That was last night?

Well… whatever.

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  1. D’Arnaud’s first MLB AB is a walk.

    • That is poetically hilarious

    • Already more career walks than JPA

      • Oh come on, that was low. Although JPA probably would have swung anyway.

        • Hey, I’m no JPA apologist but the fact is he did swing away and hit a dinger. And came back later and hit another.

          • I find it oddly appropriate that JPA hit a dinger in his very first at-bat and TDA drew a walk. Seems reflective of who they are as hitters.

            TDA is patient and gets on base, while JPA is an awful hitter with some occasional pop.

            Although TDA hasn’t even played a full game yet in the majors, so I can’t judge yet…

          • Well that joke was a misfire.

            “Oh come on, that was low. Although JPA probably would have swung anyway.”

  2. The only fan at the Trop run on the field?

  3. mewmewmewmewmew Kittenface mashes mistakes at tropicana. Still dont wanna see em in 2014

    • I’m watching the Texas game as well right now + they just popped up a graphic of top hitters @ Arlington + lo + behold – there was the Sleepy Kitty. So maybe Texas would like him?

      • ironically, both Texas and Tampa could use a guy like Lind

        neither team have a decent DH going into next year and could also use Lind as a backup 1b

        Texas I feel will use in house players to DH, likely playing Beltre there more often

        Tampa likes guys who are athletic and can play D or are cheap considering their payroll

        neither are perfect fits but certainly they would have openings at DH and backup 1b more than other teams

  4. De Rosa = best veteran presents I have seen w/ the Jays in a while. Seeig him in the lineup doesnt make me cringe like Visquel and friends have in the past

    • I’d have no problem bringing him back next year.

      Hits well off lefties.

      #2 rbi producer for a pinch hitter this year behind Johnny Gomes

      You could bat him occasionally at 3b and 1b when EE and Lawrie need rest. Play him against lefties at 2b and DH.

      Cheap and seems to enjoy the Jays team.

  5. Part of me wants to see TB come back so they.bring out Rodney, so theres a chance he blows out his elbow and I never have to see his fucking hat again!!!

    I kid I kid…..with attitude like that youd think me to be an O’s fan.

  6. http://www.latimes.com/sports/baseball/mlb/angels/la-sp-0815-angels-yankees-20130815,0,3149026.story#axzz2cGQot9Nh

    Hopefully this is the deal AA was exploring, trading young pitching for Howie Kendrick.

    I’d be ok with dealing a Stroman or Nolin centered package if they have a good September audition for Kendrick. Might not be enough time to showcase but hopefully this narrative of young pitching for a Kendrick continues in LAA and AA can capitalize

    • Kendrick’s got good numbers. Whats his defence like?

      • The numbers suggest he’s an average to slightly above average fielder.

        Also, not to burst anyone’s bubble, but it would appear Kendrick’s best years are behind him.

  7. so Romero was kinda fucking good tonight? how about that

    7 innings, 6 hits, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 K’s, 99 pitches

    Bisons also committed 3 errors

    Sierra has been red hot lately, hit a 3 run bomb – I really like Sierra but his defense and baserunning scares me.

    • And 65% strikes for Romero tonight, too… the frustrating part is that he’s done this a couple times this year and always seems to follow it up with another second inning blowup. It would be great if he could finish the year on a nice consistent run and provide a little hope that he may be able to contribute in some way next year.

      • Yea he needs a dominant month . . . get his ERA in the 4.00 range.

        I dont see him up in MLB at all this year but he needs to go into the winter on a high note though

        He could also help the Bisons in the playoffs if they keep winning and that would also be a huge confidence booster

  8. My take-away from this game is Adam should bring his bed to Toronto.

    • They kinda used and abused that little cliche didnt they? Especially since he’s a new father and sleeping (one assumes) in his OWN BED in Toronto.

  9. The ball season is 5 months long. I’d think the bed you sleep in for those five months would be YOUR bed…and the bed in which you slept in Tampa would be the weird-feeling one.
    Unless the cliche “slept in his own bed” means a bit of nookie and having home cooked meals.

    • (Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep)

      Six isnt it? Unless you’re not counting Sep, which Jays havent for a while.

      • Well, judging by the standings – it seems they’ve taken a month off someplace.

        • Don’t forget that half of those nights during the season are spent sleeping in various hotels. Maybe that’s how he keeps hurting his back…

  10. I sent a complaint last night to Sportsnet.ca re the mangling of the name


    How much are they paying these two?


  11. I think Stoeten mentioned that he is attending Parkes’ wedding this weekend. I guess the rest of the crew is there as well, thus the lack of new posts.

  12. Or it could be August, with a pathetic team and a weekend.
    I believe that was the excuse the last few weekends anyway.

  13. In their defence, they’ve posted the last 2 weekends (11th, 10th, 4th etc). In fact i kinda remember them not missing any at all.

