Because of course this was going to happen in the 20 minute period while I was walking to work: according to a release from the Jays, Emilio Bonifacio has been dealt to the Kansas City Royals for a player to be named later or cash, while Colby Rasmus has placed on the 15-day DL. This frees up one 40-man roster spot and two spots on the active roster, which have been filled by Kevin Pillar– as discussed earlier– and Munenori Kawasaki.

Never too late to fix your mistakes, I guess. Except, y’know, when it totally is.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say that Emilio Bonifacio is what sunk this team, or anything like that. He’s just one of many parts of the compendium of cock-ups and underperformances that did the Jays in. Not that it’s necessarily his fault that he was miscast as a full-time player by a team drooling over the .296/.360/.393 line he put up in 2011, when he was last healthy.

Frankly, as much as sour fuckheads wanted to argue all season about how the Jays should have known he’d be this bad, it wasn’t the craziest proposition. Though he struggled at the big league level in his first full season at age 24, in his final three seasons with the Marlins, from ages 25 through 27, he posted a .280/.345/.362 line over eleven-hundred plate appearances, so anyone suggesting that anything close to this year’s disgusting .218/.258/.321 should have been expected is being pretty thoroughly disingenuous.

His defence, despite some glaring errors, particularly in the early going, seemed by my eyes to have gotten noticeably better, and the DRS and UZR metrics– in the tiny sample sizes at multiple positions this season– liked him a lot better than I’m sure Jays fans did. Of course, his range wasn’t nearly the issue that his horrible misplays were.

And… well… who the hell needs to defend him at this point anyway? Except in that it needs to be made clear that the Jays front office wasn’t quite as horrendously inept as it maybe seems when they tabbed him as a key player in the deal with the Marlins (not a dealbreaker, as much as some people want to believe what was spoonfed them after the fact)– and that maybe the Royals aren’t quite as crazy as they seem, either. At least, not because of this move, at least.

More importantly, I think Bonifacio’s departure sends a good signal to a worried fan base. The minuscule return they’ll receive suggests to me that there was probably a decent chance Bonifacio wouldn’t have been tendered a contract this winter, which shows that Alex Anthopoulos isn’t so stubborn on his prior evaluations as to be completely beholden to the status quo. I think that bodes well for what we all know has to be done about the catcher [taps the side of his nose], and maybe, if we really want to stretch it, signals the possibility that the club will take enough of Josh Johnson’s 2013 into account to decide not to bring the strug-ugling starter back for another kick at the cat, and maybe even speaks to the status of Melky Cabrera– as, perhaps, does the promotion of Kevin Pillar.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Let’s just enjoy that we’ll get a chance to see 32nd-rounder-turned-real-prospect Kevin Pillar, that Munenori Kawasaki is back, that– with only three true outfielders now on the roster (with apologies DeRosa, Lind, and Encarnacion)– Anthony Gose is probably not far from making his return, and that the long journey toward entering April 2014 with a reloaded roster has finally, somewhat belatedly, begun.

2013, you guys!

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  1. Sad to hear it. One of the most piled on players in recent memory and for what? For having some flavour and bad luck with the bat?

    I feel like the mouth-breathing fan really took their frustrations out on Boni. Became a whipping boy among those whose intentions in singling him out left a bad taste in the mouth. Don’t need to be playing that card, but a Joe Inglett and Buck Coats never really got that treatment despite being far worse.

    Anyway, sad to see him go if for no other reason than his name was fun to say.

    • Joe Inglett was light years ahead of Bonifacion during their respective times in Toronto. It’s not racist to be annoyed at the worst player on the team, particularly when you think it’s the Japanese guy in AAA who should get playing time over him.

      • Wow! Inglett was way better

        • Did he say bad luck?

          Wonderful example was last night when the crew showed a slow mo shot of bonifacio striking out. His eyes were completely closed while swinging.

          So, maybe he needed luck?

      • I still think Boni was the 2nd worst player. The worst player on the Jays is the white guy behind the plate.

      • Joe Inglett had but one almost impressive stretch filling in for Aaron Hill. His numbers outside that blip suggest nothing more than a middling player. Nobody but nobody expected anything from Joe Inglett because there was nothing to expect. Almost the exact opposite can be said for Bonifacio. He was one year removed from a complete season of great numbers. Even if he arrived in 2010 the same expectations would have been in place.

