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  1. It’s okay.

    Kawasaki with the walkoff something…

  2. All you can do is chuckle and shake your head over how big of a shit this season took on us

  3. Jesus Christ with a horse’s dick! What the blue shit meltdown is this?!

  4. This is all a bad dream, right?

  5. Please get Victorino out, I can’t handle Pedroia getting a grand slam and running the bases all hobbit-like

  6. thank fuck

  7. Walk off HR for Pillar?

  8. Just wanna know one thing:

    Where’s the blonde in th white?
    (with the big jugs?)

  9. I hope John Farrell has a stroke.

  10. Cecil is no longer God.
    Eric Clapton never was God. Never.

    Richard Thompson, on the other hand,…

  11. Ok, bets in..who gets the walkoff?

  12. Jesus. Nasty.

  13. If the Jays don’t win it now, next inning Pedroia and Pig Bapi come up…

  14. Fuck that ump is bad. Kawasaki had the walk with 5 balls pitched; Not one in the zone..

  15. I think I’ll change my name to “Watches the game for the hot chicks”….at least that will be more interesting than another “interesting loss”…

  16. Yay JP

  17. napoli’s gonna fuck us again

  18. I think this Lincoln is crashing (get it)?

  19. I keep waiting for Buttermaker to come out of the dugout. This is getting sad even by my standards.

  20. Yes, if Napoli gets another home run against us, that would be the cherry atop the shit sundae

  21. Even though I don’t like to drink at this hour on a weeknight, I’m going to grab a beer because I know the Jays will score as soon as I open it.

  22. Not a fan of Davis but speed is fun to watch.

  23. Grab another beer!!

  24. hustle doubles always!

  25. gotta win this here

  26. dat slide, Raj


  28. Ladies and Gentleman! Your Red Bull Kid!

  29. Thank the beer I had for this win!

  30. Red Bulls for all!

  31. G’night everybody!!

  32. The hate they all have for Lawrie is evident. Poor attitude.\

    Not a team player!!!1!!!

  33. Brett Lawrie, the Maple Boner has returned!

  34. Davis is a character guy too. He’ll always give you all he’s got.

  35. Time to celebrate. With tea. Obviously.

    It was totally Boner who was holding the team back. They have been set free.

  36. On a more serious note, what a bust Pillar is

  37. Goos job jays. If only they couldve pulled off a couple dozen more of these this year.

  38. Lawrie seemed awfully low-key after that shot…and Rajai is really growing on me these days.

  39. 1mShi Davidi@ShiDavidi
    RT @benwag247: Marty Brown said position reinforcements are on the way. Mentioned OF Brad Glenn and C A.J. Jimenez in post-game comments. # …

    • Brad Glenn to replace Gose probably. Gose is definitely going to be called up soon, they said likely on the weekend.

      Jiminez probably headed to AAA for the playoff stretch then up w/ the big club when rosters expand in September . . . maybe

    • Ok but thats kind of like having the French Army as reinforcements

  40. Hutch was not good again tonight in Buffalo. 72 pitches in 3 innings. Only gave up a pair of runs, 4 hits and 2 walks to go with 4 k’s but took a lot of pitches to get that done.

    Drabek on the other hand got the win, with 3 shutout innings on 32 pitches, that’s real promising to see. I am more concerned about Drabek getting his ish back together than Hutch, despite Hutch’s early struggles.

    Big win to keep pace w/ Pawtucket for WC berth

    • Hutch can do it, but it hasnt even been a year since his operation. Drabek on the other hand is a nice surprise. He’s at least 13 months down the road.

      • I agree. Hutch is probably rusty. But Drabek on the other hand is command. To see 3 shutout innings on 32 pitches is actually supremely encouraging. They were playing one of the better teams too.

  41. Rosterbation
    Will we see Ricky ever again in the majors?

  42. Hey Stoeten and everyone else.

    What would you guys think about AA making a move for Dan Haren? He started out rough this season but his last bunch of starts have been really good. The Nats would probably get rid of him fairly cheap and clearly the Jays could use starting pitching now and going forward.

    Thoughts everyone?

