That was last night?

Well… whatever.

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  1. so it’s the middle of August and we’re ahead of the Giants and the Phillies and almost as high as the Nats … in December everyone would have taken that as a good sign … baseball … a game to try the souls of men and women

  2. Loo

  3. That fucking idiot Peavy has a ERA higher then Buerhle. How did we not trade his bitch ass for some team’s farm. I’m only like 25% trolling.

    • Buehrle has a 2.63 ERA in his last four starts, before that he sucked.

    • Seriously though.

      Buehrle’s contract pays him $4 mill more per season than Peavy. And it’s 2 years guaranteed while Peavy’s second year vests with a certain number of IPs.

      Peavy is certainly higher upside, but also with some pretty serious injury risk (admittedly less by the day). Buehrle is as steady and dependable as they come… But he is what he is.

      Without question Peavy is a more valuable commodity, contract included. But I don’t think Buehrle is the immovable albatross contract that a lot of people say it is.

      Pains me to even think about this, but if the Jays are out of it at next years deadline and Buehle performs similarly to this year, he should have some takers with only one year left on his deal.

  4. Beauty

  5. Pillar is God, as it turns out.

  6. Two hits and a base on balls in the first inning and no runs, you dodged your bullet Buehrle, now get your shit together

  7. that kind of play is SO inspiring … especially the stupid look left on PEDroida’s face

  8. speaking of ghosts … yesterday afternoon a ferret stumbled across my yard and bumped into my boots … instead of running away he circled me and bumped around again. Emilio? I said … then I found out he had been spaced out of town.

  9. for fuck’s sake, Buerhle

    • If you look at it another way, for instance like Boston’s already stranded 5, it might help you not lose your shit. That’s what I’m trying to do.

  10. “after this, encarnacion who had 2 doubles last night; lawrie who is a red-hot hitter in august; and lind…a first baseman.”

  11. Pillar, come on!

  12. You don’t expect a pitcher to be able to touch his toes, do you ? That’s pretty athletic for them.

  13. It’s not enough that I have to endure the Red Sox, but I have to hear about Ben Affleck? Thanks Buck. Though the mention of Matt Damon kinda made my day. Worlds colliding.

  14. What did Stoeten call Buerle’s repertoire a few months back? An Arsenal of Shit?

    Not far from the truth but the guy does get the most out of it.

    Give Buehrle a 95 mph heater and he would be a beast.

  15. Did anyone realize that there were 2 first overall picks in 2011? Lol
    The sportsnet graphics are regularly full of typos and errors. Kinda funny really. Who knew you should proofread.

  16. I hate seeing Oliver come in to relieve Buehrle they are like the same pitcher. Give them something different to look at, put in someone who can throw over 87mph Gibby!

  17. Maple Boner time

  18. trade Lawrie they said.

    cancer they said.

    can’t hit they said.

    • Lol…at least we had the moronic statements on DJF to laugh at this year…DJF was pretty bland during their 11 game win streak. I love how it seems fans would rather have the team play like shit so they can bitch and look like after the fact geniuses…

      Fire AA cause he traded away all the great prospects he drafted and destroyed the farm system he created so the jays could compete and it didn’t work out perfectly…is one of the most astounding leaps of logic i have ever read.

      • actually, DJF is one of the few places that DIDN’T say that!

        • Actually I wasn’t talking about DJF suggesting AA be fired, I was talking about the comments from some of the fanbase on DJF who keep suggesting he be fired.

  19. So apparently Lind had some kind of altercation with Ginby when he was pulled for the PH. Because not letting him bat against a lefty is such a controversial decision. Hopefully this is the push the Jays need to just release him. He’s garbage and we’re actually starting to do a good job of getting rid of the garbage players (JJ and Boni so far, hopefully Oliver soon, JPA at end of season).

    • Just tuned in.
      I thought Lind was incapable of emotion.
      What did he do? Have a tickle fight with Gibby?

      • A tickle fight sounds downright adorable.

