Holy shit, the Jays and A’s series is still going? And… holy shit, today’s game is at 12:30 in the afternoon??!?

OK, so maybe I actually knew that, but still… that’s kinda weird. (And not necessarily in the weirdly awesome way that the club’s game on Saturday, September 14th has been moved to a 4 PM start– as per a team release this morning– though… I suppose the fact that I’ll be spending most of my work day at the Dome is hardly anything to complain about, eh?)

Oh, and… uh… something something baseball.


Despite earlier reports to the contrary, it sounds like the roof will be open for this one.

According to a tweet from Scott MacArthur, John Gibbons says that Colby Rasmus, who isn’t in the lineup today, is just getting a simple off-day.

MacArthur also notes that Juan Perez said his goodbyes to teammates today. The injured pitcher is headed to Florida, and likely to be yet another Jays player to go under the knife for Tommy John surgery– though, if you think it has anything to do with the Jays (whose organization he didn’t join until this season) and not his delivery (which is, in technical parlance, violent as fuck), you’re off your rocker.

Richard Griffin grumbles that the A’s took 30 minutes of pre-game infield today, something– hint, hint– the Jays evidently don’t do. And you know, the Twins are another team that play the game “the right way,” which is why they’re always so successf… oh.

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

LHP J.A. Happ

Oakland A’s

CF Chris Young (R)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
DH Josh Donaldson (R)
LF Yoenis Cespedes (R)
1B Nate Freiman (R)
RF Josh Reddick (L)
2B Alberto Callaspo (S)
C Stephen Vogt (L)
2B Eric Sogard (L)

RHP Dan Straily

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  1. As a team that has made the most errors since the AS break,maybe the odd infield isn’t a bad idea.
    When Alomar worked double plays with the 2B’/SS earlier in the year, it produced results.

  2. Has AA ever commented on where they see Lawrie batting in the order long term? I know Lawrie’s better batting is fragile and Colby is comfortable where he is in the lineup, but it is a bummer see Izturis is the 2-spot

    • Lawrie has been talked about as a “middle of the order bat” at times in the past… but who knows.
      Line ups are the managers call primarily so you should be asking what Gibby says rather than AA (although of course AA is Gibby’s boss, so…)

      I’d be happy to see Lawrie start batting 2nd if he can maintain his current approach…

      • Lawrie’s and Rasmus’ bats are giving me hope for next year: Reyes, Lawrie, Bautista, EE and Rasmus for a real batting order

    • Gibbons USED to change the lineup all of the time when they were desparate.

      Izturis since the all-star break hitting .136 / .256 / .152. And he’s batting 2nd.
      Lind since the all-star break hitting .169 / .297 / .312. And he bats 5th.

      And we wonder why the LOB is so high. Izturis should be batting 8th.

  3. De la Rosa?

  4. UGH. WHY do I have to be subjected to a Pedroia sighting a day before I have to be? Yup – all afternoon we’ll be looking @ his ugly mug.

  5. So maybe Lawrie won’t be completely a pile of shit forever.

  6. Are they wearing the red jerseys again today, and if so, why?

    • Blue jerseys grey pants

    • They were wearing the red jerseys yesterday to celebrate Canada Baseball Day or something.

      I’m still trying to figure out why they are wrapping up a series on a Monday afternoon. Weird.

      • Travel for the A’s

        • I get the reasoning behind afternoon games on getaway day – I suppose it’s just the Monday thing that’s confounding me. Series played over the weekend tend to end on Sunday, not Monday.

          The same thing is happening right now in the Rangers v. Astros series.

  7. Blues.

  8. Such pathetic ABs. The red sux players must be laughing at them knowing straily wouldnt make it out of the 3rd if he was pitching at fenway.

  9. Call up pillar

  10. rajai and JPA are competing to see who can take the fewest pitches

  11. fuck boni swings at a ball at his ankles

  12. It’s time.

  13. blue jays get doubled off for the 4234th time this season

  14. Rasmus pinch hit walk off?

  15. I guess Callaspo hasn’t been around long enough to learn that the A’s don’t make costly errors. They’ll have to teach him how to play the right way before the playoffs.

  16. I bet JPA is back next year.

    • Fuck no

    • Whatever happened to JPA’s power? Didn’t he start the year like he was going to hit 35 home runs or someting? He’s at 17 and will be lucky to hit 20. it was the only thing he had going for him

  17. Shoot me for being delusional, but with Lawrie and Colby batting better, us having Reyes for a full year, a healthy Morrow and maybe one of Hutchinson or Drabek ready to contribue, if we get another starting pitcher, a catcher and either a 2nd base or outfield bat in the offseason, I could see the Jays being good next year. Okay, I’ll put down the crack pipe

  18. Not sure the rationale of Lawrie bunting in the 7th. He is hitting very well and already had a hit off Straily earlier in the game. Lind doesn’t run well so the trade off for a Lawrie sacrifice makes little sense. Especially since Cibia and Davis aren’t going to get it done.
    Man this team sucks.

