The Jays are in New York to play a series-opening doubleheader with Yankees, uh… following an off day for both clubs yesterday. And while I’m not sure I quite get the schedule-makers’ thinking there, at least the break has given everyone on the home side a chance to calm down after the fireworks that erupted on Sunday night in Boston, when Ryan Dempster went full assface throwing the ball at Alex Rodriguez, the fucking thunderously dull-headed Beantown crowd egging him on in the shadow of their Manny- and Papi-powered two World Series banners like he was some kind of half-brained hero, and home plate umpire Brian O’Nora disgustingly allowing Dempster’s moronically blatant attempts to injure.

Congratulations Red Sox and Red Sox Nation, you slimy fucks actually somehow made me feel sympathy for the Yankees and fucking A-Rod. Neat goddamn trick.

Anywho… yeah… Jays and Yankees doubleheader!


“New dad Munenori Kawasaki is here,” tweets Shi Davidi. “Says son Issho is ‘Canuck, eh!’ “

Barry Davis notes that Kawasaki will play shortstop in game two, as Jose Reyes returns to the lineup as well, but will only play in the first contest.

Though not starting, Reyes will be available to pinch hit in game two, tweets Scott MacArthur.

Davidi says that Jose Reyes tells him he’s feeling good, and is glad he took the two days off to rest his ailing knee (and ankle).

Mike Wilner reminds us that the Jays are allowed to roster a 26th man for today’s twin bill, and that Thad Weber is now with the club, despite being technically optioned to Buffalo yesterday.

Interesting piece in the Globe and Mail, as Steve Ladurantaye speaks to Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed, who tells him, “nobody should be confused – this is not a one-season investment. We are building what we think will be a better team over time.” The piece also suggests the club’s TV ratings are up, which I’ve asked for some clarification on, given that it disputes what the Canadian Press reported about a month ago.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
CF Rajai Davis (R)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Josh Thole (L)
LF Kevin Pillar (R)

RHP Esmil Rogers

New York Yankees

CF Bret Gardner (L)
RF Ichiro (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
DH Alfonso Soriano (R)
3B Alex Rodriguez (R)
LF Curtis Granderson (S)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
SS Jayson Nix (R)
C Chris Stewart (R)

RHP Ivan Nova

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  1. Listened to the podcast and gibby clearly doesnt give a shit anymore. Davis over Gose vs. a righty? Headscratcher to say the least. Im not a gose fan by any means but maybe its a good idea to give this guy playing time and see if he can build his trade value.

    • You have to keep Davis happy too, a bit. Lots of time left to see Gose.

      • Yeah, makes sense. If they were competing for a playoff spot though no fucking way rajai should be in the lineup vs. a righty hitting 2nd no less.

      • Why? He’s a free agent at season’s end and you’re not bringing him back. Who cares what he wants?

        I’m not being sarcastic, I just don’t see your point. Can you elaborate?

      • We, rightfully so, gave Cito shit for him trying to keep Buck happy and playing him over JP, when he was a pending free agent.

        But I guess there is some difference, Gose will play a shit load more than JP.

        • I guess it turns out that the asshats giving Cito grief have been proven wrong then, considering that those same asshats are now shitting all over JPA for being a cocky shitheel.
          Just goes to show, you are asshats.

          • Ps. Fuck ARod. Dempster should’ve caved in that cheating finkster stoolie’s forehead. Gardner’s quote was quite revealing of the general sentiment towards the cockles Centaur.
            I do agree that BoSox fans are a bunch of cunts tho.

          • Maybe if JP plays more that season, we have more data on him sooner, and can identify him as a complete bum sooner, and then go out and find a replacement.

            • Unlike asshats, 2 time WS champion Cito Gaston; recognizes a shit ball player without wasting 200PA on the fucker.

  2. Re: scheduling double-header when off-day available.

    The reason it’s done this way at this time is because of a guaranteed number of off-days throughout the year. If they were to schedule it for the off-day then MLB would be breaking the collective bargaining agreement.

    • Ahh.. you’re right. I think I remember that from when the game was originally postponed, actually. Well, I do now that you mention it.

      • I’ m not entirely sure I got the details right.

        There must be more than enough off-days throughout the year to account for some make up dates without doubleheaders. But they must get used up and they need to do this.

