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Not a whole lot of scuttlebutt tonight, so I’ll just point you towards some a couple of excellent pieces that Drew posted today at Getting Blanked: his URL Weaver post, in which he dissects last night’s bout of Farrell Ball in the Red Sox game, and his latest edition of My Approach, in which this time he speaks with Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, and his catcher A.J. Ellis.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (R)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
LF Kevin Pillar (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

New York Yankees

CF Bret Gardner (L)
RF Ichiro (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
DH Alfonso Soriano (R)
LF Curtis Granderson (S)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
C Austin Romine (R)

RHP Adam Warren

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  1. Oakland lost this afternoon so after New York wins tonight they’ll be 4 games out of a wildcard. Further evidence (if any were needed) that God has no soul.

  2. Thole hitting 6th… Maybe he can bunt Lawrie over? Haha

  3. why am I watching this

  4. After Lawrie: Thole, Pillar, Gose and Kawasaki, lol

    • *GULP*
      Gonna need more booze.

      • The Dicker is going to shut the Yanks out tonight.

        • The Jays’ atrocious season has been mainly about starting pitching; I could see some of the guys like Buehrle, Dickey and Morrow bouncing back next year. Happ was injured for a while; Drabek looks okay so far in his comeback in the minors. I’m more and more thinking upgrade at catcher and 2nd base and stay the course next season instead of blowing it all up

          • Yup.

            An offseason of getting healthy and in better shape may help Melky get back to being effective.

          • bringing in one additional pitcher would be nice, the team still lacks an “ace.” if we go with the same group of pitchers next year, there isn’t an obvious choice for the opening day starter.

          • @leftover.

            I am worried about Morrow’s injury. How severe is his nerve damage?

            • I’ve just heard that he has an entrapped radial nerve in his right forearm, which has a recovery timetable of at least six weeks. That means even in the best-case scenario Morrow would start throwing in early September and still have to build up arm strength. He’s gone for the season but I don’t know if it will effect him next year

              • Along with the recovery from the injury, he’ll have to build his innings again. He had almost finished his transition in 2011 when he went 179 IPs…up from his previous year of 146. But last year he only pitched 124 and this year he wont get any more in than the 54 he’s pitched. So he’ll be on a cap next year and maybe the year after.

          • Morrow is never going to be able to give the jays 200 innings. Theyll put him in the rotation next year and he will hit the DL again. After that I hope theyre wise enough to put him in the bloody pen.

    • That is the worst bottom 4 I’ve seen in a while.

  5. If Suzuki had been in North America all along, he would probably have quite a few more than 4000 hits. A lot more. The Japanese schedule is quite a bit shorter. He only had one 200 hit season in Japan, with four other seasons with between 179 and 193. Try this – take his Japanese seasons and just add 100 at bats with ZERO hits to each of them. You’ll end up wondering why he got so much better when he came to North America. If he’d joined the Mariners at the same he was when he started playing regularly for Orix – I guarantee, Cobb and Rose would both be in his rear-view mirror by now.

    • +1. Wilner was very upset about any festivities for Suzuki because he said Japanese baseball stats don’t count.

      It was very nice of all the yankees to come on the field & congratulate ichiro.

      I do agree that if ichiro would have started his career in the mlb at 22 , he would have 4,ooo hits.

  6. Scoring first yet again

    • They should try letting the Yankees score first. This way doesn’t seem to turn out too favourably.

  7. I know it’s never gonna happen but Cano is absolutely the player the Jays need on their team.

    A monster lefty bat that plays a position of need?

    If the Jays were ever going to go big on a FA he’s the guy to do it with.

    I know they won’t so please spare me the “ain’t gonna happen” comments.

    • I hope they give him a huge offer, if only to drive up the price for the yankees.

      • probably take albert pujols money to sign him though? not sure if the yankees would even cough up that kind of dough given their attempts to cut down on payroll

        • They have to get under the luxury cap (it’s 178 MM 2013, 189 MM 2014,15,16) so they can start overspending again. If they hadnt gotten under the threshold for 2013, they would’ve been taxed at a 50% rate on the overage. The beauty of this for the Yankees is that next year (2014) they can start overspending and are only taxed at a 17.5% rate on the overage.(for the 1st year )

    • Yeah it won’t happen but what a pair of middle infielders!! They’d be the envy of MLB. And the bats!!! It would be downright embarrassing to throw Izturis in to relieve them for an off day.

