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Scuttlebutt stuff: Colby Rasmus is out of the lineup for the Jays again tonight. John Gibbons says he’s “not right,” according to a Brendan Kennedy tweet, but that he’s hoping to avoid a DL stint. John Lott adds that Gibbons says abdominal injuries “can get ugly,” and that if it goes on for a few days, the club will have no choice but to put him on the DL. I hope all is well with Colby, but sure, I could watch Anthony Gose for a couple weeks, I guess.

Speaking of Colby, at Gamereax, Chris Toman notes that Rasmus is headed towards a big payday, but wonders if that’s going to come from the Jays. Among all the other streakiness, his BABIP fluctuations sure are a bit scary, he notes.

John Lott of the National Post writes about Brett Lawrie’s seventh inning bunt yesterday, which his manager wasn’t particularly thrilled with. “Turn it loose, man,” Gibbers awesomely said. “You’ve been hitting the ball all over the field.” #GibbyTheBest.

Elsewhere Lott chats with Mark DeRosa, who was happy to have been pulled back from waivers after a team put in a claim for him next week. He’s been very effective in his on-field role this year, and even though the clubhouse wizardry ascribed him hasn’t exactly translated to wins this year (because, y’know, that’s bullshit), he seems to be in a good place for both him and the Jays– and, apparently, Brett Lawrie. Hey, if his play warrants a roster spot anyway, sure, go be a good chemistry guy, Mark.

Shi Davidi has something similar on DeRosa over at Sportsnet. The utility infielder is contemplating retirement– with some pressure from his wife to do so– but still has some game in him and has a nice, cheap option for 2014 that the Jays may exercise.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith relays a radio hit featuring John Gibbons, in which the manager correctly lays blame for the Jays’ woeful season on his club’s defence and starting pitching.

From over the weekend, MLBTR tells us that– shock!– Josh Johnson cleared trade waivers. And, of course, for you clueless maple dicks (he’s a free agent in six weeks, people), apparently Justin Morneau is currently waiting to clear waivers as well. Not happening. (Hey, and if you’re into ancient pipe dreams, apparently Manny Ramirez has been released by the Rangers, too.)

A trio from the Toronto Sun, as Mike Rutsey wonders (uh… last Thursday) what the Jays should do with Adam Lind, Bob Elliott looks at all the club’s rotation questions heading to 2014, and some wire service post quotes Pete Rose as– awesomely– saying that he picked the wrong vice by being into gambling, suggesting he’d be in MLB’s better graces if he were simply a drunk. Hard to argue, ain’t it?

In a notebook at BlueJays.com, Evan Peaslee tells us that the injured (or, if you’re preparing for fall with a fancy new tinfoil hat, the fake-injured) Dustin McGowan has yet to being a throwing program since landing on the DL last week. Peaslee also speaks with Esmil Rogers, who takes his demotion back to the bullpen in stride.

In a different notebook post, this one from over the weekend, Gregor Chisholm writes about Jerry Howarth, who was deservedly honoured as the 2012 Jack Graney Award winner, which “is presented to a member of the media who has made significant contributions to baseball in Canada through his or her life’s work.” Elsewhere in the post Gregor tells us about Luis Perez, who is nearing a return following last year’s Tommy John surgery and a mid-season setback. He also lets us know that Casey Janssen’s shoulder is feeling better and better as the season goes on. #WeightedBalls.

According to a tweet from Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, the Clevelands have located the whereabouts of D.B. Cooper.

Whoa. In the Toronto Star Richard Griffin writes about how John Farrell is having the last laugh at the Jays and their fans, following his acrimonious departure from the club, but most interestingly, he ends the piece thusly: “But don’t pine for Farrell and wish they had forced him to stay a Jay. He was never going to be at this helm in 2013, ever.” ORLY?

Lastly, Griffin also had a live chat with readers today, and those are always worth a read, and he has a new Bullpen post up, in which– among other things– Pat Hentgen laments what the steroid era cost him during his career– a suggestion deliciously responded to by Jon Hale over at the Mockingbird.

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  1. Oh god please keep Rasmus.
    I don’t know contracts but….. 5/50 or something maybe???

  2. “Dustin McGowan has yet to being a throwing problem”

    Begin? Program? (Feel free to delete this.)

  3. Yeah rasmus is crazy streaky. Not even game to game. Like from AB to AB. Some ABs he is hitting complete rockets. Then the very next AB he will have a very weak infield popup. I know nobody can hit rockets every AB but rasmus seems to have a shitload of variation in his ABs. I dont even remember a game he went 3-3 or 4-4.

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