    • Please. He hit like a pitcher, he played defense like a DH, and he got caught stealing at a pathetic 33% clip. He became a whipping boy because he played awful, awful baseball in ~100 games in Toronto, nothing more nothing less.

    • Also, how fucking dumb is it to compare a guy who Anthopolous insists was a dealbreaker in a franchise altering trade to Buck Coats? Ahhh, fuck off man.

      • Not saying he had a good tenure in Toronto, just saying that the tone of the abuse directed at him during the games I took in was ugly. Palpable difference between the stuff hurled at him and at other light-hitting utility types.

        • If he was used like a utilty player and not starting pretty much every day, it’s not as much of an issue. If he wasn’t flat out terrible on both sides of the ball (most utility players do at least one thing well, Kawasaki can take a walk for instance), it wouldn’t be as much of an issue. If racism accounts for the hate towards Boni it’s maybe 1% to 5%. At least 95% of it is bad performance and too much playing time.

        • Fuck you Radenbitch. I guess I’m onevifbthose mouth breathers who thinks that the loviste chump who couldn’t hit or play passable D at any position was a complete waste of fucking time. That pudgy fuck should have been hitting the gym after the trade to capitalize on his opportunity to play for a team making a major move instead of whatever the fuck it was he did to get ready to play.
          Lesson for AA, discount any slap hitting chump playing in a joke park for a loser team stats by 20%.
          Cito?!?!?! Where are you?

    • Bad luck with the bat?!?!

      He is JPA without the homeruns, and that’s god damn awful

    • Ok does anyone not recall the plethora of errors he made this season? Sure he can play everywhere but did so with only moderate effectiveness. His bat was a complete joke all season. While it sucks to lose him at a time when his value was in the toilet, I won’t miss him at all. It wasnt only the mouth breathing fans that got on him, it was most of the fans and for good reason. However I wish him well with KC.

    • Couldn’t disagree with you more. The guy was a bonehead. How many times did we have to watch him attempt a bunt on the first pitch of the at bat and fail miserably? For that reason alone I am happy to see him go. You dont win championships with Bonifacios

      • However,,, every world series winning team does need a dependable versatile utility man which based on his stats before coming to Toronto, is a role Boni was/is perfectly suited for. I for one looked at his stats and said “damn,, thats cool”. But as usual, a player comes to Toronto and lays down a turd, not the first time weve seen that.


        • Yeah Bonifacios don’t win championships. What does? HInskes! – We need to sign Eric Hinske back! That fucker has two rings!! He must play the game the right way or something.

          And he currently doesn’t have a job. We can pick him up cheap!

      • Tell that to Luis Sojo

    • I call bullshit on the “bad luck” reference.
      Sorry to seem like I’m dumping on the guy…but I can’t think of anything overwhelmingly positive that he brought to the club. Some guys are all bat and no glove, or vice versa…but Boni had neither in any measurable amount that warranted keeping him.

  2. What a friggin’ awful player.

    I do find it odd that he was dealt for, what I’m sure will end up being, nothing just a few weeks after AA said he didn’t want to just move players for the sake of it.

    Though perhaps with six or so weeks left in the season, he’s decided or been advised that if he can save some money on guys who won’t be back next year or have trade value in the offseason, he may as well do it.

  3. I hope he does well in Kansas City so he can help them make the playoffs.

  4. Walking to work? But isn’t it winter outside?

  5. Raw tools, speed, etc.

    Couldn’t hit.

    See ya!

  6. so, who can play centre field for the next 15 days?

  7. That is 1st division photoshopping.

  8. I am shocked by this move. Didn’t AA say last November that Boni was a deal breaker if not included in the trade?

    Wasn’t Boni the hidden Gem?

    It looks AA would try to keep Rajai Davis around 1 more year. Better defender & hitter than Boni.

    It also saves money for 2014.

    Rest in Peace Lo Viste

    • The fact that AA isn’t a magician who swindles other GMs was confirmed a long time ago.

    • You are correct Oakville, AA just had to have Bonifacio or there was no deal. The Marlins countered with then-you-just-have-to-take-John Buck-off-our-hands-or-there-will-be-no-deal. Were it not for Reyes, the trade would be a big nothing.

