Thought bubble: “Fairservice wishes he looked this good.”

Well that was a cracker of a first match! I can’t believe it’s already time for the second leg. And you’re right, it’s going to be tough for our boys after that one bloody mistake allowed El Shaarawy the clear header to take the away goal, but after outplaying them for much of the contest– or at least the first half– that Matavz goal, ugly as it was, seemed pretty well deserved, and that at least gives us a little hope, eh?

Or… wait, what was I watching? The fucking Jays?

Ugh. Guess it’s more meaningless baseball for me! Fun, though, to see if Kevin Pillar can ever get a hit, or Anthony Gose can look like a big leaguer, or something. Beats staring into goddamn space or whatever else I’d be doing, at least, right?


If that preamble didn’t quite sell this one, try this on for size: Shi Davidi tweets that Jose Bautista is out of the lineup after aggravating a hip issue that first cropped up last week, after a slide back at Rogers Centre. Can we please just get real grass already. You can easily put additional seats at Varsity Stadium and exile the Argos to there, where they belong. Fucking do it already!

In response to Davidi, and presumably without sarcasm, some mouth-breather adds: “suck it up buttercup ! #wimp.”

Gregor Chisholm tweets that John Gibbons says the club is going to monitor Brett Cecil’s usage from here out, and that he’ll pretty much just be used as a lefty-lefty specialist.

Gregor adds that the Jays have lost 10 in a row, 19 of 21 since 2011 and 21 of 24 since 2010 when playing in the Bronx. Maybe some left-handed power hitters who aren’t streaky as fuck would be a good idea.

John Lott tells us that A-Rod no-showed in the clubhouse for media availability– the hordes were hoping to get his reaction to the suspension of fuckface Ryan Dempster.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
LF Kevin Pillar (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

New York Yankees

CF Bret Gardner (L)
RF Vernon Wells (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Alfonso Soriano (R)
DH Alex Rodriguez (R)
1B Mark Reynolds (R)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
SS Jayson Nix (R)
C Austin Romine (R)

RHP Phil Hughes

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  1. boo hoo our 20 mil shortstop injured again. get rid of this fucker already.


  3. According to Howarth,A Rod was interviewed after the game in which he was hit.When asked if he thought Dempster should be suspended,his response was ( laughing)”I’m the last one to dicuss suspensions”.
    So A Rod laughs it off and understands that it’s part of the game but everyone else flips out.
    The only ones whose opinion counts are Dempster and A Rod.
    Be appalled all you want, but we’re all just observers whose opinion means jack squat.

    • I agree it’s part of the game but I’m sorry you don’t get 4 chances at it. It loses a lot of meaning at that point.

      • I think the opposite, the tenacity that Dempster showed in refusing to fail (to bean ARod), should be applauded.

  4. Fuck, man. August 2012 has resurfaced as Aug 2013. Meaningless games played by a skeleton crew. Hope EE enjoys getting about 1 pitch to hit all night. We legimately have a chance to score a run in about 4 innings out of nine.Oh well, maybe Buerhle can throw out a 3 hit shutout and we win 1-0….Ummm no, that would mean we have to play good D fro 8 innings. Muni at SS ( meh), Izturis? God awful , JPA, pure shit. Bench-just Thole ( LOL) I guess. Piss on it, I’m goin Bowling

  5. I would go to at least one Argos game a year at Varsity. Which is infinitely more than I currently attend.

  6. I think 2013 will go down as the year jpa was the leader/face of the team. And boni was the co captain until he got shipped out unceremoniously.

  7. Watching Arencibia strike out is almost becoming enjoyable.

    • If someone put together a highlight package of his K’s and ensuing slow walks to the dugout set to some highly inappropriate music like minimalist composer Phillip Glass, I’d watch it.


  9. Good for Kevin Pillar to break the seal!

  10. Pillar the new pillar of the team

  11. Atta kid Pillar.
    Road to .300 has got to start somewhere.

  12. Buck almost sounded sexually turned on by that Arencibia hit

  13. Sailor Muni!!!

  14. Buck just gave me a shout out – Yankee fans in Toronto! That’s me! It’s the best I can hope for, given that my birthday does not fall during regular season play.

    However…if someone wants to take the tickets off my hands…

  15. “Maybe some left-handed power hitters who aren’t streaky as fuck would be a good idea.”

    Stoeten, didn’t you call out a commenter a while ago for thinking that “streaky” was a thing? You said something about how it’s all a big after-the-fact assumption we read into players’ skills? On the other hand, it might have just been another commenter, I don’t remember.

    But can we henceforth note that you, Andrew Stoeten, think that streakiness is a real thin?

  16. “Real THING?” that is.

    • Streaky is definitely a real thing. It’s all about confidence. If you are feeling confident, you are more likely to perform at a high level. This is definitely a thing.

  17. Jays can do some damage in the sixth but JPA strikes out.

    Gose doesn’t get the job done either.

  18. They had to lengthen the lead there. Chance blown.

  19. Buehrle is pretty awesome in his consistancy.

  20. Body count in the Bronx. Who gets injured nex

    • Hopefully a Yankee…bench looking awfully thin

      And holy sh!t that play by Lawrie!

      • Can’t wait to see a full season of him.

        • I’m not going to lie, I was secretly hoping we wouldn’t see him back after his 2nd DL stint. I regret thinking that now. Kudos to him for getting his crap together

      • Not another 3b in baseball that makes that play.

