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  1. /font size a billion


  3. now that saki is back, 11 game win streak will start

    • somebody else noticed … it’s not that c-word though

    • Speaking of, is there any good reason to just not have kawasaki play out the year at 2nd, other than respecting your vets? From the looks of it kawasaki and izturis are about a wash offensively (with izturis having a better pedigree) but kawasaki is miles ahead in terms of defense and base running.

      • Sounds like they will.

        Gibbons says Maicer is wearing down a bit so Kawasaki will play lots.

        Maicer started wearing down in 2011 or so by the looks of things.

  4. I predict one solid defensive play accompanied by a clutch base hit for pillar’s debut.

  5. Is He In The Line Up Tonight?

  6. Sorry.

    But is “Hello Kevin Pillar” a joke that I don’t get?

    Forgive me. I’m (relatively) new here

    • He was called up from the minor leagues this morning, and a large number of people have been pining for him for a while.

      It’s not a joke so much as excitement at the prospect (pun!) of finally getting to see him in the big leagues.

      • No, I think it means something. It has been going on a long time (before any hint of a call up). I don’t know what it means though. But I would like to!

  7. any bets on whether Pillar throws out a “lo viste” salute tonight ?

    • Maybe he’ll screw it up and do the “Loser” sign on his forehead.

    • I’m thinking he throws up a Lo Fiste – an epic bro fist bump that he’s been working on in AAA to quickly gain the admiration of Lawrie

      • yep I’ll agree with that. Hoping Pillar and Kawasaki have cause to exchange bows tonight. That would be fun to see.

  8. who he?

    • Pillar is a player who played well in HS but was never offered a position at any university.
      His HS coach asked a JC close to home to give him a try as a favor.
      After playing well he still garnered no interest in the draft until the Jays picked him in the 32nd round ( courtesy pick territory).Signed for $1,000.
      Raked at every level yet the scouts still peg him as a fringe player, maybe a fourth outfielder somewhere.
      At every level he’s been looked at as nothing much and people wait for him to fail..At every level,he’s raked and proved them wrong.

      Lugnuts hitting coach Kenny Graham: “Kevin Pillar is one of the most mentally tough players I’ve ever met in my life

      • Thanks Radar. I’ve been waiting for Kevin all year. It’s interesting that guys like Pillar have to work so hard to garner interest where guys like Rios, with all the physical tools to succeed and then some, don’t yet if you look at the guy at 2nd base for the Red Sox tonight, should he be that successful? Of course not if you look at the tools…it’s Dustin’s heart, hustle and baseball smarts that allows him to get every ounce of talent out of this body while Rios is a waiver guy. Point is, the Jays have a winner with Pillar, I hope he gets a chance because if not, someone else will.

  9. From a fan’s perspective it’s good that they brought up Pillar, give us something to watch. Here’s hoping that Drabek or Hutch are ready soon so we can start looking at pieces for next year. It sucks being out of contention, but it sucks even worse being out of contention and fielding only veterans and journeymen

  10. Start taking bets now on what that senile fuck Buck is going to call young Kevin in the next week!:

    Kevin Millar – 6/1

    Calvin Pillar – 7/1

    Kelvim Pillar – 10/1

    Kevin Pey-ar (pronounced like his last name is Latino) – 17/1

    Matt Devlin Pillar – 20/1

    Mike Trout – 300/1

  11. Pillar should have been called up a few days ago, his streak of batting over .300 at every minor league stop has been ruined (he’s at .299 in AAA)

  12. Prospecta make me nervous. Flashbacks of Russ Adams and Travis Snider

  13. Kevin Millar at 100 bucks for me!

    And even Darren Oliver can read that font!

  14. Pigfucker Lester vs Ishmael tonight eh.

    Aaaaaah fuck

  15. Kevin Pillar=Yasiel Puig. 20 game win streak starts tonight

  16. I liked this guy better when he was Eric Thames.

  17. Wonder what Kevin’s walkup music will be

    maybe this?



  19. Remember the offseason OF and 2b upgrades Stoeten has written about a couple times lately?

    While the Jays just got them.

    If Kawasaki puts up the same line he had last time around he’s already better than Maicer. And if Pillar can scratch .250 with a little pop, a little speed and a little above average defense that’s an upgrade in LF.

    Stoeten is right. It won’t take much to upgrade 2b, LF and C when we’ve been basically the worst in the league at these positions.

  20. It’s cousin Mose

  21. Lawrie apparently batting in 5 spot, is that new? Thought they had him lower.

  22. This must be bittersweet for Pillar, he’s accomplished his dream but he promised his girlfriend he’d marry her when he made it to the bigs. (he made the promise when he was told in spring training he’d spend the entire year in AA)

    Atta kid, go get em.