  9. Dang we had that Boney M 8 Track as kids. Ra ra Rasputin. *feels old, logs off computer, dozes off in porch swing.

  10. Well, fuck me and my name then.

    I’m indifferent to the move. On the one hand, I still had some hope for Boni that he’d turn it around a bit… he’s not usually a .200 hitter with atrocious defense. I remember when Encarnacion was crap on defense, he was also struggling on offense… I thought that might be similar to what Boni was going through after his terrible D at 2nd. On the other hand, he’s also never been good enough for this season to be considered a blip and that he’d definitely do better in the future. So whatever.

  11. Wonder if they’re trying/willing to move Izturis as well? Save some money for next year?

    Got to think he could be a useful piece to a contender. It’s not like his deal is that bad.

    • its pretty bad.

      guaranteed $ for two years to a sub replacement level soon to be 33 year old? its not huge bucks but i’d guess it has a negative value.

    • if he’d be a useful piece for a contender…and the jays fancy themselves contenders next year…and he’s signed for next year…and his deal’s not really all that bad…and he’s showing signs of actually being not shitty…then why the fuck wouldn’t they just hold onto him? because you sure as shit ain’t getting anything back.

      • The point isn’t to get anything back, it’s to save that $3M.

        I’m not saying I know what the payroll is going to be next year, but I’m assuming it’s not going up a ton. You can use part of this money for a 2B upgrade, and go with Kawasaki and Derosa as your backups.

        • I strongly suspect that if someone put a waiver claim in on him AA would let him go for nothing. that said, i’d be shocked if anyone claimed him.

        • That kind of money is so irrelevant it hurts.

  12. is it ridiculous to have pillar and gose split left field and have melky as the dh?
    little more roster versatility, costs the minimum, and secures funds for a above average catcher and second baseman.

    • Having Melky at DH means that you would have to find two places in the IF for Lind and Edwin. And I doubt Lind can play 1B every day with his back. I support sitting Lind against LHP.

      Man this team is a trainwreck.

      • Trade Lind or buy him out.

      • It’s not.

        You think Lind is actually coming back?

        • Stoeten,

          I’m with you that it seems hard to imagine Lind back and fitting with the team. Just a question – think they just decline his option, or pick it up and see if he can used in part of a deal?

        • Lind will not be back. Johnson will not be back.

        • So you don’t think Lind is coming back? I understand that his 2009 season looks like an aberation now, but what is the cost of replacing an .800 OPS DH, even if his falue is lower against RHP? What would Napoli cost? about 7 mill a year I would think, and how long do his hips hold up? Beltran would be great as a DH, but my guess he is gonna cost alot.

          • It’s more of a roster construction thing, to me. Melky Cabrera most likely has to be the DH next year.

        • Only thing I would change is when Gose is playing to put him in centre and Colby in left. Then when Pillar is playing put him in left with Colby in centre. Colby is great defensively, but isn’t it agreed by most that Gose is a better defender? (plus his bat won’t look as awful in centre)

          • I’m not suggesting we’ll be sending someone to the all star game out of left field or out of dh, but it seems to me like an overall improvement on what we’ve sent out this year, for no additional money, and leaves us an extra outfielder in case someone needs a day off, or a pinch runner, or a late game defensive sub…. I dont mind it,
            assuming of course it leads to a stud catcher or second baseman.
            I know pitching is the priority but it doesn’t mean you ignore other ways to improve

  13. corey patterson
    ben francisco
    omar visquel
    juan rivera
    mark teahan

    the annual list of shitty players that this GM keeps signing is just disgusting. Fire him now.

    • ummm do you ever look at the other 29 teams and their rosters?

    • I’m pretty sure you could replicate that kind of list with every team smarty-pants.

      besides we didnt get Boneface by signing, it was an aquisition by trade.

      • And Teahen was only acquired (also not signed) to facilitate the Rasmus trade, which I don’t think anyone could complain about. And Patterson was used as part of that same trade. That’s pretty good value for shitty roster filler.

    • What exactly is your point? The only ones who made any money were Teahen and Rivera, and both were acquired as salary dumps to grease the wheels of a trade.

    • Blanco!

    • Yeah worst GM ever.
      Going out and signing a bad player now and then.
      Shut the fuck up, clown

  14. How long with Mune be looking around the locker room before someone tells him his best friend was traded?

    • This is the most heart-breaking thing of all.

      • Kawa enters the clubhouse.

