Another Wednesday, another chance for me to chat with Ryan Pinder (aka @RyanPinder) on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 The Fan– I’m “Hump Day Stoeten,” apparently– and so… that’s what I did. Yesterday (which is why you’ll notice no talk about what happened in last night’s game). And now you can hear the result, while I can use the clip to mail in a post and show off my ever-dwindling knowledge of songs with “radio” in the lyric.

I thought this one was pretty OK, by the way. Which, judging by the last times I’ve thought that, probably means it was the worst I’ve ever done. Find out for yourselves though!

Check it out in their on-demand audio section (it’s the 1 PM segment of The Big Show and starts at the 36 minute mark). Alternatively, you can download it here (my hit still starts at the 36 minute mark).

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  1. Caught this yesterday live, well done, especially liked the jab taken at the Flames.

  2. Saw The Clash twice, Fantastic.

    • That’s awesome. Here in Toronto?

      • Yes one at the CNE with Black Uhuru. Which really made me a fan. It was the Combat Rock Tour. They just got Rid of Topper Headon unfortunately, he was a great drummer.

        Then they came back later that year to Maple Leaf Gardens. I didn’t like that one too much. You couldn’t even stand or the bouncers would threaten you, and I couldn’t understand what the hell Joe Strummer was saying.

        Anyway Love the Clash.

    • I’m envious as hell of this. RIP Joe!

    • I saw them a number of times in Toronto (yes, I’m old) but the best was in Buffalo. NY Dolls – The Clash – The Who. Totally mind-blowing!

  3. Awesome song. Awesome Job on the ole talky box Stoeten.

  4. You definitely sound more comfortable each time you’re on the radio.Would’ve liked to hear more analysis and less fan bashing.I realize you need to follow the hosts lead.
    Over all,well done.

  5. Well done sir. Givin’ the west some love.

  6. The Fan 960 is really starting to get Jays talk going – enjoyed it live Stoets, nice to have people who actually know something about baseball on our radio.

  7. Djf pod today stoeten?

  8. I need some podcast action. Gardening is not nearly as enjoyable. Enjoyed that segment. I don’t think the word “grit” was used once.

  9. Could anyone make an educated guess on what Nelson Cruz could be signed for in the off season?

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