        • Its not the number of off days exactly, its the agreement that they can’t play more than a number of consecutive days..I think it’s 20…..used to be a few years ago

  3. Yankees lineup actually looks half decent. Not full of all scrubs (and Cano) anymore.

  4. This double standard people have now about what criminals PED users are is ridiculous.
    I was listening to a giants fan talk about how classy the team was not counting on a PED user for their world series title….. the same guy who watched every single one of bond’s homeruns as his hat size went up every year.

    • Not counting on him, but I bet they didn’t mind the value he provided prior to the suspension last year. You know?

    • Except Bonds wasn’t even cheating, because, y’know, MLB allowed it all.

      • Well…. yes and no. Illegal drugs were always disallowed, so taking illegal steroids was against the rules in the same way that taking cocaine was. (Although this is different from being ‘cheating’).

        • Drunk driving’s illegal too. MLB doesn’t seem to give a fuck about that.

          • +1

          • Drinking isn’t performance enhancing, it’s the opposite.

            But I suppose they should still care since you pay good money for your tickets and shouldn’t be subjected to watching a roster of hung over players.

            • point being people come down on him from a moral high ground, all while having no moral issue with drinking and driving, hitting your wife, flagrant racism…

            • Drinking and driving is illegal and rather dangerous.

              Taking properly-manufactured, properly-handled steroids is illegal in certain foreign jurisdictions, but it’s quite safe in reasonable doses.

              I know which one I’m OK with people doing.

              (As an aside, anabolic steroids are known to hasten healing and reduce recovery times. That means people play more games feeling closer to 100%. This is not a bad thing from the fan’s perspective. The dynamics of minor league baseball here are a separate ugly issue.)

              • steroids are very, very bad for your body. they can also fuck with your head (see: “roid rage”)

                the issue with steroids being “ok” is that younger players will feel the need to try them if they want a shot at playing professional sports, which isn’t healthy or fair

                • Water is also very, very bad for your body. If you take way too much of it, it fucks up your ion balance and can ultimately be fatal.

                  Furthermore, sport is very, very bad for your body. If you do it enough, chances are that you’ll hurt yourself. If you continue doing it when you’re hurt, you can fuck yourself up irreparably.

                  See? Blanket statements like “steroids are very, very bad for your body” have no value in discussions. You can use them in safe and healthy ways. Or you can, y’know, not.

  5. I’m quite happy with Ryan Dempster. Fuck A-Rod.

    • Nope screw selig

    • Congratulations. Maybe one day you’ll learn to breath through your nose, too.

      • Maybe one day you’ll learn what it’s like to be an athlete.

      • i’m with stoeten. dempster is a first class clown.

        all these f’n numbskull players saying AROD shouldn’t be playing (or worse in dempster’s case) should take it up with the union… they negotiated the appeal process that AROD is utilizing right now. if they don’t like it they have no one to blame but themselves.

        • fuck that, A-hole has always been a fucking dickweed and should get fuckin beaned every at bat!! he is to baseball what claude lemieux was to hockey….a fuckin douchebag! i fucking hate the red sox but was lovin it when Dempster was gooning arods ass pitch after pitch….FUCK YEAH!!!

      • Ball players are not owned anymore. They aren’t chattels to be bought and sold at the owner’s whim. They are real human beings who do not deserve to be put in serious danger at the workplace because somebody doesn’t like them. Fuck that.

      • Hey man, those with nasal septum issues take offense that everyone that breaths through the mouth is an idiot. We can’t help that we had serious coke addictions in our youth.

    • Idiot.

      Attempting to intently injure someone is okay with you? Okaaaaaay.

    • Sorry greenlemon, Dempster is an idiot. An idiot that missed 3 times and still couldn’t take the cosmic hint. Who then finally hit him and later denied throwing at him.

      Beanballs are as stupid, boring and archaic as staged fighting in the NHL.

      Stick to UFC (which I love) for your alpha male (though you are simply sitting on a couch) itch.

    • I’m with greenlemon on this one. Don’t generally agree with the minority views in the comments, but goddammit I am a fan of SWIFT JUSTICE (and also staged fights). A-Rod is a joke – do any of you really care what happens to him? Or do you just love moral high ground?

      • how is it justice? What wrong is righted? What evidence does Dempster have that requires no process or appeal as he decides upon and administers the punishment?

