If the Blue Jays get swept by the Houston Astros then I’m gonna club this here baby seal. Game threat? You’re looking at it.

Let’s hope Wang can measure up tonight.

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  1. Last night’s game: BRAND NEW LOW

    • Don’t be so hasty in that assessment …I think they have an infinite capacity to surprise us…

  2. Oh, Jesus H. suffering-Christ….Wang’s back.
    Shall we hope for a brilliant first inning…and a meltdown of Biblical proportions in the second or third inning? Or just prepare for Armageddon to ensure right away? I’ve got a few movies on my PVR that I’ve not seen yet…..maybe tonight’s the night (to quote Mr. Rod Stewart)

  3. Gose, Goins and Pillar all in the lineup, at least we can watch to see if we have anything in the rookies

  4. Life is like a mop….on Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse

  5. The silence in this ballpark is freaking me out.

  6. I refuse to believe that JPA struck out with men on base

  7. Slider Stacje?

  8. bad positioning by jp?

  9. BRAND brand new low

  10. Too early for Gibby to yank Wang. Gonna have to stretch him out, even if it gets messy later on.

  11. Are we seriously gunning for a Top 4 draft pick now. ?!?!?!
    Beyond mad or sad now…Kinda just overwhelmed at this season
    Where is Bobby Ewing with the dream sequence to tell us that this season didn’t really happen

  12. Pls refer to the 2nd comment.
    Just to make a historical point of clarification…it was the SECOND inning that the fat lady started singing.
    I’m warming up the PVR….I’m sure watching Sharknado or something will prove much more stimulating.

  13. Wang is holding his own tonight

  14. Remember that line from Office Space:

    “It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.”

    Feels like they may have watched that movie before the game.

  15. I’m watching Bisons instead.

    3 scoreless for Nolin tonight.

    Jiminez 1 hit, 1 walk and a thrown out baserunner

    One fucking week til September ladies and gents, then at least a month of prospect porning – this past week probably the worst because not much to look forward to unless you think Goins has any future as anything

    • Could it actually be possible to jettison JP out of the city after the season? That would be the best early holiday gift ever. E v e r.

      • I’d be happy w/ a platoon of JPA and Jiminez

        All I want is for JP to feel the heat, his sense of entitlement in terms of his being just good enough needs to be challenged

        and of course, would be nice to see a more defensive minded and batting avg centric catcher hitting . . . someone with more potential than a Thole

        • Dildo: I agree with you 100%. JPA needs to be shown that him being the catcher of the future for this team isn’t set in stone, and that the only reason he is in the position he is in, is because their is no one better to fill the void right now. It would be a relief to see a defensive catcher in there for a change…… and if he doesn’t strike out 35% of the time, BONUS! Really though, other than his home runs, he brings very little value in other dimensions of his game, and the best motivation for some of these thick headed athletes, is watching a shit load of games for the dugout.

      • It hurts me deep in my soul to say this but…

        He’ll be back

        • I can handle Cibia being back but not with the lion’s share of catching duties. Force his hand. Make him fight for it.

        • Please don’t say that, you’ll encourage AA.

          We the fans deserve better.

  16. Shit, Edwin. Could you have shown any less effort on that double play?

    • The ball was hit so hard, that he couldn’t even get close to break it up, and probably knew with Lind running, it wasn’t worth taking a ball to the chops to break it up. If we are 15 games above .500, it’s probably a totally different play. I thought the same when I saw the play, but when you consider how far away he was and how easily they had Lind at first, I’m all for our best player in uniform staying in uniform at this point in the year. With the way the rotation has faltered, and the injuries and loses that keep adding up, EE’s quest for another 40 home run season might be the biggest highlight for the entire season for us Jay fans.

  17. Watching JPA play baseball is a joy

  18. Can something this ugly be considered beautiful?

    • Very much so. And I’m not messing around. I know from beauty – I have degrees in art + literature. A double unemployment threat!

      This game is…really, really bad.

      • I know waitresses with double degrees in the humanities.

