Sweep Threat: Jays @ Astros

It could happen. This is your game threat.

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  1. Potentially swept by the Astros.
    God, who’d a thunk it?

  2. At this point I’d say most of us…but it was most likely a rhetorical question…

  3. God help the poor baby seals!

  4. Tank
    Better than being mediocre

    • Agreed.

    • The notion of tanking is one that only really sounds good to some fans. In reality when you lose out a season it says a lot about the players on the team and the players that will be back next year.

      There is no professional baseball player that when healthy will buy into the notion of tanking for some draft pick. Management would never tell players to give less than their all in an effort to lose games. Obviously there are roster moves that can be made in the interest of losing games but this only serves to annoy the actual players on the team.

      Players who want to be taken seriously are not interested in who the team will be drafting come next June. They don’t want to be a laughing stock. This is their profession and they get paid based on their stats, whether they are posted in a pennant race or while playing out the string. EVERY game and every AB matters to them. If that wasn’t the case then you wouldn’t want those guys on your team anyways. Also when your record looks bad enough sometimes guys like E5 and Bautista no longer want to be part of the circus and ask to be moved elsewhere where winning is important. Not drafting some kid they’ve never heard of and not taking games seriously.

      In sports “culture” is a word that is thrown around quite often. Still tanking games is in fact creating a culture of losing and no respectable professional really wants to be part of that.

      • That is all fine. We don’t want the players to want to lose. We just want them to lose while giving a good effort.

      • I have to agree with this. This whole idea of tanking for draft picks just shows that some of you don’t understand MLB. This is not the NBA where on player out of college is going to turn your franchise around. The MLB draft is a huge gamble in it’s process. Teams select players because they like their tools, hold their rights for a year and have the option to sign them during that period and then, if signed, place them on a low A minor league team to develop. The percentage that a top draft pick making the major leagues and being a hall of fame type player is very rare.

        • Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Stephen Strasburg and Buster Posey all say hi.

          • A LOT of teams passed on Mr Mike Trout, not that high of a pick.

          • So do Brien Taylor, Paul Wilson, Bryan Bullington, Luke Hochevar, Delmon Young, Matt Bush, Lastings Milledge and a thousand other first round guys.

            • Not the point. The point is that high draft picks can be a lot closer to impact MLBers than the original comment implies. And there’s tons of volatility in NBA drafts as well- See Darko, Barnagni, Kwame Brown, Joe Smith, Kobe and Nash going at the tale end of the lottery.

              But anyway, it’s always better to pick earlier if what you want is the best chance at getting a star.

          • Mike Trout was picked with the fucking Yankees pick. Given up as compensation for signing Teixiera.

  5. But…#unsweepable [except for by the Yankees]?

  6. How slimy is AA going to look once Gibbons is scapegoated for this season?

    I’m sure if that happens it’ll be a mandate from higher up to change the perception of the team going into next year but still.

    • @LS.

      Zaun went on record saying Gibby is not right to manage this roster. The problem is that the Jays have veteran players who need policing according to Zaun.

      AA will look foolish if he fires Gibby for this debacle.

      AA got pushed around in his first year when he had to keep Cito after the mutiny in 2009.

      Could AA resign in protest if Rogers forces him to can Gibby?

      • Surely this chemistry isn’t working. Even with the players we have, who aren’t injured, these damning performances are becoming routine.

        • I agree that the “chemistry” isn’t working, but how many games has that cost us?

          Is Zaun “connected” enough at Rogers that he is telegraphing the firing of Gibby ?

          Is Zaun just a loose cannon shooting off his mouth?

          If AA did replace Gibby, who would be a logicaal replacement? Bring back Butter? Mchale?

          • I feel like it might be Zaun who is the one to get the boot. He did say ASS today. Edgy stuff.

            • @the bean.

              Rogers firing Zaun for the Jays poor performance would not help.

              Zaun isn’t involved in the team’s day to day activities.

              It would be like silencing a whistleblower.

          • There’s only one man fit to take on the task of running a veteran team with it’s eye on the prize…Cito!
            Seriously though, if the do fire Gibby and the rest of the coaches(I think they should), they need to hire a guy the ‘leaders” of this team will respect…is Sandy Alomar still alive?

