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Fifty-seven and seventy! Holy piss, what a disaster.

Hey, but at least they’re still within a couple games of holding the fourth overall draft pick, according to MLBTR’s reverse standings.

And apparently they’re about to play a game of baseball, or something! But not necessarily on time:



Oh… OK. Ben Nicholson-Smith tweets that Ryan Langerhans has been signed to a minor league deal by the Jays and will find himself filling the outfield void at Buffalo. What has he been doing all summer???

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (R)
CF Rajai Davis (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
LF Kevin Pillar (R)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

New York Yankees

RF Ichiro (L)
DH Vernon Wells (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
DH Alfonso Soriano (R)
3B Alex Rodriguez (R)
LF Curtis Granderson (S)
1B Mark Reynolds (R)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
C Chris Stewart (R)

LHP Andy Pettitte


Image via WNY Watercooler.

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  1. ok, we’re going to use both of our good hitters today, I think we’re gonna win


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            Basically my point is that you don’t know. and in addition to that you did the typical leftist thing, hate on the person disagreeing with you and bring up Hitler. Good job.

            • Absolutely nailed it.

              Rightists never hate on those who disagree with them. Never once has a rightist brought up Hitler.

              Ha. Take that leftists!

              • Yep. Gimped almost won that comments section argument. Blown save right at the end.

                • I should have dropped the mic and walked before the last paragraph/shot.

                  • Shit i hate when i leave comments and forget to come back to them.

                    Who says I’m left at all? That is complete assumption on your part, which is typical of Conservative/Repulicans to say when people disagree with them.( see what i did there).

                    I was just following you logic, you said said that hating people that hate a certain type of person is ironic. Hitler did hate a certain type of people.

                    But besides that, First of all i never said I dislike or even disagree with Datsyuk, again another assumption. Second the HItler comment, while used way to often, was used here to demonstrate the extreme case of persectuion of a certain group that can’t control what you are presecuting them for.

                    Its far different to dislike someone that makes a decision to do something or act a certain way, than it is to dislike someone for how they were born. One can be controlled, one cannot.

  3. Interesting strategy by the Yankees playing 2 outfielders and 2 DHs. They really don’t respect the Jays lineup.

    • I’ve been wondering, which team would be better the Tigers as they are right now OR the Tigers if they played with just Torii Hunter and Austin Jackson in the outfield and let Miguel Cabrera bat twice?

  4. Langerhans was playing with the Sugarland Skeeters in the independant Atlantic League all summer. It’s the same team Roger Clemens tried to pitch for last year.

    • Figured he must have been in independent ball after the Bisons cut him loose, given he was there to be picked up. Meant to look it up, too– thanks!

  5. The top 6 should at least be able to hit Pettitte.

  6. go Blue JAAAys

  7. Thoroughly enjoying hearing callers yell at wilner.

    wilner: does it make you feel better to yell at me?

    hayhurst: it makes me feel better

    ha ha I love it.

    • The other game, Thole hit right to second base during a hit and run, and Hayhurst says something like “he hit that more accurately than he throws to second” and Wilner just piped up “that’s just mean”

      big bag of fun that Wilner guy is

    • I find it amusing as well. He wants people to call, but most intelligent people don’t want to call for his opinion. Catch 22, anyone?

      Dude’s sounded like he’s had a cold for, what…10 years? That ain’t right. Breathe through your nose, son.

      • Anyone notice how it’s the same 5 callers every night?

        Even russ in new jersey has had enough.

  8. Game is delayed to mourn the 2013 Blue Jays season.

  9. Hmm…looks like the Bisons already had Langerhans this year:

    On December 18, 2012, the Toronto Blue Jays announced that Langerhans had been signed to a minor league contract with an invitation to major league spring training.[19] Langerhans played for the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons during the 2013 season until he was released on June 21.