      • I just typed his name on Google to see if they had any info yet, but only came away with ‘Adam Lind’s pregnant girlfriend gets annoyed with stupid people.’
        She really said that.

        • tweeting that apparently Lind smashed his bat in the dugout, yelling ensued, and lind left

        • Baseball girlfriends – they’re just like us!
          Except for the pregnant part.
          But she sounds lovely…

          • The problem with girlfriends who are annoyed with stupid people is they tend to leave us

            • Thankfully boyfriends who are annoyed by stupid people don’t leave us…

              But isn’t the ridiculousness because we’re all annoyed by stupid people? Even when we’re not carrying Adam Lind’s love child?

          • If she was a baseball girlfriend she should have been on the pill.

            • The baseball world seems unfamiliar with two concepts:
              1. Living in sin [seriously - they all seem to get married so young].
              2. Not having babies.

              I don’t understand it…

        • Umm…no. Apparently there is a non-baseball playing Adam Lind that has a pregnant gf from that horrible life-wasting “Teen Mom” show. I used google too…just didn’t hit “I feel lucky”.

    • That left pitcher had reverse splits.

  20. Sportsnet just said that Gose is currently entering the Jays dugout. Looks like he’s up.
    Over/under on his strikeouts tomorrow is 3.5
    Who wants action?

  21. Rajai’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

  22. I’m in KC fuckin shit up boys! Sorry I got rid of all my suck with you guys. Lo viste!

  23. Don’t have a good feeling about Janssen tonight

  24. CJ gets er done in the ninth

  25. Fuck you Red Sox.

  26. that ol kawa magic is back

  27. Suck on that, Ben Affleck! I want to taste his tears! Sad, Red Sox losing birthday tears!

    Does this mark the beginning of the end for the Red Sox in 2013? We can only hope that a few weeks from now we point to this series + laugh with unbridled glee!

  28. The field in KC is beautiful, it’s like the concrete is covered in real grass! I don’t feel like my knees are lubricated by broken glass anymore. Reyes, you should check this out. Lo Viste!

  29. Boston and Tampa tied in the loss column.

    • I’m really pulling for Cleveland or KC to leap frog the Red Sox and leave them on the outside looking in. I would be ok with the Jays tanking in TBay.

      • I’m not averse to this happening, but I’ve grown to really loathe Tampa Bay. Especially @ the Trop. Those empty seats + cowbells haunt my dreams.

        • @Bean.

          i like the Rays. I went to the Trop a few years ago . Very nice experience but it reminds me of the Olympic Stadium where the Expos played.You have to respect the Rays for what hey do every year with a small payroll.

          • I lost my good vibes for the Rays as soon as the let Leuke take the mound wearing their jersey.

            The extra 2% be fucked, that guy is a scumbag.

        • With you on the Tampa/Trop hate.
          Also- Rodney’s crooked hat.
          OLD MAN ANGRY!

      • I don’t think Kansas City or Cleveland is gonna make it though. More realistic scenario is Tampa wins the division, kicking Boston down the play in game, which they lose (to Oakland let’s say, or Baltimore).

  30. 10 of the Jays next 13 games are against the Yankees and Astros.

    Let the move out of the AL East cellar begin.

  31. Win! Good job everybody

    Turns out the Lind thing isn’t real though.

  32. I happen to be 1 of like 250 people who procured an ‘Encarnacion’s parrot’ shirt (best purchase of my life) and, for the first time, I ran into a dude with the same shirt today.

    Assuming 1 person wears this shirt at every game ( over estimate) and that there were about 30K people at the game, that’s like a 0.3% chance. I also couldn’t help but think it was a DJF poster.

  33. Bad math… 0.003%

  34. You guys remember the beginning of the year when there were many, many hundreds of posts during game threats? I believe I recall over one thousand a couple of times.

    And now we are hovering around 100. Damn. I guess the ship crashed.

    • Yesterday?

    • There’s a bunch of different reasons for that happening.