      • That argument doesn’t make any sense, and not just because it came from Greg Zaun. If this Jays team needs policing then why would any team ever have a non disciplinarian manager? The Jays have nothing but vets who have played long enough to know better.

        And if Gibby deserves to get fired, why would AA look foolish if he pulled the trigger? Sometimes personality combos don’t work out. Did Cherington look foolish when he shitcanned Bobby V within one season of hiring him?

        • @Ray.

          AA can’t be taken seriously if he spends an entire year looking for Farrell, then after 1 year of 500 ball Farrell decides he wants to go back to Boston.

          Then AA gets a manager he is “comfortable with” like Gibby, but cans him after a year.??

          That makes no sense.

          If we are to believe that a manager’s job is to do a good job with the bullpen, pay attention to lineup splits then Gibby passed the test.

          There are few games when fans are braying at the manager for have idiotic bullpen choices, or bad lineups.

          • If they get swept today, I would make the change tonight. You can’t have this and the team needs a major shake up.

          • Gibby is a manager stupid enough that oakville can understand all his moves and agree with them. It’s like having someone with oakville’s ability running the team. Why am i not surprised this team is absolute shit.

            • @bricktop


              Maybe I am too much of a “simple fan” to understand what Gibby has done wrong with the bullpen or lineup.

              Izturis batting in the 2 spot was one error & a few bullpen moves here & there but it’s not like suffering through COCO as closer or Francisco as closer .

              • What has Gibby done wrong? I don’t know either but the record speaks for itself. Some say managers don’t do much to make a team better but I’ve never heard anyone say they can’t make a team worse. AA made a big mistake in either believing in the talent level of this team or in believing he could put a straw man in place as the manager if this team.
                Either way, a symbolic move if nothing else; to show the team, the fans and the league that the BlueJays don’t tolerate this kind of losing.

            • @Brick Top, don’t be to hard on oakville. A lot of Jays fans are in denial on this team. Just let it play out until the end.

              @ Oakville, none on your list should be called and if they are AA should be fired. I would wait until the end of the season to see who is out there before I tell you my list. The only thing I can say now on what I want in a manager is this.

              1) Has to have at least won one round in a MLB playoff round. I don’t want project managers with little experience, I want winners.

              2) I want a manager who has strong leadership and people skills. Everybody is different in that club house. A strong manager knows how to push the right buttons at the right time during a long season.

              3) A manager who only expects the best from his guys. Poor play is not expected, only winning.

              Please feel free to discuss.

  7. I would suggest Sportsnet revamp the Jays in 30 airings into Jays in 2 so we can get on with our fucking lives.

  8. Astros may get their first home series sweep all season if they win. Free pulp-free refreshments for all in attendance, if that happens?

    I don’t blame AA, or Gibby for the situation, but I think the thought from AA was that bringing in all these vets this past offseason meant that this team had the experience and maturity to not get too high, or too low, and fight through slumps on their own and be solid with fundamentals.

    With all the errors and then the inability to pull themselves out of the toilet within the game and game to game (from pitchers to key hitting situations), it’s clear that this roster needed more of a guy that could kick them in the ass regularly, of which Gibby isn’t wired to do.

    • Both Gibby and AA have one year left. Should 2014 be anything less than a playoff entry this house will be cleaned and we shall start again.

    • Gibby is a kick them in the ass guy. That was his rep.

      Remember he literally challenged Hillenbrand to a fight? Almost fought with Lilly?

      And this year we’ve seen him put Lawrie in his place after showing up a teammate and JPA has told us how Gibby berated him for missing signs.

      If people are looking for excuses to fire Gibby they’re going to have to look a lot harder than that.

      • When the team loses 90 games, you don’t need an excuse to fire the manager. You need an excuse to not fire the manager.

        • STFU with your Maple Leaf lovin’ knee jerk reactions. You don’t fire a manager after one season, with the # of injuries that the Jays have had, when the manager hasn’t done anything bad to cause the downward spiral. His management of the bullpen is the only reason, due to the shitstorm created by the futility of the starting pitching, why this team was even able to be around .500 at the All-Star break.