  10. Perhaps Barry gets scoops because he’s not a piece of shit?

  11. So after all the blown leads the last while, I was wondering about the situational stats for the Jays Bullpen. I know they have good overall stats, but do you think those good stats are anchored by all the innings pitched after 1-3 inning starts this year by the horrible rotation, basically meaning that the bullpen is putting up the majority of theyre good innings when the game is out of reach anyway?

  12. Will the jays make improvements over the offseason?

    • That’s a great question. Perhaps they will focus their energy on making tons of trades and sign free agents with the goal of making the team worse.

      • i thinks AA’s window of opportunity was actually a keyhole he was looking at, that fucking rubber!! we best trade the rest of the farm for help, maybe sign some other roid users maybe someone like canseco, thats gotta help! i heard he was an athelete, AA loves his atheletes

    • Yes alex will sign more NL players, more character guys, more ped users, more useless bench players, more really fast guys who can’t hit, more high injury risk players, and continue to game the system.

  13. Gibbons really mixing up the righties and lefties today.

    • they’re not even lising reyes as a switch hitter anymore, it must hurt more to swing from the left side.

  14. steve phillips nailed it on tsn. utility players should only be making 750 k

    davis 2.5 mil
    boni 2.5 mil
    izturis 3 mil

    see a problem here?

    • Nope.

    • No. So what if they overpaid on those 3, they still had 110 million to put together a good team. Oakland would have taken that, got a title and given me change.

      And when he paid boni and izturis, AA did it thinking one of those 2 would be a starting second basemen. He was wrong, but had he been right then he’d have had a bargain.

    • Being that iether Izturis or Boner was supposed to man 2B?

    • That’s far from the problem, and if you really think it is the problem then you may want to take a look at what some other teams are paying bench players.

  15. I want them to lose for the draft pick, but then the more they lose the more people want to blame everything on Gibby and AA. So conflicted.

    Guess I’d rather see the Yanks pass Boston and make Farrell look like an idiot. So… go Yanks!

  16. Chisolm thinks that jpa will be back next year. They cant possibly be considering that lunacy right? Having that fucking sinkhole in the lineup with his subpar defensive skills. I will never forgive AA if jpa is back next year. Keep thole for backup.

    • he’s really good looking though

    • More likely they sign a veteran catcher who can at least give JP a run for the starting job. Who knows, maybe it lights a fire under JP’s backside and gives him the motivation to figure out how not to swing at balls that are a foot out of the strike zone. But yes, with more pressing matters to attend to (starting pitching and a second baseman), I don’t think AA will spend too much attention on JPA, especially given that the dreaded “payroll parameters” are seriously back in play.

      All I can say is that Bautista, EE and the entire rotation better be healthy next year, or this team won’t stand a chance.

    • I would’ve have normally said that AA would never sell or give up on a talent at it’s lowest value, but he just did that with Boner. I think JPA starts next season, and they hope he’s passable or they’re gonna throw Jimenez in the deep end real quick

      • That would suck.

        At the very least get whomever the catcher equivalent is of Mark Derosa and see if he can coach JPA to replacement level.

    • While I realize that the pat answer to this question is “ANYONE”….who would you suggest to replace JPA? Other than putting down the crack pipe and saying “McCann”.

      • IMO, there’s not much out there. There’s about 10 vets of equal value that you could probably get at 2 million. I think you have to hope Jimenez can swing it enough to make his defence the determining factor. I’d sign Jose Molina to mentor him if he’s not under contract. He’s a hundred and 2 but calls a great game, players love him, and he’s a fuckin Molina. Let him teach Jimenez.

        Also, our scouting director compared Jimenez to Yaddy Molina. So,,,,, great narrative.

        • I have a small issue with everyone callinf for Jose Molina to be signed, no matter how fair the contract may be. First off, he’s barely above replacment level these days. Second is he really someone you want mentoring a young catcher, he doesn’t really fram pitches that well, he has always been lazy at blocking pitches, and biggest thing: wasn’t he here when JPA was first coming up? He did a heluva job ‘mentoring’ him.