        Kawa: “Hey guys!”

        Whole team: “Noodles!”

        Much noise and hand shaking and hugging and bum patting.

        Kawa: ” Hey, where’s Boni?”

        DeRosa: “Son, sit down. We have to talk.”

        Close with a tight close-up of Kawa, a lone tear running down his cheek.

  15. It will be Pillar who will replace Rasmus/Boni in the outfield, not Gose, thank christ.

  16. Guys, really. Let’s try to look at this positively. Boni didnt pan out. None of us wanted to see him out there. AA moved him out and freed up a roster spot to move up Pillar.

    As a fan who enjoys watching the games, regardless of the teams record, I would much prefer seeing the kids play over guys like boni anyway.

    • I think it was actually placing Boneface on waivers, then the royals claimed him, then AA said sure pick him up, as long as you give us a player to be named later.

      Then AA was like hmm, Rasmus is injured with an oblique, so we need outfield depth, Gose is playing well, but only just recently, he still needs to mentally mature. Let’s call up a guy whose been consistenly hitting in very level. We also need infelied depthh now that boni is gone so lets call up kawasaki as well.

      Hence the sequence of events that have happened today.

  17. Rumors on twitter say that the player to be named is Salvador Perez, which would be a total steal imo.

  18. I’m hearing reports that the player to be named later is either Spitz Sunflower or Fred Penner….

  19. So basically AA just got the cash back from KC he gave them for Jeffress?

    Getting Bonifacio off the books does feel like a bit of a relief.

    • I don’t think we were gonna re-sign boneface, so AA just took an opportunity to get anything at this point, as opposed to letting him go for nothing.

  20. I hope this means that Kawasaki will get every start at 2B vs a righty. Izturis is rotting garbage.

  21. I half expect him to regain his NL form at KC, that is how things have been breaking for the Jays for a few seasons now.

  22. This is intriguing to me, because of the options it creates if Pillar plays well and Gose finds a way to be even a 9-hole hitter. Right now, Colby is not far off from hitting enough to play left field.

    Can you imagine how good and cheap a defensive outfield Rasmus, Gose, and Bautista would be? When Rasmus or Gose need a break, Pillar could man LF. It also solves the Melky problem by giving him many opportunities to DH. All of this for what, about $35 mil next year? Yes please.

    It will take a lot of luck, and a lot of improvement from these players, but this is in my mind is how good teams fix things internally.

    Save the money for 2B or the rotation.

  23. Anybody else remember after the Mega-trade how the Braves were apparently going hard after Bonifacio and AA basically said he was untouchable…

    So yeah.. the guy’s highest trade value was basically before he even played a friggin game for the Jays.. and now PTBNL… fuck.

    • To believe that you’d have to… y’know… believe any of that.

    • Not that I expect them to get anything substantial for Bonifacio, but PTBNL can mean a lot of things.

      • PTBNL or cash usually means a nominal amount of cash or a non-prospect. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was just the $20,000 that a waiver claim would’ve cost the Royals.

        • Or a player drafted this year. They have to wait a year before trading them or something like that.

          I thought Boni still had a little value. Shitbag year for sure but GMs won’t ignore the potential we salivated over before this year.

          Surprised he was dealt to an AL team but wouldn’t be hugely surprised to see an OK prospect for him. Not a great one for sure, but a top 20 org guy maybe.

          His numbers have improved since moving from a full time role. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s “not terrible” next year.

          • Statistically, he’ll be fine. Realistically, he’s an over-matched nobody who doesn’t rate beyond pinch runner/emergency filler for any team that aspires to win more than they lose

  24. At this point in the season when the Jays are just phoning it in, I start salivating for the September callups.

    Boni was unpredictably awful. But his defense has been better than suggested. Gibby basically benched him for about a week after he let the double play ball go beneath his glove to blow a game. He has had a very short leash (deservedly so) on the team. But his lack of batting could not have been predicted.

    I know Cabrera’s been phemonally awful (no power, no defense) but I’m hoping that he gets another chance next year because I think he has the capability to be a monster even without PEDS, and he’s cheap. If they keep Rajai, I don’t see the promotion of Gose or Pillar with Cabrera, Rasmus and Bautista on the team. And if Cabrera doesn’t work out, he can be dealt with the depth available in AAA.