        I know Longoria is a gold glover but I’d take Lawrie defensively. Might make a few more errors but the range he has is ridiculous.

  21. I dont like that kawa bunt on the road. Esp for rajai and derosa? Those guys arent going to be able to get the runner in, sorry

  22. How is it that a freely available stiff like Chris Stewart is actually better at hitting, throwing, catching, and calling a game than JP arencibia?

  23. Really, why couldnt it be an actual good hitter to tie it up.

    There goes the lead.

  24. I don’t believe Nyx only has three homeruns. Hasn’t he hit like 4 or something against us this year?

  25. Why would you yank buehrle there. He has earned the right to try and finish off one more out. He gave up two hits in a row..big fucking deal.

  26. Well the Jays are going to lose this game. It’s pretty obvious. Stupid me thinking maybe they could split the double header.

  27. Arencibia leads off next inning? Sweet, now i can watch more of Rudy over on TSN

  28. the yanks wont score here. they must win in a true blue jay “walk off” loss. We must lead the league in walk off losses, or at least percent walk off losses.

  29. Jays suck at fundamentals. Hold the ball Loup.

  30. When i saw reyes pinch hit for jpa i thought the messiah arrived.

  31. Kawasaki!

  32. Here we go!

  33. Reynolds goes deep. This will be quick and painless.

  34. How soon till a walk off?

  35. Next year Brett Lawrie wins the gold glove, first team all star honours and the hearts of all the pissants who said he sucked earlier this year.

  36. Should I be surprised that a 40 year old stole 3rd? And Nix got the game winning RBI?

    Fuck me.

  37. As I said, this is the series that the Yankees get back into the playoff conversation.

  38. Jayson Nix is awesome. Veteran presents!

  39. The cfl needs to know its role. It’s a second rate league costing the Blue Yays free agents and countless time on the DL. Fuck. Oh well if the Jays go 1-18 against the Yankees (which looks actually possible) they may come to see something is systemically wrong in Blue Yay Land and fucking fix it!!!!

    • I’m continually shocked that the CFL still exists.

      • Ditto. Watch the NFL for ten minutes and you will laugh when people mention the cfl. Is he hate me in the league? Lol

        • I challenged myself to watch the CFL once. It was the championship so I thought the calibre of talent would be highest. It was so, so bad.

          • It’s a terrible league. Makes Canadians appear to play second fiddle to the Land of Creationism below us. Keep the CFL out west if you must, but get the goddam Ruff Riders or Argonauts or whatever they’re called out of the SkyDome!

            • I call all CFL teams the RoughRiders. And yes, I find it pretty darn amusing every darn time.

  40. It’s gonna be an interesting off season again.

  41. At least it didn’t go 160 innings and then they walk it off.

    • Lol. Meant to write 16.
      Probably not going 160.

      • That’s what I was thinking. With an empty bench, that could have been awful. Although, I was looking forward to Gibby calling in Rogers to put down a sac bunt

  42. Just got back from Bowling and I see they lost-quelle surprise!
    Buerhle obviously gave them a good game but he basically had to throw a shutout with the mutz playing behind him. Now I hear JB is on the DL too. Hope you guys enjoy those septemebr grapefruit league games!

  43. Buerhle has really become one of the bright spots in this season of fucking clusters.

  44. Another brutal bullpen selection by Our Fearless Mumu Warrior. Way to go, Gibby. Oliver was totally the call. Oliver looks like he doesn’t give a damn…which he probably doesn’t. He’s more concerned with his movie investing career at this point.

  45. Gose is a double-A player at best. Pathetic bunt attempts. He is exactly the kind of guy who should be a decent bunter, as Buck pointed out.

    • There are thousands of people in the world who can run, throw, catch a ball…these are called athletes. Gose can do these things very well. What he and thousands of others..actually billions of others…cannot do is hit the fucking ball.

      Ill take the hit tool and let you have the other four every time.

      this idea of putting out a team of great athletes at every position ..its a fucking pipe dream and it doesnt really result in winning teams. most of the top teams are fucking non athletic. sure they have a few stud athletes..but they value actually baseball skill over combine bull shit.

      AA has gone too far with the love of athletes over baseball players.

      • Yup.

        How athletic is Miggy? Prince? Pujols?

        I mean, sure, these guys are atheltic when compared to the the average dude or amateur athlete, but for a pro athlete? Not at all.

        People are always saying “wow, gose has so many tools, he just HAS to be able to hit” which is idiotic. The tools he DOES have are speed and an arm. They have NOTHING to do with hitting.

        Phrased another way, those people are saying “wow, Gose is so fast and can throw so far that he HAS to be able to become a good hitter”….which is of course ridiculous when phrased that way.

        There is aboslutely NOTHING that says Gose will learn how to hit. In fact, the evidence is far leaning the other way.

        And I’m not being a Johnny come lately…..I’ve never liked Gose and I wanted AA to trade him two years ago when he had a ton of value.

      • Agreed. I hate to start agreeing with the mouth-breathing section, but it’s hard not to start seeing AA and his whole philosophies behind the team’s failure after failure.

        I’d almost rather see a Marlins-style tear-down and rebuild then more mediocrities brought in (or back) to re-arrange deckchairs on the Titanic. And I don’t think AA or Gibby have the ability to do that.

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