      • Come on. We both know yesterday was an anomaly, bc of pillar. We’ve been hovering between 100 and 200 total comments for a while now.

        • Just my opinion.
          But it seems that the # of comments go down in August.
          The Jays out of it, the hype has died down.Regular commenters will lurk rather than comment.People enjoy the weather and listen on radio.Commenters aren’t commenting on every strikeout or hit.The newer commenters, at the beginning of the year who want to be a part of the excitement, aren’t as excited anymore and their suggestions of trading JPA for Doug Gilmore and Wendall seem to fall on deaf ears.
          Go back and take a look at the early game threat comment sections.

    • seriously what do you expect

  35. Was at the game. Good win. Nice crowd. That was a prototypical buehrle outing just hanging by a thread and managed to have a good stat line at the end. Nice to see another team fuck up regularly with risp. My only concern is jbats. He was totally outplayed this series by pedroia and ortiz. They need this guy at his best next season against teams in the division if the team is going to have more success in the division.

  36. So the lind thing is not true and it was jose ?!

    Missed the game bc of work.

  37. I’ve said it before but Stoeten and the Score should have DJF mech available…missing a marketing in my opinion. But, since I came up with the idea, I’ll want a cut on all sales, just sayin’…I qualified to look after the legal end, so just get in contact we’ll work out something…

  38. To everybody clamouring about how badly we need to dump Buerhle should look at his record and the fact that he’s pitched 160 innings for us already, and ask how much it would cost to replace his production on a shitty pitching market this winter.

  39. I’ve defended Bautista in the past for some of his tirades but this latest one goes beyond passion and seems to fester into something ARod-esque.

    The season has got to have been seriously frustrating for him but this is comically selfish.

    • I’m really hoping the media got this wrong twice and he was just smashing a box of returned JP Arencibia bobblehead dolls.

      • I’m glad Kawa is back. It’s an important balancing factor … the fiery intensity of JB and BL is too much for even Mr. Sunshine (JR) and Mr GoodFace (EB) to balance … MK is such a polar opposite of JB … just look at how they appear to opposing pitchers, but MK is almost as hard to get out … it doesn’t hurt that his range as a 2nd baseman appears to be pretty amazing … if he can save Reyes a couple of steps which Lawrie can cover easily on the other side the middle improves substantially and thus the pitching which I think we saw with Buerhle last night.

  40. last night was a wonderful contrast between psycho-Peavey and placid-Buehrle … I’m quickly becoming a fan of pitchers who know how to pitch and really don’t want to watch the ghost of Roy Halladay with the jays next year. Maybe Pete Walker will get enough leverage to have younger pitchers like Drabek focus on how to get outs rather than trying to blow batters away and instead blow arms out … again great to watch that match-up … of course results could easily reverse. It’s a good sign when the magic is working FOR you rather than t’other way.

  41. just one question for everyone last year when Gose came up after two games and him flailing away everyone was jumping all over him. Pillar has looked over matched in his last 5 at bats and nothing???

    • Two different storys.
      Gose is the can’t miss CF star of the future,with all the tools to succeed.And expected to be a major leaguer for a long time
      Pillar is a 32nd round anaomaly projected to be at best, a 4th outfielder who’s only tool is his bat.
      At the beginning of the year it was “when Gose replaces Rasmus ” not if.
      The fact that Pillar is even at the Major league level after rocketing through the system is amazing and a feel good story.
      The jays aren’t playoff bound so expectations are lower.
      Pillar is here because Melky and Colby are DL’d.

    • so Gose at 21 last year even being highly rated compared to a 24 yr old does not get same benefit of doubt before being jumped on. I get the feel good story of Pillar but come on he looked worst than Gose did in first two games at the plate

      • No player gets jumped on after his first 2 games in the Show.Seriously.a majority of players will return to AAA after their first stint at the MLB level.Gose knows he’ll be playing in the majors,Pillar may never return.He was a long shot to ever play in a MLB game.It fucks with your head.Pillar knows if he doesn’t contribute he’ll be labelled a AAAA player.Can you say Randy Ruiz?
        You can shit on him after he’s played 20 games and batting 100.
        Don’t count him out just yet,remember his weak point is supposed to be, his defense,which is average.