        Seems like a poor sense of justice. Glad it’s illegal to do in the real world.

  6. I like that Dempster hit A-Rod. I don’t like that it took 4 pitches, that the ump didn’t issue a warning sooner, and the fans for being more classless than Jays fans on Opening Day (not everyone obviously – just stereotypically). It should have happened within 2 pitches, and we all move on.

    I wouldn’t oppose Esmil doing the same thing.

    • Well, as long as you know that makes you kind of a piece of shit, we’re cool.

      • I’m alright with “kind of” as long as we both know it’s not “complete.”

        A-Rod deserved to get plunked. it’s not like the intent to injure is there, or I have any desire to see A-Rod get injured. Just an intent to send a message is all I like to see. Players should hold themselves accountable more often.

        • That’s so funny how YOU can decide who deserves to get hit by a ball at 90+ mph. What do you do for a living again?

          • It’s called an opinion. Google is your friend.

          • sons, have you played ball at a competitive enough level where guys are throwing 90 mph? if not, then you dont know what its like to be hit by one. what’s your job? defender of the injusticed?

            • After 20 years in the league and a decade in New York, it’s definitely a fastball from Ryan stoopid Dempster that will teach A-Rod his lesson. Now he’ll understand and play the game the “right way.” If only Dempster was there to set him straight all those years ago!

  7. yeah I mean….if I or anyone went out in the big world and threw a projectile 92 mph deliberately trying to hit someone with it…..what would happen?

    what a dipshit

    • What would happen if you got caught committing fraud?

      • What fraud?

      • You would be arrested, given counsel if you couldn’t afford one on your own and have your day in court to defend yourself followed by submitting your argument for sentencing. Your colleagues or competitors would not throw objects at you like medieval crowds at the gallows.

    • Man, if I could throw a projectile 92MPH….

  8. Morris missing from the Fan broadcast today – was that pre-announced?

  9. when did the yankee’s start playing granderson in left and gardner in center?
    it’s definitely the right move, I just thought they hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

  10. Im a big fan of gardner. Underated player. Plays good d, gets on base, has good ABs. Wish the jays had him in LF. Perfect guy to hit 2nd also.

  11. Fuck it, you guys. This is probably one of our last chances to watch Alex Rodriguez play baseball.

  12. The enigma that is Esmil. Just when I thought his bubble was bursting he had a good start last time. I wonder what the Jays plan to do with him next year?

  13. Plunk him right in the noggin.

  14. Wasn’t Thole once considered to be a passable hitter? How many fucking times must I watch him ground out? Given how are catchers are so bad at hitting, I might even welcome having the pitchers hit.

  15. For those of us trapped at work….keep us posted on game highlights!!!

  16. A-Rod disclosed incriminating documents about his union ‘brothers’. I’m not surprised by the beaning or the reaction of a working-class town to this.

  17. Rajai!!

  18. Massholes pitching at douchebags. Maybe not right from a human perspective, but as far as major leage sport douchecannery, all is right in the world. It helps us hate them both even more. AKnob as an individual, and everyone who has ever said wicked awesome. Sweet caroline this, bitches.

  19. My feed just went spotty with no audio. Anyone else having this problem?

  20. I do think Rogers will sink some more money into this group.

    If it is still going to shit despite even more spending next year, they’ll surely have to start selling off parts and rebuilding on some level.

    So it’s either they spend more and get a winner or at least can say they tried and get to sell off parts and save money the following year.

  21. Andrew, for somebody who always preaches critical thinking, context, and nuance you sure aren’t showing any of that here. We have no idea why Dempster was trying to hit A-Rod. None. It may have had nothing to do with PED use. If may have been because of something said or done at some point prior. It may have been for the same reason every other batter has ever been intentionally hit. Granted it’s generally stupid, but we have no idea what the cause was. I don’t think it’s as simple as Dempster thinking “I’m going to hit him because he used peds”.

  22. Yeah, I REALLY dont want to see esmil in the rotation next year. If he is, then its another lost season.

  23. Bean him.

  24. I guess you cant really pitch around Cano to get to Mr RBI

  25. I get a kick out you pussies. You all agree that ARod is a piece of shit.
    He’s a complete phony in all of his preordained comments and actions.
    He’s a sleaze ball – see hookers in Toronto, centaur above bed.
    He’s lied to every person involved in the game.
    He just accused his manager of intentionally playing him injured and jeopardizing his career.
    He announced his Free Agency in the middle of World Series game the year the Yanks gave him his new contract.

