It’s Friday, so… uh… this is your game threat.

Congratulations to Ryan Goins on making his big league debut!


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  1. Stroman soon?

  2. We are really going to have to work to tank this weekend. Our lineup is AAA but at least its a good AAA lineup. Houston sucks in historic proportions.

  3. I think you forgot the stamp when you mailed this post in.

  4. That looks like a cool stadium to visit.

    Jays have a shot at winning this series.

    • I’m going tomorrow to watch them not lose!

      • @shockey.

        That’s cool. I would love to visit Houston. It looks like they can open the roof 7 windows in the spring when it’s not as hot.

        • It’s my first time in Texas. It’s only about 39 degrees plus 500% plus humidity. I would still take it over a Canadian winter.

    • fuck that, the only way to salvage this season is to tank and get an earlier pick. for now its …fuckin lose jays lose!!!! start JP every day, bring up romero, take the melk man off the DL and start him in center

  5. http://read.thestar.com/#!/article/5217eb89cb0071c4b403b27c-blue-jays-contracts-are-bogging-this-team-down-kelly

    Worth a read. Especially if you enjoy paragraph after paragraph of explosive verbal diarrhea.

    • Lmal

    • @JT.

      Kelly is very negative on the Jays. If we assume that Rogers is willing to accept a payroll of 140 million for 2014, then AA has some room to fix things.

      Why would Rogers pull the plug after year 1 of a 3 year window.

      Jays are unlikely to get ever get Bautista & Edwin at discounts to FMV till 2015.

      The team’s starting rotation should be better than 30th next year.

    • Kelly had a good line on this game’s result:

      ” 12-4. Against the Houston Astros.
      This is like losing a game of chess to your dog.”

  6. Jays score first again so its an automatic loss right? .Right ?!?

  7. Are there even going to be 20 comments tonight?

  8. Gose is forever chewing his nails. Makes me nervous.

  9. Would be sad if we lose a series to the worst team in baseball

  10. Wow! Thank god he’s not B.J. Hoes

    • Redmond throws the ball away after he bare hands a hit.

      Run scores on an error?

      3-1 astros.

      Jays are still in this game.

  11. Bless this mess.

  12. This is the free game on MLBTV, nice to hear Ashby again.

  13. JPA HR #20!!!!

    Take that JP Haters!

  14. Tabby said only Mcann & Wieters have hit more HR’s since 2011.

    • Power really not the problem. It’s all those outs in between.

      • Not to mention his defensive “contributions”

        Arencibia really is some home run power, and that’s all you get.

        • @Blue Jay way. Sad but true. 20 HR plateau by a catcher is impressive but his obp is worst in the MLB among qualified catchers.

          Does AA stick with JP as starting catcher in 2014?

          Prior to getting Dickey, the Jays had John Buck as a backup for JP.

          AA seems to have a soft spot for JP.

  15. My old lady seems pissed off at me. I’m drunk and watching the Jays lose. The only difference between tonight and any other night from April to around June is the “it’s still early” argument.
    Does that mean she’s just really pissed at the Jays season and not me? And if so, does that mean she’s a keeper?

    • +1. We bought extra TV’s over the past 2 years. We have 6 TV’s for 4 people & two dogs.

      It’s rare that we have to argue over what show to watch.

      What’s the scoop on Goins. ?

      • Six TVs in one home? Is that even legal? We’ve got one for two people and a rabbit, though the rabbit only seems to be into our rewatching the House series.
        Always kept an eye on Goins, but I can’t imagine he’s anything more than a guy who gets a couple of looks in the bigs.

    • Go to A A drunk

  16. Sigh…

  17. Man that center field sure looks like a giant pain in the cock lol.

    If were talking call ups, I would really like to see Mauro Gomez get a call. Guy has a whole bunch of homers, good offensive numbers in general and with the lack of power lately for the Jays (before tonight I guess), I think itd be good to call him up. In addition to him I wouldnt mind seeing Jimenez, Jeffress, Stilson, Stroman etc. All of those guys have put up some solid numbers this season. Not sure why Jeffress hasnt been called up yet with the consistency he’s shown this year but oh well. WOO SEPT CALL UPS!! lol

    As for tonight… lol uhm…. nevermind WOO SEPT CALL UPS!! haha

    • he’s already on the 40 man, may as well bring him up in September for some Randy Ruiz’in good time!

  18. Ashby and the other guy are talking very pitch-to-the-scoreish right now. Is Morris secretly in the booth telling those guys what to say?

  19. Haaaaaaahahahahhahahahahhahaha haaaaahahahahahhahahaha that’s the jays.. Hahahahahhahahaha

  20. Wang starting tomorrow…. oh boy :S

  21. Santos’ slider is a thing of beauty.

  22. I feel like Lincoln would be a monster if he had any control.

    • The other day I heard some of the game called on a Yankees radio station. The announcer said, “Brad Lincoln has a beard, just like his namesake”.