          • Has JP ever seemed open to advice? He’s publicly stated he hasn’t listened to coaches regarding his hitting and that everything’s fine. I don’t see how someone that ignorant can be taught in general.

            Your scouting report on Molina is ridiculous. He may be slow to get in front of balls now but he’s ancient (as I stated above). His value would be in his experience and his ability to relay how to call a smart game.

            A catcher is there for the pitcher, not vice versa.

            I’m completely open to AA picking someone else instead. I’m just saying I hope it’s a smart veteran who can teach game calling, recognizing what pitches are working, can support a staff, earn the respect and trust of a staff and be a solid defender.

            • And don’t quote me any WAR stats or any other saber stuff. As I said from go, the vet in my scenario is there to mentor the kid. I don’t give a shit if he’s replacement level with the bat based on some formula. In my scenario Jimenez will get the bulk of the starts and Molina is there to teach and help.

              No one complained about Pat Borders and his paltry numbers when the Jays were a powerhouse because he called a great game, pitchers trusted him, and he was a good defender.

              • Hate saber stuff? I guess this kinds does have nothing to with stats if you looking for a ‘mentor’ for a young catcher, but one would think you would want one that is up for ‘mentoring’ someone and not just competeing for the job. Is there any indication that Molina is not wanting a starting job?

                ON a side note, Sabermetrics are just stats. You can hate sabermetrics but then you also hate HR’s, hits, stuff like that, those are stats too.

      • I think Geovany Soto is the guy.

      • any fucking one other than JPA, seriously…we have the worst 2 catchers in baseball today!! that sack of shit other catcher we got from the mets in the heist is number 3, fuckin dildo AA

    • “I’ll never forgive him”

      - Fucking ARE OH EFF EL

    • Fuck.

      Make Thole the starter for all I care. Would love to see an upgrade but there is truly shit available outside of McCann.

      Thole and a right handed hitting veteran minimum backup can’t be much worse. Can they?

      • Just sign John Buck to a 1 year deal…He’ll be better then JP defensively and probably a bit better offensively. It gives an extra year to let Jimmenez develop

      • Yes. Yes they can.

        Not totally opposed to bringing JPA back next year, but only because of what’s available on the free agent market.

        • What about Francisco Cervelli? He and Thole can alternate starts. Wouldn’t be too expensive. Needs a new fresh start, after his latest turmoil in NYY. Was once known as a pretty good defensive catcher. Has a batting avg higher than JP’s OBP. With Stewart, Romine, and another prospect I forget the name of, the Yankess would probably part with him.

          Yes, he’s no all-star…but let’s be reasonable with our expectations in what is feasible for AA to acquire.

        • Are you kidding? Half the guys on the 2014 list would be an upgrade over JP.

  17. Apparently it’s in bad taste to say that I hope Arod get’s beaned, so instead, I hope one of the hookers he frequents gives him syphilis.

  18. Speaking of moves that AA could make this off season, I”d like to see him lock up Lawrie long term

    • Ehh maybe after next year still a bit of risk

      • The fact that it’s a bit of a risk is why you get a deal.

      • Really only an injury risk. His defence is so good that his floor, as a player, is pretty free of risk.

        • Maybe sign him mid season like Edwin in 2012?

          • He’s got 1 more year at 500k before his 3 arb years. Wait a year and buyout his arb years. Try and get a couple of extra years on the end of it too.

            Not really enough info on him to get an accurate price. Wait 1 year.

            • A deal like 5 yrs for 40 mil?!?

              • lock him up

              • 5 years/$40 million? Hell no.

                Still a cheap pre arb year left. This would basically buy out his arb years and 1 FA year at $10 mil per. Way too much.

                Maybe 5 years $20 million to buy out his arb years and 1 FA year with a couple club options. Also bump the pay for next year as part of the contract as an immediate incentive.

                • Ideally you’d sign him to the inflation adjusted Evan Longoria contract.

                  • That’s exactly it.