        • I have a third: journalism. So I guess I’m not qualified to waitress.

          • Youzers!
            How long did you go to university? You could have raised a family during your stay.
            My daughters did 4 years (or 5…I forget) each – and they could hardly wait to get out and try to get a job.

            • Six years of post-secondary. I’ve never felt compelled or excited to get/have a job. I always really, really liked school.

              • what do you do for money. actually curious

                • I’ve had some health issues over the past year, so I haven’t been working. When I do work I work in the not-for-profit sector doing development + membership growth.

          • Where’s the perv – Small Potatoes.

      • The better draft pick is the only redeeming feature of this shitshow.

  19. kinda pointless bring in meatball Jenkins, shoulda just let Wang pitch at least 80 pitches

    i suppose both will be optioned in a couple days anyway, when Loup comes back

  20. Hey suckers, remember me?

    • Remember you? Can’t wait for you to show up again. 2013 reboot. Alt-Ctrl-Delete this season out of my memory please.

  21. thanks zaun.

  22. I wonder if Wang likes those soft hands Wallace has

  23. Wallace is so strange looking. Can’t quite place it.

  24. Gose! Goins! Pillar!

  25. That Pillar has an amazingly quick bat.
    Just before the home run, he pulled a 92 mph fastball into a screaming foul ball down the LF line. He turned on that one right quick.

    • reminds me of Lawrie a bit – super quick hands just not a refined swing yet – although Lawrie had a fucked up jig in his stance/swing while Pillar is quite calm at the plate

      i’m all ready for the Reed Johnson 2.0 train

      Pillar/Gose split LF next year and Melky DH’s

      pick up Lind’s option and flip him sometime in offseason or early spring – gives the Jays a decent fallback in case of an injury

      Rajai is as good as gone I would think

      • Rajai had a decent year – and has possibly played himself into a starting fielder’s job with another club someplace. Either way, I think he won’t get paid what he wants in TO…not as a fourth outfielder when you’ve got guys like Gose and Pillar in the wings.

        • Rajai’s SB total this year is kinda ridiculous.

          Does Melky really have the potential for a bouncback year? Or do you think AA might listen to any offers?

  26. BRAWK!!!

  27. Pillar is our Puig!!!

  28. More good news! Aaron Sanchez – 6 runs, 4 walks, 3 Ks in 2.2 innings tonight. Struggling a lot in High A this year …

    • Well no shit, he’s the one we kept.

    • an ERA of 3.5 and a WHIP of 1.2 isn’t a lot to worry about

      this is the Jays best prospect based on “stuff” – his stats in the minors won’t necessarily indicate he’s a bust

      • should clarify that his prospect stock is also backed by a great track record in the minors so far – certainly nothing otherworldly or even better than other lesser prospects – but not saying his stock is high because of hype alone

        he has pitched well enough in the minors

  29. Don’t call it a comeback
    I been here for years
    Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
    Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon
    Listen to the bass go BOOM
    Explosion, overpowerin
    Over the competition, I’m towerin
    Wreckin shop, when I drop these lyrics that’ll make you call the cops
    Don’t you dare stare, you betta move
    Don’t ever compare
    Me to the rest that’ll all get sliced and diced
    Competition’s payin the price

  30. Ouch…Lawrie just missed that one. That’s out in TO.

  31. Oh, JPA – you’re so cute when you try to hit.
    Can we get him a prize for trying hard, though?

  32. Tabby says we have a lot of home run hitters on this team….so I’m optimistic that this season will turn around.

  33. Isn’t it peculiar that there are TWO major league baseball stadiums named by orange juice companies?

  34. So apparently the Astros are playing the Backstreet Boys discography every time Brett Lawrie comes to the plate. I don’t get the joke, but I still approve.

  35. Lo & Castro having nice laugh about the terrible pitch Rajai struck out on. Nice.

  36. Well I don’t know who the Astros are but I guess they’re pretty good

  37. This is now a complete disgrace

  38. The only thing more pitiful than the Toronto Blue Jays is Stoeten’s urban hipster gut and the legion of sycophants that swallow his every word (and his load).

