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As some moron on JaysTalk bleats on about dismantling the team, according to the twitterings of those who would know, Jose Bautista, who had to be pulled from this afternoon’s game after aggravating a hip issue that originated with a slide during last week’s homestand, has been placed on the DL with a hip bone bruise.

Because… of course he has.

A corresponding move has yet to be announced, but it won’t be that Thad Weber is staying, as today’s 26th man was optioned back to Buffalo. It will, in fact, likely be outfielder, according to a Barry Davis tweet, as the Sportsnet reporter says John Gibbons told him as much– which makes sense, with Kevin Pillar, Anthony Gose, and Rajai Davis currently the only outfielders on the roster.

So… yeah. Do you want me to pretend it’s going to be fun to see whatever scrub/kid they bring up in his place? Ugh. But hey, at least that was a lovely eight hours of baseball today, right?

Update the First:

Gregor Chisholm lays the prognosis on us:

Shi Davidi adds:

So, he’s not going to be down for just the requisite 15 days, it seems. You wanted to see the kids, here we go! Seems like Moises Sierra is the only plausible option to be recalled from Buffalo in Bautista’s place, right? Hey, fun!

In fact, Wilner is ready to report as much, even if official word hasn’t come down from the front office.

At least it gives us something new to look at though. No! Not the outfielders, but the Reverse Standings at MLBTR. Prior to today the Jays were on course for picks 11 and 12 in the June 2014 draft, but with a pair of losses, they’ve joined a large group of clubs currently sitting on 69 losses. There are so many teams bunched up, in fact, that at the time of this writing, assuming their three-run ninth inning lead over St. Louis holds, the Brewers– who sit on 71 losses– hold the fourth pick. Time for Tank Nation? Why the hell not, eh?

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  1. Shut him down. Reyes and Rasmus too. Anyone who should be a key player next year, shut them down immediately if they even have a cold. Play the bench scrubs and AAA fodder and let’s just get through this miserable season without any more injuries the rest of the way.

    Fuck the 2013 season.

  2. I am shocked but again intrigued by the Jays position for the draft next year – 2 losses out of the 4th pick. And, fingers crossed . . . . . . . .

  3. Hello Moises Sierra!

  4. Check that.

    Hello Jeff Francoeur!

  5. If only this was the NFL where draft picks are actually useful their first year. It’s hard to get as excited about baseball draft picks when it’s rare to see them play anytime soon.

  6. This is fine. Let the ailing Bau Bau get some R and R or marleys mellow mood or whatever the fuck he needs to right his hothead for 2014. Having him out of the lineup makes this team shittier than Gibbys outhouse after one of his many trips to Arby’s. His belligerent ass loves him a bacon cheddar.
    Anyway, the closer we get to a top draft pick the more successful this wasted season becomes. So frustrated and upset with the Jays. I feel like a beaten spouse who keeps coming back for more.

  7. If the raps upcoming season unfolded like this id be fucking estatic. Given the expectations for this team however, this season has to be the biggest disappointment in toronto sports history and its not a short list i can assure you.

  8. players who started the year in AAA now on the major roster.

    On the DL
    L Perez
    J Perez
    R Ortiz
    J Johnson
    S Delabar
    J Bautista

    Sounds like 2012 again

  9. Wilner reports,It’s Sierra called up

  10. Wow, now JB on the DL too. August 2012 all over again FFS. I know Sierra was a bit of a joke last year with the sunglasses horse shit and all but he did throw a guy out at the plate and hit a few dingers. If he does not get any call, I think it is safe to say he’ll be jettisoned this winter.
    I do think that the BJs better start to think about re-upping Raaji even though they originally planned on dumping him ( but then they originally planned on an Qo to JJ also)
    Rajai has played well this year and fuk if I had too I think I prefer him in LF over Melky not to mention the havoc he creates on the bases. Personlly I do not think Pillar is the answer to anything and Gose is debatable and other than that not much depth
    I can actually envison a scenario where they traade Rasmus for pitching help so we will need Rajai around but don’t hold your breath

    • If they go into 2014 with rajai as the starting LFer than the season will be over by April 1st.

    • I’m happy to see Sierra again. He screwed up a bit last year on the basepath, but I like his energy. He also performed well during the WBC, if I remember correctly.

      Rajai – I think we would be stupid to let him go. We’ve depended on him heavily the past couple of seasons and I can’t imagine that Gose, Sierra or Pillar will be ready to play everyday next season. Even with his inability to hit RHP, I would guess that his batting average will still far exceed that of any of the young guys. His speed and his discipline on the bases is SO much better too. Last season, when he had more starts, he had a decent number of outfield assists and that amazing wall-climbing catch. I would be very sad to see him go.

      • LOL, I completely forgot that Melky exists. I figure he’ll be broken again and spend most of next season on the DL. So, yeah… RAJAI!