    He’s a complete piece of shit.

    Dempster gave him a bruise. Quit making it sound like someone tried to kill him.
    He deserves worse.

    • I don’t disagree that A-Rod is a POS. Fine. But it doesn’t make me dislike him or think he should be injured because he’s an a-hole.

      There’s lots of a-holes in baseball [+ in life], but we can’t fire baseballs @ all of them. Or I guess we could. But the game + life generally would be different.

      • Life is imperfect. I didn’t mind this beaning.
        If that makes me a mouth breather then so be it.
        I’ll just have to take smaller sips so I can breathe.

        • I’ll ready the rocks. And should probably invest in a helmet + some protective gear for myself.

          • Bean Weasel objects to “beaning”? Yeah, I have trouble working up moral outrage about other people’s decisions anymore. Everyone is dirty, including myself

    • Yeesh man. Please keep in mind the first rule of assholes: don’t let someone else’s assholery turn you into the asshole.

    • What a waste of words. Whether he is “an asshole” has zero to do with whether he should be assaulted in his first at bat in the game, arguably on 4 straight pitches.

      Maybe you have done some things in your life that qualify you as an asshole. Am I allowed to throw a rock at you for it?

      For whatever archaic reason, people tolerate criminal assault within sports so long as the assault is related to action within the game itself. Even I have managed to get riled up and almost agree with a beanball from time to time. But doing it because you or anyone else thinks you simply “deserve it” is totally ridiculous.

      • “Assaulted”? Easy Gloria Allred.

        He’ll get a bruise and a base. He should get a lifetime ban.

        As for me, I have done plenty wrong in my life, and if you knew me, I always show up for the consequence. Taking responsibility for his actions is something ARod seems incapable.

        Dave Stieb would intentionally hit guys early in the game to get them off the plate. Was that assault? You need to relax. They’re big boys.

        Quit trying to turn this into a soapbox.

        • I agree with you, Smasher. Clearly, the pansy-boys are not aware of the history of the game. Not throwing at guys is a recent development, and a fad, I hope (when it’s deserved).
          ARod should get beaned once a game. For the good of the game.

        • How does this apply across sports? Cyclists get to cut each other off on the Alpe d’Huez? Javelin throwers get to toss javelins at n’er do wells? Short track speedskaters can slew foot the opposition?

          There’s a process in place. If it doesn’t punish sufficiently, address it. Taking “justice” into one’s own hands is a bush league Lord of the Flies response.

    • Well put.

  26. Reyes looks really fucking slow.

  27. Man, Gose’s fingernails must taste like cotton candy. He can’t keep them out of his mouth.

    • If that was the case, we would see JPA gnawing on them. It’s the only reason he goes to the ballpark :)

  28. Why is Joey Bats out?

    • Ya what happened?

      • Can someone please answer this?

        • Is anyone acutally watching this game and can aswer this or is everyone looking at gamecast at work????


          • This may go back to something that happened in Tampa Bay.
            During an umpire’s review, sorry, can’t recall the circumstances, but anyway,
            Bautista spent the whole time on his stomach doing stretching exercises.
            Did not look good then.
            This may be related to what was bothering him then.

    • he ran into the wall chasing a foul ball – did one of those hip checks to protect himself as he hit the wall – didn’t look bad at all from the replay but apparently he hurt it enough to take himself out of the game

  29. I know I’ll get a lot of negative feedback for this post, but I really don’t care. I see this whole A-Rod situaution as a ploy on the part of Bud Selig and the Yankees upper level management to save the Yanks money and protect their brand name. Had Rodriguez never played a game this year, the Yanks would have been of the hook for his $27.5 million dollar contract (the money would have been paid, but insurance would have covered the full amount) and they would have also saved in the neighborhood of $35 million in luxury tax money. If you keep A-Rod off the field next year, the same thing applies. This saves the Yankees around $125 million to spend on other players and keep the club competitive for the foreseeable future. Baseball has been full of cheaters in recent years, this, in and of its self is not news, but as I see it, Rodriguez did not do anything anyone else who has been busted hadn’t already done. Rodriguez should not be subject to anything more than a 50 game suspension. The difference is of course, if you suspend him for 50 games the Yanks save about $9 million. Nine million versus 125 million is a huge difference, as the Yankees could use the savings to lock up Robinson Cano. Rodriguez playing in just one game this year has already cost the Yanks around $62.5 million, which of course is 62.5 million reasons for Yankee management to hate his guts. As I see it, the Yankees gave A-Rod the contract, now they can pay up. Before anyone criticizes me or points out that I already posted something similar a couple weeks back, keep in mind Buck Showalter echoed my comments in an interview 10 days ago, so I’m sure I know what I’m talking about. I hope A-Rod publicly humiliatess Major League baseball and the Yankees management. Feel free to say what you want.