    • Moron here:
      Isn’t Haren a Boras client? If so, I think AA will take a big breath and say “no thanks”
      I believe he went to Wash for 15m /year ( too tired to look it up) and I can’t see the jays or AA coming near him for that kind of money
      I actually think they may take a run at gavin Floyd again as they seem to really like him. But as for Haren, I’d pass

      • hahah thanks moron lol

        In any deal involving Haren, I think the Nats are going to have to eat salary on it, there’s no question there in my opinion. If they were to do that, he wouldnt look so bad. The Boras factor doesnt mean shit all if hes already under contract, AA doesnt even have to pick up the phone to talk to him, or he could pick it up and promptly tell him to go fuck a sandwich.

        Gavin Floyd could be interesting being that he would be coming off an injury that is set to take him past spring training and into 2014 from what I read. He could come cheap based on the injury business but does AA really want to risk it? Does he want to go into 2014 with yet another starter that for all he knows could be a bandaid going forward? He already has Morrow, Drabek and Hutch on that list and I already feel Morrow is destined for the pen based on his spending more and more time every year on the DL, I dont think his body can hack starting anymore.

        I see a few names as real solid possibilities for AA to hit up this off season. Floyd would be risky. If they could work out a deal for Haren where the Nats eat salary, I say it could be an option but he also brings an injury history with him.

        I dunno… who are your favourite free agent candidates for the jays this offseason? Mine are Saltalamacchia, Pence or Hart, Lincecum or Nolasco etc..

        • $15M is a decent chunk of change, but it’s August 15th. The money’s almost irrelevant for six weeks. But the only way it makes sense is if they feel they can get him for less than the draft pick they’d get for offering him a contract.

          • Not under contract next year.

            Waste of money to have him for the rest of this year.

            Can’t get draft picks for guys you pick up mid season.

            All this means no way the Jays trade for Haren.

            As a FA in the offseason probably not either, but who knows.

  43. Clearly darren oliver.

  44. I’ll have to do some research tomorrow on Haren because I thought he was a FA after this year hence my reference about Boras. I do agree that Floyd is risky and based on prior results I do not know why Aa has such a boner for him. To me , he is almost a RH Jay Happ
    Lincecum w/b interesting. He could smoke all the weed he wanted here and after 2 lousy years he is due for a bounceback. Still think he will cost 5yrs/100m though+. Nolasco is OK with a likely cost of 5/75m but can we really outbid LA?
    I like your idea about SALty and I am all for it but will Boston really let hin go? The other possibilty here is Ruiz of Philly who is 36 but word is they do not want him anymore.
    so he is a real possibility
    as for 2B, you know I hated KJ and all his SO’s. He made my fukstik qualification iin one year-quite a feat. But after watching shitbags Boni and his comic brother Izzy, KJ w/b decent and give us a positive UZR ranking at least and he can turn double plays something the other 2 OAFS could not..
    While I think they can do better than KJ he would make an Ok fallback. More than likely I think they will target Beckham of the Chisox in a ttrade as AA loves the guy for some reason–Ok Ok compared to Boni and Izzy he is SIr Lancelot
    Hard to believe but of the 5 SPs we thought were great at the beginning or 2013 it now looks like we could have as many as 4 new ones next year-YIKES!

    • I’d love if AA targeted St. Louis, easily the deepest team in baseball.

      On the mound they have Wainwright, Shelby Miller, Leake, Lynn, Westbrook, super prospect Jaime Garcia, great young bull pen arm who should be starting Trevor Rosenthal, same goes for Miachael Wacha, PP Carlos Martinez.

      That’s 9 guys that all could be pitching in MLB. Not to mention they have a rehabbing Chris Carpenter.

      They also have Kolten Wong who’s ready to play second at the ML level but is blocked by a great hitter.

      The one wrench is that since they are so deep and will be in contention for the next several years they obviously won’t want prospects. If we were to match up with them to get an arm and/or Wong we’d have to give them one of our better position players.

  45. I had to go kiss a girl for a bit and missed the end of the game. Just caught the last couple of innings. Nice finish.

    Couple of things:

    As I said at the start, I fuckin love Brett Lawrie.

    And for you guys saying (and Buck included) that Rodgers kept shaking off Arencibia
    and stubbornly threw the breaking ball, you’re wrong. If you watch it again, Arencibia is shaking his head “no” while making numerous signs. It’s a catchers way of telling the pitcher to shake off his calls to confuse the batter. JP put down 3 different signs while shaking his head “no” and then the 4th was just the sign for the curveball. Rogers threw the pitch and it got stroked.