        • Mile fucking trout was not good in his first 100 at bats in 2011

          • Exactly WILLJAY why does Gose not get that chance before being shit on by the Toronto fan!!!

            • I’m not sure we want to get into a Mike Trout vs Anthony Gose debate do we?

              That won’t end well for Mr. Gose.

              • I expected somebody to miss the point but not you allisauce.
                Nobody is comparing Gose to Trout.
                The context is, that even great players can struggle when first called up.So it can happen to anyone.It’s not a precusor to that player’s carreer.

                • I wasn’t referring to your post, Radar… I was just. Trying to (poorly, I suppose) Point out the Minor League track records of Trout v Gose are what lead to the amount of rope each player is getting from fans.

  42. Im not shitting on him i just find it so funny that a kid 22 can be dumped on so bad and a 24 year old with less talent can get a free pass. i know the toronto fan always loves the underdog but why not support and cheer the young guy who could become a star rather than mock hm

  43. Happ is back. Kawa on the paternity list. Buys AA 3 days for another roster move.

  44. Richy boy thinks instant replay is bad. Ohh how sad for little Richy…Im sowwwy its headed this way for you my boy. Check out this gem of a quote

    “God bless the frailties of human judgment and the interesting interactions between players, managers and umpires. It’s part of baseball’s unique mosaic.”

    So Richy feels that our game viewership is enhanced by umpires blowing calls and the series of events that unfolds thereafter. I dont know about you, Ive never turned on a game hoping an ump blew a call so I could see an argument.

  45. !!!!!!!
    @StivBators: Gibby said the MRI only showed a strain, but by the time he’s ready to go they may be looking at “a couple of young pitchers”

  46. Anthony Gose is a failed experiment. Strikeout king, and just because he is young doesn’t mean he’ll automatically get better. That makes no sense. Fuck his speed if he can’t get on base.

  47. I don’t get the hate for Gose.

    He’s put up more WAR in fewer plate appearances than Melky, Izzy or Boni did.

    He’s hit no worse than Boni and Izzy have done this year and plays superior defense to them and stole bases more efficiently.

    Gose is 22, not 28 or 32 like the above mentioned names.

    Can’t be a failed prospect when he’s only 22.

    Not to mention Gose hit rather well the last time he was up in May. I wouldn’t doubt if the subsequent call down to the Bisons gave him a chip on his shoulder and he half-assed it a bit.

    He doesnt have to hit .300 to be valuable to this team. He plays superior defense and this team could use a good dose of that.

    • Yea but hes a REALLY bad hitter currently and he just doesnt fit with all the holes in the current lineup. Where can you play him? They have rasmus in CF who is a much better hitter and overall player. Gose’s bat doesnt play in RF or LF.

  48. Laughing my ass off watching Bonifacio trying to bunt in the KC game.

  49. What, hit a double or a double off Verlander? You are a fucking troll.

    • Easy with your accusations keyboard warrior. It was obviously an exaggeration. What i meant was he never looked that good in an AB fouling off pitches. Espeically against an elite pitcher.

  50. Are the Jays are pitcher-cursed?

    This time from Lansing, another line-drive to the head moment, although Norris has the reflexes to save himself. Wow.


    • Just goes to show you that instead of all this protective gear business pitchers should instead become better at defending themselves. Expect that every ball is going to be hit right back at your face.

  51. Maicer
    @mlbtraderumors: Braves Seeking Second Baseman On Waiver Wire http://t.co/uD31RFyVmp #mlb

  52. Dick is lookin sharp tonight

  53. Sit the fuck down Kelly JOhnson, you fuckin hoser

  54. Holy Shit.

    Dickeys floater is dancing like crazy tonight.

    Third pitch to Zobrist and last pitch to Loney both had ridiculous movement. Love to see GIFs of them if anyone is so inclined.