    • No, you are correct that they haven’t missed any game threats. I just meant that many of them are along the, “Welp, this is your game threat,” variety.

  14. A wedding and the blue jays? These poor souls are just surrounded by tragedy! My condolences Parkes.

  15. Gose leading off tonight, Pillar back in the lineup

  16. Is Todd Redmond not awful? I mean, he isn’t good, but…his results are…decent?

    Someone tell me how to feel.

    • Listen to your heart.

    • Redmond fits right in with the Jays philosophy of constructing a major league starting staff out of all 5th and 6th starters, so he’s fine.

    • Well feelings are a subjective representation of emotion,private to the individual experiencing them.
      How do you feel about Redmond?
      Start with the classic 6 emotions,Anger Disgust,Fear,Happiness,Sadness and Surprise.
      Dig deep inside your Psyche and be honest with yourself.
      Be as one complete ,as the butterflies float with the wind.
      Now snatch the pebble from my hand,grasshopper.
      Only then will you find inner peace.

  17. No, Buck, Longoria is not fun to watch.

  18. Redmondo killing it

  19. Jays really suck at the small things. A little “get him over, get him in” that inning and game is tied.

  20. I get Scott Richmond and Tod Redmond mixed up. And Kyle Drabek and Dave Dravecky too.
    Is there any hope for me?
    Don’t answer that.

  21. Gonna have to mute Buck and Tabby soon. Tampa lovefest on blast from these two morons.

    • Yeah – I can’t tell if I’m just super bitchy or if they are extra aroused by the Rays.

      • I’m just hoping for the Jays to eventually win another series in Tampa. The constant Buck and Tabby Rays blow job is really at cross purposes to my dreams of a series win, so it grates.

        • I hear that.
          I feel like the Rays love from them is excessive + more than what they do for other teams. I wonder why that is. I think it’s what finally pushed me into the Rays hate territory.

  22. Does goes need a new glove? That is 3 balls that seem like he’s bobbled because his glove is so old/soft/flacid. No?

    • old/ soft/ flacid
      Sounds like you’re describing me.

      But in gloves, that’s what you want.

      • Speaking of…old/broken in gloves…what is used to soften up the material? Is there anything that will speed the process?

        Any help would be appreciated as I have a pair of sandals that are essentially unwearable due to tough/firm leather.

        • @ BW

          There are oils and foams you can get from the sports stores to soften the gloves ( and leather)
          In the old days we used shaving cream and other stuff.Some would tie a softball in the glove to create a pocket.
          Some have put gloves in the microwave.
          All sorts of things.
          MLB players usually are working in a new glove in practice and keep the worked in one for games.

        • Buy glove oil and rub it in real good. After a couple of days, you will see a big improvement. Can get it at any sports shop.

          • Thanks much! I need to try anything or it’s a real waste of $$$. They are black leather so I don’t care about discolouration.

      • It’s what you want to a point. When you’re trying to scoop a grounder or have two balls slide out the end it would seem like you’ve gone a little too far.

  23. Is it just me…or is Buck sounding ESPECIALLY nasal this afternoon? I mean, he sounds like Donald Duck on the air this afternoon.

    • He said something earlier about taking too many balls to the head during his catching days – so this is supposed to excuse his content. Didn’t say anything about a head cold though, so no accounting for nasal Buck.

  24. braaaaaaawk!!! 31

  25. Maybe it’s just my insane hangover, but I am starting to get depressed thinking about Fall. Baseball is winding down, Jays are nowhere near in the playoff hunt, and university is starting soon.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, fast forward me to April 2014 already please.

    • Aside from it being baseball season I loathe summer + even I’m getting depressed about fall. Really not looking forward to a post-season that includes Boston.

      • All we can hope for is a game 7 scenario where Farrell’s mismanagement costs them the game.

        Then this season will be okay.

        • If they must get into the postseason I’d rather it be a game five meltdown that knocks them out [or a three game sweep would be tidy]. I can’t handle the Red Sox in the World Series. I would have to root for the…NATIONAL LEAGUE.

        • +1. I would think that farrell’s poor bullpen management lack of using platoon splits would cost him a playoff series.

      • How bit a loser am I when the new TV season has more interest for me that the baseball postseason?

        • One episode of Breaking Bad has given me way more boners than the Jays have this entire season.

          Aside from JPA’s handsomeness, but that only takes you so far when you are THE strikeout king.

          • And I just want to reiterate that w/ the combination of JB and EE’s homeruns this season, that is 50+ boners the Jays have givenme

            So yeah, Breaking Bad IS that dope.

            Fuck….I guess my lunchbreak is over.

        • the Walking Dead describes the Jays season fairly well

        • I’m sick of pretty much everything on TV right now. Except maybe new episodes of Archer + Bob’s Burgers. So I don’t even have fall TV to look forward to. Life = bleak. At least fall/early winter films tend to be watchable + then we slide into awards season to tide me over to the start of baseball 2014.