  11. People need to accept the fact that the jays aren’t going to have a better winter than last year

  12. Our Whole starting OF from game 1 is on the fukin DL (melky, Rasmus and Bats). Unbelievable. 3/5 of the projected starters are on the DL or worse (RR,Morrow, JJ).
    THe SS was out most of the yeae and Larwrie at 3B missed a lot too. Basically, 2013 has become 2012 only in 2012 we didn’t have lofty expectations plue we lasted til june b4 we imploded unlike this year where we imploded in fukin April and syayed there all year.
    Not only do we need to address some core positions mentioned frequently here on DJF but AA has to acquire some depth for position players too ( reupping Rajai w/b a good start)

  13. Who needs to go In respect to management and players?

    • AA and Gibby stay for sure. JPA and lind (hopefully) are gone. Melky, buehrle, jj, and rajai are maybes at best for next year. Mottolla and walker are maybes as well. Personally, I would fire mottola. I just fucking hate their idiotic free swinging approach at the plate. Some of it is personnnel (jpa) but you cant fire all the players. Walker could be the scapegoat for the pitching woes.

      • *walker unfortunately may be the scapegoat

        As I said above the players the jays get are going to be marginal players that actually worth 2 more wins at a postion in need

      • Can’t force players to walk (JPA, Melky) I doubt Mottola tells JPA to “swing for the fences fuck OBP’ Its up to the player to have an ability to identify the pitch and work the count.

        • Yeah that’s more of a team philosophy thing. Boston is almost impossible to get a 3 picth K against and Pedroia’s the best at that. The Jays have an “aggressive” philosophy. I dont know why that’s interpretted that JPA gets to swing at 3 balls in the dirt with the bases loaded.

          • BTW Lawrie is a huge beneficiary of the Mottola influence. Like they’ve been saying on the telecasts, he’s the leading hitter for Aug in MLB.

          • Yea so im saying jpa is garbage and is not an accuare depiction of the team hitting philosophy. Basically, i think the whole team needs to adopt a kawasaki like approach( with better results) if they are going to win this division. I see way too many ABs thrown away due to poor pitch selection/recognition and its not just jpa.

            • +2 and it has been this way for awhile. They need to change the way they think FFS. Not sure how you do it but it must change to compete with Boston et al. The Jays are averaging about 7 hits a game. If you can muster 3or 4 walks like Boston the results increase etc

  14. I’m all for YouthNation. Let the vets rest and call up every kid with a glint of potential. Don’t overexpose them, just give them all a few games/at bats/starts.

    It will do the same as TankNation but give some kids a look, some fans a look at some kids and prevent Reyes and other 2014 essentials from hurting themselves.

  15. Fuck this year, fuck it straight in it’s stupid asses.

    Shut down everyone of value, bring up anyone that could benefit from the big league time. What’s the worst that could happen? A better draft pick?

    Then, this offseason AA needs to make shit happen. The Argos lease is toast, it’s fucking grass time already. No grass = no top free agents and as far as I can see there’s no one knocking at the door to push for jobs at the positions the Jays have holes at/

    So really… what the fuck is the plan for this offseason? Please do tell because the fans are dying to know.

    Here’s a question for everyone, just a little tid bit, when was the last time the Jays developed a prospect into a real serious major league contributor? Every team in the AL East has multiple home grown star players, what have the Jays got?

    I know… what an aimless rant but after this greasy curler of a season, I am pissed off.

  16. J B got hit on that left hip Saturday night in Tampa when that fucker Carmona or whatever he calls himself these days intentionally driiled Bats in the hip. That could easily have caused a contusion leading to swelling and subsequent pain in a soft tissue area
    Also, not one pitcher on the Jays came close to smoking a Tampa player for whacking our meal ticket. If Ortiz of Boston gets intentionall whacked you can bet someone on the opposition does too. The Jyas need to grow a pair and start protecting their stars. Man, Clemens used to do it all the time

  17. AFdg
    And radar
    Voices of reason

  18. Trade his ass please. Just dismantle this shit-show and rebuild.

    Too many old fucks. Hire Andrew Friedman at 20 million/year. You cannot spend 20 million/year on any player and get more value.

  19. At least the pitching has been better of late, has made it easy to use those roster spots on position players. By September, should see multiple pitchers come up and hopefully Jiminez as the only position player.

    Hutch pitched better tonight – 4 and a third, 5 hits, 5 k’s, 2 BB and one run – 85 pitches all in – another couple starts like that and no reason not to see him up here, taking Roger’s spot in the rotation

  20. So bautista gets injured each year in yankee stadium and the jays cannot win a fucking game against a truly mediocre team.

    Between the yanks and the rays, the jays are never going to be able to contend..they have to play these fuckers 38 times a year and will be lucky to win 10 of those games.

    • The O’s and Sox are chopped liver? (See: AL East standings) That’s 38 MORE games for a total of 76 critical games they should be competing.

  21. Been down so long it looks like up to me!

  22. Sherman, Panzer, Tiger!!! Tank tank tank tank!! Tank!!

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