  39. prospect porn watch:

    Nolin – 99 pitches, 6 innings, 5 hits, no runs against a decent Lehigh club

    Jiminez – 1/3 and a BB – 2 baserunners thrown out

    counting the days to September

  40. Jays will have a better year next year

  41. Tank! For!–wait, who is it that we’re tanking for?

    • We’re tanking for a top 4 draft pick.
      Not that we’ll sign him but we can say we drafted him before he decided to go back to school .

  42. 16 games under 500
    Back to back losses against the Astros.
    Just unfuckinbelievable.
    Even with the AAA guys.
    Just unfuckinbelievable.

  43. What the fuck is up with Castro? He’s suddenly one of the best hitting catchers in the world

    • I know, I sort of laughed when he made the AS team, but he’s been very good this year. He’s on pace to finish with over 40 doubles and over 20 homers. He strikes out a bit too much, but so does Chris Davis.

      Never in a million years did I think in late August I’d be wishing the Jays could make a few trades with Houston for an immediate improvement. The Jays are probably the most pathetic team in MLB right now – we’re 11.5 games out of FOURTH place. If this team can finish at .500 next year it will have to be seen as a victory.

      • The Jays have a lot of talent on their roster. The mounting losses at present can easily be blamed on their AAA roster they’re fielding right now. I would still expect the Jays, as presently constituted, to contend for a playoff spot next season.

        That said, I would expect AA to make as many improvements as he can.

        • AA has a LOT of work to do. The team has holes in C, 2b, LF, DH, and starting rotation. if he can address those needs in one offseason, then the team will be fine and in playoff contention. Big if though and those are a lot of fucking holes.

          • Anyone willing to chalk this season up to bad luck and circumstance is in serious denial. There is no heart on this team and 0 leadership.

          • I hear you. In a span of just 6 months we’ve gone from “pretty good at most positions to gaping holes as you mentioned.
            The thing is, with some fortuitous moves, and a bit of positive regression I think they can make a go at it. ONe FA signing would sure help.
            First, at 2B, I think we either trade for Beckham of the Chisox ( excellent D, so so offence historically) or maybe even resign KJ-his D was better than the bozos of this year and he could be had for a Maicer type contract I think. Then unload Maicer for a new mascot

            Second in LF, here is where we need the posive regression with Cabrera. Historically he is way better than what he showed. I was on his case from May onwards as being a 275 singles hitter which is no good for a corner OF or DH. If we don’t get the positive regression then I guess as things stand maybe Gose would go there

            At C, as much as JPA is a bobe he is cheap even with ARB and they need the $$ elsewhere. They need a good backup to challenge him not a pathetic pos like Thole, or Blanco,or whiteside, or Quiroz bla bla. I’d rather see chooch Ruiz who apparently the Phils do not want anymore?? but I think price will drive AA back to JPA figuring they can fix him or whatever. DH can be somebody from the open market, but again, due to$$$ it may be Lind
            Starting pitching: Ideally someone from the AAA level blossoms, maybe Stroman, perhaps we can sign a FA like Nolasco but I doubt it, and finally a trade scenario. Gallardo of Milwaukee can be had after a so so year for a few prospects, or maybe we go higher and trade a Morrow and a Rasmus for a stud and let Gose play CF, which would free up the money to after a high OBP LF like Choo of Cinncinnatti.
            Just musing here this Am, just my opinion, but I do think they can make giant strides but I also expect one or 2 guys who have been here awhile to be moved to help address the holes.
            Forward Soviet!!!

            • I must be brain dead or something.
              But if all are healthy,a line up of
              Cabrera (DH)

              should score a lot of runs
              or am I fucking delusional again.

              PS. Thole and Blanco are here to get the most out of Dickey.

              • Its that “if all are healthy” part that bothers me.

                About this time last year, I attended a game in which one regular was in the lineup.
                Everyone else was day to day or on the DL.

