Shi Davidi of Sportsnet has quotes from Josh Johnson on the occasion of his return to the DL. Ugh. John Lott has one too in the National Post, and addresses the status of Colby Rasmus, as well. In some parallel universe these injuries are crushing blows to the Jays’ playoff hopes, I’m sure.

Davidi tweets that Alex Anthopoulos says either new recall Thad Weber will start tomorrow, or Esmil Rogers will be moved back into the rotation to take Johnson’s place.

Gregor Chisholm suggests that the fact Weber wasn’t announced as the starter means Rogers is probably the favourite.

Davidi tells us that Johnson says his forearm tightened up playing catch this afternoon, and that he thinks the problem is in the muscle. Wilner adds that Johnson has had Tommy John before, so you’d at least figure he’d know if it was a ligament issue.

Regarding the possibilities of Sean Nolin or Marcus Stroman, Brendan Kennedy tweets that Anthopoulos said “it’s as much about who’s on turn at this point,” and that the two could be options next time through the rotation. Thad Weber, I saw someone tweet, was scheduled to start tonight for Buffalo.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

RHP Todd Redmond

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
LF Daniel Nava (S)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)

RHP Ryan Demopster

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  1. Djf pod soon?

  2. Wow does SI’s live boxscore have a butt-ugly photo of Redmond!

  3. Rajai in the 2 spot, better

  4. apparently Rasmus is DL bound as well according to Campbell. That means we can look forwadr to more Boni in CF with Davis in left. It will bring back memories of Corey Patterson at some point I am sure. Man I cannot believe how close this August is mirroring last August when it comes to the DL visits and what a clusterfuck this team is right now.

  5. Me thinks players are starting to get some rest because of the Jays position in the standings.

    McGowan, Delabar, Johnson, Melky and now maybe a DL stint for Rasmus.

    With playoffs out of reach the decision to DL guys will likely come a little quicker if they’re under contract next year.

  6. I have to say, I’m a Cletus fan, he’s fun to watch in the outfield, running bases, taking out shortstops and second basemen, he hits magestic homeruns, he’s basically just great to watch, when he’s not striking out a ton. If he’s done for the season, or an extended period of time, it will definitely lessen the expierence of watching the Jays. Which hasn’t been awesome.

  7. You would think JJ would know what a ligament injury feels like but you’d probably be wrong. Last year Drabek also said right after he hurt himself that it was totally different from the TJ injury and nowhere near as bad. All of a week later he goes for his second TJ.

    That, plus the only people who lie more than the Jays FO are the players. Going for TJ would mean he wouldn’t even get a minor league deal vs. the maybe 1/$3m he could get now. So if he could pitch through it he would.

    No matter. He’s done as a Jay, and good riddance. I would rather keep Wang for nothing than waste any amount of money on JJ next year.

    • I for one hope JJ remains a jay for 2014. i don’t believe he is done as a baseball player, we’ve seen some decent starts amongst the horrible ones.

    • Do you mean Chien Ming Wang? You can’t be serious.

      I’d way rather roll the dice with the guy with the much, much better track record then some pitcher off the strap heap.

  8. “JP is going through a tough stretch.”


  9. If only Redmond didnt throw twice the number of pitches as his counterparts… Sigh

  10. off topic baseball talk:

    as of today, who is most deserving of AL MVP? seems like Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout are again the most likely candidates, while Chris Davis is still in the picture but needs a good end to the season to have a shot, and king felix might have a slim chance although it seems pitchers really have to have a crazy season to get MVP votes.

    who deserves it? you can make an awfully good case for Trout again, I suspect most on this site will give the nod to him. who will actually win it? I’m guessing it’s cabrera’s to lose at this point

    • it’s Miggy’s to lose at this point

      • i cant see trout getting more votes, but you can put together a pretty good case for him like last year. everyone gushed over his WAR last year and it is higher than Cabrera’s again this year according to fan graphs

  11. Think we will see Pillar if Cletus hits the DL? Fuck me, I hope so. The kid can rake.

    • The kid has defied the odds and the scouts at every level.
      They’re still only project him as a fourth outfielder.
      But yeah I’m pulling for him.
      Classic underdog story.