    The thinking is if a pitcher shakes off a bunch of pitches it’s usually the junk. JP tried to confuse Ortiz and wrongly called for another hook. It got pounded. That’s on JP.
    Not that I want to shit on JP anymore, especially after he played a pretty decent game, but Buck/Tabby made Rogers sound like a stubborn kid not listening to his catcher, when in reality he did just that.

  46. Also, this one is a little more vague, but for any of you have the game recorded or the walkoff clip, it looks like just before the final pitch Encarnacion (on second base) raises his left arm out and away towards second base in what looked like a fake stretch. I think he was trying to signal to Lawrie that the pitch was going away/outside. It came in outside and Brett hit it hard. After rounding first he pointed both fingers at EE, hugged him and then whispered something. I’m pretty sure he gave him the location, Brett hammered it, we win, and I love the game within a game.

    • I saw that too. Also Bau was signalling from the bench right before EE stole 2nd. Kept putting his arms and bringing them down. I feel like he was signalling that the infield was moving up and that tipped him off to run, which he ended up doing.

      I love that from Bau and EE. They are very demonstrative with their body gestures and face about things going on. Reyes too. Fucking Izzy on the other hand is stoned as fuck.

    • very prescient of you. Excellent analysis and yeah on your other point , in addition to Beckham, Wong w/b a great fit also if maybe they would take a couple of relievers for him
      with an A ball pitcher thrown in?
      AS for Lawrie’s hit, it sure helped that Workman fell in love with his curve and hung one to ragai on the 0-2 and again with Brett threw the 1-2 pitch and hung it over the plate up in the zone. Still, earlier in the year he would have popped it up or missed it

  47. marisnick ops .473 so much for stud prospect

  48. I wonder what Nelson Cruz will command in the FA market this year?

  49. I know we’re not allowed to say things like this because it’s not measurable by wOBA+ or UZR but the most shameful thing for me as a Jays fan in 2013 has been the physical shape of Emilio Bonifacio and Melky Cabrera. I know it’s a slippery slope to blame conditioning on the failures of MLB players (hey Adam Lind), but Boni and Melky have been visibly out of shape the entire season – like beer league softball out of shape.

    The struggles of the starting pitching can largely be explained by bad luck and poor health for the most part. But Melky and Boni were expected to play major parts on a potential championship team, yet they showed up to camp looking like they had spend the entire offseason winning dozens of games of flip cup. If being on the World Series favorites can’t motivate you to go to the gym and diet appropriately for a professional athlete, there’s really nothing anyone can do for you, except for PEDs (saber blog disclaimer: PEDs NEVER HELPED ANYONE BE BETTER AT ANYTHING EVER).

    Good riddance to Bonifacio, even though I think he could be good if he ever developed a work ethic, and I wouldn’t complain if we lost Melky, though I wouldn’t complain if he DH’d next year either…

    • Hey Ray:
      I think the SP is affected by more than just bad luck. My goodness some of them have very little talent.
      You would then have to argue that Tampa’s pitching is so good because of good luck. No, again talent is the overrididng factor
      Sure, a bit of luck is necessary to have super seqasons but the Verlanders of the world have more than just good luck and good health
      I think you know that but it got lost in the message somehow

    • I think they looked exactly the same as they did the year prior actually.

      Also this: “(saber blog disclaimer: PEDs NEVER HELPED ANYONE BE BETTER AT ANYTHING EVER).”
      … is just BS. No one is claiming that as far as I can tell.

    • With Melky, you can fault the turf, plain and simple. Bring a guy with bad knees into Rogers center and shit is gonna go wrong.

      If Rogers and the Jays ever want to attract the right free agents or hang onto players etc, they need to get rid of the fucking turf. I dont give a fuck about the stupid fucking minor league football team they have in there with players being paid what seems like minimum wage. Put them at a school yard or something, or BMO, or fuck, fold the stupid shit for all I care. Just kick them out of Rogers center and get grass in there already. The turf is good for nothing and nobody and having the Argos as the only real hold up in the process is ridiculous.

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