    • Jim… this is hardly contrarian. People know this. Arod already was getting a fair level of support from those thinking he is being hosed by the team, by the doctors and by Selig.

      Even the beanball incident has gotten him more sympathy (than he ever would be expected to get).

    • While it would be something to see A-Rod turn this around on Yankees management + MLB I feel like history suggests he’ll be the one who ends up humiliated. Or as humiliated as someone who seems to be so blissfully un-self-aware as A-Rod can be.

      • Keep in mind Weasel, the Yanks have a history of doing this to their players. Remember how George Steinbrenner tried to destroy Dave Winfield near the end of his days in NY. I’m not supporting Rodriguez as much as I want the Yanks liable for his contract.

        • Co-signed. And if what A-Rod says is true about the medical stuff – that’s pretty horrible [not that he's trustworthy - but hopefully the truth will come out].

          And to be clear – I’m not a fan of A-Rod. Mainly I find him entertaining, which is different than saying I’m a regular fan.

  30. Holy splits, Rajai.

  31. That was clooose.

  32. Ya what happened to Bautista

  33. Let him play. Why did he get 211 games vs Braun’s 2nd suspension was only 50 games? It’s his right to an appeal.
    And I agree, let the Yankees pay his contract, they only benefit from him being gone.
    I wasn’t an A-Rod sympathizer until Sunday when a classless Dempster tried however many times to hit him. And watching the mouth breather fans in Boston salivate was disgusting. Dempster should have been ejected at the least. I hope the Red Sox experience something similar to last years blow-up. Would make my day

  34. Man thole sucks so much. Id keep him as a backup over jpa but the jays really nees to get an adequate starting catcher next year.

  35. jays are the only coneheads who slide feet first then try to grab bag with their hands. fucking imbeciles.

    • For some reason the use of the term “coneheads” to describe the Blue Jays just made me literally LOL. That never happens. Good on ya.

      • if you wanted to see the Jay Coneheads try to find the game when David Cone was pitching. Camera crew pans to the Bull Pen and there’s Ward and crew all wearing the cones.
        I thought David Cones eyes were going to pop out.
        Ahhh the days when we were winners!

  36. bean him

  37. Manalive, I feel bad for Pillar.

    • What do you do if you the Jays? You’d think you gotta keep playing him till he gets a hit.

      • I agree, some great hitters have started horribly. I think Pedroia was like 2 for 50 or something crazy like that. Boston kept running him out there.

      • Gibby said the other night he knows the bat will come with him.

  38. YES is really ripping on how slow Gibby walks to the mound

  39. cones and frozen lemonade mmm mmm mmm

  40. Dont get why you would use one of your top 3 relievers for 1 out in the 6th. Unless theyre saving him for tonight.

    • It makes sense if you are a shitty manager, though right.
      Drink another fuckin’ Bud, Gibby.
      Yes folks, his choice of beer is reflective of his ‘float along in my mumu’ approach to life.

  41. With a day off Dempster won’t even miss a start. I guess that says all that MLB thought about the beaning.

    • This kind of suspension is with pay though right? I assume that means he still misses on some money. Probably not much but still… fuck Dempster since he’s a piece of garbage.

  42. Filthy habit gose.

  43. god damn it

  44. lmao

  45. Yep, just another 2013 jays game. Poor pitching, awful ABs in the clutch.

  46. jays are the only coneheads who can’t figure out how to not give up homers to guys with no power. fuck this team.

  47. Who the fuck is Chris Stewart?

    • I thought I remembered saying that before. So I pulled up his Game Log for the season. Sure enough, he hit one off JJ back in April. FML.