      • I agree. His stats are unreal.

        Can’t wait to see this guy, I’m not really sure what to expect.

        But can’t wait.

  12. “Meat hooks” is a really unattractive name for hands. That is all.

  13. Did I just see that one awesome angry bearded Jays fan from that one gif?

  14. I hope Lawrie is memorizing whatever it is he’s doing at the plate. He’ll be a beast next year if he keeps it up.

    • Hopefully he hasnt got Adam Lind’s problem. Pitchers adjust to him and it takes 3 years for him to figure out what’s happened.

  15. JP should hang his head in shame more often apparently.

  16. Been watching and not commenting… a few thoughts

    Redmond has dirty stuff, I hope he keeps every manning his way through and gets a spot in the rotation next year cause he’s likeable.

    JP has only walked SIXTEEN times this whole season? Mother of jesus… I knew the number was low but wow.

    Lawrie’s swing is still goofy as fuck and really counter productive but he’s found a way to make shit happen. But it’s still not as goofy as Johnny Gomes.

    Fucking christ I am getting sick of the turf at RC, it’s destroying athletes and turning away plenty of others from wanting to play in Toronto. Not sure how much more Rogers needs to put in grass but it’s gotta get done.

    Victorino’s reaction to getting beaned was kinda funny lol he looked drunk.

    Lastly, I hope the bullpen doesnt shit all over this.

  17. He’s really standing straighter in the box.

    I know this has been mentioned on here before, but it looks tonught that he’s even more upright than he has been.

    Almost no bend to him at all. Apparently it’s working.

  18. Uh oh

  19. Ladies and gentleman…. the beginning of the end. Get comfy and get ready to put another notch in the L column

  20. Nice fucking move, Gibby.
    Pulling a guy throwing a shut-out, for Cecil to allow a hit to Ortiz, and a walk to Gomes. Wicked. It’s the sixth inning!
    “Oh, but he’s so good at managing bullpens”.
    Stoet probably loves it though–because how could Gibby know Ortiz was going to get a hit, and Gomes was only 5-for-8 against Cecil. Fuck, Gibby makes one mistake a game. I wish Redmond would call him out after the game.

    Henceforth, I shall make a daily post featuring one decision Gibby makes wrong. Fear not, Dear Reader, I shan’t be short of material.

    • Ahem.

      Zero runs scored shit for brains.

      • I care not.
        I pay/watch to see the starter. Not the fucking bullpen.

        • You sure got your money’s worth this season. What are we at now, 13 different starters?

          • Wasn’t the pitch count high? That’s why he pulled him. The inning is irrelevant.
            Also, Gomes was a pinch hitter. Was gibby supposed to look into his crystal ball to know?
            Dumb ass.

      • I’ll await with bated breath these daily pearls of wisdom.

        • Hmm, some DJF posters = Hall of Fame voting committee for Gibby’s body of “work”.

          Seriously, at the risk of sounding like Nolan Ryan, what ever happened to ‘it’s his game to win or lose’? No vote of confidence for your starter.

          So frustrating.

    • you’ve made a mistake, not gibbers!

    • Good for him. I hope he got his back issue sorted out and can play again.

      • Don’t worry, his back is screwed now.

        • Wow thats a hell of a nice way to show support for the guy eh? Ive always liked Coop, he was just screwed over by being a first baseman. Had he been converted to the outfield upon being drafted we may have seem more of him.

          • I was kidding Buck.
            They literally put two screws into his back.
            I too wish him nothing but the best.

            • SP I thought it was a great joke…FWIW.

            • didnt know about the screws… :S

              Poor guy, a lot of people thought of him as AAAA talent but he had some solid at bats with the Jays. But if robotic arm Delabar can turn it around, maybe Coop can too.

              Speaking of the Indians and former jays prospects what ever happened to Micheal McDade? I looked up his stats, I guess hes in the Chisox system now. I kind of thought he would end up being something decent.

    • Still, he should have tagged him.