  23. um…..did Ashby just say “sometimes it’s hard to pitch like this, you get fastball after fastball and then you get raped all of a sudden”?

  24. If the astros ever traded for the upton boys, when making up their lineup, I wonder if they would ever put bros before Hoes.

  25. I guess I really do admire the professionalism displayed by Buck and Tabby. I’d hate to think what would be coming out of my mouth now with this beat down at this point of the season.

    • What I’ve heard of Buck tonight he sounds a bit down. Tabby was talking about sounds, but even he was not really into it.

  26. Oh well. At least it’s only Redmond and Lincoln. Guys who have roles on a healthy Jays team as garbage mop-up men at best.

    • Dont worry, when Santos and Morrow both spend next year on the DL again, youll see Redmond and Lincoln again.

  27. Nice K

  28. I think the players have mostly given up at this point, which I don’t really blame them for. Better draft pick for us, or something.

    Good debut by Goins. Lawrie continues to be hot. Encarnacion makes progress towards a possible 40HR season. Maybe Gose will randomly show progress. Stuff we can cheer for, right?

  29. Brad Glenn killing it in Buffalo, filling in admirably for Sierra.

    Guy is only 26, has some very consistent power #’s throughout the minors.

  30. This team becomes more like a bad comedy act every day It saddens me to see this kind of bankrupt play so fukin regularly. They continue to make all kinds of fundemental and mental mistakes with little improvement.
    I went on record awhile ago that I felt Mottola is to be gonged for the continued pathetic approach pretty much teamwide to situational hitting. He is either no good or they don’t listen-take your pick. Now , I know many people say he is not to blame and what can he do bla bla bla. If that is the case let me do the job or my next door neighbour.
    I have a feeling now, that the e.o.y. may result in an across the board firing of all coaches and managers period. Basically , the players get a pass due to their contract status, that’s the way it works. Results are what count and we haven’t gotten any for most of the year.
    I once worked for a company where we performed poorly and one day the president walked in ( apparently as I wasn’t actually there) and fired every vice president we had. The team was lousy , so they all got dumped, except him of course. The “him” here w/b AA. Once that is done the team can start looking at making the team better.
    Yeah, I know Gibbons can’t pitch for them or pick up the ball at 2b for them but he is responsible, along with the coaches, for the performance on the field and, as they say, the results don’t lie. Change is required, we are a bit of a joke

    • McDonald’s or Burger King?
      Or was this at a classy joint like Subway?

    • I agree 100%. If the argument that coaches don’t do much is true then fire them all just for optics sake. If the argument isn’t true, then fire them all because of the massive fail they contributed to.
      If the argument is that the players are the only ones responsible for performance, trade the majority of this rotten core for done guys who give two fucks about trying to win a fucking game or two.
      Personally, I think this team needs a heart transplant and some serious neurosurgery. Trade Bautista and fire Beeston, AA and all of the coaches. The Belgian Army has more fight than these fuckers.

  31. Woah, look at the Astro’s record. It could be worse right now :)

    • Except the Astros weren’t picked to be WS favorites.
      They’re where they were expected to be.
      They Jays are 35 games behind where they were supposed to be.

  32. Did this site become dead recently because the Jays fucking suck, or because Stoeten blocked anyone who said anything remotely negative about the Jays in the past couple weeks? Are we supposed to slap the Jays on the butt and say “Good Job, Good Effort!”?

    • You hit the nail on the head. He bans anyone who bad mouths AA a couple times. As I expect to be banned again soon.

      Just reading this homer nonsense blog for laughs now.

      • He hasn’t banned me and with the exception of a couple of months at the beginning of this season, I’ve been shitting on AA pretty hard

        • So what your’re saying is that he banned you for nearly forty percent of the season in an effort to say that I am making a false claim?

          I was not even a regular here. Just made a few comments on what AA has done. No cursing and no personal attacks on anyone including AA.

          He said something along the lines of not wanting to hear that stuff here and banned me. I made a new account to see what would happen and once again got banned for being critical of AA.

          There are some you can’t critize here. I purposely don’t say bash because I’m not talking about trolling. First and foremost is AA and next in line is Bautista. Any well formed, yet not positive, thoughts on those two will get you banned if he sees it.

          Come across like a complete moron and you comment will stand. I’m sure he will call me a moron for this if he sees it but at the same time if you don’t see any more posts from me you can assume that I’m right.

          • I’ve never been banned. My point was he couldn’t have banned you for railing against AA because I’ve been mostly consistent in doing the same

  33. I fell asleep during the game, so I am watching the game now on Jays 30. Losing 10-2 to the astros in the 7th.

    Oliver just gave up a 2 run HR. 12-2. Wow!