  48. This ump is such an asshole also. Giving nova EVERY borderline pitch.

  49. Total mistake by Gibby to burn two relievers in the 6th inning of the first game of a double-header. Aaaand, before Stoeten can use the ‘magical hindsight 20/20 argument’, the moves didn’t work! Again. Another starter gets yanked too early, and it costs them.

    Bottom line, worst manager in MLB. He will never manage a playoff team.

  50. New Yankee Stadium is a joke. Where 3 run lead’s are never safe….#Ihatethisteam

    • Yankee Stadium may indeed be a joke, but both teams are playing in the same ballpark. The Blue Jays should just hit a jokey homerun to tie things up right now.

  51. hawkeye gibbons can see it hit the catchers glove but home plate chumpire can’t.

  52. C’mon Brett.


  54. Seriously???
    4-0 in the first inning….I go into a meeting – all cocky-like, Jays are winning, life is good….and I come back out and they’re LOSING 6-4?
    Jesus H. Christ on a crutch.

  55. What the hell is a “Thad”?

  56. Love the Jays and Gibby and AA and like this team despite it all…. so please don’t take this wrong but… how good a draft pick can we get at this point? Is it purely based on W-L record?

  57. The Blue Jays 2013 hitting with RISP = MUSH (and that’s being kind)

  58. Nice work, bullpen!

  59. Base open.
    Bean him.

    • He could have saved himself 3 pitches.

      • Yeah the Jays who are 49 games out of first should start throwing at a guy that has just returned from injury and has nothing to do with them.

        Let it go tough guy.

        • Just playin around.

          But I’ll decide what I let go.
          You should get a helmet, life isn’t all rainbows and lollypops, princess.

      • Why?

    • If only they had the balls to do it. You’re a 13th reliever on a last place team. Do it.

      • You must have zero understanding of baseball.

        • Odds of Bau Bau’s hip injury being season ending? Or Reyes’ knee requiring off-season surgery to make him miss April and May? I’ll take some action on both of those bets and then some. And trust me, unlike the 7-1 odds the Jays had on Christmas Day, you’ll see an ROI.

        • I’ve been thrown at in minor baseball, sons. I know how it is, son.

  60. C’mon Pillar. Make our day Kid.

  61. So, anyone got the feeling that this is the series that puts the Yankees back into the playoff conversation?

    • No way man, JP’s leadership will take over in the second game of this doubleheader.

    • Nah – it’s too late for the Yankees + too much competition in the AL East. And I say this as a fan.

  62. Following on MLB At Bat. Judging by that third strike call on Izturis somebody should tell the ump he doesn’t get to go home after the game is over.

  63. Glad to see one of the suckers who buys my shit and eats it posting ‘poor A-Rod’ stories. Stoeten posts whatever he thinks Keith Law thinks.

    • ARod is a scummy dude. Everyone knows it. The point is that Dempster is a piece of garbage for doing something that can injure someone, regardless of who they are and what they did. It’s not his job to hand out his form of “justice”.

      • Yeah, because Stoeten always agrees with Law. Is there something in the water, or is it the air?

  64. 0-9 vs yanks but wilner said this is a championship calibre team

    • Not sure what it matters what Wilner says.

      And keep in mind we sent out Esmil Rogers today. He wasn’t even considered our 8th starter when the season started. If Dickey, Morrow, JJ, and Romero even came close to doing what we hoped and if Happ hadn’t been hurt, it would be quite a different story.

      Wilner failed to predict that as did every last person that bet on the Jays until they were favorites to win. Do you know how much money must have gone to the Jays to swing them up in the odds that much?

  65. why can’t we ever find players like nix? oh wait…

  66. tabby: “perfectly executed until the throw”

    ha ha, you mean turning around is executing?

  67. I don’t mind if they tank, secure a better pick, but if they r gonna turn shit around next season being competitive against al east would be nice to see. The past few series were entertaining.

  68. Jabba, what a clumsy pig.

    • He should probably throw a 95 mph fastball at your head, right?

      • If he was trying to hit me in the head I’d be safe.
        I’d be more worried if he were trying to get me out.

    • He consistently gets my vote for most humiliating current Yankee. Him + his stellar athlete bod seem to attract odd happenings.

  69. Has anyone noticed Izturis has multi-hit games only when we lose games?

  70. Jeez, Reyes didn’t hit it out of the infield all day. Is he OK?

    Bet he’s glad to be off that turf.

