New York Yankees v Toronto Blue JaysWelp.

I really have nothing on this one, folks. It sounds about right for this fucking season, don’t it? And it further complicates the whole qualifying offer thing, much to the delight, I’m sure, of those who have yet to grasp that Josh Johnson didn’t just emerge from the ether last November, and actually has a track record that looks a metric fuck-tonne better than what he’s shown in most of his starts this year and demands at least a little attention be paid to it. Oh, but sure, hate him and think he sucks, go ahead! See if I care! Just makes it easier for me to figure who’s useless.

So… yeah.

Thad Weber is coming up from Buffalo to complete the roster move. He’s posted a 2.65 ERA starting 12 times for the Bisons this season.

So… yeah.

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  1. Didn’t see this one coming!

  2. Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB 1h

    Johnson still on schedule to make tomorrow’s start. Gibbons reiterated today that the forearm isn’t a big concern. #BlueJays

    Still dont get why they do this. Just fuckin say theyre not sure or things not looking good. Like, fuck why lie about it then a few hours later put him on the DL and look like idiots. What are they trying to achive by lieing tot he media beforehand?

    • I’m trying to figure this out too. Who do they think they’re fooling?

      • Like if they cant even give an honest fucking injury update then who knows what other shit theyre lying to the media/fanbase about.

        • What’s more, is why do they keep asking when they’ve shown time and time again they are just going to straight up lie? Why even bother asking anymore? Lol

    • + igoogle

      I was just about to post that tweet too! It’s such a fuckin’ joke on Blue Jays Way right now…

    • Sometimes they don’t know the results of tests. Sometimes they haven’t made procedural moves official. Sometimes they’re not ready to tell opponents about it.

      Calm down and stop looking for conspiracies.

      • This! Say what you want about the organization, but the one thing that they do tend to have over most other teams is honesty & forthrightness….started with Howard Webster & has been a core value of the organization. They are straightforward & honest with players, employees, & fans, for the most part…so I don’t think you can go looking for conspiracies, or ascribe too much evildoing to the team in this respect

      • There are many others ways they could accomplish the same thing. The way they do it makes Gibbons look foolish and lacking in integrity. I actually feel sorry for him.

        There’s a big difference between saying “He’s scheduled to start right now. We’re having a look at some things but right now the plan hasn’t changed.” As opposed to “The forearm isn’t a major concern” an hour before you put him on the DL.

    • It’s to trick the other team and catch them off guard.

      “You thought Johnson was starting? Ah ha, tricked you! Now you have less time to prepare for the immortal Thad Weber and the Jays will have an advantage!”

  3. I think I could handle Josh Johnson being good somewhere else next year better than I could handle him being terrible with the Jays.

  4. It’s the pitching coach’s fault! He ruined his arm in half a season just like he did the arms of all our other recent acquisitions. Is Thad Weber young or old? Prospect or not? I know SFA about him. I wish we could use the end of this season to check out some young arms for next year

    • He didn’t look ml caliber the one time I saw him pitch in Buffalo. Richmond is more viable – better movement.

  5. any chance weber is the long man next year?

  6. Ahhh my fucking hallergies.

  7. As much of a shitbag JJ has been this season, was looking forward to see if he could build off his start in Seattle.

  8. So tired of seeing a rotating cast of pitchers from Buffalo. Would like to see the position players. Can’t wait until September!

  9. By the way, just to put shit in our eyes and rub it in, rumour has it John Farrell is up for AL East manager of the year.

  10. I hope this makes smaller contract with options more plausible.

  11. Do you have a pathological need to swear every other sentence?

  12. classic Bob Elliot on PTS today with McCown.
    McCowm: Can things be any worse for Josh Johnson than right now?”
    Elliot: “well he could own a Pit Bull”.

  13. “right arm shittiness” (TM Stoeten) is becoming an epidemic. At least it halts the Josh Johnson shit-show (TM me).

  14. I was on board with qualifying him not long ago. Now, I wonder what I was thinking. $14 mil figure is north of 10% of what the 2014 payroll will be. That just doesn’t make sense for a guy who’s been a bust of this magnitude.

    I mean yeah maybe he turns it around somehow, but it would not look good if he did not. I don’t see AA taking such a leap. It will be an intriguing offseason for sure though.

    • He will not get a QO unless he agrees to take the money and donate it back to the club after the season is over. 14 million is best spent elsewhere…lots of holes, the 2 pitchers they’ll get this winter will be through trades, along with a two bagger. Catcher…FA is where they’ll initially focus…hope it pans out, you never know with a FA but this year hurt their marketing as a contender obviously but there’s enough of a core to create the buzz we had going into this season and the team will finally spend to get that catcher…missing piece in my humble opinion, really important on both sides of the ball.

      • I don’t know…if I’m the Jays I try to get him to agree to 3 years 25 million right now using the QO as a threat. Then I shut him down and start rehabbing for next year.

    • If Dan Haren got 13.5 million last offseason, it is not unreasonable to think JJ can’t either.

      AA isn’t going to let him leave for nothing, and likely doesn’t give a shit about our feelings or what the fuck you or I think…yeah, so.

      • It’s not about JJ getting a Haren-like contract on the free agent market.

        He may very well be able to get that. From someone.

        But does it make sense to devote $14 million to the 2014 payroll on Johnson?

        If he doesn’t pitch again this year, I can’t imagine it making sense even if the payroll is north of $140 million.

    • It’s a bigger risk not to offer him the QO and see him blossom for other team, especially AL contenders… $14/mil or a reasonable extension, WhyTF not?

  15. What motivation does Johnson have to pitch the rest of the year?

    For his own career, he’d be better of staying on the DL the rest of the season so the Jays don’t qualify him.

    Then he can sign in a big NL ballpark for 1 year and $10 – $15 million.

  16. JJ was good, he’s had injury problems and this year has likely fought through knee issues etc but what the BJs need is healthy, consistent pichers…MB is too expensive BUT he’s eating innings and has on the whole done what was expected of him…if JJ did that, you sign him long term…what I see out there is a guy that will likely never be as good as he used to be and I would take my chances with him going elsewhere rather than put 14 m of my ’14 payroll towards those stats, history of success or not, in fact, to me, he has just as long a history of injury as successful, healthy seasons. I let him walk if I’m AA. It was a good risk to take, now move on.

  17. It’s going to be so infuriating when Johnson comes storming back next year and puts up amazing numbers… for some other team….

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