          • Don’t be such a sabermetriclu skewed thinker to believe that the manager only has an impact on the BP and lineup, there’s a lot more ‘mental’ stuff behind the scenes, which judging from these disastrous results Gibby has not handled well.

            And please, will the Jays stop blaming injuries? Everyone in this league deals with injuries, that is no excuse, we are supposed to have enough combined depth to deal with that problem. I mean did you see the Yankees roster 2 months ago?

  9. Do I bother watching this game or should I just start BBQing instead? Decisions, decisions!

  10. D’arnaud popped his first long bomb

  11. If the Jays get to 67 wins, I’d be surprised.

  12. Most depressing Jays fan montage. Ever.

    • It’s pretty shocking that there are any Jays fans in Houston, no?

      • +1. The last guy looked like he belonged at a Star Trek Convention.

        • While I’ve never gone to a Star Trek-specific convention, I’m no stranger to sci-fi conventions. Of course now I don’t go because I really hate crowds. So I’m an even sadder nerd.

          • @bean. It’s depressing that Sportsnet has had to focus on non photogenic Jays fans in Houston.

            One highlight this year has been the big Jays crowds in Seattle & other venues . The camera operators have located enthusiastic & photogenic fans.

            It’s sad that our fan base has become so sad looking during the loosing streak.

            • I would say that I’ll try to look extra smokin’ @ the game on Wednesday night, but they would never show me anyways.

            • @ Oakville69…they’re even more sad looking during a LOSING streak.

          • Please talk baseball or hit the bricks.

  13. Drabek – 3 and a third innings – 7 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk, 2 k’s – 46 of 68 thrown for strikes

    not completely awful but not quite as dominant as we saw earlier in his rehab

  14. Omg Gibby had nothing to do with Boni’s horrid defence, or Reyes ugly injury… the starters that have felled or failed. Someone did a manager WAR study recently and found that the best/worst managers can only really affect maybe +/-1 WAR per season.
    I’d say leave Gibby and our core alone, they won’t be a team next year if they’re ripped apart again so soon.
    The biggest change I would make is shipping JPA out for someone who can get on base 15% more.

    • Go ahead and pull that .400OBP catcher out of your ass.

      Wonder where we could get a young, controllable, high ceiling level talent at the catcher position?

  15. love the expos!

  16. And hire someone to teach them to bunt, F’s sake… lol.

  17. I don’t hate Goins.

  18. #lovethisteam

  19. If wang is here next year AA needs to go

  20. AA made a big deal of Gibby’s hiring. He said he’d been persuaded to hire Farrell because of his credentials but implied that he didn’t particularly like the hire. This time, he said, he was going with someone he felt comfortable with. In hindsight I wonder if the whole Farrell exit shook him up more than we knew, and because of that he was determined to hire someone he felt he could trust never to pull that shit.

    Myself I think this garbage is all on the players. They were expected to hyper-perform. They didn’t have a terrific spring training. And they stumbled badly at the beginning of the season. I thnk what we have here is a huge collective case of the yips. A different kind of manager could have contained that, but I don’t think it’s in Gibby’s nature. He doesn’t have the charisma to force the players to focus on the minute-to-minute stuff and so everything began to snowball wildly and surge downhill. And here we are.

    I’ve been a Gibby supporter for a long time but I think he should go. Not to punish him. But because he was the wrong guy with the wrong club.

    • It is not Gibby’s fault that AA put together a shit-tier team.

      • I still find that argument hard to believe. There isn’t a single person here who wouldn’t want to acquire the guys that they did when the trades were made.

        AA brought in a bunch of accomplished players who, along with the players we’ve all considered the Jays most accomplished players, and they all failed to perform.

        I would bet anything that there would have been a riot if the trades were never made, but people learned deals were close and AA didn’t pull the trigger.

        • I was totally fine with the Miami trade assuming that there still would be money to improve the team in other ways. Even with the Reyes and Buehrle contract. I didn’t care too much about Nicolino or Marisnick. Josh Johnson just shit the bed… who knew? Not much you can do about that.