                    Longo was 6 years $17.5 mill but it bought out 2 cheap pre arb years instead of one. So the pre-inflation AAV would be a bit less for Longo.

                    5 years $20 – $22.5 mill would be about right with a few options.

                    Longo was just under $3 mill per. Lawrie would be about $4 – $4.5 mill per with inflation and a bit more leverage as he’s a year closer to arbitration.

                    Lawrie doesn’t have to be as good as Longo to make this a great contract. Plus it gives Lawrie security if he jumps into another camera bay and concusses himself out of baseball.

              • you better quit sniffin my shorts, youre talkin fucking crazy, this aint a video game

  19. I starting to hope the Jays embarrass themselves further just to hear the nonsense Wilner will spit out:

    ” on the bright side, the Jays lead the AL in fifth inning singles with 2 outs”

    • “Jays pitchers are tied for 1st in the MLB at getting 27 outs a game.”

    • “Based on 5 Major League starts, Todd Redmond would be an OK candidate for the 5th spot next year”

    • “Jays are 2nd in baseball in HRs.”

      Note: actually true

      Oh here’s another fun one: The Jays are one of only two teams in baseball that are terrible at fielding, yet good at baserunning.

    • “If you take away the games played against Tampa, Boston, Yankees and Baltimore, the Jays would be the best team in Baseball”

    • “If you take away the games played against Tampa, Boston, Yankees and Baltimore, the Jays would be the best team in Baseball”

      • Jays would actually only be two games over .500 if you took away the games played against other AL East teams.

        Which still says a lot, but it wouldn’t get them to the playoffs.

    • “JPA is top of the MLB in home runs for catchers in the first half of this season!”

    • I fully expect this team to be competitive in 2014 (much like I fully expected them to be competitive in 2013).

  20. If we go 35-0 the rest of the way, we might get close…

  21. 1-11 against the yankees so far.. Christ almighty.

  22. Gibby should bat that cold sore cleanup.


  23. The Yankees are no longer my Daddy. Yankees fans should now chant “who’s your daddy” at the Blue Jays

  24. I’m no Yankees fan, but Rodriguez was so safe on that ball off Haap. Umpires suck, period.

  25. Fucking A-Rod….looks like an ordinary mortal on one ground ball, and then WHEN IT REALLY COUNTS, takes away a double from Rajai.
    I hate him
    I hate him
    I hate him.

  26. Not going out on much of a limb here, but…..Jays are losing this game. Only question is how.

  27. Would help a lot of Buehrle or Haap could play their position as well as pitch. ” I don’t get paid to bend at the waist ” or something like that.

  28. What’s B,J. Ryan up to nowadays?

  29. How many outs do the Yanks get this inning?

  30. What a mess.

    • The only consolation is that Gibby was lip to lip yelling at that ump so he’s going to have a cold sore too.


  31. “Would help a lot if Buehrle or Haap could play their position as well as pitch.”

    Say what? Buehrle is probably the best fielding pitcher in the majors.

  32. He asked for his unconditional release from Chicago Cubs, where he was in their minor league system in Iowa, 2009. It was granted.

  33. Hahaha. You’re drunk, Morley.

  34. Gibbons: “He caught the fucking ball!!! He caught the fucking ball!!!! He caught the fucking ball!!!” I thought with the A-Rod call, that we actually got a call for once. Then the umps go out, and totally redeem themselves. Should have been two out at second base too. I’m all for replay, because the umps nowadays are getting bias, whether they know it or not.

  35. He was out.

  36. Fucking umps. Give Pettite all the calls and screw us over…. again…

    • Cmon the offense is terrible. Some bad calls for both sides today but the jays deserve to be where they are. Hitters have no clue what the fuck they are doing at the plate.

      • Ya, the offence sucks. But Pettite has got the upper portion of the zone has been strikes for Pettite, but not Happ. Look at the A-Rod abat, that started off that disaster inning. Just gets annoying watching these bad calls happen at pivotal points in the game, and the wheels fall off. Here we go again. Playing Catch up.