  8. what a shitshow

  9. Jose tossed for arguing with a ump? Based on the dl list u did not expect to hear that today.

  10. Damn it Reyes, as if watching injury filled games aren’t boring enough

    • I was willing to watch this game because I thought to myself that I haven’t really had the chance to watch Reyes much, he still has the new shiny toy feeling

      • +1. Reyes should have kept quiet & not thrown his helmet near the umpire.

        We can’t afford to lose more games at yankee stadium. It’s embarrassing.

        It’s shocking that Overbay is hitting 250 OBP 307 with 13 hr’s. Those numbers aren’t bad .

        I have fond memories of wilner defeding Overbay when Lind wanted to be the full time 1B

        • Wilner will defend anyone and anything just to act smarter than whoever the caller is.

          • +1.

            I remember in 2010 fans were braying to get Lind full time at bats & Wilner was yammering that Overbaway was the key to a world series. Lind was hot in early 2010 & needed more at bats. Overbay was destined to leave the team anyway. Cito wanted Overbay to get 20 HR to feed his family with a new contract

  11. pilllarrr saves dickey’s ass

  12. the YES commentators just talked about how the Jays and Yankees have very similar records if you take away the games played against each other.

  13. Thole!

    He may not be much to watch play, but that was hit.

  14. Wow! Wish we’d had Lawrie all season.

  15. I really miss watching baseball where the outcome of the game is important. I cant remember the last time I thoroughly enjoyed watching baseball past july

  16. Dickey has retired 13 of the last 14 batters. Strong through 7 innings. Gibby better fucking put him back out there for the 8th. Deserves the chance for a win.

  17. Nice bunt, Thole.
    Amazing play, Huff.

  18. So which reliever is going to blow the game tonight. I’m going to bet Brett Cecil.

  19. You just knew Dickey couldn’t have a truly good start. It had to fall apart at some point and there it is.

    • well it’s not like the Jays bats were going to score much more than they did. It’s easier to count who’s in the lineup than who isnt.

  20. Starting to feel like these losses to the yankees, following the same fucking pattern every fucking game..jays lead..yankees claw back..yanks win in late innings..
    is not fucking random but indicative of a systemic illness somewhere in the jays rotting corpse

    • The lineup just cant compete with the yankees approach. Even the shitbags in the yankees lineup have good ABs, take pitches, hit with risp. The jays on the other hand are clueless. Just swing at everything.

      • The Blue Jays have had that approach @ the plate since forever. And it almost always sucks. Successful teams don’t seem to have this approach + I don’t get why they don’t get that.

        • It’s not just this season either. It’s been like this damn cheesey dime store novel finish forever. The heroic Yankees come storming back from the brink in the late innings – AGAIN!
          I wondered out loud -last year I think- if the Yankee fans EVER got tired of this shit. I mean, it HAS to bug them a tiny bit doesnt it?

    • IF the Jays lose tonight, they will be 4-10 in the last 14 with 6 of those losses lost in the last opposition at bats (4 walk offs, one in the top of the last inning, and this on in the bottom of the 8th).

    • How many games in a row can they score first and lose?

  21. Dickey didnt deserve to lose today. The lineup is just incompetent. Awful approach and has been most of the season.

    • Should have hired Terry Francona when they had the chance

      • I hate to admit how much I like Francona. Dirty little secret. But mostly I like him because he was funny in the booth for some postseason games after the Red Sox gave him the boot. Won me over.

        • I like John Gibbons a lot. He is a good guy and a good baseball man, but with all these dumb mistakes you have to wonder if he is the right guy for this. In my opinion, Francona should have been called for the job when Farrell was making excuses for Escobar last year. Does Cleveland have better talent than Toronto?

          • Umm guys/gals Francona was already signed by Cleveland before Farrell got traded.

            • @Radar,
              Great point and I am aware of it. When the eye black situation went down and Farrel started to make excuses that he had know idea on what Escobar was doing, he should have been fired right then and there. Period. Francona was not with the Indians at that time. AA should have been all over that.