          The Dickey trade though? I was “ok” with it but scared. I could totally understand if people were against that trade going back to when it happened.

    • +1. Gibby didn’t get a full roster to manage for spring training. Half the team was at the WBC.
      Not a good scenario with so many new players on the roster.

      Firing Gibby makes AA look reactionary & unable to defend his position.

      Gibby deserves a full 2014. If He & AA can’t put together an 85-90 win season in 2014, then Rogers can rebuild in 2015.

      • Fuck that. AA gets next year to make the playoffs, if he fails; he’s done. Gibby gets canned at the end of this year along with all the other coaches. No way the brass can ignore a 90 loss season.

        • “blah blah blah need instant gratification blah blah blah” – Reactionary Douche

          • I’m a douche? You’re an idiot. If you think a manager can coach a team to 90 losses and get another half a season to prove what exactly? Gibby is toast and you are an imbecile. I challenge you to a fist fight and there is no doubt that I will win

    • “They were expected to hyper-perform….”
      Absolutely. And they hypo-performed. Especially the rotation.
      They cant can Gibby because of the optics but if come, say June,
      if they’re even 2 games under .500 then he’s toast. And that’s
      with or without injuries or bad breaks

  21. My dog just beat me at chess, and won’t give me a rematch!

  22. Buck and Tabby make it seem so simple. Jays coaches should just “tell” JPA not to swing at borderline pitches. Maybe they should also tell him to lay off atrocious pitches.

  23. LOL at “All by myself” music for EE. Given how much he’s the one and only player beating the shit out of the ball against Houston, pretty clever from the Astro’s game day team.

    • Hilarious. Between this + the BSB for Lawrie I’m thinking the Houston music people/person might be pretty cool.

      • @bean.

        So the Astros have their own walk up music for opposing team players? I thought players get to choose their walk up music even if they playing on the road.?

        • Never for the road team! It’s the guy in the sound booth and he only caters to the home side.

          • @cdnbeermaven.

            Hmm OK, but I thought the Jays played music when opposing team players are at rogers centre. I will pay closer attention when I go to the game this wednesday against the yankees.

            • Usually they just announce the player + position + then there is either silence or, in the case of many of the Yankees players, lots of booing.

              And PS – I’ll be there Wednesday night as well.

              • @bean.

                Now that i think of it more carefully, the Jays don’t have walk up music for opposing players.

                Todd redmond is scheduled to pitch on wednesday against the yankees.

                • Woo. Redmond v. Kuroda. I’m not keen @ all to go to the game [or the one I have tickets for in September], but I am keen to eat my first hotdog in a ballpark + to get my slushie thing refilled to get my money’s worth.

                  • @bean.

                    I am not thrilled with the pitching matchup but I have to use up my flexpack tickets.

                    • 3 games in September for my flex pack. I had visions of taking my son to his first set of playoff type Jays games.

                    • sold my my last 3 to a bud at 50% off and lost300 about 6 weeks ago. Like a bad stock, the market value of the tix continue to shrink. He just offered them back to me at yet 50% off so i think I’ll rebuy them, still see the AAA games and only be out 150. Shrewd!
                      Hey, maybe I can parlay this into something

        • The away team doesn’t get to have walk up music. At least not that I’ve ever noticed. But apparently in Houston they are playing songs for the Blue Jays. I have no idea if this is typical for them as I don’t watch a lot of Astros games. And also I’m watching these games on mute as I’m listening/watching a more interesting game on my laptop.

          • Jerry and Jack/Mike said that the Astros had a Twitter contest, to choose a silly walk-up song for one Jay per game. Reyes was the victim in the first game, and Lawrie was the victim in the second.

  24. If I was in charge that would be JP’s last AB as a Blue Jay. How many more shitty at bats do they need to see?

  25. The only way this team could be worse would be if there were more of them.

  26. I hate JPA so much.

  27. So if Edison Volquez has been designated for assignment does this mean the Jays could grab him because…. Why the fuck not, he has been good recently and it’s not like the Jays have loads of pitching depth.