  71. Chalk up another loss to mis-management of the bullpen.

  72. You know what sucks dick? The only positive thing about losing is you get a higher draft pick. But we are still only the 11th worst team. I thought we were lower in the standings than that! Not even in the bottom 10

    • What good is a high draft pick when we have questionable scouting. If this team wants to turn it around, we need to find and sign international talent.

  73. Jeez. quite the game threat.
    Incredible how much crap can be spread out in such little space.

  74. I fuckin HATE A-Rod, but there is absolutely NO way I can EVER side with ANYTHING ANYONE from the Redsox organization does.

    Yes. So fuck Dempster. Not because he beaned A-Rod, but because he plays for Boston.

    Suck it Farrell.

    • Please elaborate on why you “hate” a pro athlete whom you don’t even know. Also, please spare me the cheater crap. Have you ever cheated in your life? Taxes? Declarations at the border?

      If watching people playing a sporting event prompts you to hate, maybe look elsewhere for your entertainment.

      • I find it troubling that you fail to recogniz the difference behind ‘hating’ an athlete or organization between actual hate.

        Real hate = “I hope Dempster beans A-Rod and end his career/serioisly injures him” or “Im glad Boston got bombed because I hate Sox fans”

        Sports hate = ” I hate the Redsox and A-Rod, I hope they dont make the playoffs.”

        If you cant separate the two, seek professionsl thrrapy. Now.

  75. some djf commenters are the dumbest fans I have ever met

    cough cough bluejaysfan

  76. I love how Wilner haters are always posting what he says. if you hate the guy, why bother listening. I personally don’t mind him, but that probably has something to do with me never listening to him. Don’t get the fan on Vancouver Island.

    • I don’t get it either. Why rile yourself up? I find most “talkin’ ’bout sports guys” to be hilarious.

  77. The blue jays are not only amazingly shitty at beating a mediocre yanks team on the road (0 for last 7) but they have had leads in five of those games (scoring first in 4 of those)

    This is rather unbelievable:

    4/25 3-0,

    4/26 1-0,

    4/27 3-0,

    4/28 2-1,

    8/20 4-0

    looking further into the numbers, in the four game sweep that really told us what was in store for the jays this year, the jays had a lead in ALL FOUR GAMES! I hesitate to ask the odds of losing 5 games in a row in which you have a lead and the odds of losing three of those games with a 3 run lead, 3 run lead, and 4 run lead.

    the jays record when they score first is actually really good..but wow if you took the yankees out.it would be amazing

    • Yeah I forgot about that. The 4 game sweep earlier they had a lead in every game. And then today 4 runs…and still bupkis.

      Stupid yankee stadium is turning into the trop

  78. Ok, I’ve seen enuf of Pillar. Ok, he gets a few more games , but to me , he looks painfully overmatched-I mean he has yet to truly even square a ball up properly. There is truly a huge chasm between AAA and MLB. Gose finding out, Weber sucks, Wang crap, Drabek shit, and on and on it goes. Basically prospect porn is just that ,porn. In the end , most of it goes in the dumpster.
    A for next year I don’t want to see Redmond or Rogers or Weber or Wang or Nolin or Romero or any other shitballer as one of the top 5. If they are there we will get a high draft choice in 2015 also. Invest the 14m for JJ in getting a good 2B and a catcher. Those 2 things alone will lower the starters ERA by about .5/gamre easily. Rock on

    • el oh el

    • Can you tell me where the tree is, that gives good 2b and catchers?
      They grow on trees right?
      Or maybe they’re at the local store?
      I’d like a decent 2B and a good catcher please. And while you’re at it,throw in a excellent #1 SP,vintage 1985 or 86.

      • I would also like to know the location of this tree…

        • it’s in my backyard next to the date tree. Actaully a good harvest this year

          • You’re confusing the date tree with the flying fig sapling.

            • you can’t see in my backyard. The date tree is beautiful. It’s dropping C and 2B’s like crazy but most are overripe and I’m waiting for the younguns to fall. SPs will have to be by trade, if at all. Otherwise it could be a long 2014 as well. I mean right now Pillar (SSS I admit) wouldn’t fetch even what Gose would ina trade which ain’t much.
              Maybe they catch lightening in a bottle and Melky remembers how to play next year

          • I also like dates.

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