  37. I’d like to feed ARod a plate of Cronuts.

  38. The Blue Jays should consider contraction… #disgrace

  39. Lincoln doing the necessary devil’s work.

  40. Lawrie… again!

  41. Lawrie is soooo fucking good at 3rd.

  42. What’s up with the P.A. announcer during Jays abats.

  43. When I saw the 3 hitters that were coming up this inning, I thought we’d have no chance of a rally.

    I repent ! Keep it up!

  44. I’m glad Pillar will get a shot at AB’s for the rest of the year. I feel like he could be a decent 4th OFer and be the fan favourite type.

    • Many times “fan favorites” aren’t the equivalent of good baseball players.

      • Reed Johnson was a fan favorite. He had some good years here too. And he was fun to watch. Not to say Pillar will be a Reed-like player, but he has hit at every level, and those guys usually end up being better than advertised. Once he relax’s a little, and if he gets consistent playing time, he might get a chance to finish the year strong.

        • I have no doubt that Pillar has all the tools to be a consistently good player. It just shouldn’t matter whether the fans like him or not.

        • Just like Travis Snider! Better than advertised!

          • Snider was tab as a future allstar. Pillar is getting the 4th outfielder predictions. Which would make sense, given that he hasn’t displayed the power so far to warrant a corner outfield position, but he could be a nice utility outfielder who can hit for average. If the jays lost an outfielder to injury next year, and Gose continued to struggle, it might give him a chance to show whether he can hit in the big show. A lot of if’s tho.

          • Remember that year Travis Snider was on the all-star ballot? That was funny.

  45. What do you call “PROFESSIONALS” that can’t execute the basic skills, such as bunt, hit a cutoff man, or pitch with any authority ? The Blue Jays…..

  46. When will the Jays finally compete for a playoff spot?

  47. We might single-handedly put the Yankees in the playoffs

  48. The Maple Boner’s OPS is up to .750, getting there

  49. Great. Now we get to see Arencibia’s baserunning skills at work as well.

  50. would rather see derosa take his hacks then see lind try and hit a lefty the way he’s going lately!

  51. Hey the Jays are OUR Bitch! – Yankees talking to the Rays

  52. We have the 10th worst record in the league, but there are some close teams. A bad ending could see us get a 6 to 8 pick in the draft

    • Aim low.., I want the 4th pick.

      • The problem with the baseball draft is that players are drafted so young that they don’t reach the Bigs for 4 or 5 years, so it is tough to get excited because it has no near-term implications for your team. Picks in the NBA and NFL drafts immediately play with the major league team

      • Unlike basketball, teams are positioned exactly as they finish. As such, tanking works. (Minus the part where high draft picks are guaranteed stars.)

        We’re only two losses out of the 4th overall pick; we could easily tank even further and catch Chicago or (wouldn’t this be ironic) Miami. I think Houston’s got that first overall locked up though.

  53. Call up stroman he looks good

  54. FFS!

  55. I cashed most of my emotional investment in about a week after the All Star break. It’s all just too much really.

  56. Another disappointing loss.

    Lind looked hopeless against the LHP with two on in the later innings.

    I agree that the jays should pick up his option & see if he can be traded in the offseason.

  57. We need to start another string of hilarious Wilnerisms.

    “Arencibia is a career 1.000 hitter in games he doesn’t make an appearance in.”

  58. I wonder what kind of odds you could get on the Jays racking up 100 losses this year. They’d have to go 5-29 or worse in their remaining 34 games to get there. Looking at how they’ve played the last week or so and with the current lineup, you certainly can’t count them out.

    • Except they do have these 3 pesky games against Houston which will be difficult to blow and 3 against Minny which we stupidly swept 3 straight at the end of last year to go from 7th to 10th in the draft order. I say DL Reyes, play Thole e’ day and put Goins in at 1B to really fuk it up. Even at that , they’ll till win 10 games or so , right?…..right?