  55. Izzy in the 2 hole makes me wanna puke (yes I know hes doing well tonight – but still, fuck ‘em)

  56. Atta Gose

  57. Ahhhhhh…
    Boston is losing. If we lose tonight its a two game swing. No fucks are given.

  58. Is it wrong that I don’t mind if the Jays lose if the Rays can pick up a game on Boston?

    • Just cheer for the Yankees + all will be right. I know it might hurt a little @ the beginning…but you’ll grow to like it…

  59. Thole, Baby! Big inning guaranteed

  60. Hilarious bunting

  61. JPA would have legged that out

  62. Ugly ugly ugly

  63. Kelly Johnson’s walk up music is Smells like Teen Spirit. What a dork.

  64. Does anyone else want to scream because apparently bunting is no longer an option for this team because absolutely no one can lay one down?? Jmfgdcs!!

  65. Gose!!!!

  66. Anyone know the rules that Buck and Tabby are talking about? I thought the Jays had the say over whether the roof at the RC is closed BEFORE the game started and the umps had the say AFTER the game starts.

  67. Man Lind looks fuckin depressed today

  68. Thanks much to Zaun for informing me that catchers aren’t athletic. This is actually pretty troubling news.

  69. Rays are gonna have one of their “fall ass backward into runs” innings

    • You didnt hear buck n pat? Theyre like boston and baltimore..
      …”they just never give up’


  70. I wish the Jays had someone who was a #1 or 2 quality starting pitcher.

  71. I don’t think I’ve ever detested a player like I do Yunel Escobar. Long before the eye makeup, he rankled me like nobody does. Not even A-Roid.

    • I’ll get on board with this sentiment.

      Of course, I find A-Rod to be non-stop entertainment, so my opinion is not really valid.

  72. So that is what it looks like to have your catcher throw someone out stealing. I honestly can’t remember the last time I have seen that.

  73. our defensive arrangements have improved lately to good effect

  74. Somebody please knock the hat off of Frod aka Fraud

  75. Obligatory moment of blind rage for Fernando Rodney + his wonky ballcap.

  76. Oooo….a cock-eyed cap!!! Can we smack it off his head, please?? Please?
    Dont’ you just want to reach over there and give it a whack?

  77. time for an E Bomb, been a while

  78. Boy they should just give up hitting anything Longorias way late in the game. How many times has he made that play?

  79. At a certain number of pitches, Rodney starts getting wild…here’s hoping

    • That’s right- keep swinging at pitches and wear him out. We’ve owned him before. If I didn’t bite my nails so much it wouldn’t have taken so long to type this nugget.

  80. Now B.J. Upton’s gonna walk it off somehow

  81. I’ve never seen Yescobar run so hard as after that check swing

  82. Aw fuck!

  83. Nice slide Escobitch-you love that camera, dontcha?

  84. All time jays talk caller tonight

  85. Kawasaki gone for paternity leave = Jays loss. The truth is out there.

  86. Guess we couldnt expect more: Janssen, Delabar not avail and Santos not 100%

  87. Delabar still on DL isn’t he?

    Janssen probably just an off day . . . hopefully . . . not remotely close to his innings as last year.

    Santos, who knows with that guy

    Good news is Carreno has pitched well of late and Perez is rehabbing, so both of those guys would make good call ups for the relief corps come September.

  88. Bonifacio trade makes more sense now:

    Miguel Tejada suspended 105 games for Adderrall

    considering Tejada was having a decent year all things considered, good chance Royals may have brought him back next year

    although he’s currently on the 60 day DL, possibility he could have returned for the playoffs should they make it

    now Tejada will retire at season’s end

  89. Another pos cheater at every turn.

  90. Sooooo, the djf crew all hung over?

    Oddly silent around here. Where’s the Travis D debut excitement?! Oh wait, forgot.