    Lawrie with a 2 run HR. At least a healthy & productive Lawrie is something to look forward to.

  34. Cathal Kelly described last night’s game as akin to losing a game of chess to your dog.

  35. 2014 will be netter

  36. Lawrie is looking better and better.

    • …..and Edwin hit one to the opposite field, always a good sign.

      My take, add tho the offence (ex. sign Nelson Cruz). This will allow a good defensive catcher to be carried.

      Between the depth,ceiling, past history, and guru type catcher let’s get this starting staff to league average, then tear the cover off the fucking ball.

      Who’s with me?

  37. I’ll admit I rarely watch Jays games these days, and I didn’t watch last night’s. It seems like the Jays’ level of caring is about the same as mine, the difference being they’re paid millions of dollars to float.

    This bird is in the wrong profession.

    • At this point, the only think that will keep me tuned in is to see if Edwin will take you for a walk 8 or so more times before season’s end.

  38. I only occasionally check in now to see what’s happening with the Jays on the premise that likely nothing much is happening except another dreadful pitching performance. However I have conceived a dreadful desire for this bunch to lose and lose. Get walloped. Fifth place with a big stinking bullet. It’s not that I hate the team. It’s that the years of mediocrity have just bred more mediocrity. But a year of total shit. A year in which the team is the laughing-stock of MLB, the Aunt Sally for every US sports-writer, every ex-manager who still has an axe to grind, that might start something. That might finally light a fire under this bunch.

    And also, it means that no one will have any expectations of them doing anything next year. I don’t think these guys do well with high expectations. Better we all just expect the same old same old. So me, I’m hoping for loss after loss right now. Playing for pride? What fucking pride? Let them eat shit until it leaks out of their mouths and they get a real good understanding of what it tastes like. Then, maybe, they’ll want to take that shit and stuff it into everyone else’s mouth. Next season. When it will do some good.

    • A good example would be the Red Sox this year
      People thought they would be shit after their 2013 is jays Esque 2012 season where they fell flat on their faces.

      Hopefully the jays follow suit

    • +1.

      You have to laugh at the myriad of ways the Jays find to lose games. Gose kept missing the balls hit to the CF spot with a hill on it.

      Nice to see Goins get his MLB first hits.

      The return of Lawrie is exciting

    • Arctic1

      I agree.

    • long time no seee

    • The problem with shit eaters is; they like eating shit. This team won’t be much better next year, they have no heart. I’m as guilty as anyone for wanting a talent transfusion after last year but I’m starring to believe that winning teams are built from the ground up, not bought. Something to do with chemistry, common goals and a sense of unity trumping mercenary motivation of individual satisfaction?

      • Interesting thoughts. Chemistry vs fangraphs. Who wins?

        • Can I chose the combo platter? A talented team that grows up together and when they are close, sprinkle in some top talent to help push the team over the top?
          At this point, I think I’d be ok with a complete reset and rebuild. I’d make a horrible sailor, I know. Complete panic during a storm usually ends poorly but this has been a very long season and I think I’ve cracked.

          • You are full of shit

            • I challenge you to a fist fight. I’ll meet you at Bathurst and Bloor, NE corner in 5 minutes. Just so you’ll be able to recognize me; I’ll be the one fucking you mother.

              • El oh el troll

                • You didn’t show up? I guess it’s easier to talk shit in a board than in person. Your mom’s a horrible lay by the way. She also told me that you are the biggest disappointment in her life and that she really regretted not having you aborted.

  39. Just need Tampa to finish 1st and Cleveland to beat Boston in the wildcard one off. Francona’s revenge!

  40. to isabellareyes

    I agree.

  41. Lincoln sent to Buffalo, Jenkins called up, Loup on the paternity list.

    Not having Loup should help the tank nation cause.

  42. Loup has been good this year-slipping a little lately, likely because they have used him so much. Jenkins is basically a Redmond except he got big bonus money to be Ho Hum.
    In fact most of the guys in the bullpen look exhausted as they have been used so much, except for Janssen who hardly ever gets out of the jailhouse, proving the point of what the good is a closer when we only win once a week?
    Somehow, someway, AA hasa to find at least one starter on the market and one homegrown( Stroman??) to help next year. Personally I expect one of Morrow, Dickey or Buerhle to be traded, partly for salary relief required elsewhere and of course,there are issues with all 3 of these guys depending on who the trade partner is.
    Do you think AJ Burnett would even think of coming back here if he was the Top Dog??
    Other notables are Garza and Nolasco who shut out Boston 2-0 on a 2 hitter last night with NO fukin walks!! RR are you listening??

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