  23. Sigh

  24. Good stuff, Dont-Call-Ishmael

  25. almost got the 4 k inning there

  26. Am I mistaken or did I not just read something that said Rogers was back in the pen? I flip the game on and there he is. This is gonna get ugly quick. On the bright side, we could be looking at the Jays next catcher in Saltalamacchia.

  27. I fucken love Brett Lawrie

  28. Barring a DP, Pillar will bat this inning. Drum roll please….


  30. I like this pillar guy more than bonifellatio already. Boni wouldve struck out like 3 pitches ago.

  31. Damn, Buck was this close to calling him Pee-Yar . . . whoever put 100 down on that one haha

    Called him Pee Laar

    Good contact swing . . . between him, Lawrie and Reyes nice to have hard line drive, gap hitters to compliment the pull hitters and power hitters and the slap hitters

  32. I really liked that at bat a lot. First MLB at bat vs. Jon Lester and he stays in there like a pain in the ass fouling shit away and then makes great oppo field contact. If Dwayne Murphy was still the hitting coach he would be making notes right now like ” – hits to opposite field, must fix that, opposite field is for pussies, need to fuck up his swing”

  33. That was bullshit. Pillar hit that ball about as hard as you can hit it.

  34. Man there’s some gross beards in the red sux clubhouse. Napoli’s is sweet but that’;s about it.

    • The Red Sox are esthetically challenged

    • They all look like they should be on the Duck Dynasty. It’s NAGL. No cuties.

      • If Gomes was to switch his clothes for an old tshirt and sweat pants and stand out on the street asking for change, people wouldnt think twice about telling him to get a job. He literally looks that bad in addition to having an even more horrible looking swing than Lawrie.

    • Napoli and Gomes have beards that make them look like garden gnomes. Throw in Pedroias Planet of the Apes beard and you have one creepy collection of chin slinkies.

  35. This is the Esmil of old!

  36. Fuck you Ortiz, and you too Gomes.

    Gomes favorite food is seconds.

    Ugly blimps.

  37. Yes. Buck just mentioned intangibles and earlier talked about chemistry, Somewhere Andrew Bloeten is stewing…

  38. I like Kawasaki and all, he does the little things, but fuck me, can we get a 2nd baseman with an OPS about .600 next year?

  39. I’ve never seen that before.


  40. Rajai, you beautiful man!

  41. Ok


  42. Butterfield is going to be PISSED!

  43. See? This is what unbridled enthusiasm does! Oh + ineptness on behalf of the Red Sox doesn’t hurt either.

  44. Hahhahahaha

  45. Anyone know our record with Kawasaki starting this year?

  46. If you arent rooting hard for Pillar you arent a fan of baseball, period.

    Kid that was passed over every step of his baseball career back to high school yet who has paradoxically done very well at ever level hes actually been on the field (from high school to college to every level of the minors).

    The fact is, if a guy had been drafted in the first round and then had THE EXACT SAME MiLB career as Pillar, he would probably be a top 50 prospect. I think tools and scouting are important and pedigree should maybe count for SOMEthing, but at some point the performance on the field needs to take precedence

  47. in the parallel universe where Kawa was not sent down when Reyes returned, the Jays are in 1st place and now putting the Sux away for good …

  48. I hope Bonifacio contributes in KC.
    I like KC
    George Brett
    Alex Gordon…

  49. oh yes, and the crowd at RC is shouting Japanese 3 or 4 times an inning and driving opponents nuts … PEDroida says he can’t hear his face clicking and is losing 30 ms advantage he usually has …

  50. Bonifacio at 2B doesn’t catch that ball.

  51. Ain’t this fun?

  52. Nice hit Rosey.

    See the vertical on Napoli. Mad hops.

  53. games just seem to be more fun to watch with kawasaki in the lineup.

  54. Even if we are out of contention, it just feels good spanking the Red Sox

  55. Pillar is getting hittibuttered.

  56. Apparently someone needs to explain to Zaun that there was actually already one out that inning and it would be stupid to try to give yourself up to advance the runner from 2nd to 3rd.

  57. The curse if Kawasaki has been lifted

  58. The Zaun – Arencibia fued continues.
    Though I must say I agreed with Zaun on that one.

  59. Johnny Gomes has the absolute worst looking swing in the big leagues. Stance to follow through, it’s just horrible.

  60. Damn…that blonde in the white shirt had a nice rack…

  61. Jose can’t you see?

  62. Damn you twilight – you ruin all that I love! Baseball, vampires…

  63. Just when you think Esmil’s time as a starter is over, he pulls it out of the bag!

    • And it’s his birthday! Happy Birthday Esmil/Ishmael!