      • +a fucking 1000

    • The approach has been awful, but the lineup tonight was probably worse than anything they’ve ever fielded.

  22. Jesus H. Christ. Wtf?!

  23. Hopefully that will settle some of the idiotic “Rajai should be the every day LF!” crowd.

    • What a retard. Hes already in scoring position with his speed!! He had tons of braincramps last year on the bases as well. Just not a smart player.

      • The majority of the team are not smart players

        • Davis was more concerned about padding his sb stats than he was making sure edwin had a chance to hit as the tying run. that is called a “me” player. Scough all you want about team chemistry and that shit..its overrated..but there is SOME value to it.

  24. Other teams just dont make these fucking hilarious mistakes so routinely.

    • At least you’re still thinking of them as ‘hilarious’ – that’s something. Buck up.

  25. Griffin is a troll

  26. It’s wonderful how you can go to the ballpark, and every single time you see something you’ve never seen before.

    I’ve seen a lot of stupid plays, but that was really special.

  27. Hard luck loss. But hey, our third complete game of the season! (Favourite stat).

  28. Who the fuck do you blame now

    Poor team,
    Fire AA right fucking moronic idiots here

    Get rid of the good players
    Become the marlins?

    Fuck off

    • The trades were fine. They just needed to make more.

    • Bad luck… the same fun sucking bad luck cloud that has been following this team around for a long long time. Anything that can go wrong, does go wrong for the Jays.

      AA did what he had to do to get fans excited but through injuries bad bad luck etc, shit fell apart. Rogers claims the wallet is open so what needs to happen this offseason is very simple. Step one. FUCKING GRASS, step two, a couple free agents or trade to improve the team. Step three, get a manager out there that inspires players and squeezes every single bit of success out of the roster he’s got. Im not blaming Gibbons however I dont think he’s a good manager at all and should be replaced this offseason.

  29. Maybe with some more or…. ANY fucking run support, Dickey could have won this one.

  30. Is it still early?

    When did it stop being too early and turn into too late?

  31. If the Yankees make the playoffs the Jays should get a cut of their playoff money

  32. I was thinking about what farrell said and it makes more and more sense. Its why so many jays (hill, lind, rios, wells) started off their careers great and then went downhill. Clearly, the jays arent developing their players and teaching them the very important mental side of the game and how to make adjustments. Im not a pro athlete but we can all agree that is essential in baseball. Combine that with the seemingly country club atmosphere when they get here you have this mess as a result.

    • add romero to that list as well

      • AA was pretty cool not to say anything when Farrell left. I think he’s also cool enough to realize Farrell was right. The Jays ARE a scouting based organization whereas Boston is more developmental. Having said that If you scout the right kids how difficult is it to go out and get the right instructors? Moreover WTF are the coaches that are there right now doing if they’re not teaching fundamentals or to use your word “discipline”?

  33. Yes, there’s starting pitching issues, mixed in with run support issues when the starters do have a decent outing.

    There’s closing issues outside of Janssen. There’s WAR stats, etc etc, showing guys not performing up to average.

    But these last few weeks have shown that this team needs a kick in the pants, looking for someone or something to fire them up, something the current manager doesn’t seem capable of.

    Davidi’s got an article up about the losing culture. It’s a decent read.

    I think AA thought this years roster was going to be a team that was going to have to be kept loose given all the expectations and the guys who were major league tested, thus bringing in a liad back enabler such as Gibbons to oversee and keep things light.

    However, all these pros and proven players haven’t shown that they can be let to run free and use that pro experience to battle through. They seem to need that structure and manager that they have to “please”. Thus, it seems they need more of a task master than AA has thought, and they need more of a emotional manager to do some yelling at them or at umps and throw some clubhouse chairs to get them fired up/ scare them/put them in their place, and keep them grounded and focused.

    Gibbons seems surprised by a lot of things (such as Reyes tonight) and about lot of players personalities, and lot of what’s going on.

    Bottom line, given the makeup of this team, more discipline is required, and the manager should be front and center with that…and Gibbons just doesn’t seem to be that guy (and as mentioned, he was never supposed to hold that role) told hold these guys accountable.

  34. 2014 or bust for AA right?

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