    • Why not eh

    • The thought of Volquez pitching in an even remotely hitter friendly park terrifies me. The guy couldn’t survive in Petco, I don’t even want to picture him in skydome. But as minor league depth, sure why not.

  28. Wtf dude.. They said 15 percent higher obp than jpa
    Not all star caliber . Jpa is so easily replaced its not funny

    • He puts butts in seats. Victoria’s Secret Pink collection covered butts.

      • Not any fucking more does he put the girls’ butts in the seats. We’re not that stupid and he’s not that hot. He does look really cute in his little uniform and all. But he would have to attain Jon Hamm levels of hotness to make up for the complete shitty mess he makes all over the place and especially in the batters box.

    • A couple of months ago guys were chirping that Thole was the easy replacement. Hows that working out?

      • He happens to be the only catcher in the org that can catch a knuckleballer…so…better than if he wasnt there.

  29. Let’s cheer for Dallas Keuchel. Bloke came into the game with a 5.11 ERA and has never pitched a shutout. Course he’s never faced a team as shitty as your 2013 pigfucking Toronto Blue Jays.

    • Look at our lineup shit head

      • The lineup’s better than usual. Instead of having 0 at 2nd Goins is hitting .400. Not his fault. Not having ‘Shitonastick’ Cabrera is supposed to hurt? Any replacement is an improvement on that shitcake. The 2 improvements at those positions make up for the losses elsewhere. This team just flat out blows donkey dick. Plain and simple. Plan and simple.

    • Let’s face it, he’s a nice looking young man at the top of his game. No team in the Majors could touch this guy the way he’s throwing. NO TEAM.

    • That’s what the Blue Jays are here for – to make other terrible teams/individual players feel better about themselves. It’s a tremendous service, really. So much increased self-esteem.

  30. Keuchel at 105 pitches after 7. Hopefully he has a fast 8th.

  31. Buerhle could finish the season with 200 IP, an ERA under 4, and less than 10 wins. And a trade request.

    • Even if he does request a trade-and face it you’re guessing- there’s a very limited market for that salary and The Yankees and Red Sox are not candidates.

  32. Game not going very well, huh?

  33. Keuchel out. Me too.

  34. Keep runnin’ em with none out Gibby. Who cares about the CS’s!

  35. why isn’t Gose playing?

  36. What I think might happen next: Gibby let go before next season and Butterfield hired.

    • Makes sensw

    • Sweet revenge! But I can’t see Gibby only getting 1 season.

      • @ Karl Sagan
        I can see him fired after this shit storm. Someone is gonna take the fall for this. Likely more than one coach as well as the manager.

        • Just my prediction; I guess we’ll see. On the one hand I agree about the shit storm but on the other you got yer injuries etc and the worst rotation in MLB. It seems that there’s a growing sentiment to dump the guy including Griff at the Star. I was not on the bandwagon when he was hired because I remembered him from the last time. Not terrible but not great either.
          (ps I’m probably the only one who doesnt like the new/old uniforms either. And I never said that!)

          • @karl.

            I think it would be foolish for AA to fire Gibby for this mess. Gibby is the least of our problems. I could see Pete Walker or Chad Mottola being fired if Rogers needed a sacrificial lamb.

            • +1 on this one.

            • It’d be a tragedy of the higest order if Mottola gott he axe. No one has been able to turn around Lawrie except Mottola and next year will be his breakout. I’m predicting all-star.

  37. Chia-Pet Lo in to pitch.

  38. The Blue Jays vs. a Chia-Pet. Finally. An even match!

  39. Kawa pinch hitting for jpa?? Fucking love it!!

  40. Now we’re seeing why most teams don’t use a Chia-Pet for a closer. They may be cheap, but they come undone.


    • Walking in the tying run? This is sad. Both teams are sad – neither one deserves to win.

  42. Oh oh! Chia-Pet out.


    2013 JAYS BABY…. FEEL IT!!!!

  44. Sad ending for Keuchel. 7 shutout innings and it’s blown by a Chia-Pet.


  46. Hopefully beginning of the end for JP

  47. Rajai sucks.

  48. Mercy calls for Janssen.

  49. Unsweeptable bitches! Guess that means no baby seal meat on the BBQ tonight.


  51. I bet this is the kind of thrilling, uplifting victory that will really get this club on a roll. They might win 4 or 5 of their next ten!

