For those of you who’ve missed Mike Wilner saying it a few times lately, the Jays are 2-12 against the Yankees, and therefore 57-61 against the rest of the league. The Yankees are 12-2 against the Jays, and 57-60 against the rest of the league.

I don’t know what it means, either– though I’m sure some mouth breather is already wiping the steam coming from his ears off his popped collar and readying himself to all-caps “NOTHING” in the comments below. It’s pretty remarkable, though, ain’t it?

I’m working on some thoughts following the scrum Alex Anthopoulos had with reporters this afternoon, so you’re going to have to go ahead and consider this your Game Threat.


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  1. Best pictures you’ve ever made!

    • Certainly not mine, hence the image credit at the bottom.

    • JA Happster was fun while it lasted, and then he almost fucking *died on national television* and it kinda stopped being funny, I’ve mostly abandoned it other than a half-assed “He’s got amnesia and is no longer a hipster, that’s kinda funny I guess” effort

  2. Dunno. I have had the misfortune of being at 5 of those losses (4 at Yankee stadium in late April – “Dream vacation” my ass, if I could’ve found a paper bag I would’ve worn it by Sunday) and one in T.O. Each and every one was utterly winnable. Yet they lost.

    I have just typed and erased 5 or 6 different whimsical comments which, upon review, were pretty lame. I will revert to “Dunno.”

    New Yankee Stadium = my least favorite park so far though. (We hit a couple per year.) The best part was the successful subway navigation to get there.

    • @James

      I was curious about attending a game one year in NY while visiting Manhattan. It sounds like it wasn’t worth it.

    • Ttc is worse

      • On that point I thoroughly disagree. I have always been absolutely amazed by the NYC transit system. However, if you are not a native, you can have misadventures. When you carefully plot out your route, which involves 4 different hub transfers, and then discover one of them is shut for maintenance, you (well, I) start taking trains and transferring at random. Suddenly you’re in Queens… On the TTC, on the other hand, the subway is great but limited, and the rest is not enjoyable, and the Queen streetcar stops behind 5 others on the same stretch of road and then you walk. (Nope, no life experience there. And I don’t even live in TO.)

    • I’m a New Yorker, so prob. a bit biased, but I like New Yankee. I suppose I haven’t been to enough others (5 total) to compare/contrast though

  3. Blue Jays pitchers like doing this.

  4. Good start

  5. Sigh…

  6. Happ looked confused.

  7. I understand playing the shift against Granderson. I don’t understand playing the shift against Granderson with a LHP on the mound, unless the idea is “We know you can’t have southpaws, Grandy. Have a little help.”.

  8. lol jpa

  9. One week til Jiminez, one week til Jiminez, one week til Jiminez

  10. JP’s chuck to 2B had more movement than Happ’s stuff tonight.

  11. Mauro Gomez has 29 bombs now in AAA. Would be nice to see this guy called up in September.

  12. Jack Morris is 100% right. Too many games this season where starter gave team virtually no shot at victory. Happ shits his pants in first inning, vintage PEDitte on the mound, smells like 2-13 versus the Bombers.

  13. exactly. I turned in on after some yardwork and saw it was 4-0. Turned Tv to NCIS. Just saw it was 5-0. Fuck this shit. How many games has it been a deficit of 5 or more by the 4th inning this year. Butal.
    Couple of things-Back in April and May when people cared and some were still in the boat a comment would elicit 10 responses in about 10minutes. We are an hour into this game and we are at fukin 19??? Where the fuk did everybody go??

    Second , re Gibbons:
    I can’t believe AA has committed himself here to saying publicly that Gibbons is back. In my view, he has painted himself into a corner for no matter what happens between now and oct 1 he is stuck. Even if his intent all along was to bring him back, he should have let the season play out Imo.Now, next august or whatever when Gibbons lays out some smoke about not hearing anything bla bla bla, if AA doesn’t react then he, and everyone else likely knows he is done. Just seems strange to me to play your cards now if you are in management. Anyway, if your not going to change him, then some bloody big things better happen with club to get the fans juiced for 14 and keep the MOMO going.
    The Who said it well “WE won’t get fooled again,oh no”

  14. FFS. This season is a broken record. Down early. G et the first 2 outs, walk 2, get a double, strand him.

  15. Wow, only 22 comments in the 5th inning! People must really not care (makes sense). Would be hundreds of comments earlier in the season by the time the game got to the 5th.

    • I care! I care! How’s Cano? The Yanks must be starting to hate Happ. Didn’t he break Granderson in spring training?

  16. Looking for a better 3B coach.

  17. chirp chirp chirp

  18. I think Esmil needs the rest of the season off.

  19. Ended up switching over to the Tigers / A’s game, but that’s rained out.

  20. Didn’t get to hear it. Was Zaun saying that EE was hurt or not trying?

  21. Who the hell taught Moises Sierra how to play baseball?

  22. Jack Morris contributing to the strong hands discussion! Nice.

  23. Well, JP sure does like to make outs. See you tomorrow super fans!

  24. I didn’t watch this game because, well, literally anything else at this point, but JPA had the most JPA game I’ve ever seen and I felt the need to comment on what a worthless piece of shit he is. He managed to go 0-4 with a Strikeout, two (2!) GIDP and a throwing error. Putting together one of the worst seasons by a Blue Jay I’ve ever seen.

    Congratulations JP. You made me realize the season was fucked in the very first game. Not many guys that could have done that.

  25. I still believe!!!! *Stadium Love*

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