    • Just awful in every phase of the game. Starting pitching was good today and they let a mediocre starter dominate.

    • It was a brutal call by whoever made the decision. Lawrie should never be bunting with JP and Davis (against a righty) up next.

  19. I love when the trainer comes out and does nothing except bring his towel, rub his shoulder, and sing a lullabye.

  20. Should’ve traded Janssen when they had the chance….. 10 games under .500 and here to stay. This team is a disaster!

  21. what’s the jays record against actual good teams?

    astros 3-1
    rockies 3-0
    mariners 3-3
    angels 1-3
    twins 2-1
    chi 3-3
    giants 1-1
    padres 1-2


    37-49 43% win perc against good teams

  22. thanks for playing JP

  23. Well, it wasn’t great + the outcome was far from satisfactory, but at least it was quick?

    • quick until the top of the 9th…that took forever

    • This is a frustrating team; I’ll just leave it at that

      • I’d argue that they are not frustrating because @ this point in the season you kinda know what you’re going to get…

        • But it is always a treat watiing to find out which aspect of the team will fail. Will it be the bullpen? The batters? Will we give up 7 runs in the first two innings? It’s like when they sell cans with the labels fallen off, you never know what you’re going to get

          • I feel like it’s almost always crap pitching + then sleepy bats. I keep showing up though, so I guess I’m the fool.

  24. I wonder if any GMs did call to kick the tires on Janssen? I can’t imagine, otherwise he would have been traded. This team’s only real strength in the first half was the bullpen, and now that has vapourized. The team ERA is dead last in the AL since the break, and the bullpen has been a big part of it.

    • At what point do you start wearing paper bags to games?

      20 years of futility? 25? 30?

      Thank fuck they perform exciting hand shakes because they’re a terrible team.

      • really, paper bags? Idiot

      • I’m not against the jazzy handshakes/dances/whatever…but I will say that I have noticed in watching better teams that when they hit homeruns or otherwise do something useful – the celebrations are a lot less complicated, a lot more spontaneous. It’s almost as though they are using their time to be better @ baseball, not rehearsing celebrations.

        But again – I am in favour of jazzing things up.

  25. The attendance was so fucking good this series (against the unpopular A’s!). Yet, the team still plays like absolute dog crap. The fans deserve so much better. They have been great this year in terms of showing up.

    • I’m old. I still view the A’s as the Blue Jays only legitimate rival. And therefore it’s desirable to see the Blue Jays beat the stuffing out of them.

      As for what the fans in attendance deserve? Mostly a swift kick in the pants.

      • Why do the fans deserve a kick in the pants? My guess is there hasn’t been any life in your pants since 1993.

        Vagina Jammed!

        • I was a tad young for any of that back in 1993 but thanks for the thought.

          And fine. Perhaps just the 500 Level fans are in need of some tough love.

      • “As for what the fans in attendance deserve? Mostly a swift kick in the pants.”

        You must work for Rogers.

        • Not a Rogers employee, but I think they feel they are providing “fun” for all in attendance.

          • I’m from Calgary so I only get to go to one series a year, maybe two.
            I went to the three games against the A’s and guys in my section were booing the shit out of Esmil Rodgers from the first pitch…. the first fucking pitch.
            Douchiest crowd I have ever seen.

  26. If Arencibia is back next year I’m going to lose my fucking mind.

    I have tickets to the game Thursday night, and if it wasn’t the Red Sox, I don’t think I would go.

  27. Adam Lind since the end of June – .184/.277/.291

    JPA since the end of April – .190/.240/.321

    JPA on the road (season to date) .143/.189/.246 (seriously)

    • Yep, nobody has seemed to notice just how much of a black hole lind has been since his hot streak in may/june. We have this fucker hitting 5th for us most nights. JPA is JPA. I mean, what the fuck do you expect?

  28. why always blame JPA its not his call who catches the games. He’s useless yes but its not only his fault this team sucks shit. The man gets paid minimal yet it’s his fault we are 10 below 500.

    • You are right, its not his fault the Jays suck, but its entirely his fault that he is the worst regular in MLB yet thinks he’s an asset to the team and goes out of his way to remind people of that on a regular basis.

  29. oh god sam cosentino is just a blubbering mess

  30. Stoeten and Drew got a cameo in the ninth.

  31. I’m at work.
    I heard they lost.
    Is it sad that I’m like “Oh, really….again? Ho hum” at this point?
    I mean…Jesus, I’m a FAN, fer crissakes!

  32. Fuck this team, fuck this year.

    The end.

    • I mean seriously, what the fuck… we all had so much to be excited about at the start of the year and then this big black cloud of bad luck just took a big old greasy curler on the season.

      Now,, what do we have to be excited about apart from MAYBE the off season when Rogers might allow AA to go wild on the free agent market.

      September call ups, who do we have to be excited about? Pillar maybe? Stroman? I dunno, at this point I dont even give a fuck. And even if AA gets the checkbook from Rogers and signs a bunch of people, I still wont give a fuck until they actually win some fucking games.

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