When The Goins Get Tough…


The weird turn pro? Wait… that’s not it.

Anywho, Ryan Goins, everybody! The one-can-only-assume grittacular infielder who has struggled a bit at Buffalo this year (.257/.311/.369) after a pretty steady rise through the Jays’ minor league ranks and a couple o’ decent (read: league average at the plate) years at High-A and Double-A in 2011 and 2012, has been recalled by your Toronto Blue Jays.

You wanted to see the kids, right? Well… good luck with that.

Maicer Izturis has been placed on the DL with a left ankle sprain, which necessitated the move for Goins, per a team release.

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  1. 2013 you guys?

  2. Jim Negrych fans are going to be pissed

  3. Cool! I’m totally on board with seeing the kids, whatever that means for the 2013 Jays. He’s pretty much the closest prospect they’ve got that might be able to help the 2B situation so… yeah. Let’s see what he’s got!

  4. 2.5 GB from 4th overall.

  5. Jim Negrych has fans? And is this earliest that Stoeten has ever made a post? (Not counting ones where he’s been up from the night before.)

    • I saw someone wearing a Buffalo Negrych jersey at a a game earlier this year.

      • Lots of people cheered for him when I went. He’s from the area and people love him apparently. Lots of fans.

        • So then, why would we want to rob the good people of Buffalo of one of their heros? Certainly not because anyone here thinks he could actually play in big leagues, I hope.

          • He deserves an opportunity to show if he can play at that level. Goins??? Really?? Give me a break…. I know you folks in Toronto are soooo knowledgeable about baseball.. Barely support the Jays as it is. Stick to hockey.

  6. Buffalo Bison’s vs The New York Yankees

  7. I love the Jays, and have since Day 1. But now i feel it’s time to make a stand. Will be cheering for Cleveland until the Jays get grass. Only the fans can pressure them to do it.Not another nickel from me until then.

  8. Stroman and nolin coming up is interesting by the way if that happnes

  9. It does seem a little weird that Negrych was passed over.. Not that I really care – but he’s hit a little better than Goins this season. Its hard for me to cheer for tanking this season. Every year until now – sure.

    • Negrych is 28, so maybe the age factored in?

      Plus he’s a Buffalo native and they love him on the Bisons, maybe they wanted to keep someone on the Bisons to get the fans out to the game

      • Fair enough.. if its about playing a ‘prospect’ then it makes more sense. Maybe you boost a guy’s value a bit by getting him to MLB and hoping he can make a few headlines.

        Plus, AA is probably seeing each loss as a victory for his off-season with the extra 1st rd pick. If they can lose their way past the Giants or Padres both picks would be protected which would free him up to sign a big-money free agent if he has the cash. It would be a pretty big coup to have 2 picks within the top 11.

        • yea thats the way i look at it – kids coming up, playing their ass off to stay in the MLB, rather than someone like Negrych who he probably sees a McCoy/Woodward type

    • Negrych was passed over because he’s not on the 40 man. That’s it.

  10. #FreeMikeMcCoy

  11. AA needs to find a way to steal Chase Headley from the Padres. He’s struggled a bit this season, but he’s a switch hitter with power that would see an immediate boost in production moving to the Rogers Centre. Maybe an off season move restoring ninja status?

    • Value is a lot lower thanks to a crappy season. Definitely can see AA asking. Which position would he play though? I think moving Lawrie from 3b is a travesty

      • Didn’t Headley once play left field? Not saying he should play there though, I haven’t seen him play much.

        • He has played LF oin 08/09. Not sure that would work though I have no real knowledge of how that went.

          Lawrie could move to 2B or you could use Headley in a 1B/DH role that is currently filled by Lind. He’s always been a good OBP guy and I would stake a fair amount of cash that his move from Petco would improve his power numbers. Though he’s striking out a lot this year.. It’d be a gamble but his contract isn’t outrageous and could be a good pickup.

  12. Even Reyes was mad last night. 2013!

  13. who the hell are they gonna call up when rosters expand, lol?
    Is there even a team left down there.

    • Jiminez, Drabek and Hutch are all musts for September roster expansion IMO

      Buffalo will just pluck guys from AA. Loewen for example is crushing in AA and could easily play in AAA to replace the OF or DH position.

      Thad Weber or Wagner if he has options might be sent back down to AAA.

      • Stroman and nolin too

        • One or both of those 2 will probably be up earlier, hence I didnt include them, although it looks like they are leaning toward nolin and not using an option on Stroman and leave him until September

          • So a prospect might make the start on Saturday?

            • Give Rogers spot to Nolin for the rest of the season. Option Wagner down until September.

              Go to a 6 man rotation and Add Stroman in September to save the option.

              Let’s see what they’ve got.

              Lots of games against playoff contenders this Sept so we should get a lOok at some real MLB lineups.

  14. I blame the turf for blue jays errors and just plain lack of give a shit by the players… because of the joke that is TuRF

    also.. why hasn’t anyone photoshopped the home hardware cleanup crew guys that come out during the 7th inning? change the brooms to vacuums.. an absolute joke


    • Off-topic question about the turf: does it ever get “cleaned”? Spitting is a huge part of baseball, like it or not, but if it’s done on real grass, it somehow seems better because it will eventually be washed away by rain.

      At RC, I know the carpet just sits on the concrete, so it probably never gets cleaned – but then when outfielders dive for a ball, they are sliding across dried, matted down spit.

      • Of course it gets cleaned. That’s how they get the painted lines off when it’s time to switch over for football, and vice versa to switch it back.

        My cousin does the conversions, it’s actually a very complicated process that takes a few days to pull off. He told me the conversion last week — Jays finished the homestand late Thursday night, maybe 10:30 or 11-ish, and the field had to be ready for the Argos by Saturday at 8 PM — was their tightest of the season, and they barely got it all done. That includes taking the outfield fence down and re-painting the entire thing for football, including doing the Argos logo at centre. After the Argos game tomorrow they have a fairly tight weekend conversion to go back to baseball, but 4 days is a little easier on them.

  15. Am I the only one who is completely confused by this photo? Diving, glove closed, not looking at the ball which appears to be way over his head?!?

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