    The best acquisition the Jays can make in the off season is grass. Have Rogers buy the Argos and move them out to BMo field. Move the fences back a bit to reduce the home run ridiculality. Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming.

  25. Bonifacio’s one good season really inflates his career numbers. fWAR without that season: 0.2. bWAR without that season: 0.8. This guy will not be missed, and this won’t be a move that bites the Jays.

    That one season, his BABIP was at.372, a number he’s never put up before/again, and was inflated by his lofty 25% LD%. Unsustainable is what that year was, and we shouldn’t be suprised.

    He’s a slightly-above-replacement level player, who can play below average defense (UZR has him in the – for 5/7 years) at a few positions. A 25th man. Big deal.

    • 100% agree

      I made this point a couple times midway through this 2013 season once I took off the rose coloured glasses. I was fooled into thinking he would be the gem and once I pored over his stats I realized his entire career is really fueled by that one outlier season and he’s simply not that good.

      I do think his style of hitting is not suited to the RC as well, being a slap singles hitter. He didn’t get a power boost like other players playing at the Dome. He probably benefited from playing in Miami’s stadium, his career stats in the new Marlins park were pretty good. In general most of that could be attributed to NL pitching probably, but I wouldn’t doubt if playing on turf wasnt the best for his slap single style either

      • I think he could be decent in some of the NL Parks. Pitching maybe, but old Marlins Park (Pro-Player) was a very large stadium. I imagine that Bonifacio was able to turn many of his ground-balls in the gaps into doubles. I could see him being a decent utility man in a park like that, maybe PETCO, and Kaufman is good for that.

        • Boni was hitting around .170 career on balls to the infield. This year he’s hitting .102. It’s significant because his about 40% of his plate appearances (career) are hits to the infield. That would cost him around 30 points to his batting average and makes him at least respectable.

  26. I remember no such thing. probably because if anyone said or wrote it the mere suggestion would have been so completely absurd I would have dismissed it immediately. ‘basically untouchable’… f’n joke.

  27. I hope Boni goes off for the Royals though, I’d like to see them make the playoffs.

    Dream scenario = Rays slowly take the division from Boston and KC overtakes Cle, Baltimore and Oakland for the 2nd wildcard – KC beats BOS in the wildcard one off and we can all rest knowing that AA somehow, in a long convoluted way fucked Farrell!

  28. Boni PTBNL at the end of the season . see John MacDonald lol

  29. I would’ve liked to have seen him get a chance to show some signs of life in these pointless final 45 games, and then non-tender him after that if necessary. He probably had dug himself into too big of a hole to avoid the non-tender but I think there is a useful player in there somewhere. His base stealing was poor this year, but he still has wheels. How many singles did he stretch into doubles this season? I do wonder if he’d be perceived this harshly if that 3 error debacle in opening week against Boston hadn’t happened or happened in a mid-July game against the Twins.

  30. Nothing return for a nothing player. Him, jpa, izturis, and lind lately have completely dragged down the lineup all year with the number of outs theyve made. Thank fuck hes gone. JPA is next. Then lind. Izturis is here to stay unfortunately with his contract.

  31. Should I put my TO condo on MLS with a 15 Oct closing date or hold on to it? Anyone want a downtown condo?

  32. WAY off topic, but I was just thinking, the world needs another bad ass baseball movie like the first major league. Apart from maybe the East bound series there hasnt been anything bad ass and baseball related in a long time. This has to happen.

  33. Could we get their competitive balance pick for next year?
    It would be around 35- 45 range.
    I seems like a reach but I would be very happy with that.

    • That pick has more value than Boni due to the new draft structure. And if so that would have been announced when the trade happened.

  34. It’s pretty amazing how we are even competing with 4 black holes in the lineup.

    having saki and pill should give us a fighting chance now.

  35. how many hits into his Blue Jays career before Kevin Pillar throws out a “lo viste” salute ???

  36. Sure he wasn’t good, but if the jays pitch to the league average, you really don’t care.

    Reality is, fans are turning on everyone who isn’t having an amazing year, mostly because fans are idiots.

    • fans are not turning on everyone, idiots are …

    • True, except not one Jay hitter or starting pitcher is having an “amazing” year. Bonifacio’s year has been truly shitty. His inflated BABIP is due to his speed and his ability to hit infield singles, and it would be reasonable to expect a .250 / .310 / .320 line from him this year based on his ability to hit infield hits (he is tied on the team in the lead with 11).