    • Yan Gomes Redux?

      As in, begins to rake as soon as he becomes an Indian?

  21. Phew. Cecil had me worried there.

    Can they score a few more runs now?

  22. Bugger…

    Was that a bad decision by the 3B coach to send Reyes home, or just an exceptional throw by Victorino?

    • The throw was up the 3B line by 10 feet and Salty had to wait for Reyes to arrive

    • They just showed a reply and it seems like Reyes’ chance of getting home safe weren’t very good. I guess Rivera was banking on a weak or off-the-mark throw…

  23. At the game tonight. Why did rivera send Reyes home???

    He was out by several feet

  24. wtf is Rivera sending Reyes for on that hit???? I swear that ball was in Victorino’s glove before Reyes left 2B.

  25. Butter doesnt send him…and it’s not that he’s that smart. Rivera is lacking

  26. Rivera must have thought Boni was fielding when he sent Reyes.

  27. Santos is probably getting close to his innings limit for this year.

    • It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at that observation.

    • He’s past it.

      Here’s the phone call between AA and Williams

      AA: hey man I like Santos, he throws hard and I get giant boners for anyone that can throw hard out of the bullpen

      Williams: Well he had a great year but Im not gonna lie to you Alex, his arm is literally ready to fall off so you might not want to..


      Williams: oh…..k, well I wont fleece you on it, I would feel bad and I dont need trouble in Canada so how’s about Molina for Santos straight up?

      AA: He throws hard right, like zoom zoom out of the bullpen?

      William: uh… yah he sure does but like I said, his arm is…

      AA: Bah I dont need the details, send me the paperwork.

    • Yeah, Santos’ arm isn’t built for double-digit appearances in a year. Take it easy on him, guys.

  28. J*sus Chr*st, has Lind ever hit a hard shot on the ground ? Freakin’ fly balls every time…

  29. Santos does not look so good. Definitely not the bite on his ball like his last year with the chisox.
    And..is our offense crap or what? 4 fukin hits tonite off a 473 ERA stiff, 7 yesterday against a yo yo,7 the day before, and 5 in a game we actually won. Becoming pretty bad once again and BORING

  30. The hitting is atrocious. Dempster isnt even that good. Look at how many pitches theyre taking compared to bos. Just fucking pathetic. Im starting to think the lineup needs significant change. Tough task for AA to deal with when the starting pitching is garbage as well.

    • It would be cool if Melky and Rasmus were healthy. Izturis, Bonifacio, Davis, JP… too many shitbags. (with Lind slowly working his way into that category as well)

  31. Santos did not look good tonight.

    Old kind is back.

    Bottom 3 jays hitting around 220.

    We need melky and Colby back

  32. Davis not really a ML hitter, but he made a great play in the field that time.

  33. Rasmus is my least favorite on this team. Body language doesn’t lie, and his is crap.

    • Can you translate for me? I don’t speak body language.

      I did try Braille with his corn rows. I read: “See ball; hit ball.”

  34. Melky would have made that catch lol

  35. There you JPA haters.Take that! good one JP!

  36. Good for Arencibia, he really punished a mistake.

  37. Jpa with a clutch hr. we are tied!!!

  38. Where is that Fuckass smelly old dawgshit? Thought he’d be jumping for joy at the HR, but NO, just around to make like a big shot yelling at posters

  39. i dont have a lot of cares about this team anymore. But we must beat the sox.


    • Yup yup. The potential to see the Red Sox beaten up a bit is pretty much the only reason I’m watching.

  40. It might be some sort of official book to record how an outing went, but I prefer to think of it as a delicious slam book type of journal.

    • always most inspired when he’s taken out of the game

      • It’s an emotional time + a most excellent opportunity to write bitchy things about other players.

        Needless to say, baseball is really different in my head than in real life.

  41. Jesus Christ, receive the ball JP.

  42. God I wish JPA was more patient or had any semblance of a 2 strike approach.

    He sure can crush a ball when he squares it up.

    Hell. Is a .230/.300/.425 line with 25 bombs too much to ask for? That’s perfectly acceptable from your catcher and really not a huge stretch from where he is now.