      • It’s early yet, his shitballing side may turn up still.

        • Come on Buck, if you can miss old ‘why didn’t he just tag him?,’ show Ishmael some love for pities’ sake.

          • He’s pitching well thats forsure but SP, his last bunch of starts have me super pissed off at him lol itll take some time for him to work back off my shit list.

            • You and fukstik should join forces.

              • That dude is a straight up moron, Im just a grouchy prick, there’s a difference :)

                • He just needs to work on the social niceties.

                • Not really, takes one to know one. Be careful what darts you throw.You never know about collateral damage. Besides in the school of psychology, in measuring people of low IQ, a moron ranks above imbecile and Idiot so I’m doing allright.

        • If he can get us through 6 scoreless he’s done his rock and roll duty as a pitcher. Gibby just has to have the brains to yank him when it starts

          • here he comes…

          • okay, maybe he won’t get us through 6 scoreless innings

            • Rogers has now pitched 96.1 innings (I think not including tonight). Its the 3rd highest on the Jays and 15 more IPs than Johnson.
              He has never pitched more than 83 innings , which he did 4 years ago. Last year he pitched 53, the year before 25.

  64. What number is pillar using?

  65. I like rajai in the 2 spot vs lefties. Vs righties it should be rasmus. Not fucking izturis.

  66. Hey, they managed to stop him on second! Boooo!

  67. HUGE inning to get through for Rogers.

  68. Just saw Rob Ford inhaling some fries..

  69. Tabby’s telling us that Lester can reach down into his sac and throw anything at JBats.
    Ugly visual there.

  70. “Good thought process by Arencibia.”
    Something we really don’t hear enough of…

  71. Lester’s got soft hands..

  72. Ouch…Big Papi laid a smack on that one.
    Almost like a Crash Davis moment there, with Rogers shaking off JPA.

  73. More Pillar please.

  74. lol after diving on the turf his body just said “holy fuck bro, let’s go back to AAA, that shit is HARD”

  75. Come on brett, let’s get rogers something for his bday!

  76. Setting the stage for the Pillar grand slam

  77. Im in Singapore for work and its retty sweet having gametime start at 7 am.

    do they bring out Rocket Ishmael for one more?

    • Rocket Ismail? Dude, are you living in like 1990? Obviously you don’t don’t receive current sports updates in Singapore

    • 7pm games start at 6am where I am (Vietnam). Most days I get to watch almost the whole game over coffee and breakfast before I have to get to work. Weekend games are a bit tougher, since 1pm afternoon games start at midnight here. I haven’t been bothering to stay up for them lately; I watch the archived version, or just watch a different game live, the next morning.

  78. here comes the bullpen…. :S

  79. In other news, Alfonso Soriano has 13 RBI’s in 2 games (and tonight’s game isn’t over yet).

    Video game stuff right there.

  80. Honus is just alright with me.

  81. Lester’s up to 110 pitches, surprised he’s still in there

  82. So how about Wagner?

  83. Huh? Why did zaun correct himself? He was right. Jpa didnt advance the runner and it was a poor AB.

    • He was likely being on tongue-in-cheek since JPA becomes Miss Pissypants whenever his consistently shit play is pointed out.

      • Betcha anything Beeston phoned and said he didnt want that asshole in his office tomorrow morning crying about it.

    • Because he was wrong. JP hit with one out already (Lawrie popped out to first). His entire initial rant was based on the fact that JP was not a team player because he failed to hit the ball behind the runner to advance him to third from second, thinking there were no outs.

      Unfortunately for Zaun, there WAS one out already so JPA’s job at that point is to get a hit any way he can, not hit behind the runner to move him over.

  84. Farrell…sucking it..

  85. Workman is a top 20 pitcher name.

  86. Nice to see Rogers have a better start today. Wagner’s two innings looked pretty good too. Just three outs to go!

  87. Ortiz attempted a fucking bunt…. ugly

  88. and of course, Naps homers.

  89. Here we go everybody!!!!

  90. …whimper

  91. Funny, I didn’t draw it up quite like that.

  92. This team. This fucking team.
    Everytime I think I’m out…they pull me back in!

  93. Oh, it’s tied up! what the fuck did I miss?

  94. Everybody knew that was coming.

    Cecil doesnt have a Clozers mentality!!1!!

  95. Is Napoli considering joining the Amish? That’s what his beard suggests to me.

  96. Mmmph!

  97. That looked like a popup! How the fuck did that get out?? This team is hilarious. Theryre the anti red sox. Never rally and blow leads late.

  98. :(

  99. It’s official, Cecil has been overused like Stoeten’s mom.

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