          • NFL season starts soon.
            Go Lions!

            • Baseball is the only sport I watch.

              • You’re missing out bean.

                • I used to watch football [college + regular] + basketball [college mostly, some regular], but mostly just to entertain me in the absence of baseball. Wherever I’ve worked I’ve run a sad little football pool, but that’s really my only interest [+ as I am no longer employed I have zero motivation]. I find football pretty dull + lacking in personality. I realize it’s vastly more popular than baseball, but it doesn’t float my boat.

                  • Bean, you sound down lately. :(

                    • The people at djf still love u.

                    • Not lately – it’s just my personality. I’m a sad panda most of the time. If I’m not sad then I’m probably angry.

                      DJF is what keeps me tied to the Jays. It’s nice to have company!

            • Go Blue Bombers

          • I watch a ton of British TV….both my daughters live in the UK now, and they tell me what shows are really hot there, so I download the season and watch ‘em in the summer.

            • I also have a British connection in my life, but I’ve just made him a filthy American like me. Damaged goods. But not damaged enough to enjoy baseball.

              Sadly, I can’t get into most British TV.

  26. Nice to see Maddon push a button that fails.

  27. Pillar is strug g g gling

  28. Time to mess with Rodney’s head again.

  29. Lind lets the first two go right down Broadway – and flails away.
    Just the look on his face…it’s like he just doesn’t get it.

  30. A rare Erin Hawkesworth sighting! She is my sporty Erin Burnett. Sorry Ivanka lovers…

  31. At least we don’t have to watch the Jays play in this dump again until next season.

    • I was just about to check the schedule…that’s bliss!

      But it is nice to have @ least one stadium that sucks more + is more depressing than SkyDome. And I still have the bulk of my games left to attend this season – woe is me.

      • Dome with open is good

        • Open dome is a start. Doesn’t cure the no real grass, crappy concessions, drunken idiots…

          • +1. I was very frustrated with the concessions last week when I went to the game. The cost of a couple of chicken sandwiches, 1 beer & some pop was over 55$. It makes more sense to eat a restaurant outside of the dome.

            There is better food value if you get food at the TD Comfort VIP seats because they bring you the food. It’s a better menu & you don’t wastetime waiting in line.

            I think we will sit there more often next year. There are great seats in section 221 which have padded seats & cup holders. There is a smaller wait at the concession stands & washrooms.

            • What is the cost of those seats? I’m considering going to less games, but paying more $$$ for the seats.

              The main reason I’m going to the remaining games I have tickets for is so I can get free refills on the ridiculous giant slushie thing I bought back in April. Sad.

              The concessions are terrible. Both in terms of cost + selection. I probably should have never gone to Safeco to experience what they have vs. SkyDome.

            • Also, eating outside the Dome isn’t really an option for me. It’s enough of a struggle for my partner to get to the Dome after work by 7:15pm or whatever. Also, I don’t like any of the restaurants near the Dome.

              • There is an excellent restaurant called Arriba in the Hotel which overlooks the field. Excellent food at decent prices. You don’t need tickets to the game.

                It was a disaster trying to get from Oakville to the Dome last Tuesday with traffic . I barely made the opening pitch. I

              • You are allowed to bring food into the Dome these days. Grab takeouts or make food beforehand. It really makes going to a lot of games in the year more affordable.

  32. Fuck!

  33. Well, fuck my life.

  34. Erin Hawkesworth is certainly busty.

  35. another season in which we dont win a series vs the rays.




    • Upside: no more cowbells until 2014.

      • +1. It’s so frustrating to watch them play the Rays. Edwin misses another home run on a ball that bounces of the wall. On the plus side , redmond is in the mix for a starter job next year.

    • Jays get no breaks at the trop. It just seems like everytime the jays play there all the little breaks the rays get kills them.

      • You know if Longoria (or any Ray) had hit that exact same ball, same velocity and angle and everything and hit that spot, it would have bounced over. How it bounced back in I have no idea.

  36. Once again idiot wilner sunk to new lows by saying the rays are once again dumb lucky. No tj’s in 8 years and he calls it dumb luck. Friedman and beane are just lucky, it’s just the players. What a dumb fuck.

  37. I just laughed when Edwin hit that ball. Only in Tampa.

    And so another year goes by. Have to wait till 2014 to see if they can win their first series there since 2007

  38. more like A-God. love it.

    • I’m really starting to like A-Rod, the way he helped beat the Massholes, and has shown his balls to fight the system, the system that turned a blind eye to steroids in the first place. Selig is a hypocrite.

  39. Tropicana Field: Needs more cowbell.

  40. With university starting soon Im cancelling my cable (bullshit expensive) any of you drunk jays know hoe I can watch the games online for free?

  41. No new djf content?

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