Turk.

      I’m not too worried about Dickey anymore. At the beginning of the year, it was unbearable to watch him lose games however, i think he has greatly turned it around. Still no where close to 2012, i can’t wait to see him in his second year in Toronto.

      I’m also looking forward to Melky and a healed up knee. If anyone has had an injury in the knee region, they will understand the uncomfortableness it brings. Once that heals, Melky will be much better.

      • You put Dickey as your 4th starter and he will win you at least 15 games.

        • The Met’s manager was musing about a week ago that Dickey was fatigued after 2, 200 + innings years and the World baseball Classic last spring. I think thats valid but I also think that with a knuckleballer, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to prove.
          He seems (to me anyway) to be getting better as the season progresses. But he must address (to the extent a knuckleballer can) HRs and Risp situations.

      • It’ll be interesting to see if Boni is picked up again next year. People moaned and complained about “E5″ at 3B but they sigened him again anyway. (keep in mind it was the same E5 who 29 other teams passed on at one time) I think they thought their talent assessment of him was solid.
        My guess would be that because 2B is such a wasteland, they’ll pass on Boni and sign or trade for a real 2B, leaving Izturis as infield utility guy.( Izturis still has 2 years left)

    • Beyond dumb.

      Do you ever get tired of changing your name and posting the most dull-headed negative bullshit, or is this actually fun for you?

  10. Seeing dickey have a modicum of success in this skydome is more important ultimately when looking to 2014, that’s the best bit of pitching news we can get. If bosox can have a bounce back year why not us? But I hope we totally fuck Farrell this week

  11. The use of the term “demoted” in the headline (and the Facebook link) is very deceiving.

  12. I can’t believe all these pitchers had a lousy year at the same time. I mean, what are the odds? It’s as unlikely as having 3 starters go down to season-ending injuries in the same week!

    Wait, what?

    Seriously, at least one of these dozoes has to bounce back next year. Maybe more than one. And it’s not like they are worth anything in trade. So let’s sit tight–not that we have any choice–and see what happens.

    • Good to see you again Isabella.
      I think that’s what has the fans so dejected.Logically it has defied the odds.
      With hopes so high,so many experts picking the Jays, it’s much worse than if nothing was expected.
      The players themselves bought into it, as they should have.
      But baseball teaches you humility and maybe that’s what this team needed.
      A little less Loviste and a little more “make contact to drive in some runs”.
      Instead of leaving 15 on base and 11 walks to lose, they’ll find a way to score more runs,make less errors and have the starters go deeper into games.
      With the changes coming in the offseason,2014 should be toally different.
      Logically that is. but we’ve said that before .

  13. I’m gonna jump on the let’s get this guy I hadn’t heard of until today bandwagon. Go AA, make it happen!

  14. they just need to head back in time and pick up delgado and alomar…. problem solved

  15. Looking through a detailed AA trade history, sure there some good but man… he sure has made some shitty deals as well. Sure no one has a crystal ball to see how trades are going to work out but I think AA is too easily blinded by hard throwing relievers, in the Rogers trade’s case, that was the story.

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