  43. yan gomes another 2 hits. for fucks sakes

  44. I would like to think that when the Jays win tonight it will signify the beginning of the Red Sox’ implosion.

  45. Wing ding thing please.

  46. You posting this fucking photo is the reason why the season has gone the way it has…

  47. Lind gets an intentional walk? Wee-ow. His reputation must be impressive. I think that’s the work of SP.

    Also, whenever that song comes on my MP3 player when I’m working out I instinctively think of Kittenz.

  48. Still hard to believe 2013 turned out as badly as it has. Somewhere, Mitch Williams continues to stick pins into a Blue Jays voodoo doll.

    • A Voodoo doll with a strong resemblance to Joe Carter?

    • the only difference between this year and the last bunch of years is that for the past how many years, weve had no real expectations going into a season, the rosters were always reasonable, the play on the field was entertaining, honest guys with honest effort, etc etc which usually fell around .500 ball and a 3rd or 4th place finish with trusty old Baltimore shitting the bed below.

      But this year, we were all given real hope for once, and the product on the field was even worse than what it was when JP or AA were trotting out average low expectation clubs. And to boot, Baltimore is magically winning after resurrecting a GM from baseball’s past.

  49. Derosa pinch hit. Good move by gibby

  50. The Grizzled Vet has shaved his Goatee!

  51. Not one strike in the lot…!!!

  52. As if those terrible moves by Farrell pay off

  53. Brett Lawrie is going to hurt himself if he doesn’t calm down. And then he’ll be no use to anyone.

  54. Why is the crowd so quiet before each pitch? Anyone hear what tonight’s attendance was?

  55. Watching this game (what I could of it) and thinking about Stoet’s earlier article, I think it is somewhat noteworthy that whereas the Jays added payroll in terms of Dickey’s extension and the Marlins’ contracts, the Red Sox and Yankees and Tigers almost always sign their own contracts rather than taking on someone else’s.

    I’d have been happy with Annabelle Sanchez and Kuroda and even Dempster. And Chapman and Darvish etc etc.

  56. No problem with that last pitch..The ump called it a strike and it was way better than Derosa got.

  57. How are we expected to win games when we have 6 hitters and they have 9?


  59. I love Bonifacio’s looks of confusion after his horrible at bats. It’s like he’s genuinely surprised that he’s facing major league caliber pitching.

  60. Who comes after Casey?

  61. rajai davis’ legs are longer than stacey keibler

  62. I am ready and warm in the pen. Put me in coach

  63. Ok If you didnt believe in Rajai before…

    The more work he gets, the better he gets

  64. Once again the throw to the plate is both late and 12 feet wide.

  65. Ahhh there’s the sweet painful heartbreak of being a Blue Jays fan. Right on cue. I assume this is why some people cut themselves. I’m a Blue Jays fan so I can feel SOMETHING.

  66. what a fucking joke gibbons is. has loup face a righty then takes him out for lincoln.

    why the fuck didn’t you bring in lincoln in the first place!!!!

    but idiot wilner calls him a tactician

    • Because Victorino is not a righty. Not like Loup was getting hit hard. That hit by Victorino was a real bleeder.

  67. Thanks to JP Ricciardi, who brought us BJ Ryan, Ted Lilly, John Gibbons, and God knows who else. May he rot he hell….wait, he already is, Special Assistant to Sandy Alderson of the Mets.

  68. The jays are an exceptionally talented team that just isn’t playing well right now.

  69. So, for tomorrow we have neither a starter or a bullpen.
    Could be interesting.

  70. Another night of 0′fers for the shitsack squad of Lind, Izzy and Boni. Wasting precious playing time when replacements should be playing in their stead.