  59. Blue Jays’ Daniel Norris Showing Signs Of Turning Around Disastrous Start

    August 22, 2013 by J.J. Cooper


    [Note: Don't fucking do this. And by this I mean paste paywall'd content here.]

  60. In looking at this fucking mess of a season,I’m trying to look at the decisions made and find what in the fuck went wrong.
    In 2012, in the space of 10 days.3 SP went down to season ending injuries and the bullpen wasn’t good enough to finish off games.
    AA aquired bullpen arms that would provide the improvement over the status quo.
    In the offseason, AA aquired what should have been,based on history, mostly durable rotation.
    1. A guy who had improved every year over the last 3 years, with no UCL.That threw a pitch with less strain on the arm.Even though it was unlikely that he repeat last years performance,with an increase of 1 to 1 and half runs per game,should be solid.
    2 A guy who had pitched 200 innings for 12 years in a row. Not pretty but solid
    3.An incumbant who declined in 2012 but with minor shoulder surgery should return to form.
    4. A guy with some durabilty question marks but 2 years ago won the ERA title and entering his FA year.Rumours of an offer of 7/150 being floated by the fanbase.A guy who has the largest break on his slider in MLB.Motivated by a potential contract of 100+ mill.
    5.A guy currently on staff,supposedly who never reached his potential,due to being yoyo’d between the bullpen and SP. Who was signed and should feel comfortable because he wan’t fighting for a job.Who threw the 2nd best game in MLB history.Just entering his prime.
    6. A guy who is a solid experienced MLB pitcher, with options left.Ready to be utilized ,in case somebody went down.

    Can’t fault the logic.
    All the best laid plans…….
    So where do you go from here?

    • except it’s not logic

      1 – dickey a guy pitching in weak NL facing a lot of crappy teams in a big ballpark, now having to face AL east team with a lot of power hitters in a homer dome.

      2 – buerhle – a mediocre pitcher who’s getting old getting paid a shit tonne of money left who had a horrible AL east record 7-15?

      5 – morrow – a guy who never pitched 180 ip who seattle gave up on him for good reason who had 1 good season in his life. and did I mention injury prone?

      4 – JJ – another guy pitching against crappy NL teams padding his stats who clearly had horrible stats against good teams. ERA close to 4

      3 – ricky – a guy who’s clearly lost it and you had no idea what to expect

      6 Happ? another NL pitcher who was just OK, getting pretty much as expected

    • I think your logic is a bit faulty.

      Buerhle’s been as advertised. He’s a solid 3 that usually keeps you in the game.

      Dickey was sold as an ace, which was wishful thinking. But he’s also a solid 3 that usually keep you in a game.

      I can’t really quibble with those 2, at least performance wise, although I think it’s a fair debate as to the cost of the same (esp. Dickey)

      But your logic as to the rest is overly optimistic.

      Morrow’s 2012 looks like a fluke. Can’t stay healthy, which results in inconstantly. Big question mark going forward

      JJ also has injury problems and looked to be on the decline. Def. not a sure thing.

      Ricky’s lost it and can’t find it. Expecting anything from him is stupid

      Happ’s shown he is a reasonable no. 5. I guess that’s useful, but let’s not think he’ll be anything else.

      The scary thing is that things going into 2014 look even worse.

      • The starting pitching has been terrible however if people think we can just bring back the same position player crew next year and win with decent pitching they are kidding themselves.


        these positions are in need of major improvement or else improving the pitching is just going to result in winning 85 games instead of the desired goal.

        how to get there? probably not going to happen without seriously hurting yourself at another position.

        where do we go from here:

        hope certain players rebound to career norms and hope others have career years at the same time. I dont see any other way for a quick turn.

  61. In my lifetime as a Jays fan (1987-2013), this is the most dissapointing season I can remember. I doubt there was a more disspointing season prior to 1987, because they were still in their infancy as a franchise. This whole year, aside from the 11 games and a few brilliant pitched games, has been really difficult.

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