  52. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! WE DID IT!

  53. Nope still tank nation

  54. Best part of this game was the hot Latina Jays fan with the huge knobs behind home plate that the camera started perving on in the late innings.

  55. Great victory Stoeten! Are you celebrating with an extra large stuffed pizza???

  56. Well thanks to victories by Anaheim and San Francisco, Toronto doesn’t lose too much ground in the race for a high draft pick, but they do fall behind Minnesota, to drop from 6th overall to 7th overall.

  57. Fun fact: Mark Buehrle’s 54.5 career bWAR (47.4 fWAR) would place him 5th among active pitchers (6th via Fangraphs). By bWAR there are no pitchers younger than him with more WAR than him; by fWAR only Sabathia passes him up.

    Hard to believe, I know but a few more solid seasons by Buehrle puts him solidly into the “borderline Hall of Fame” category. And given his age (34), “a few more solid seasons” isn’t entirely out of the question, as he’s put up about 2.0 WAR so far this season (by either standard), and this season is his worst season since 2006 by bWAR (fWAR doesn’t like last season either).

    Buehrle reaching 60 WAR is entirely reasonable–possibly even projectable–given his age, lack of injury history, and performance thus far. And 60 WAR is the definition of “borderline Hall of Fame.”

    Now, I wouldn’t call Buehrle a hall of famer myself. But he’s put up some serious career numbers.

    • I noticed his WAR before the Marlins signed him but colour me not THAT impressed.

      Not to say I’m not impressed at all but to me he would need a WAR like Blyelven (SP?) to get into the HOF. And to get there he would have needed better seasons to go with his overall innings.

      To me the HOF is more about peak performance than compiling. If you’re going to be a compiler (not a bad thing in itself) you need to compile a lot.

  58. Interesting critique of the “Stoeten 7 WAR underperformers”


  59. Considering he was basically projected as the 4 starter he has done well-pretty much as advertised overaall. The fact that he is the only one of the original 5 to do that shows how abysmal our starters have been overall. I do hope he continues well for the rest of the year as he is increasing his trade value every time out.
    I f he gets his ERA under 4 ( next start against KC) he will be worth about 13m or so per year or 26m over the next 2 and hes scheduled to make 37m. Might cost the jays 8m or so to help move him but a lot better that early May when all said he was untradeable. Of course if they do trade him they better have some idea who will replace him

    • Yup

    • @fukstick.

      I agree that the Jays should keep Buerhle. he is the only reliable starter the Jays have.

      Dickey is scary to watch at times especially at Rogers Centre.

      • Oakville-I’m actually ambivalent on the guy. My point is that if they wanted to trade him, either because they need the $$$ or want to invest elsewhere such as CF ( hello Ellsbury) then Buerhle has really increased his value since May and no longer carries the tagline “impossible contract to unload”. If that is the case then get it done before the winter meetings. Then make sure you( the jays) address the loss of innings etc.
        I personally think they will try to move him back to the NL in order to invest some of the money on other gaping holes even if they have to throw in 8m or so to do it.
        If we do not trade him ( about 50% chance) then they at least know they have one guy who will take the ball every 5th day, unlike Morrow who i always hold my breath for to see if he even shows uo

        • Huh? Invest in CF? That’s the one position that not only are the Jays set at but there is also an incumbent for.

        • @fukstik

          I can see why people are ambivalent about Buerhle. The Jays are paying a fortune to have him in the lineup. You would think a 4+ ERA would be cheaper than 13 million per year.

          However, the Jays experience has been that the two holdovers from 2011& 2012 , Romero & Morrow can’t stay in the rotation despite earning 6 million + each per year.

  60. Its important to remember that even though Johnson’s velo is “down” based on his early career – in terms of the free agents on the market – he’s still top dawg. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2013/08/hardest-throwing-2014-free-agents.html

  61. Anyone think reyes et all would rather be playing in Miami right now? Who woulda thunk it a few months back…

  62. Buehrle is the best starting pitcher the Blue Jays have …

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