                I have tickets next weekend and will see a lineup missing all three regular outfielders,
                & the 2nd baseman (such as he is.) Plus, the shortstop is hobbled by a bad ankle
                and ouchy hamstrings.

                These guys have ongoing physical issues:
                Lind (core)
                Bautista (back, hip)
                Melke (all body parts)
                EE (turf toe and back)
                Reyes (hamstrings)
                Rasmus (the oblique is new; is it ongoing?)
                Lawrie: has toned down his reckless ways but has still not learned to turn away
                from the inside pitch. He turns into it and as such is a broken hand (again) waiting to happen.

                Although Stoeten says it is “ridiculous” I maintain that playing on turf
                makes all of these problems worse.

                If anyone thinks next year will be any different from the past two,
                bless your little flag waving Blue Jay heart and start preparing the excuse list.

                I predict that they will have a heck of a time keeping more than half of
                that group on the field through the long season.

                • Before some smartass points it out; yes, turning into the pitch and breaking your hand has nothing to do with the turf.

                  • Smartasses? here at DJF?Say it ain’t so.
                    Reyes’s problem isn’t his hamstrings,it’s his ankle and the opposite knee but the point is taken.

              • The worst case scenario hit the fucking bulls eye this year. Jays suck, Farrell manager of the year and a likely deep playoff run. I might actually have to watch hockey this winter. God help me.

              • yeah I know but it hasn’t been great and they essentially tie up a roster spot so they can improve there. either get a C who can handle everyone, or a good b/up who can play more than once a week and can maybe PH or contribute more than thos3 135 hitters.
                Next year we simply cannot afford to have 4 hitters most night hitting 200 to go with our studs. We saw how that worked out most nights this year when we win when the big guys hit and get SO when they don’t. Despite some impressive numbers for some guys, our offense gets bogged down by the dogs. I thnk they can carry JPA if they improve elsewhere like at 2B and LF

  44. was addressed to AFDG but others have similar comments

    • The thing is though i dont think you can go into next season with jpa as the starting C and lind as primary dh and hope to contend. They are that bad they drag the whole team down. Cabrera is a problem because he cant run and play d. Also, he doesnt hit well enough and with enough power to be the dh in the AL east. They will fix 2b im sure. The other stuff needs to addressed as well though.

  45. I say hold up on 2nd base i think going could fill the need there and after listening to Lacava I think he believes it as well. The next month will be telling if he plays good d and hits a little I’m ok going with him and investing the money to go after McCann as catcher and find a basher for DH and let Lind walk

  46. Loved the UHF reference.

  47. Or Choo to play left and lets go run and gun with our offense

    • Toronto will NEVER sign choo or any other top position playing free agent with turf in the field. If they did, youd see a Wells type contract to be able to do it.

  48. Not quite sure why I am seeing and hearing so many people advocating for and suggesting Melky for DH. The only way that would work is with a power hitting upgrade in LF this offseason which without grass in the outfield will not be coming from free agency so itll have to come from further decimating the farm system on another gamble which in my opinion has been done enough. Sure it would be an idea to move Gose to CF and Rasmus could provide the power in LF if he has a good year but I am still not 100% convinced of that scenario.

    JPA needs a wake up call, he’s never had to deal with insecurity at his position. So whether it be signing another capable catcher, having Jimenez come up and challenge him or just plain sending him down to AAA, something needs to humble him and show him he is not bulletproof back there. But until that happens, he will not progress as a ball player because why bother, his job is safe.

  49. unless they can unload a giant contract or two…I have grave doubts about the Jays making any noteworthy signings.
    Buehrle is owed 18M, Dickey 12, Melky and Morrow 8M each, Rickey Romero 7.5M (OUCH)
    and according to
    Chances are they’re not going to get rid of JBats, EE and Reyes, who are in the top 5 in salary, so that money is cemented away.
    Did you notice that there’s 3.6M still earmarked as “Vernon Wells buyout money”??

  50. I feel so much happier now I unaerstdnd all this. Thanks!

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