      But Bonifacio’s career number shows that he hits .169 on balls hit in the infield. This year he is hitting .102. In the five previous years he hit .174 / .167 / .177 / .192 / .194 on hits to the infield.

      It is this inability to get on base with the ground ball that did him in this year. Perhaps the speedy turf is a big part of that with balls getting to the infielders faster.

      I’m predicting a bounceback in KC. He’s better than his numbers this year.

    • Theres way more to it than that. I agree his poor hitting would definitely be a bit more shielded if this team were playing better, but its not and hes not.

      He just hasnt been able to do anything well this year. Not with the glove, not with his speed, and definitely not with his bat. All of these things (except maybe save for the bat) came so highly regarded.
      But the astute fans also look at his inability to move runners. How many times was he in a position to bunt and unable to get a fair bunt down? A light hitting, speedy guy HAS to be able to lay down a bunt if hes in the big leagues.

      Im not saying I expected a tonne from him. But I definitely expected more than he gave. I also believe there is much more to him than we saw here.

      I wish him well in KC, but there will still be a little bit of anguish to see him play well in another jersey. Thats just the nature of being a fan.

  37. Player to be named is Andrew Jackson.

  38. Good fucking riddance.

  39. Yup that pretty much says it.

    Just finished my own reaction piece on this little transaction. Kind of says a lot of the same stuff, but if anyone is interested it’s over here:


    Pretty good read, make sure to read the comments too.

    For Toronto, Davidi was ranked as the consensus best, with only one negative comment about him. Damien Cox was unanimously chosen as the worst, not a good word said about him. Opinions on guys like Griffin, Elliot, and others tend to range from great to lukewarm, usually criticizing the “old geezer” nature or blowing certain things out of proportion but generally being good writers and knowledgeable about the Jays/baseball. Some mentions of Wilner, Hayhurst and Zaun too

    There were also a few people saying DJF is the best baseball blog FWIW. Couple positive comments about Stoeten’s writing and analysis in particular.

    Surprisingly no “worst” picked for Boston, although I think it would have to be Cafardo.

    Geoff Baker picked as the worst for Seattle.

    Some familiar names from this blog no doubt

  41. This just in, bonifacio boards wrong plane and ends up in sacremento. One final error to end a great run…heard he dropped his luggage multiple times and in better fashion than he droped bunts.

  42. The cleansing has begun. I indicated awhile back that I am guessing that about 25% of the roster will be terminated this year, or about 6 guys, one of which is Oliver.
    I have no real idea, of course, other than eduacted guesses but you just know that AA is pissed and can sense that, to a degree, he has a reputation to uphold here. Another shit show next year will not look good on the ol resume.
    So Boneface becomes the second to go ( already counting Oliver).
    If I was to guess, I think JJ will be gone, Izturis will be dumped, Davis will be let go as a FA( although he has played well as of late) and then there will be atrade of some sort and my pick earlier was that Morrow w/b dumped( now, not so sure). I’m still not convinced that AA might trade Rasmus and sell high, pissing a lot of people off here who think 4 good months will translate into 4 good years, but rest assured one “good” player off the roster will be used as trade material to try and do something about out pathetic SP.
    The paint job “on the boat” has begun and we have to wait for the finish to dry before boarding

    • @Fukstik

      Based on today’s interview of AA on PTS. Romero will be gone in the off season.

      AA seems to be afraid of calling him up in september in case he fails again. his trade value would deteriorate further.

      • He’s still got 2014 (-7.5 mill) and 2015- (7.5 mill) left on his contract. (plus a 2016 club option) Unless AA wants to take on a lot of that contract to trade him, he’ll be stuck in Buffalo.

  43. There is a good story in the rescue and re-training of Brett Cecil. He has finally bought in to what the team wants from him and should be fine for the future. Now let’s get Ricky R back on track.

  44. Rocket Ishmael tiring…

  45. Welcome to RC turf Kevin.

  46. Bon Voyagio!

  47. It saddens me a little bit to be one of those guys but hey, we’re not going to win anyways, so we might as well get a few Kawasaki smiles to go with our loser’s.

  48. finally, thank christ. see ya never bonehead. that fucking guy was the worst. and smiling all the way through is shittacularness. what an ass.

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