    Both Boni and Izzy have already reached or surpassed the amount of plate appearances they played last year. May as well take this opportunity with guys on the DL to call up Kawa and Pillar and let them play. At least get to see one prospect and a fan favourite

    • Well there’re a few DL types like Melky and JJ and maybe even Rasmus who could bring up some Bison or Fishercat people. And it’ll be Sep callup time pretty soon.
      I really want to see Pillar and Gose and I think Negrych is better than either Boni or Mouser at 2B

  71. Esmil tomorrow, says Shi

  72. These guys just have no fucking clue what to do with risp. Theyre amateurs compared to the red sox hitters. Just swing at everything. Thats the plan for the jays. How many blackholes can they have in the lineup? It seems like they have 6 or 7 atm and jpa was ok today as he is 1 in every 60 games. Never been as angry and frustrated with the jays as i have this year. Just complete incompetence and lack of execution in every phase of the game.

    • A lot of people will say you are negative, but you are correct, of course. Funny, they are looking .nightly now, like the motley collection we watched under Farrell last August. Disconsolate play, poor to wretched pitching often by AAA players and pathetic to garbage hitting night after night. No, I think you summed it up well. Thsi is the most disappointing and humilating season since Year 1

  73. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuci fuck fuck fuck fuck

  74. AA. Has to walk the plank

  75. I think JJ can kiss any kind of QO goodbye now. If there was a hope it’s now gone with his 15 day DL. Best he can do now is finish as well as possible and see what the market thinks. I think AA will make an offer. But , IMO it wont be anywhere near what he made this year.

    • One year 5 mil?

      • perhaps 2/14m with an option at say 10m? They sure have some tuff decisons to make regarding the pitching staff. 5Big guns projected to start the year in Morrow, Dickey, Buerhle, RR,and JJ. Now down to just 2 with Jay Happ as a maybe. FFS!

    • He put his lips to that QO a month or more ago. Right now he is currently kissing any kind of real money goodbye and getting ready to embrace a minor league deal with an invite to big league camp. With the names on the FA pitching market this off season I would be absolutely shocked if anyone gave JJ a big league deal after the greasy curler he pumped out this season. Yes he was pitching hurt, and that MIGHT be the only thing that gets him a possible low risk high reward big league deal. But with his injury history and the numbers this year… I doubt there’s anything much waiting for him.

    • +1 Karl.

      At this point he wont be back till early sept. AA should use the expanded rosters to give romero, hutch & Drabek some starts .

      I don’t think AA can afford to spend 14 million on josh johnson accepting a qualifying offer.

      The money could be spent on getting an upgrade at 2B, C or another starting pitcher

  76. Back from the game. Very frustrating to watch but I have to thank the Blue Jays for making my wife’s birthday a happy event. The birthday greeting on the jumbotron was pefect & they brought her a small gift during the game. You get a tax receipt for the suggested donation of 100$ to jays care foundation for the birthday greeting.

    I hope stoeten writes a post on gibby’s bullpen selections tonight.

    The red sox continue to be very patient at the plate. Redmond pitched well.

    It’s sad to watch izturis & Bonifacio. Why did we run Aaron Hill out of town? He’s much better in Arizona now.

    We went from Hill to KO Johnson to Izturis. It’s strange because Izturis career stats are decent but he has regressed with the Jays.

    • Happy birthday to your wife!

      I’ve always wanted my birthday to be during regular season play. Alas. I’ll have to find something else to celebrate @ the SkyDome.

    • I was one who wanted KJ run out of town. Having seen his replacements, the god awful BONI and his partner Izzy, KJ might become a viable choice. My gawd, he could field to a respectable UZR and turn the dp, something these 2 schmucks cannot do consistently. He hit a lousy .225 with some power so he doesn;t project as great, but Jesus H Christ BONI and Izzy have to be cancelled, NOW!

    • Gibby can do no wrong. If this were a bar, you’d be asked to leave for sporting non-Gibby colours. Yer kind ain’t welcome here, son. JawnGibbons’thebestfuckin’managerevercome’roundhere.Bettern’thatfuckin’colouredfellawhowonthemshinytrophiesn’shit.

  77. Yup….

  78. So who gets called up if Rasmus goes on the DL? Pillar makes the most sense I’d think but he’s not on the 40-man.

  79. Pillar coming up it looks like. Twitter.

  80. Great news about Pillar. Time to get irrationally excited about a prospect!

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