    • That’s what the comment section is for.
      Keep the conversation going until the rest show up.
      Is TDA in the line up or is he backing up?
      Tejada caught for the 3rd time?He’s fucked.
      When will Pillar get his first hit?
      Interesting interview Pillar had with Wilner about Gose.
      Is the gap between Lind’s contract and his buyout enough to resign him based on what the replacement cost is?
      Where does the white go when the snow melts?
      Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?
      I need answers dammit.

      • Lmao

      • Where is this interview with Pillar that you speak of? on jay’s talk?

        • was on the Fan last night during pre game

          Pillar called out Gose for not giving his 100% – said it in a polite way, but he was pretty direct about it – seemed curious because both were being interviewed at the same time

          also Lawrie walked by and sang out loud for a good 10-15 seconds haha

          • Thanks Dildo! I tried finding it in SN Radio web of fucking unorganzied clips and no go. Fuck is that site a mess….at least better since when they first launched. Keep you head up Dildo!

  91. No Reyes or Pillar in the lineup tonight.Izzy at short Derosa at 2nd.
    Gibbons says Reyes knee flared up. Will rest today and tommorrow.

    Nolin and Jimenez called up to Buffalo.

    • Christ, sometimes I think I’m a clarirvoyant or imaginer of bad dreams. Last night did you notice that twice, after Reyes grounded out, as he crossed the first base bag he grabbed his ankle as though it were sore and he was having trouble running. I thought at that time it was obvious he was sore and why don’t they take him out seeing as how the season is fucked anyway. It is not coincidenatl that he has stopped hitting and the avg is below 30o now.FWIW, there is no such thing as day to day with this and my educated guess is he will be on the 15 DL soon enuf. Fuk we migt as well put them all there and see what the Bisons…er. kids can do.
      Why the fuk is Pillar out tonite? surely the fuk thay aren’t getting soured after just 3 games are they? If so, whi did boni and Izzy get 105?
      S/b fummy watching Izturis try to throw from SS to 1st on any kind of fast runner. This may be a first and You’ll see the infield playing in from the start of the game

      • Yep i agree. Shut reyes down. He has been shit anyways the last few weeks and hasnt been helping the team. No point in hurting himself further this year.

  92. I guess it is too much work to have to step away from the hooker for three minutes set up a game thread

  93. Braves sign Tyler Greene. I think sending Izzy to ATL is a pipe dream.

  94. Solo shots make me want to cry some times.

  95. Good AB for Gose there despite flying out

  96. I don’t think anyone needs hindsight to say that intentionally walking Lind to face Lawrie with two out was a stupid move.

  97. Happ should never play at the trop

  98. No new Game Threat again? My ancient laptop will soldier on trying to refresh with all these comments.

    Just got in from dinner/movie so I’m extra blissful AND the Blue Jays have a 3-run lead? Wee-ow. It’s a banner day in the Weasel household.

    • Sounds like you’re living the life. Keeping Up With The Weasels

      • I can assure you it would be the worst reality show ever. I only leave the house to go to the gym + I don’t have friends or family. Just me + my baseball.

        I’ve got two games on now + feeling quite baller. And obviously drinking TEA.

        • You seem very personable, why no friends? Hermit-like personal choice? Frankly, I think you should take up drinking so at least you could meet people in bars

          • I was a crafty veteran @ drinking. I don’t drink now kinda for medical reasons, kinda for personal reasons [not averse to it, but I'm enough of a sober ass]. Drinking did not = friends for me.

            I am a big homebody. I am very bitchy, critical, opinionated, but mostly I think it’s my nihilism that drives people away. I don’t know people that like the same things I like. My best friends are former co-workers, but quite a bit older than me – different stages in life, so we only really hang out for the occasional lunch.

            • I don’t have a lot in common with most of my friends, I just get so bored/depressed at home that I do shit to not go crazy. The key for me was realizing that just as I don’t want to hear people’s asshole opinions, they don’t want to hear mine so I don’t impose. I just take each person for what they have positive to offer me and enjoy

            • No one cares.

  99. Someone should Tabler that “running” isn’t the best word to describe Molina’s method of locomotion.

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